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Chyna Mom Wants Estate Control ... Manager Can't Be Trusted!!

9/26/2016 12:46 PM PDT

Chyna's business manager took control of the late pro wrestler's stuff -- including a $5,000 cello -- and there's no telling what he's doing with her other valuables ... so claims Chyna's mom.

According to docs obtained by TMZ ... Chyna's mother is asking the court to give her power to handle her daughter's estate and to keep her "purported friend" and manager, Anthony Anzaldo, at bay.

Chyna's mom claims Anzaldo is meddling in her daughter's affairs with no right to do so. She also thinks Chyna should still be collecting royalties from over 100 film and TV credits, but Anzaldo is making it impossible for her to follow the money trail.

Mom not only wants to control the estate, but she's asking the court to block Anzaldo from "usurping" her efforts.

We reached out to Anzaldo ... so far, no word back.

WWE Legend Goldberg Still a Chance I Take Kickboxing Fight ... 'Never Say Never'

9/19/2016 12:02 PM PDT

He's 49 years old, but WWE legend Bill Goldberg says there's a real chance he could get back in the ring ... as a pro kickboxer. 

He's been offered fights in the past -- including a 2015 match with ex-WWE star Alberto Del Rio -- but turned it down at the time saying he needed more training. 

But Goldberg -- who owns a Muay Thai gym in California -- just appeared on Submission Radio Australia and said he's still entertaining the idea of fighting for GLORY kickboxing. 

"I don’t think the door will ever be closed on that," Goldberg said.

"Even at 49 years old I still really enjoy doing it. I really enjoy learning, I’m a student of the martial art and I’m a student of what it stands for and it’s become kind of a way of life for me. It’s an addiction and it satiates a lot of things for me and it also gives me a challenge. So never say never. You never say never."

Check out the clip ... Goldberg also explains why CM Punk should never fight in the UFC again. 

UFC'S Alan Jouban Since We're Beating Up WWE Guys ... I WANNA FIGHT BIG SHOW!!

9/17/2016 12:15 AM PDT

CM Punk may not be the last WWE star to get his shot in the UFC ... 'cause Octagon star Alan Jouban is saying he wants his crack at a wrestling legend ... 7'0", 440-pound Big Show.

Jouban is 6'0" tall and fights at 170.

We got the (very brave) UFC fighter out in L.A. and asked him if there was any WWE star he'd like a shot at ... since Mickey Gall made such short work of Punk. 

Check out the clip -- Jouban calls out Big Show ... saying he thinks he could use a stick and move tactic to outmaneuver BS and get a W.

Big Show outweighs Jouban by 270 pounds, that's more than The Rock weighs ... don't do it, Dana.

Ex-WWE Star Brandi Rhodes Screw Ring Announcing I'm Wrestling For IMPACT!

9/16/2016 8:39 AM PDT

Late wrestling LEGEND Dusty Rhodes' daughter-in-law, Brandi Rhodes, is gettin' involved in the family biz ... inking a deal to wrestle with TNA Impact Wrestling, sources tell TMZ Sports.

Brandi -- who's married to former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes -- has signed a deal to wrestle for TNA's Knockout Division a.k.a. super hot chicks who fight.

FYI -- Brandi was formerly a ring announcer (not a wrestler) for WWE ... before parting ways with the company earlier this year.

No word yet when Brandi will make her Impact debut.

In the meantime, check out the pics!

UFC's Mickey Gall I Loved WWE Spoof 'Crappy' For Punk Though

9/13/2016 2:51 PM PDT

UFC stud Mickey Gall says it was "an honor" to be spoofed by WWE after his fight with CM Punk -- but admits, it was probably meant to be a shot at the former wrestler. 

Gall appeared on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs Tuesday night on FS1) -- when we asked about WWE recreating the UFC 203 match at the "Backlash" Pay-Per-View event the next day. 

"That's cool, man," Gall said ... "It's an honor."

As for what inspired the spoof, Gall says ... "I think it's not so much me but their feelings against him ... so, I guess thats kinda crappy. But you know, hey, I loved it."

And, now that he's a famous athlete, we asked which Kardashian he wants to bang. Check out his answer. 

There's a lot more on the show tonight -- and Gall tells us which big UFC event he's campaigning to fight at next. 

CM Punk Mocked By WWE ... Lampooned at 'Backlash'

9/12/2016 7:10 AM PDT

CM Punk's getting no love from the WWE -- with superstars Dolph Ziggler and The Miz mocking his UFC debut during Sunday night's "Backlash" PPV event. 

The Miz played the role of Punk ... throwing a wild punch while Ziggler, playing Mickey Gall, took him down to the ground and proceeded to deliver a pounding like the one at UFC 203. 

So far, no word from Punk. 

WWE's Bo Dallas Video Of Drunken Airport Arrest ... Are Those Nunchucks?

9/12/2016 12:45 AM PDT

TMZ Sports has obtained footage of WWE superstar Bo Dallas being arrested at an airport in Texas ... moments after he was booted from his flight to Mexico for drunkenly yelling at the flight crew. 

