Detroit Youth Choir Hey, Big Sean ... Let's Get in the Studio!!!


The Detroit Youth Choir is still feeling good after finishing second on "America's Got Talent" ... so good in fact, they're singing like winners and seeking a collab with some huge acts.

We got the kids and their director at LAX Thursday as they headed back to Michigan after their performance on the 'AGT' finale, and the group was anything but sour about taking home the silver.

DYC tipped its cap to the new 'AGT' champ, Kodi Lee, but to prove how proud they are of themselves, they gave us a taste of what got 'em so far. They busted out a few acapella bars of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' hit song, "Can't Hold Us."

Our guy asked who they want to get in the studio with now that they have some cred in the biz and they shout out some of their hometown heroes -- Big Sean and Eminem.

They also threw in a Chicago great, but everyone back home in the D can relax ... the Motor City crew focused their pitch on Sean.

Check out the clip ... regardless of what the judges said, these kids got talent!!!

Dog The Bounty Hunter 'Broken Heart' Sent Me To The Hospital

Dog The Bounty Hunter believes his weekend hospitalization was caused from a broken heart suffered from the death of his wife, Beth.

Dog described the sensation as an intense pain in the center of his chest -- a feeling like he'd just run 3 or 4 miles -- even though he only did a simple workout. He told FOX31 Denver he could barely breathe and knew something had to be done quickly ... so his assistant took him to get help.

Halfway through the interview, Dog breaks down a little bit, saying he believes the leading factor behind his chest pain was that he'd suffered a broken heart.

TMZ broke the story ... Dog was rushed to a hospital over the weekend for what was first thought to be a heart attack. Docs ran tests and determined that not to be the case ... and Dog's family has stressed the importance of living a healthier lifestyle since the incident.

Dog's wife Beth died in June after a long and hard-fought battle with cancer. Beth will be heavily featured in the upcoming series "Dog's Most Wanted" on WGN America. The show was shot right up until her death and profiles her battle with cancer.

Kenya Moore Divorcing Husband After 2 Years, 'Miracle Baby'


Kenya Moore is calling it quits with her husband, Marc Daly, after just over 2 years of marriage.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star says it's with "profound sadness" that she is divorcing Daly. She adds ... "Due to recent and ongoing circumstances, I can no longer continue in the marriage."

Kenya added, in a statement to People, her daughter, Brooklyn, is and will always be her sole focus and concern.

Daly reportedly says he made the decision to split from Kenya, but they will continue to co-parent their daughter in a loving way. He also issued a thinly-veiled legal threat, saying ... "Rumors, innuendo or false accusations only serve to hurt our family and will be addressed through counsel as the law permits."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Kenya and Marc tied the knot in a surprise ceremony in St. Lucia in June 2017. After struggling to get pregnant for months, Kenya posted an ultrasound in June 2018 to prove she was expecting at age 49. She gave birth to Brooklyn -- who she calls her "miracle baby" -- in November.

Kenya's relationship with Marc ruffled some feathers among the 'RHOA' cast and crew because of his alleged unwillingness to be part of the the show.

Well, this is one way to eliminate that issue.

Kelly Oubre Jr. Suing Ex-Girlfriend ... You Stole My Dogs!


Phoenix Suns stud Kelly Oubre Jr. claims his ex-girlfriend stole his two dogs after they broke up in May ... and now, he's suing her.

It's all in a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports, in which the NBA player claims he's having a miserable time breaking things off with his ex, Makena Spooner LeDuff.

Oubre says the two began dating back in 2015 when he was a member of the Washington Wizards ... and things were going so well, they stayed together when he was traded to Phoenix in 2018.

In fact, Oubre claims when he rented a place in Beverly Hills shortly after the deal with the Suns ... he allowed her to live there with him.

But, Oubre says things took a terrible turn when the two broke things off in May ... alleging 27-year-old Makena has been a nightmare.

In the lawsuit, Oubre claims she's refused to leave his Bev Hills spot, slashed the tires on his car, stolen some of his stuff ... and worst of all, taken his two beloved dogs.

Oubre says he got the pups -- Saint and Soul -- before he met Makena ... and claims she is now "holding them hostage" in an effort to try to get money from the NBA player.

