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Emeril Lagasse, John Besh Celeb Chefs Have Recipe for Relief For N.O. Tornado Victims

2/9/2017 12:20 AM PST

0208-chef-bech-emerill-facebook-tmz-01Celebrity chefs Emeril Lagasse and John Besh are cooking for a cause ... helping tornado victims in New Orleans.

The chefs have opened their wallets and offered up food after 7 tornadoes ripped through the City's 9th Ward Tuesday, destroying dozens of homes and leaving dozens injured.

0208-tornado-destruction-getty-9Emeril donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank. The org has already distributed more than 23,000 pounds of food.

Meanwhile, John -- a former regular on 'Iron Chef' shows -- and his partner, Alon Shaya, have used one of their restaurants to whip up 500 meals for locals. 

Emeril has 4 restaurants in New Orleans, and John -- a Louisiana native -- has 15. 


ABC News Busted for Fake News Image ... Used Phony Trump Pic

1/25/2017 9:52 AM PST

0125-donald-trump-new-yorkerABC News used a mocked up pic of Donald Trump in the Oval Office to promote its first TV interview with the prez, and the image was ripped from The New Yorker! Oops. 

The network ran the phony image Tuesday night to promote an interview with Trump -- the first since he took office -- for Wednesday's nightly news, and apparently didn't realize it was photoshopped or another outlet's work.

We're told the photo did in fact see air time Tuesday, but has since been replaced. ABC has apologized, and copped to its marketing team screwing up.

Side note: Shout-out to The New Yorker's art department. Ya fooled ABC.

Prince Harry And the Hairy Hero Award Goes to ...

1/17/2017 5:13 PM PST

0117_prince_harry_lifting_beard_ZOOM-MEGA-2Prince Harry lifted the beard of a badass military hero to present him with a medal at the inaugural Endeavour Fund Awards.

Neil Heritage is the happy, hirsute man who received the award at the ceremony in London on Tuesday. Neil lost both legs in a suicide bombing in Iraq, but didn't let it stop him from rowing across the Atlantic, and nearly climbing the Matterhorn.

Prince William was also there to honor the late adventurer Henry Worsley. He and his bro spent the evening recognizing the achievements of many wounded or sick servicemen and women.

As far as we can tell, though ... only Harry grabbed a handful of beard hair at the event.

Vladimir Putin We Have the World's Best Whores

1/17/2017 7:49 AM PST
Breaking News

0117-trump-putin-tmz-getty-2Vladimir Putin scoffed at the now discredited dossier suggesting Donald Trump engaged in funny business in Russia ... but it didn't stop him from bragging about his country's prostitutes.

Putin held a news conference in the Kremlin, throwing shade at the ex-British intelligence officer's so-called report. Putin said Trump's been surrounded by beauty pageant contestants for years, and ... "I find it hard to believe that he rushed to some hotel to meet girls of loose morals, although ours are undoubtedly the best in the world."

Bottom line? If you're into that sorta thing ... come to Russia!

Donald Trump LAPD Fears Unrest, Even Riots During Inauguration Protests

1/17/2017 12:50 AM PST

0116-inauguration-hollywoodThe LAPD will be massively out in force Friday, bracing for what they believe could be large, unruly crowds protesting the beginning of the Trump presidency.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, LAPD cops will have riot gear at the ready as they try to control the various demonstrations they are expecting.

As for how much police will tolerate ... not a lot. We're told if demonstrators try to block traffic, freeways or vandalize anything ... they'll be arrested.

And, we're told, there will be special focus on social media, which could set the direction of the protests.

There are certain locations that will get special police attention ... the Federal Building in Westwood, Hollywood and Highland and freeways.

Our sources say cops are mindful of the constitutional right of demonstrators to protest ... they just can't cross the line.

Donald Trump Toe-to-Toe Shouting Match With CNN Reporter

1/11/2017 9:23 AM PST
Breaking News

President-elect Donald Trump just went ballistic on a reporter from one of the news outlets he's blaming for spreading the alleged Russian hack report on him.

Trump's news conference got super heated when a CNN reporter tried to get his attention to ask a question. Mind you, Trump had already called out BuzzFeed and CNN multiple times for the "fake news" -- so the reporter couldn't possibly have thought this would go well.

It didn't. EPIC verbal melee.


Donald Trump Feds Probe Allegations Russia has Compromising Info on Trump Trump Says 'Fake News'

1/11/2017 5:55 AM PST

0111-donald-trump-tmz-02The FBI and other agencies are reportedly investigating allegations the Russians have a compromising dossier on Donald Trump, but the Prez-elect now says it's all "fake news" disseminated by his rivals.

CNN reports the Feds are calling the information "credible" ... compiled by a British intelligence operative who worked for the Democrats during the election. The allegations include what CNN says is a possible blackmail attempt by President Vladimir Putin, using "compromising information" on Trump.

