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NBA Commish Adam Silver

Breaks Out The Big Guns

... Hires 4-Star U.S. General

10/2/2015 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1002-dempsey-silver-getty-01The NBA just added some serious firepower to the front office -- hiring the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to be Adam Silver's new special adviser. 

The league just announced Ret. General Martin E. Dempsey -- the highest ranking U.S. military official for the past 4 years -- will step into his new role effective January 1st. 

So, what's he gonna do exactly? 

The NBA says Dempsey will "provide the NBA with counsel on leadership and service, while continuing to support the league's military and youth basketball initiatives." 

In a statement, Gen. Dempsey added ... "After 4 decades of service in the United States Armed Forces, I look forward to working with the league to help improve communities and positively impact the children of civilian and military families."

As for Silver -- the NBA commish says he's "honored" to have Gen. Dempsey on board. 



DeAndre Jordan

Blasted with Water Cannon

... With Billy Crystal?!

9/25/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's video that should make Mark Cuban happy -- DeAndre Jordan getting shot with a water cannon ... right in front of Billy Crystal

Turns out, DJ -- along with Chris Paul and Billy (a huge Clips fan) -- were out in San Pedro, CA to shoot a commercial for the upcoming NBA season ... and it all went down on a boat. 

Sources tell us the spot is supposed to show how the Clippers believe they'll "weather the storm" of the off-season (including the DeAndre contract mess) ... and dominate during the '15-'16 run. 

At one point, you can hear Crystal say, "Hey DJ, is the whole season gonna be this rough?"

We'll see ... 


Kyrie Irving

I Knocked Up Texas Beauty Queen!!!

9/23/2015 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0923-kyrie-irving-getty-instagramKyrie Irving is convinced he's gonna be a dad -- and the baby mama is a SMOKIN' HOT former Texas beauty queen ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers star filed court docs in Texas saying he impregnated 2010 Miss Texas United States Andrea Wilson ... and he's asking for a paternity test to make it official.

FYI -- Wilson has been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram ... and it looks like she's due in December. 

Sources connected to the two tell us they've been close since 2013 -- but in the court docs, Irving says they are now separated. 

0923_andrea_wilson_photos_launch3As for child support ... Irving says he wants to step up and cover everything the child needs -- including medical care. But there's one catch, he wants Wilson to raise the child in Texas ... where Wilson and her extended family reside. 

Kyrie's attorney, Jim Mueller, issued a statement to TMZ Sports saying, "In filing this petition, Kyrie is doing the right thing, taking responsibility and actively seeking to establish his rights so that he can be involved the day he becomes a father from the outset."

Mark Wahlberg

In Talks With NBA Star

... About Hoops Biopic

9/23/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-caron-butler-mark-wahlberg-TMZ-01Mark Wahlberg might be adding another athlete to his entourage ... 'cause TMZ Sports has learned that the A-lister is in talks with NBA star Caron Butler about bringing his life story to the big screen.

Butler has a brand new book out called "Tuff Juice" -- in which the Sacramento Kings forward details how he overcame a hard life as a drug dealing youth to make it to the NBA.

Wahlberg has been all over "Tuff Juice" ... writing testimonials and tweeting his support for the book since its release. Caron tells us it hasn't stopped there ... and that the two men have talked about a feature film adaptation.

"It's a possibility ... I've spent some time with Mark Wahlberg. He loved my story."

Mark would be the guy ...  with sports themed projects like "The Fighter" and his HBO show "Ballers" already proving to be huge hits.

Caron says while he's not getting too ahead of himself about the possibility of a big screen makeover ... he does know which A-lister he'd like to play him.

"Michael B. Jordan. I loved what he did in "Fruitvale Station." I think he would do a great job at sharing my story."


Kobe Bryant

Rolling Out Purple & Gold

For Terror Train Heroes

9/21/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0918-train-heroes-lakers-game-GETTY-01File this one under "stories you gotta love" -- those American heroes who stopped the terrorist plot in France last month are about to get the royal treatment ... courtesy of Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

Lakers reps tell TMZ Sports, the team and NBA Commish Adam Silver have invited Anthony SadlerSpencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos to a game this upcoming season. We're told the visit will include hooking up with Kobe.

They haven't figured out which game they'll attend yet, and the team is currently coordinating the meet and greet details with the Mamba's peeps.

You'll recall, Sadler was wearing Lakers gear when they foiled the attack, so this is a well-deserved perk ... to say the least. 


Ex-NBA Star Larry Johnson

Settles With Baby Mama ...

Go Ahead, Take My House

9/20/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0918-larry-johnson-getty-01Former NBA superstar Larry Johnson was nearly a million bucks in the hole with one of his baby mamas -- but he found a way to make her happy ... hand over the keys to a house!!

Laura Tate filed docs claiming the ex-Knicks and Hornets player was way behind in child support payments -- to the tune of around $900,000. She wanted the court to liquidate his assets so she could get paid, but we've learned Johnson hammered out a deal with her.

According to the docs he filed ... Larry will hand over his $800,000 home in Orange County, CA. He'll also pay Tate a total of $55k over time ... a loooong time. He's scheduled to make $1,500 monthly payments.  

The last time LJ made anyone as happy as we imagine Tate is with this deal -- he was knocking down the legendary 4-point play in '99. Great times in NYC.

Russell Westbrook

Knee Deep in PB & J ...

You Damn Skippy!!

9/18/2015 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You can call Russell Westbrook ... Swaggy P.B. -- 'cause the NBA superstar is getting a smooth hookup that could have a serious effect on his game during the upcoming season.

The OKC Thunder guard confessed to Jimmy Kimmel that he has to have a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich before every game, and not just any peanut butter will do -- Russ demands Skippy. He did not specify creamy or crunchy (though he seems like a creamy guy to us).