In the video, taken on August 26th, you see Bo can barely stand up straight and is slurring his words when approached by security at Dallas Fort Worth airport. 

According to the police report, first obtained by, Bo told the cops he had been drinking earlier in the day -- and when asked how much he replied, "I'm not really planning on driving tonight."

Bo was arrested for public intoxication -- but cops noted he was extremely cooperative. 

Bo told cops he was a wrestler for WWE -- and officers noted he's a "strong boy." 

Make sure to check out the end of the clip when the cops search his backpack and find an item they believe to be nunchucks ... but it's really a jump rope. 

No word if Bo ever got to Mexico.

WWE Big Show Will Be Back on the Ropes

9/9/2016 12:14 PM PDT

Big Show will continue to put on a show that includes rope climbing ... sources connected with the WWE tell TMZ.

John Cena averted serious injury during a match in Manila Friday when the rope on which Big Show was standing snapped, sending him tumbling to the mat. Cena rolled to avoid impact.

We contacted WWE sources to find out if Big Show will continue standing on the ring ropes. If his 440 pound weight was simply too much, the WWE could face serious liability if it happened again and someone were injured.

We're told the accident was "a fluke" and the rope was simply defective. Our sources say the ropes are Big Show-worthy and the wrestler will go into the ring in future matches undeterred.

Alberto Del Rio Released By WWE

9/9/2016 7:10 AM PDT
Breaking News

WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio -- a former heavyweight champion -- was released by WWE Friday ... less than one month after a wellness policy violation.

"My business relationship with @WWE has come to an end in good terms," Del Rio tweeted out.

"Thanks for the opportunities they gave me."

The WWE also issued a statement saying the two sides "mutually agreed on the terms of his release."

It's not Del Rio's first split with the company -- he was fired in 2014 for "unprofessional conduct" after an altercation with an employee. 

Del Rio and his real-life girlfriend, Paige, were each hit with a 30 day suspension last month for violating the WWE's talent wellness policy.

There are rumblings that Paige will leave WWE as well -- but so far, nothing's been confirmed. 

CM Punk UFC Fighters Have My Back 'Awesome People Have Reached Out'

9/8/2016 3:31 PM PDT

CM Punk says he's been inundated with support from friends and UFC fighters -- blowing up his phone with words of encouragement before his MMA debut at UFC 203. 

Punk joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs tonight on FS1) -- and told us about all of the "awesome people" who have hit him up this week. 

We also showed Punk the video his old WWE pal, Mick Foley, made to show his support -- you gotta see his reaction. 

There's a whole lot more in the full interview -- including Punk's fight prediction and some good old fashioned smack talk to his opponent, Mickey Gall

Check out "TMZ Sports" -- weeknights on FS1. 

Alistair Overeem To Mickey Gall Kick CM Punk's Ass 'Send Him Back To WWE'

9/8/2016 7:04 AM PDT

Alistair Overeem has a strong message for Mickey Gall -- SEND CM PUNK BACK TO THE WWE IN TEARS!!! 

The two met up in Cleveland where they're both set to fight at UFC 203 this weekend -- and during some pre-fight promo work, Overeem made it clear he doesn't think Punk belongs in the UFC. 

UFC's Mickey Gall I'm Gonna Destroy CM Punk And Send Him Back to WWE

9/7/2016 2:23 PM PDT

Mickey Gall might be new to the UFC, but he can talk trash like a seasoned vet -- firing back at CM Punk with his own promise of a victory in their upcoming bout. 

The self-proclaimed "kid from Jersey" was on "TMZ Sports" and immediately blew off CM bragging and guaranteeing a win Saturday night. As Mickey put it ... CM's "gotta say that and maybe to a degree he believes that, probably not."

Mickey also talked about the perception many UFC fighters want him to crush CM Punk ... to prove WWE guys can't just step into the Octagon. Best of all, you gotta see Mickey explain how he's gonna get the job done.

Make sure you check out our full interview with Mickey at 12:30 AM ET on FS1.

Scott Hall Booted From Airport Bar For Calling Bartender a Bitch

9/6/2016 10:34 AM PDT

Pro wrestler Scott Hall was disqualified from a T.G.I. Friday's for being drunk, rowdy and disrespectful to the bartender.

A witness tells us Hall was at the Friday's in the Atlanta airport on Saturday ... drinking Coors Lights and tequila shots. He allegedly hit on the bartender and called her a bitch, and that's when trouble started brewing with the bartender's father ... who was at the bar. 

We're told Hall didn't believe the guy was really her dad, and a manager stepped in and asked him to leave -- when he refused, someone called cops.

Law enforcement sources tell us officers responded to the intoxicated person call. They recognized Hall as his former wrestling alter ego, Razor Ramon ... shook his hand and calmed the situation. You can see in the video though, Scott didn't want to give up his beer easily.

We're told Scott left without further incident and no police report was filed.

Hall has a history with booze and drug abuse, but has said he's been sober recently. We've reached out to his rep.

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