Some outlets have published what they call "unconfirmed" salacious allegations against Trump, but add some of the information from the British intelligence operative is erroneous.

As for Trump, he tweeted, citing Russian officials who say the story is "A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FABRICATION, UTTER NONSENSE," adding "Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to 'leak' into the public. One last shot at me. Are we living in Nazi Germany?"

Trump will clearly be asked about the story at his news conference at 11:00 ET. We'll be live streaming. 

Dan Rather Russian Dossier Story 'Unprecedented on Steroids'

1/11/2017 6:04 AM PST

Dan Rather knows news and understands history as well as just about anyone in the biz, and he says events surrounding the transition of power, including the FBI investigation into allegations Putin has compiled info to blackmail Trump, is "unprecedented on steroids."

We got Rather coming out of 30 Rock Tuesday and he had an interesting comment ... the damage is already done. Listen to how he says it. It's unclear if he means the leak over the allegations or a squeeze by Putin.

Airport Shooting Witness Shooter Was White Man ... Used a Handgun

1/6/2017 11:29 AM PST

A witness at the Ft. Lauderdale airport tells TMZ the shooter appeared to be a white man who used a handgun. 

We spoke with Chenet Nerette who says he was in baggage claim at Terminal 2 when the shots rang out. 

He says he ran for his life -- but says he got a look at the shooter who appeared to be a white man. 

Chenet says the man took a knee right before he opened fire -- seemingly to brace himself before the massacre. 

As for the gun, Chenet says it was NOT a big gun -- he believes the shooter used a handgun. 

After the shooting ... Chenet pulled out his camera and shot footage of the aftermath. (See Below)

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting At Least 5 Dead, Multiple Injuries

1/6/2017 10:29 AM PST
Breaking News


12:04 PM PT -- The gunman's been ID'd as 26-year-old U.S. born Esteban Santiago of New Jersey, according to law enforcement. Santiago had military ID on him.

update_grey_gray_barFt. Lauderdale Airport is on lockdown after a gunman opened fire in the baggage claim area ... reportedly killing at least 5 people.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was in the airport as the chaos erupted and tweeted, "Everyone is running."

According to multiple reports ... at least 9 people were injured and the lone gunman has been captured by police.

Hundreds of travelers are still out on the tarmac as police try to make sure there's no additional threat.

Story developing ... 

Trump Tower Suspicious Package Sparks Evacuation

12/27/2016 2:02 PM PST
Breaking News

update_graphic_red_bar2:11 PM PT -- NYPD just gave the all clear and will let people back in the building soon. We're told the suspicious package was an unattended yellow backpack found in the lobby.update_grey_gray_barTrump Tower has just been evacuated after a suspicious package was found somewhere inside the building.

An NYPD cop was directing people to flee the area ... which you can see from the video. A slew of NYPD and FDNY units responded.

Donald Trump was not in the building at the time of the evacuation.

Story developing ... 

Lisa Marie Naegle Pictured with Murder Suspect Hours Before Death

12/21/2016 7:36 AM PST

1221-Lisa-Marie-Naegle-primary-tmz-1Lisa Marie Naegle posed with the man who we're told confessed to killing her ... just hours before he allegedly took a hammer to her head and beat her with it repeatedly.

TMZ obtained this photo of Lisa Marie with Jackie Jerome Rogers at Alpine Village ... a party venue in Torrance, CA. The pic was taken at 12:04 AM Sunday. Exactly 2 hours and 14 minutes later, they drove off in Rogers' SUV and not long after that, he allegedly bludgeoned her to death after she ended their affair.

1221-Lisa-Marie-Naegle-tmz-sub-2This pic was shot at 12:16 AM ... you see the former "Bridalplasty" contestant with drink in hand enjoying a performance by Too Short.  

TMZ broke the story ... Rogers confessed to cops after Lisa Marie's family confronted him with surveillance video showing the 2 of them leaving together Sunday at 2:18 AM.

Her naked body was discovered Tuesday ... buried in Rogers' backyard.


'Bridalplasty' Contestant Suspect Confesses to Murder

12/20/2016 3:46 PM PST

1220-lisa-marie-naegle-police-on-scene-TMZ-gallery-launchThe man who is the prime suspect in the disappearance of Lisa Marie Naegle, the former "Bridalplasty" contestant, has confessed to murdering her ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say Jackie Jerome Rogers has told cops he killed Naegle and her body is buried in his backyard near Inglewood, CA.

We're told Rogers will be officially booked for murder late Tuesday.

The L.A. County Coroner has sent a "sort team" to Rogers' home to recover the body.

As we reported, the case cracked wide open Monday night after Lisa Marie's family confronted Rogers and caught him in a lie. He claimed he left her at a bar early Sunday morning, but surveillance video shows she got in his SUV at 2:18 AM.


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