Oubre says he tried like hell to get them back from her -- even getting the LAPD involved in August -- but says she's successfully avoided returning them to him.

Now, Oubre -- who's in the middle of a 2-year, $30 MILLION contract -- is suing her for damages.

We've reached out to Kelly's attorneys over the lawsuit ... but so far, no word back yet.

Cardi B I Am a Blood ... But Not Nine Trey

3:37 PM PT -- Cardi seems to be taking issue with her rep ... saying she IS a Blood, but absolutely not associated with 9 Trey. Cardi explained, in a tweet, she's a member of the Brim Bloods set.

2:01 PM PT -- A rep for Cardi has denied the claim she's a member of the Bloods, telling TMZ, "This is not true."

11:40 AM PT -- Cardi B has also been roped into Tekashi's case -- during cross examination, he confirmed she was a member of the Bloods.

TBH, the reference to Cardi seemed totally gratuitous -- under cross-examination, Aljermiah Mack's attorney asked Tekashi if he had copied the blueprint to Cardi's success by using gang members in his projects. Tekashi denied it.

10:33 AM PT -- Tekashi testified he offered Nine Trey members $50,000 to rob and shoot at Harv after the kidnapping incident. He also just testified rapper Jim Jones is a member of Nine Trey.


Prosecutors played a phone conversation between Jones, Shotti and Mel Murda in which they're all talking about getting revenge on Tekashi for snitching. They make multiple references to Tekashi getting "violated."

After the recording was played, Tekashi identified Jones as a member of the gang. Worth noting ... a couple months ago, Jim was on The Cruz Show, and you gotta check out his reaction when someone brought up 6ix9ine's music.

The Cruz Show

8:44 AM PT -- During Tekashi's testimony Thursday morning, he claimed he initially lied about portions of the kidnapping -- specifically that he got pistol-whipped and knocked unconscious right away -- because he was humiliated. As the dash cam video shows ... that didn't happen. He claims he was pistol-whipped later on, though.

Elizabeth Williams

The rapper testified that he didn't ID his kidnappers to police or the media after the incident, but he did meet up with his former manager, Shotti, and Mel Murda afterward at his house and told them Harv and Nuke were the perps. Tekashi claims they stole $365k worth of his jewelry, and some of Harv's text messages were shown in which he's allegedly trying to unload the stolen jewelry.

There's more -- a recorded prison convo with Mel and another associate was played for the jury in which Mel details the incident and says 2 guys -- Black Boy and Hollywood -- were involved. Tekashi testified that Black Boy is code for Nuke, and Hollywood is Harv.

Another convo between Tekashi and Shotti was played, in which Shotti references the kidnapping and suggests he wants to kill Harv for it. The convo was captured by a wiretap in a van, and Tekashi testified he didn't know he and Shotti were being recorded.


Tekashi69's ex-bodyguard threatened to shoot him as he snatched the rapper from his chauffeur-driven ride ... and the whole ordeal was captured on video.

The dash cam video starts as a car smashes into the back of the SUV carrying Tekashi --  he was sitting in the front passenger seat -- and then 2 men were at Tekashi's door forcing him out of the vehicle. Tekashi tried to put up a bit of a fight but not for long.

You hear Anthony "Harv" Ellison -- 6ix9ine's ex-bodyguard -- barking orders like, "Give me your money" and "Get in the car. We gonna shoot you!"

Prosecutors played the dash cam footage of the July 2018 incident in federal court where 6ix9ine is testifying against 2 members of his former gang, the Nine Trey Bloods -- one of them being Ellison.

Ellison, and at least one other man, stuffed Tekashi -- whose real name is Daniel Hernandez -- into their car and drove off. In the dash cam video -- from Tekashi's driver's SUV -- you can see his driver attempted to follow Ellison's car for a few blocks, but eventually sped off to go find a police officer to help.

Ellison went to Tekashi's home, and surveillance footage -- obtained by the feds -- shows Tekashi's girlfriend handing over a bag of money and jewelry to Ellison's crew.


As we reported, Tekashi was eventually released, but not before they pistol-whipped him ... landing him in the hospital.

At the time, many people thought the kidnapping was a PR stunt -- but Tekashi came on "TMZ Live" and insisted it was real, and claimed someone had set him up.


