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Lakers' Jesse Buss Here's What I Want Most ... From New Neighbor LeBron James

12/8/2018 12:05 AM PST

It ain't some extra ketchup, a lawn mower or even peace and quiet ... no, the thing Lakers co-owner Jesse Buss wants most from new neighbor LeBron James??

"I'm sure his shoe collection is insane!"

Jesse just bought a $10 million mansion right up the street from Bron's palace ... so when we got the Lakers co-owner out at LAX -- we had to ask, what do you want most from your new neighbor??

Buss says nothin' but the kicks, tellin' TMZ Sports, "That would be nice to look at."

The one hang-up? Jesse says LeBron's foot is a helluva lot bigger than his -- so fashion advice might be the only thing he'd be able to take from The King's closet.

As for their pads in Brentwood ... Buss tells us the two are outta town so much -- he ain't expecting any block parties soon.

BUT ... Jesse says he is down to share babysitters!!!

Kristaps Porzingis Vs. Vasyl Lomanchenko Who Ya Got?

12/7/2018 11:02 AM PST
Breaking News

Kristaps Porzingis is 7'3". 

Pro boxing superstar Vasyl Lomachenko is 5'7". 

And, when they get together, they look like cover of the "Twins" VHS box. 

Lomachenko is gearing up to fight Jose Pedraza on Saturday night in New York -- and ran into the Knicks star. 

The picture is just fun to look at, but it begs the question ... be honest -- who wins in a street fight? 

Obviously, Porzingis has the size and strength -- but Lomachenko is a beast ... the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet and a legit boxing savant. 

If the two squared off in an alley ... KP would have to try to smother Loma -- and the challenge for the boxer would be trying to hit Porzingis in a spot that would actually cause damage. 

We've seen Porzingis show off his fighting skills before -- getting into it with Marquese Chriss during an NBA game back in 2016. He's definitely got some fight in him ... 

Lomachenko is 11-1 as a pro -- and Joe Rogan once said, "He might be the best boxer who's ever lived."

He's a 2-time Olympic gold medalist and a champion in 3 different weight classes. 

Dude's a monster. 

So, who ya got? 

Roy Hibbert Zion Is An Unstoppable Beast ... He'll Kill It In NBA!

12/6/2018 4:02 PM PST

Duke's only played 9 games this season ... but Roy Hibbert's already seen enough -- 'cause the ex-NBA star tells TMZ Sports he's ALL IN on Zion Williamson!!!

"He's an absolute beast of a talent!"

Hibbert tells us he doesn't think Williamson can ever be checked ... and when it comes to Z's NBA future -- Roy says there's no doubt in his mind he'll be a superstar.

Of course ... a ton of people agree -- both Carlos Boozer and Dahntay Jones told us BEFORE the hype train got rollin' that this would happen.

But, Hibbert's got no bias here -- dude went to Georgetown and has zero ties to the Dukies -- which means one thing ...


George H.W. Bush Celebs Pay Respects ... At Texas Funeral

12/6/2018 9:37 AM PST

You can clearly tell just how much George H.W. Bush was liked and respected simply by the incredible number of celebs who turned out for the late President's funeral in the Lone Star State.  

Reba McEntire sang "The Lord's Prayer" and The Oak Ridge Boys gave a powerful rendition of "Amazing Grace" during the funeral services Thursday at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston.

Everything's bigger in Texas, including Houston sports stars -- past and present -- who turned out to say goodbye to 41 ...  former Rockets centers Yao Ming and Dikembe Mutombo towered over the crowd, while Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt brought the muscle with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Naturally, Chuck Norris was there, and legendary Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda made the trek from Los Angeles. 

Our 41st president, who died last Friday in Houston, will be buried at his Presidential Library at Texas A&M in nearby College Station. 

Tristan Thompson Fined $15k for Flippin' the Bird At Cavaliers-Nets Game

12/6/2018 8:35 AM PST
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Tristan Thompson's one-finger salute just cost him a chunk of change ... 'cause the Cavs star's been slapped with a $15k fine for flipping off hecklers at the Nets game on Monday.

TMZ Sports posted the video ... T.T. snapped at the end of the Cavs-Nets game at Barclays Center ... flipping off some courtside fans after Cleveland sealed the W.

The league announced Thompson's punishment on Thursday ... and it's a bargain compared to the $25k fines handed to Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley for their recent fan incidents.

It's the only recent blemish in Thompson's hot streak ... as the dude is averaging a double-double so far this season and has been helping the Cavs keep from being a complete embarrassment.

