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Ohio State Fair Video Shows Riders Thrown In Deadly Accident

7/27/2017 6:47 AM PDT

The moment an Ohio State Fair ride turned deadly in a horrific accident -- which hurled riders through the air -- was captured on video.

At least 1 person died Wednesday night and seven others were injured when part of the Fire Ball ride broke off its hinges ... violently ejected people from their seats and sent them flying to the ground. 

Officials said the fair will be open Thursday, but no rides will be running until they're deemed safe.

It's still unclear what caused the accident and it's under investigation.

Justin Bieber Cancels Remaining Purpose Tour Dates

7/24/2017 11:55 AM PDT

Justin Bieber is signing off early -- canceling the final leg of his Purpose world tour ... TMZ has learned.

It's unclear why he's pulling the plug on his 14 remaining shows -- starting with Arlington, TX this weekend -- but one tour source told us Justin's "just over it."

The tour started March 9 in Seattle, and was in the homestretch ... with some huge stadium dates in Texas, Denver, East Rutherford, NJ and also the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. There were also a few international stops in Japan, Singapore and the Philippines.

12:11 PM PT -- Justin's team just released a statement saying the cancellation stems from "unforeseen circumstances." They go on to say tickets will be refunded.

Shepard Smith Asks Trump and Co. 'Why All the Lies?'

7/15/2017 7:42 AM PDT

FNC Anchor Shepard Smith is incredulous, blasting President Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Jr. Jared Kushner and the whole White House gang for repeatedly lying about their contacts with Russia during the 2016 election.

Smith couldn't hide his contempt as he talked to fellow FNC anchor Chris Wallace, noting the tide has turned and even Trump stalwarts now acknowledge the numerous lies ... all short of collusion but, as Smith says, why lie if there's nothing at the end of the road?

At one point Smith unleashes on Trump, literally leaving Wallace speechless.

Cat Killer/Sexual Abuser Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison

7/15/2017 7:10 AM PDT

Robert Farmer will be behind bars 16 years for shocking crimes ... killing 21 cats and sexually abusing the carcass of one of them.

Farmer, who's dad is a retired captain from the San Jose PD, was apprehended at a Home Depot ... sleeping in his car with a dead cat in the center console. A necropsy revealed he had sexually abused the female tabby cat.  

Police found chunks of fur and blood inside the car. They also found a backpack with fur-covered gloves and a hunting knife.

Chechnya President On Gay Execution Claims 'We Don't Have These Kinds of People Here'

7/14/2017 10:38 AM PDT

The President of Chechnya says the people who are accusing his regime of torturing and killing gays are "devils" because he says it can't be true because "We don't have these kinds of people here."

President Ramzan Kadyrov sat for an interview with David Scott from 'Real Sports' and it's shocking. There are reports 27 people were recently murdered by the government ... killed because they were gay, something the government has denied because the party line is that there are no gays in the country.

Kadyrov says, "To purify our blood, if there are any here take them," and he goes on, "If there are any take them to Canada."

And there's more ... Kadyrov challenges America, saying "Even if our government were completely destroyed, our nuclear missiles would be automatically deployed. We will put the whole world on its knees and screw it from behind."

'Real Sports' did the interview because it is doing a piece on MMA in Chechnya.

'Gotham' Star Donal Logue Missing Daughter Back Home Safely

7/8/2017 2:17 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

"Gotham" star Donal Logue can breathe a sigh of relief -- his missing teenager has returned home safely.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Logue's 16-year-old daughter Jade was found this morning in North Carolina at a friend's house. A joint NYPD-FBI investigation led to her discovery.

According to Logue's rep ... "Jade is now safely back home with her family." 

Logue has been posting on social media since June 27 with pleas for her to return home, as well as descriptions and photos asking for the public's help. On Thursday he wrote ... "Jade, c’mon home, you sweet, beautiful, soul. We love and miss you dearly."

Thankfully she did, and his rep says Donal's extremely grateful for everyone's support, "especially to the NYPD, FBI and Team Adam NCMEC for her safe return."

President Trump Swing and A Miss! Polish First Lady Leaves Him Hanging

7/6/2017 9:23 AM PDT

President Trump enjoyed a great Polish dish ... sorry, make that a diss ... courtesy of the country's first lady.

Melania and POTUS arrived in Poland Thursday and after a ceremony, stood onstage with President Andrzej Duda and his wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda. Trump's handshake with Prez Duda went off without a hitch -- but when he extended a hand to First Lady Agata ... things got chilly.

Agata passed up Trump's hand -- you can almost hear her say, "Psych!" -- and instead greeted Melania.

Total humiliation.

It was only momentary -- Agata did eventually shake his hand, but the embarrassment was written all over Trump's face.

Amelia Earhart Expert Claims New Doc is Bogus That's Not Her in the Photo!!!

7/5/2017 1:22 PM PDT

Amelia Earhart indeed survived her plane crash, but an upcoming documentary claiming to have photo evidence is crazy ... so claims a man who has made the mystery his lifelong mission.