Ellison and Aljermiah "Nuke" Mack are on trial right now for racketeering, and Tekashi is in the middle of his third day of testifying -- snitching on Ellison, Mack, and several other of members of the gang.

He's cooperating with the feds as part of a plea deal to get a reduced sentence in his own case. Tekashi had been facing a minimum of 47 years in prison.

3:37 PM PT -- Originally Published -- 8:02 AM PT

Moon Zappa 'Fanatic' Threatening My Life Over Dad's Lyrics!!!


Moon Zappa says a "delusional" fan of her famous dad is harassing and threatening her so badly ... she's had to run to court for protection.

Frank Zappa's daughter filed for a restraining order Thursday in L.A. County against a man who's allegedly been stalking and threatening her since 2000. She says way back then the FBI got involved because the man made a death threat against her.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Moon says the written death threat said, "I have made plans to murder Moon Zappa. If you want to stop me, contact me now. I know where she is. I know how to get at her. Pumpkins will be barking at that time. I have time on my hands. And soon blood as well."

Moon says she got a restraining order back in 2001 and changed her address -- but her fears were reignited last week when the man showed up on her doorstep on 9/11. She says he handed her a $50 million lawsuit involving a "delusional vendetta" against her.

According to the docs, Moon says the "delusional fanatic" believes she and her father stole lyrics from him way back in the late 1970s. Moon now fears not only for herself, but also for her daughter's safety.

A judge granted her a temporary restraining order requiring the man to cease all communication with her and stay 100 yards away from Moon and her teenage daughter.

Jeanie Buss Lakers-Celtics Rivalry Still Alive Despite Tequila Partnership


Jeanie Buss is teaming up with Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck to launch a new tequila company ... but don't worry, Laker Nation -- she still wants to WHOOP that Boston ass!!!

The Lakers owner spoke with TMZ Sports at Catch Steak in NYC about the launch of their new tequila, Cincoro -- along with Michael Jordan and Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens.

Buss says even though all the owners are gettin' chummy and bonding over Cincoro booze, they're all focused on destroying each other when the season comes around.

"Just because we created a tequila doesn't mean I don't wanna beat him on the court ... and that is the whole goal, is to always beat the Celtics," Jeanie says. "And, he knows that and he wants to beat me too!!!"

"This is what the world needs to know, that even the people that you compete with, at the end of the day, you can lay down your swords and come together and be friends and respect each other. It's always important to respect your opponent."

Aww ... that's touching as hell, Jeanie.

We did get into some talk about the new ballers on the Lakers ... and it's clear Jeanie is pumped to get the season going.

Dem Donor Ed Buck Hit with Federal Felony Charge

Breaking News

2:08 PM PT -- Buck's officially been charged by the feds in California with one count of distribution of methamphetamine resulting in death. The charge stems from the death of Gemmel Moore at Buck's residence in July 2017.

12:28 PM PT -- Buck was wearing a blue protective vest during his hearing. Our law enforcement sources say the vest is reserved for inmates who are violent, suicidal or at risk of being attacked by other prisoners. We're told Buck is not suicidal.

Ed Buck, the California Democrat megadonor accused of running a drug den, showed his face in court Thursday, the first time he's been seen since being busted on felony charges.

Ed appeared in court for the first time Thursday, wearing a blue jumpsuit, but he did not enter a plea. Buck is charged with 3 felony counts -- battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house.


Before Buck's court appearance, the last time he was seen in public came when he was slumped in the back of a cop car and hauled away from his West Hollywood home during Tuesday's arrest, which occurred after another person OD'd at Buck's apartment.

As we've reported ... Prosecutors claim Buck injected a man with meth at his residence last week, causing a nonfatal overdose. Prosecutors also allege Buck wields his power to manipulate victims to participate in his sexual fetishes, often by administering them narcotics.

Buck's arrest came after months of public scrutiny, following two men's fatal overdoses inside his home. The men died 18 months apart, the first in July 2017 and the second in January 2019.

Ed's arraignment has been continued to next month.