Let's keep it a buck -- T.T. is in the middle of an $82 million contract, so he's not even blinking.

LeBron James Celebs Show Out ... To See The King!

12/6/2018 7:59 AM PST
Breaking News

Well, that didn't take long ... LeBron James has already turned the Lakers into the biggest spectacle in Hollywood -- 'cause all the stars were out to watch him Wednesday!!

Of course, the regulars like Floyd Mayweather and Denzel Washington were in their usual seats ... but Adam Sandler, Benicio Del Toro, Andy Garcia and a whole lot more had to get a glimpse last night.

The King didn't disappoint ... dude dropped 42 points in front of the A-list crowd -- and the Lake Show rolled to a 121-113 win over the Spurs.

The bad news for Bron?? The crowd might've cost him a future teammate -- 'cause before the game, Kevin Durant said the environment LBJ brings to teams can be too "toxic."

Does having John David Washington, Flea, Ray J and even Alex Bregman sitting feet from the bench qualify?? Maybe.

But, doesn't seem Bron cares too much -- the Lakers are just 2 games back from the West's top seed!!!!

Ice Cube Hopes Lamar Odom Joins BIG3 ... 'He's Still Gotta Try Out'

12/6/2018 12:30 AM PST

Ice Cube is jacked up for Lamar Odom's dreams of a pro basketball comeback ... but he says there is a catch if the ex-Laker wants to make it in the BIG3 ...

"He's still gotta try out like everybody else."

Yup ... Ice Cube ain't doing the 2-time NBA champ any favors -- telling TMZ Sports, L.O.'s gotta work out just like the rest of the ballers who want in on his 3-on-3 league.

But ... Cube tells us video he saw recently of Odom on the court and in the gym was promising -- and he's hopeful Lamar can make a squad.

That said, Cube notes that Odom was training in a gym without elite players trying to shut him down -- and the game is A LOT different when there's a defense on the court. 

Cube's advice on the next steps Odom needs to take to make it? "Get healthy, get in shape and get to the combine!"

Seems Lamar's already on it ...

Kyrie Irving Roasted By Kid at Children's Hospital ... DUKE LOST!!

12/5/2018 6:22 AM PST
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So, Kyrie Irving was doing a nice thing ... visiting kids at a local children's hospital when one of the kids hilariously LIT HIM UP -- and it was all 'cause of Duke!!

Uncle Drew and his Celtics teammates threw on some goofy Christmas hats and hit up Boston Children's Hospital on Tuesday ... singing carols and handing out special shoes to the tough kids getting treatment.

The kind gesture didn't keep K.I. from hilariously getting into it with one of the kids ... who gladly pointed out Irving's Blue Devils lost to Gonzaga earlier this season.

"Who won the Duke vs. Gonzaga game?!" the boy asks.

"You didn't have to bring Duke into it. Duke is fine, we were good! We're good!!" Irving clapped back ... "That's why you so mad, 'cause we're Duke!!"

The whole exchange is obviously in good fun -- and ya gotta give it up for the kid who never backed down from the NBA superstar! 

Props to everyone involved.

Patrick Beverley Fined $25k For Ball Throw at Heckler ... You Dissed My Mom!

12/4/2018 11:02 AM PST
Breaking News

12/4 10:40 AM PT -- The move cost Beverley a nice chunk of change ... 'cause he just got slapped with a $25,000 fine for "throwing the game ball at a spectator," the NBA announced Tuesday.

L.A. Clippers player Patrick Beverley fired a basketball at a courtside heckler Sunday night after the fan allegedly said, "F*ck your mother" ... the 2nd major incident between a player and a Mavs fan in 2 weeks. 

The 30-year-old guard had reportedly been trading verbal jabs with Don Knobler -- a local celeb in Dallas -- throughout the Clippers' game on Sunday ... when things reached a boiling point in the 4th quarter.

So, what set Beverley off? Don't talk about his mother. 

Beverley grabbed the ball and threw it at Knobler -- who calmly collected it after it struck him in the leg. Beverley was ejected. 

After the game, Beverley told reporters Knobler said, "F*ck your mother" twice. 

Knobler later admitted to talking about Patrick's mom but denies using the f-bomb in his trash talk. 

Seems Mavs fans have really been getting to opponents lately -- it was just Nov. 17 when Kevin Durant cussed out a different courtside fan who had been running his mouth. 

Durant was fined $25,000 for the incident. He later bashed the heckler as "corny and weak." 

