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Hulk Hogan If I Run for U.S. Senate I'd Win Big!!!

1/18/2018 1:00 AM PST

Hulk Hogan may have retired from wrestling, but someone powerful is twisting his arm hard ... to run for U.S. Senate ... something he says doesn't interest him, but he made it clear to us that could change.

Republican strategist and former Trump adviser Roger Stone is urging Hulk to challenge Florida Governor Rick Scott in the Republican primary.

Hulk says he hasn't returned Stone's calls or the various calls from others echoing the same sentiment.  He's been silent ... until now.

Listen closely ... he says no, but it's clearly not a no in perpetuity.  

One thing's clear ... the former WWE champ says if he throws his hat in the ring, he's going to Washington.

WWE's Roman Reigns Calls BS on Steroid Kingpin ... I Don't Know You!!

1/18/2018 6:26 AM PST
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WWE superstar Roman Reigns is 100% denying that he bought steroids from an imprisoned PED kingpin ... claiming he has no idea who the man or his company is. 

“I have never heard of Richard Rodriguez or Wellness Fitness Nutrition," Reigns said in a statement to ProWrestlingSheet.

In a recent phone interview from jail, Rodriguez fingered Reigns -- along with Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel -- as celebs who purchased 'roids from him using aliases. 

Roman's calling BS -- saying he learned his lesson after being flagged for a WWE wellness policy violation about 2 years ago ... adding that he's since "passed 11 tests as part of WWE’s independent drug testing program."

FYI, Rodriguez is being investigated by the DEA, and is facing charges for conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids and money laundering. He was indicted and arrested last year. 

WWE's Eva Marie 'I'm an Alcoholic' ... Went to Jail for DUIs

1/17/2018 7:54 AM PST
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Former WWE superstar Eva Marie says she is, and always will be, an alcoholic ... and her disease almost cost her everything before she was able to come to terms with it.

"I will be an alcoholic for the rest of my life ... and admitting that truth saved my life," Eva wrote in an essay for InStyle

Eva says she's been sober 5 years, but hit "rock bottom" prior to coming to WWE -- serving 3 months behind bars for multiple DUIs, and struggling in her personal and professional life.

Thankfully, the "Total Divas" star was able to enter into a 12-step program to get clean ... and says she still attends AA meetings every week to avoid falling off the wagon.

Eva's killing it as a fashion designer and fitness model these days ... but says she's still in a constant battle with alcoholism -- "This fairytale life is always one drink away from shattering."

Update: Eva was a guest on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and spoke candidly about her struggle ... and why she's choosing to speak up now.

WWE's Jey Uso Arrested for DWI

1/16/2018 1:33 PM PST
Breaking News

WWE tag team champ Jey Uso -- real name Joshua Samuel Fatu -- was arrested Sunday for DWI following a WWE live event in Hidalgo, Texas.

Jey was released on a $500 bond later that day.

Uso was pulled over around 1AM for a routine traffic violation but showed signs of intoxication, according to ProWrestlingSheet. He then bombed the field sobriety test. 

FYI, Jey's twin brother, Jimmy Uso, was booked for a DUI back in 2011 ... and again in 2013 for violating his probation by driving with a suspended license.

The Usos -- sons of pro wrestling legend, Rikishi -- are 5-time WWE tag team champions ... currently holding gold for the company's SmackDown brand.

WWE released the following statement on Jey's arrest -- "Joshua Fatu is responsible for his own personal actions. We are investigating the matter and awaiting information from local law enforcement officials."

Story developing ... 

Big Show Match With Shaq Ain't Happening ... Here's Why

1/15/2018 12:40 AM PST

Sad day for everyone who wanted to witness nearly 1,000 pounds of man tossed around a wresting ring ... WWE superstar Big Show says his match with Shaq ain't happening, and he's telling TMZ Sports why.

There were rumblings that Shaq and Show were gonna face off at WrestleMania last year, with the two guys going back and forth on social media to hype up the big showdown.

It never happened, and when we got the giant at LAX he told us it's never gonna ... and he also broke down the reasons why the hugest (literally) match in sports entertainment fell through.

The real question is ... who chickened out?

Paige VanZant Move Over, Ronda ... I Want In WWE, Too!

1/14/2018 12:55 AM PST

Ronda Rousey ain't the only UFC star gunnin' for the WWE ... Paige VanZant says she LOVES the pro wrestling biz, and is "definitely interested" in making the jump.

"If the knock comes onto my door, I'm taking it," Paige told TMZ Sports before adding ... "when the time is right."

PVZ also seemed pretty down to face Rousey in the ring ... especially if WWE lets 'em throw hands for real!

For now, VanZant's gonna stick with kickin' ass inside the Octagon. She's making her debut at 125 pounds this Sunday at UFC Fight Night 124 ... and says she's got BIG plans for 2018.

One of those plans involves the UFC ... but she's also got a serious proposition for "Dancing with the Stars!"