Originally Published -- 11:49 AM PT

Kevin Durant No Signs Of Limp ... 3 Months After Surgery


Kevin Durant is clearly recovering well after tearing his Achilles ... TMZ Sports got the guy walking around in NYC this week -- and he's showing no signs of a limp!!!

Of course, it's only been about 12 weeks since the NBA superstar had surgery to fix his right leg ... but from the looks of things, he's healing up nicely.

It's been a pretty crappy few months since he tore his Achilles on June 10 during Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals ... we got him shortly after surgery, and he looked pretty miserable.

JUNE 2019

Even last month, when we shot him walking out of Catch restaurant in L.A. ... he had significant hitch in his giddy up.


But, this week, dude seems to be moving around fine ... which is good news for his new team, the Brooklyn Nets, who inked the guy to a 4-year, $164 MILLION deal!!

Kevin is expected to miss the entire season this year recovering ... but if he keeps healing up this way -- maybe there's a chance Kyrie will be passing him the rock this season after all?

Stay tuned ...

Porn Star 'Bridget the Midget' Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Boyfriend ... Audio of Nasty Argument


10:24 AM PT -- Bridget went ballistic on her boyfriend during the argument that led to her allegedly stabbing him, dropping countless f-bombs and vulgar insults before threatening, "I will f**k you up" ... according to audio, obtained by TMZ.

In the recording, the porn star's heard from outside her apartment screaming at a man named Jesse James. She yells about money and calls him names, before accusing him of cheating with a woman she plans to out on Facebook. It gets worse ... with threats of violence and Bridget claiming she's been beat up by her boyfriend in the past.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Bridget is still in jail, but saw the judge and will be released soon. We're told she's ordered to stay away from the victim and will have to wear an ankle monitor. So far, no official charges have been filed.

Little person porn star Bridget Powers -- who goes by "Bridget the Midget" in her movies -- got in a nasty fight that ended with her in handcuffs and her BF with a stab wound ... in the leg.

Law enforcement sources tell us they were called to a home in Vegas early Wednesday after a neighbor heard screaming and breaking glass. When officers arrived, they made contact with Powers and discovered she and her boyfriend just finished a vicious spat.

Cops say Powers stabbed him in the leg during the fight ... and he was transported to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Unclear if his injury is below or above the knee.

She appeared in her first adult film in 1999, and by her own account has appeared in more than 50 projects since then. She's also made appearances on "S.W.A.T." and "The Surreal Life."

Bridget now faces charges of domestic battery with the use of a deadly weapon, burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon ... all felonies.

Originally published -- 9/18 5:28 PM PT

Yankees' Domingo German Investigated For Dom. Violence ... Placed On Leave

Exclusive Details

12:48 PM PT -- Yankees manager Aaron Boone just spoke with reporters ... and said he had heard "whispers" German could be placed on administrative leave earlier this week.

He added, "Set baseball aside, this is a bigger issue ... when you hear the words 'domestic violence,' it stops you in your tracks."

New York Yankees star pitcher Domingo German has been placed on administrative leave while Major League Baseball investigates allegations of domestic violence.

A source tells TMZ Sports the alleged incident happened earlier this week after the Yankees returned from their road trip in Toronto. We're working on more details.

For their part, the Yankees have announced they fully support the MLB's decision saying, "We support this policy which reinforces that domestic violence has no place in our society and cannot be tolerated."

"We have followed the lead of Major League Baseball and will continue to provide our complete cooperation throughout the investigative process."

Under MLB policy, German's stay on Administrative Leave can last up to seven days ... although the league has the power to extend that timeline.

German has been a stud for the Yanks this season, winning 18 games with 153 strikeouts in 143 innings.

The 27-year-old just pitched for New York at Yankees Stadium on Wednesday night ... throwing 2.1 innings and giving up just 1 hit and no runs.

He was expected to be relied on heavily when the Yanks kick off their run toward their 28th World Series championship this October.

Story developing ...

Originally Published -- 10:59 AM PT

Al Sharpton No Dice, PM Trudeau ... Blackface Apology Is Late & Hollow!!!


Al Sharpton is calling out Justin Trudeau for his blackface scandal ... slamming Canada's Prime Minister for not coming clean about the photos BEFORE running for office.