In both instances, Durant and Beverley alerted refs and security about the heckling fans ... but ultimately took matters into their own hands. 

Originally Published -- 12/3/2018 7:03 AM PST

Tristan Thompson Flips Off Hecklers ... At Cavs-Nets Game

12/4/2018 7:47 AM PST

Tristan Thompson has something in common with Kevin Durant -- he's finally lost it with hecklers.

T.T. snapped at the end of the Cavs-Nets game Monday night ... flipping off some courtside fans after Cleveland sealed the W.

The dudes on the receiving end were pretty shocked ... you can hear them yelling, "Get out of here, you bum" and "someone's gotta get that on video!"

Of course ... it wasn't as bad as K.D. telling a courtside fan to "watch the f**king game and shut the f**k up" -- but Tristan's DEFINITELY still about to get fined for the incident.

Doesn't seem T.T. cares all that much ... guy's on a hell of a double-double run -- and Cleveland finally snapped its losing streak, which had Tristan feeling himself after the game.

"They better put some respect on my name," he said.

FYI ... Durant was popped $25k for yelling at his heckler earlier this season -- and Patrick Beverley is expected to get more than that for throwing a ball at a fan during a game over the weekend.

Seems these guys really do need to take some advice from Michael Richards ...

Originally Published -- 12/4/18 8:44 AM PST

Pete Davidson Enjoys a Bully-Free Zone ... At the Knicks Game!!!

12/4/2018 7:11 AM PST

Pete Davidson gets by with a little help from his friends ... and courtside seats at the Knicks game.

The 'SNL' star looked like he was really enjoying himself Monday night at Madison Square Garden, as he watched his NY Knicks take on the visiting Washington Wizards. Pete was smiling and having a drink while seated next to his pals -- comedian John Mulaney and actress Chloe Sevigny.

Not sure who the guy in the Washington shirt is, but he should be happier now ... his team won.

Pete's good time came hours after he addressed online the public bullying he's been dealing with since his relationship with Ariana Grande began ... and after it ended. Pete blasted the trolls for harassing him, saying ... "No matter how hard the internet or anyone tries to make me kill myself. I won't."

Grande responded online early this morning, telling her fans to "be gentler" with Pete and others ... saying she cares deeply about Davidson and his health. She added ... "I will always have irrevocable love for him and if you've gotten any other impression from my recent work, you might have missed the point."

As we reported ... Ariana included a "Sry I dipped" apology to Pete in her "Thank U, Next" music vid last week. The 2 broke off their engagement in October ... and both have covered up their tattoos about each other.

Michael Richards Heckler Advice for NBA Stars ... Here's What NOT to Do!

12/3/2018 4:53 PM PST

Michael Richards admits he hasn't always been great at dealing with hecklers -- duh -- but he's now dishing out advice to other stars in the hopes they can learn from his mistakes. 

Remember, back in 2006 the "Seinfeld" star lost his mind on a heckler at the Laugh Factory -- dropping a bunch of n-bombs in a tirade that was captured on video. 

He's apologized for the incident several times since then and even met with Jesse Jackson in the hopes of repairing his relationship with the black community. 

So, with NBA players getting heckled like crazy by fans these days -- specifically Patrick Beverley and Kevin Durant -- we asked Richards if he had any words of wisdom. 

"I didn't handle the heckler too good that evening," Richards told us.

But, he did advise the players to not feed into the trash-talkers -- even though it might be hard -- and try to focus on doing their jobs. 

"Just remember, you're there to entertain people. Stay with the entertainment. We need it."

Kendall Jenner Philly Cheese Skate With BF Ben Simmons

12/3/2018 4:09 PM PST


Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons did what lots of couples do when the holiday season rolls around -- hit up an ice skating rink so the guy can watch his GF twirl like she's Kristi Yamaguchi ... but she isn't. 

Kendall and Ben hit up Philadelphia's Rothman Institute Ice Rink on Monday -- although Kendall was the only one brave enough to slip on a pair of skates. 

We're guessing the 76ers are happy their star point guard kept his feet on dry land -- can't risk a twisted ankle. Then again, neither can Kendall. Runway models don't typically do their best work in casts or ace bandages. Luckily for her ... it looks like she has genuine ice skills. 

It's good to see Kendall staying on her feet, unlike that time she nearly face-planted on a bicycle.

Kendall and Ben have been hanging a lot in Philly recently ... they grabbed a bite last week after the Sixers took an embarrassing loss, and checked out some college hoops this weekend.

All this after last month's relationship rebound.

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