We found out the folks at Skippy got wind of Westbrook's ritual, and they're more than happy to keep him hooked. A Skippy spokesperson tells TMZ Sports, "We'll make sure he's got enough to fuel him all season long."

Westbrook's in the middle of an $80 million contract, so it's not like he couldn't stock up on his own. But if someone's handing you 82 games worth of nutty goodness, the proper response is always ... YES!

Austin Rivers

NBA's 'Light Skinned' Movement


9/18/2015 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry, Wesley ... but you can't always bet on black ... at least according to Clippers star Austin Rivers  who says it's light time in the NBA these days. 

Rivers was out in Bev Hills when our photog asked if there was a beige rebellion happening in the league, with guys like Steph Curry, Zach Lavine, Blake Griffin and Klay Thompson all becoming big time hoops stars.

Check out the clip -- Austin confirms there is "a movement" ... playing along with the question for what it really is ... a joke. We think, anyway.

James Harden

Adidas Drops the Hammer


9/15/2015 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0914-james-harden-khloe-kardashian-akm-gsiJames Harden went and bit the hand that's feeding him $200 million -- and now Adidas is pissed.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Harden was spotted wearing Nike Air Jordans as he left a movie theater with GF Khloe Kardashian -- even though he just signed that sweet deal to endorse Adidas.

Make no mistake ... Adidas expects a change. The company's North American pres told ESPN, Harden wearing their brand off the court as well is "part of the deal."

The Beard's deal kicks in on Oct. 1 ... so he's got 15 more days to enjoy his Jordans. After that, he better hide those suckers away for 13 years.

This sounds like Harden's warning. The next time might cost him dearly.

Dwight Howard

Brings Loaded Gun to Airport

... Doesn't Get Arrested

9/2/2015 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0902-dwight-howard-TMZ-01Everyone knows you NEVER BRING A LOADED GUN TO AN AIRPORT ... everyone, except Dwight Howard apparently.  

TMZ Sports has learned the NBA superstar was stopped at George Bush Airport in Houston on August 28th ... when Dwight put his carry-on bag through the scanner, and a TSA agent noticed a LOADED GLOCK inside!!! 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... a further inspection revealed the gun -- a Glock 26 9mm -- was LOADED with one round in the chamber. 

We're told Dwight said he simply forgot the gun was in the bag. 

But multiple law enforcement sources tell us ... because it's Texas -- and they have looser gun laws than states like California -- Dwight was NOT ARRESTED. 

Cops were called to the scene, but we're told he was allowed to give the weapon to an associate who took the gun out of the airport.  

As for Dwight, once he was disarmed -- he was allowed to get back in the security line ... and boarded his plane as if nothing ever happened!   

The Houston Police Department tells us ... the District Attorney was aware of the case, but ultimately decided NOT to prosecute Howard. 



Possibly Breaks

NBA Trade News ... Maybe

9/1/2015 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0901-common-basketball-nba-instagram-4_commentNBA star Markieff Morris could be on his way to the Houston Rockets … if Common’s Instagram is to be believed … and if the photo he posted is actually of Markieff and not his twin brother Marcus.

Common worked out in Los Angeles Tuesday with a few members of the Rockets … and one of the Morris twins. The problem is … we can’t tell which one (they are twins, after all).

What makes this photo (possibly) a big deal ... Markieff has requested to be traded from the Phoenix Suns (because they traded his brother to Detroit) and the Rockets are seemingly a preferred landing spot.

So, if this photo really is Markieff -- it would appear to be pretty strong evidence he got his wish and will join the Rockets next season.

But if that Morris is Marcus -- we don't really know what to make of it ... other than the fact he got to work out with Common ... which is still not a bad way to spend your morning. 

NBA's Nick Young

Launches 'Official Inquiry'

To Join Australian Olympic Team

8/31/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0828_nick_young_australia_olympics-tmzNick Young wasn't joking around about wanting to compete for Australia's Olympic basketball team -- 'cause the NBA star's camp has formally contacted Aussie officials to get the ball rolling ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Young -- who's famously engaged to Australian superstar Iggy Azalea -- has recently been floating out the idea to compete with Australia, but everyone thought he was just goofing around. 

But we spoke with a top official for Basketball Australia who tells us, "Nick's representatives have been in contact with an 'official inquiry.'" 

The official told us Nick would have to become an Australian citizen to be eligible for the team -- and the process was thoroughly explained to Young's camp.  

For the record, it's not an easy process -- according to the official, Young would have to start by living in Australia for "an extended period of time." 

And after that, Basketball Australia tells us there's no guarantee Young will make the squad -- "He would be considered for selection on MERIT like everybody else."

Young is already drumming up support from famous Australian hoops stars including Golden State Warriors player Andrew Bogut -- who suggested Iggy could also rap the National Anthem.

And get this -- Young says he already has the perfect nickname ... Swaggy Dundee.  

NBA's Russell Westbrook--

Mega Bev Hills Wedding...

With Kardashian Party Pal

8/30/2015 10:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0830-russell-westbrook-wedding-TMZ-01NBA superstar Russell Westbrook had a baller wedding in Beverly Hills last night complete with a performance from a bona fide superstar...and Khloe Kardashian in the crowd...and that's only the beginning.

Westbrook tied the knot to his longtime girlfriend Nina Earl close to UCLA where he played his college ball.

We're told the wedding was beautiful, super high budget and included a performance from Miguel.

The legion of A-list guests included past and present teammates including Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, James Harden...whose plus one was Khloe K.

And to make sure the night ended on an even higher note, Westbrook provided a gourmet doughnut truck--Fry Girl--which turned out custom treats for anyone with a sweet tooth.

As for the bride...she rocked two dresses to the by Vera Wang and the other by Monique compliment her $700K engagement ring.



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