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Dakota Johnson & Giovanni Ribisi 50 Shades of Carpooling

4/24/2017 11:13 AM PDT

Dakota Johnson and Giovanni Ribisi might be a new couple ... or they might be extremely eco-conscious. 

Giovanni and the "50 Shades of Grey" star both attended celeb jeweler Jennifer Meyer's 40th birthday bash Saturday night in WeHo. We don't know if they arrived together, but they definitely split in his ride.

No word if they're banging or just carpooling pals. If this is a friendzone sitch ... it's the first time we've seen them hanging out together.

They are both single -- Ribisi ended his second marriage to model Agyness Deyn in 2015, and Dakota split from her longtime bf last year. 

Kendrick Lamar Be Humble? Bitch, My Ass Stayed at $10m Villa for Coachella!

4/24/2017 11:46 AM PDT

Kendrick Lamar's crash pad at Coachella's fit for a king ... dude balled out at an INSANE villa for his must-see performance out in the desert.

The "HUMBLE." rapper made himself at home at the Big Sioux Estate -- a spectacular 6 bedroom, 7.5 bathroom villa with a pretty steep price tag ... 10 million bucks. Any Joe Schmoe's looking at about $1,880 per night to stay there, but Kendrick got the pad courtesy of Airbnb.

The Rancho Mirage crib's got it all ... total privacy, a sick pool and plenty of space for a headliner to turn up.

DAMN. thanks to @airbnb for puttin me up this weekend.

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Jennifer Meyer Birthday 40th Bash Proves She Got the Friends in Tobey Divorce

4/23/2017 7:55 AM PDT

Jennifer Meyer's 40th birthday party turned into THE non-Coachella celeb event of the weekend ... with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Katy Perry ... AND Orlando Bloom all showing up.

The huge bash went down at Peppermint in WeHo, where Justin Theroux was hanging with the wife and her "Friends" pal. Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie and a bunch of other celebs were inside.

As for Katy and Orlando ... no word if they saw each other inside, but there was at least a chance.

Jewelry designer Meyer and Tobey Maguire split up last year. Kinda obvious now who got the bulk of their famous pals in the breakup.

At least he's got Leo DiCaprio.

V Live Strip Club Happy Fan Gets Double-Teamed In Wild Memphis Casting Call

4/23/2017 12:30 AM PDT

V Live Memphis knows the best things come in pairs -- like 2 girls twerking in unison, or one guy getting danced on by 2 chicks at the same time.

The new strip joint had 200 girls audition in hopes of joining the V Live team in Memphis ... at a new $10 million state of the art facility. We're told 125 dancers were chosen and 100 more from other V Live clubs joined them for the grand opening on Friday night.

The best part of the casting process was saved for the guys in attendance who got plucked out of the crowd to play a part in the live clinics the dancers put on.

Those will cost you a lot more now that the club's officially open.

Wiz Khalifa Spark My Kush While You Can!!

4/20/2017 4:30 PM PDT

Wiz Khalifa's got perfect timing -- his Khalifa Kush is back just in time to salute his favorite holiday.

The rapper's indica-dominant hybrid strain is available only at RiverRock Cannabis in Denver, CO ... and the joint's director of operations, Rich Miller, tells us the store stocked up with 6 pounds of the rapper's popular kush.

A bunch of stoners lined up when the store opened Thursday morning to get their weed. It's expected to sell out FAST ... not just because it's 4/20 but because Wiz is scheduled for a concert at nearby Red Rocks Amphitheatre this weekend.

Getting Wiz kinda high will cost ya -- about $55 for an 1/8th, but you get a $10 discount if you're buying it for medicinal purposes.

Happy 4/20!!

DeAndre Jordan Celebrates Huge Playoff Win ... In Da Club!!

4/19/2017 9:00 AM PDT

There's only one way to celebrate a monster playoff performance like DeAndre Jordan had Tuesday night -- HIT THE NIGHTCLUB!!

Jordan headed straight to Avenue Nightclub in Hollywood after dominating the Jazz with 18 points and 15 rebounds and helping the Clippers tie the series at 1-1 ... hanging out until after 1 AM.

But don't trip ... Lob City has a couple days off until their next game, so he should be good to go come Friday.


Kendall Jenner Passes On the Joint At Coachella Pot After-Party

4/16/2017 12:20 PM PDT

Kendall Jenner loves to party, but she'll pass on the dutchie ... at least that's what she did during a Coachella weed after-party this weekend.

Eyewitnesses tell us Kendall attended the "Weedmaps Oasis" marijuana party after Coachella closed its final curtain Saturday night, but did not take one puff of pot herself.

We're told Kendall arrived at around midnight with an entourage of 9 -- including Hailey Baldwin and A$AP Rocky, who was performing that night alongside Tyler the Creator, Action Bronson and others. And while nearly everyone around her indulged in bud, sources say Kendall made it clear she wouldn't be joining. 