Ric Gillespie, owner of TIGHAR -- an organization long involved in the search for Earhart -- tells TMZ he's known about this photo for a year and on many levels he knows Amelia's not in the pic.

The new documentary claims Earhart became a captive in the South Pacific after her crash and claims her captors can be seen all around her in the photo.

Gillespie says there were a lot of mercenaries in that area at the time ... so it could be any white woman in the pic -- the features aren't recognizable.

Secondly ... based on where Earhart took flight in New Guinea, Ric says she would not have had enough fuel to get to the Marshall Islands, where the photo was allegedly taken. According to Ric, her last signal was picked up hundreds of miles from that location.

Finally, Gillespie believes the photo simply doesn't match up with the captive theory. He points out none of the alleged captors have guns or look threatening. He thinks it's just a photo showing people hanging out on the wharf on Jaluit Atoll -- part of the Marshall Islands.

Gillespie and TIGHAR still stand by their theory -- Amelia survived her plane crash and died as a castaway on the Pacific island of Nikumaroro, Kiribati.

Amelia Earhart Survived Crash Claims New Documentary with Photo Evidence

7/5/2017 6:30 AM PDT

Amelia Earhart survived what everyone thought was a fatal flight and ended up a prisoner of war ... this according to a new documentary.

As everyone knows, almost 80 years ago to the day, Earhart took off in her Lockheed Electra from New Guinea and vanished. Neither her plane nor her body were ever found. She was presumed dead.

But a new documentary -- "Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence" -- shows a photo taken on a South Pacific island days after she disappeared. The doc claims Amelia is in the photo, sitting on a dock, surrounded by people who might be her captors.

The documentary -- which airs Sunday on the History Channel -- claims the U.S. government covered it all up to save face.

Chris Christie Slams Reporter for Asking 'TMZ Stuff' Over Sunbathing Scandal

7/3/2017 8:19 AM PDT

Chris Christie went ham Sunday at a news conference when a reporter dared to ask him if he got a tan while sitting on a beach the NJ Governor closed down, firing back, "We're talking about the closure of government and you're talking about your TMZ stuff."

Christie's taking more heat than he got from his beach outing, captured by The Star-Ledger of New Jersey. Christie had closed the beach in the wake of a government shutdown in his state over failure to pass a budget.

The most hilarious part ... after Christie left the beach over the weekend, he was asked if he had gotten any sun and said, "I didn't get any sun today."  Then photos surfaced and his spokesperson gyrated ... "He did not get any sun. He had a baseball hat on."

Christie says he had always planned to go to the beach with his family ... a beach near his home.  

East Boston Car Strikes Crowd at Airport ... Injuries Reported

7/3/2017 11:42 AM PDT
Breaking News

1:20 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us the crash was accidental. The driver reportedly lost control of his car.A car has struck a crowd of pedestrians at an airport in East Boston, resulting in several injuries ... but it's unclear what may have caused the crash.

Massachusetts State Police put out a statement Monday saying multiple units were on the scene of Logan International Airport, where a vehicle had struck a crowd near the taxi pool outside. Ambulances were also on the scene as injuries were reported. 

The vehicle in question appears to be a taxi. Boston PD is saying the driver stayed on the scene and is fully cooperative.

Unclear as of now if any of the injuries are life threatening ... or if terrorism is suspected.

Story developing ... 

Donald Trump to Reporters Blasts NBC for Firing Greta She Got 86'd 'Cause She Doesn't Hate Me

7/1/2017 6:58 AM PDT

Donald Trump's obsession with cable news knows no bounds ... he went on a Twitter rampage Saturday claiming Greta Van Susteren got fired because "she refused to go along w/ 'Trump hate!'"

MSNBC parted ways with Greta 2 days ago -- the network says it was mutual but insiders say Greta wasn't resonating with the audience.  

The cable network, which intensely dislikes the Prez and makes no bones about it, got in Trump's cross hairs. Trump called out NBC honchos as "out of control bosses."

He also went after his go-to ... CNN, saying, "I am extremely pleased to see that @CNN has finally been exposed as #FakeNews and garbage journalism."

And he took more shots at Joe and Mika ... calling him "crazy" and her "dumb as a rock."

It's absolutely amazing ... on a good day CNN and MSNBC score a couple million viewers ... but Trump has put them in the center of his universe.  

Amazing ... and ridiculous.

Baltimore Bus Shootout New Footage of Double-Barreled Barrage at Cops

6/28/2017 2:54 PM PDT

The Baltimore shootout between cops and an armed robbery suspect who boarded a commuter bus was way more fierce than the initial video showed.

Prosecutors in Baltimore just released new footage -- a surveillance cam on the bus and an officer's bodycam -- and it shows the suspect pulling out 2 weapons, clearing the bus and opening fire in all directions. The battle went down 3 weeks ago.

You also see an officer arriving on scene, mounting up with a shotgun and returning fire.

As we reported ... the suspect was eventually shot and killed. One officer was injured by a shot to her leg, and the video shows her comrades in arms rushing to her rescue.

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