Tyron Woodley Ronda Rousey to WWE Is Happening ... Here's Why

1/12/2018 3:15 PM PST

You're gonna see Ronda Rousey in the ring sooner rather than later -- so says Tyron Woodley, who's got a strong hunch when the UFC megastar's making her WWE debut. 

Tyron broke down why the timing's perfect for Rousey to cross over to pro wrestling in this week's episode of "The Hollywood Beatdown" ... days after TMZ Sports spotted her out with Triple H

As for the when ... the welterweight champ says it'll be at one of WWE's biggest annual events, which is only weeks away -- and explains why Ronda's "kicking some ass" right out the gates.

Also on the 'Beatdown,' Tyron says Oprah's got his vote for president ... and lays out how we can officially settle the O.J. Simpson/Khloe Kardashian biological father debate.

WWE's Enzo Amore Rousey Is 'In for a Rude Awakening' ... In Our World

1/11/2018 12:45 AM PST

Ronda Rousey may be an all-time great inside the Octagon -- but WWE superstar Enzo Amore says it's gonna be a painful transition for her if and when she steps into the ring.

"She's in for a rude awakening," Enzo told TMZ Sports

"You ever been put through a table, slammed on concrete? It's a different ball game."

Don't get it twisted -- Enzo respects the hell outta Ronda ... and even told us she's got the tools to be a kick-ass pro wrestler.

That said, when we told him about Rousey's private meeting with Triple H -- a sign that a deal might be close -- he wanted to make it clear that crossing over to wrestling is no joke.

He ain't lying ...

Ex-WWE Star Summer Rae Bikini Makeout Sesh ... W/ NHL Star

1/10/2018 10:26 AM PST
Breaking News

Summer Rae's got serious game -- 'cause the smokin' hot former WWE superstar was suckin' face in Cabo San Lucas with Dallas Stars stud Tyler Seguin! 

No word if they're dating or just having fun -- but they're both in insane shape and look damn good in their bathing suits.

But get this ... Tyler was just named a 2018 NHL All-Star (his 5th All Star nod) -- so maybe they're celebrating?!

By the way, he's 25 and she's 34 -- GET IT SUMMER!!! 

Ronda Rousey Dines w/ Triple H ... Closer to WWE Deal?!

1/10/2018 6:34 AM PST

Ronda Rousey had a VERY interesting dinner date Tuesday night -- Triple H ... and it seems like the two sides are one step closer to hammering out a deal to get Ronda in the WWE

Triple H snuck out of Republique restaurant in L.A. first. Ronda followed with her agent in tow and was in a pretty great mood. 

She wouldn't spill the beans on whether a deal was done -- but interesting that Triple H would come to L.A. at the same time the "WWE SmackDown Live" was going down in Alabama. 

One WWE source tells us it's unusual for Triple H to miss a TV event -- he's usually on hand for everything ... so, you know if he's gonna fly out west, it's not just for a good meal! 

Karl Malone Bottle-Smashin' with Bobby Roode ... on WWE Smackdown

1/3/2018 5:45 AM PST
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"The Mailman" delivered in his return to the squared circle Tuesday night ... shakin' his hips and smashin' water bottles Stone Cold Steve Austin-style on "WWE SmackDown."

It all went down after the show's final match -- when Karl Malone slid into the ring to celebrate with WWE superstar Bobby Roode, in video posted by ProWrestlingSheet.

The NBA legend toasted Roode before joining him for his signature "glorious" pose -- and he crushed it. 

Malone made some appearances with WCW back in the day -- most famously lockin' up with Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman -- so we can't say we're too surprised.

Eat your heart out, Triple H.

The Miz Goes Nuts on Middle East Tour 'My Balls Are In My Throat'

12/27/2017 9:14 AM PST
Breaking News

The Miz had an AWESOME Christmas in the Middle East -- singing carols, shooting semis and SLINGSHOTTING OFF A FRICKIN' AIRCRAFT CARRIER ... and he documented all the action.

That's right ... while the rest of us were getting cozy by the fire, the WWE/MTV superstar was out in the desert supporting the troops on a 4-day USO tour with celebs like Adam Devine and Iliza Shlesinger.

There were plenty of highlights ... but The Miz said nothing could top his "COD TAC line launch" ... where he and Adam were literally boomeranged off the USS Theodore Roosevelt in a military plane.

"I’ve been on all kinds of rollercoasters and nothing beats this. I literally tell (Devine), 'My balls are in my throat.'"

Props to Miz, Adam and Iliza ... and, of course, THE TROOPS!

Happy holidays!!

NBA's Devin Booker Crushed The Rock in Fashion Fight ... Says Teammate

12/19/2017 12:28 PM PST

Who's got more turtleneck-and-chain swag -- vintage The Rock or NBA star Devin Booker?

For the answer, we asked Devin's Suns teammate, Jared Dudley ... and he told us Booker takes out The People's Champ, "EASY."

"Look at that chain, man -- young money," Jared told TMZ Sports outside Poppy in Hollywood.

Pretty hilarious ... 'cause Rock feels the same way!

D-Book -- also at Poppy -- wouldn't say who wore it better ... but you can tell he was diggin' the "electrifying" comparison.

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