Instead, Kendall simply enjoyed herself -- dancing with friends, snapping selfies with guests, chatting up the crowd and snagging A$AP's yellow goggles off his head.

We're told she was totally pleasant, despite damn near everyone around toking up on products from Gen-X, West Coast Cure, Brass Knuckles, Nameless Genetics and FlavRX. Sources say the main product of choice was pre-rolled joints from said companies ... produced by Talent Resources.

It appears Kendall ain't a fan of the ganja -- in public, anyway -- even if her man A$AP is. We're told he was smoking ... a lot.

Good news is she wasn't alone in her abstinence ... Hailey Baldwin didn't smoke either. Still ... we're guessing they couldn't avoid a contact high. 

Sam Hunt, Hannah Lee Fowler Celebrate Wedding!!!

4/16/2017 8:24 AM PDT

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler celebrated their wedding at what looks like a pretty awesome venue in Georgia.

Sam and Hannah had the reception at a place called In the Woods in Rockmart, GA. It's one stop shopping for folks who get hitched, but they didn't get married there. The nuptials went down in nearby Cedartown at a Methodist church.

We're told just shy of 150 folks attended the wedding and reception, with no celebs to speak of.

Check out the venue ... pretty sweet.

Coachella Camping Party Vestal Village is Back ... Pools, Pac-Man & Pitched Tents

4/13/2017 10:51 AM PDT

Coachella-goers who wanna keep partying after the festival -- or even during -- won't have to look far ... Vestal Village is back, and it's bigger than ever.

The 4 day invite-only party kicks off Thursday and runs through Sunday at the same time as Coachella, and it's just a few miles down the road at Lake Cahuilla.

From the looks of these behind-the-scenes pics we've obtained, it'll be a pretty rad scene -- camping grounds around the lake for chill time, and a gated pool area for raging time. After all, there's live music and free drinks.

The Village sits between more than 700 acres of mountains, so you can also hike, fish or go horseback riding (BYOH though). And if that's too active for ya ... try the Ms. Pac-Man.

Paris Hilton Downward DJ at Equinox

4/13/2017 7:02 AM PDT

Paris Hilton headlining in Ibiza ... but she will also volunteer for a rager during a yoga sesh at Equinox, when it benefits a kid's charity.

Paris put her turntable skills to good use Wednesday at an Equinox gym in West L.A., where she was performing at a benefit for The Felix Organization, which helps children in the foster care system. 

We always thought yoga was supposed to be done in a calm, quiet environment ... we stand corrected.

Kendall Jenner To Resurface at Coachella After Pepsi Ad

4/13/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner has chosen Coachella as the place she'll return to the spotlight after the epically disastrous Pepsi ad.

We've learned Kendall will host a party for the Bumble dating app in Rancho Mirage this weekend. The company is taking over a mansion in an exclusive gated community and will create a winter wonderland with real ice and snow ... in the desert!

Kendall will also guest DJ at an event over the weekend.

The events were scheduled a while back but Kendall has been MIA since the Pepsi ad exploded. The organizers were extremely concerned she would bail, but we're told she has now given assurance she will be at both events.

We're told Kylie will be by Kendall's side at both events.

LeBron James & Cavs Stars Hit Miami Nightclub ... After Ugly Loss to Hawks

4/10/2017 8:47 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

How do you rebound from blowing a 26 point lead in the 4th quarter? If you're LeBron James ... you hit the club!! 

Bron -- along with J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson -- hit up LIV nightclub in Miami hours after the Cavs lost to the Atlanta Hawks in ATL.

It was a shocking loss since the Cavs were up 26 points going into the 4th quarter. The game went into overtime where the Hawks put 'em away.

But after the final buzzer, the guys got on a jet and flew to Miami and partied with the likes of boxing star Adrien Broner.

The Cavs play the Miami Heat on Monday -- but LeBron will reportedly sit the game out to rest up.

#aboutlastnight #miami #miaminights #lifestyle #miamilife #lebronjames #inthehouse #livmiami

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Rob Gronkowski Hot Chicks + Champagne Shower ... Vegas Topless Turn Up

4/10/2017 8:32 AM PDT

Rob Gronkowski had a nice quiet weekend in Vegas ... ripping off his shirt and raging with WWE superstar Mojo Rawley while bikini chicks sprayed 'em with champagne ... and we have the video.

The best buds hit up Encore Beach Club on Saturday and turnt up in the DJ booth with David Guetta while 8 hot bottle service servers sprayed the bubbly.

Gronk and Mojo have been spending a lot of time together lately ... from kicking ass at WrestleMania to freestyling over a Biggie beat.

He's probably finding time to train ... maybe.