We got the Rev. in Washington D.C. and he went off on Trudeau for the 2001 picture that surfaced showing the PM in blackface when he was 29 years old. Sharpton stated the obvious ... that the imagery is insulting and offensive -- but beyond that, he has major issues with Trudeau's apology.

The PM admitted it was racist and said he was deeply sorry for dressing up as Aladdin for a gala at a private school where he was a teacher.

Sharpton says it's too late because Trudeau damn well knew he had done blackface when he first ran for office. Issuing a mea culpa after the photos surface is clearly insincere ... in Rev. Al's eyes.

Trudeau just launched his re-election campaign last week and says he's not going to resign, despite some Canadians calling for him to step down and bow out of the race.

Check out the clip, Al thinks blackface has become a big enough issue that politicians in our country should deal with it head-on ... starting with the next Democratic debate.

Antonio Brown Dropped By Nike Amid Rape Allegations

Breaking News

Nike has cut ties with Antonio Brown following claims he raped his personal trainer ... with a rep for the company confirming to TMZ Sports that the NE Patriots superstar is "not a Nike athlete."

While the Swoosh will not elaborate on the decision behind the move ... it comes after Britney Taylor filed a federal lawsuit, alleging Brown forcibly raped her in 2018 ... among other accusations (all of which AB denies).

AB had a signature shoe deal with Nike ... the Nike Tech Trainer Antonio Brown was released in February and sold for $100. The kicks have since been scrubbed from the site.


Brown also lost his deal with helmet manufacturer Xenith last week.

AB signed a 1-year, $15 million deal with the Pats after getting cut by the Raiders on September 7 ... and played his first game with New England during week 2.

We should note, AB was rocking white Nike cleats last Sunday against the Dolphins.

All eyes will be on AB's feet come Sunday.

Aaron Carter I Don't Need Or Want Assault Weapons Anymore


Aaron Carter is adamant he has a right and a need to have guns -- but he now says assault weapons are overkill so he's giving them up.

Aaron tells TMZ, he believed cops were going to come to his home Wednesday and seize his guns, because his brother, Nick, got a restraining order against him and Aaron thought that would trigger a gun seizure. So, he says he beat Nick to the punch and called the cops himself on Wednesday.

Aaron says cops came to his home and assured him they were not going to take his guns away just because there was a restraining order. Nevertheless, he gave L.A. County Sheriff's deputies his 2 assault rifles to hold for him, because he's just hit the road for some concerts and is worried someone might break into his home and steal them.

But, there's more ... Aaron tells us when he returns he's going to get rid of his assault rifles for good -- maybe sell them to the gun shop he bought them from.

Aaron says he wants protection and he's going to keep a pistol and a shotgun, but he says he's off assault rifles for good.

One other thing ... the reason he says he gave cops the assault weapons while he was on the road is because he doesn't have a proper safe, but he says he's getting one quickly to secure the weapons he keeps.


Shawn Mendes Dating Camila Is No PR Stunt!!! Mum on 'Love' Question


Shawn Mendes says his relationship with Camila Cabello's the real deal, but when it comes to whether they're using the L word ... let's just say he's taking a gentlemanly approach.

The "Senorita" singer was at LAX Wednesday when a pap asked him point-blank about all the PDA with CC -- specifically when they showed off their sloppy kissing style last week.

Shawn says that was a little bit of a joke (we know, we saw them laughing through it), but then he makes it clear they are very serious about each other when he addresses the "meet the parents" question.

As for all the speculation the pop stars are only together for good publicity, Mendes speaks up to shut that down. However, when the photog asked if they're at the "I love you" stage of their relationship -- he was way less talkative.

It's one thing to kiss, but kissing and telling?


Regardless, the couple is clearly having fun. Shortly after he got to L.A., he and Camila were out in West Hollywood showing off their early Halloween costumes they'd just purchased.

Shawn went with a creepy baby mask while Camila opted for a unicorn head. A real couple o' characters ... these 2.

Wrestler Andrew Johnson Wanted Permanent Ban For Ref ... For Dreadlock Cutting


The H.S. wrestler who was forced to cut his dreadlocks before a wrestling match is happy the referee behind the incident was punished... but his attorney tells TMZ Sports the guy should be BANNED for LIFE.

Alan Maloney was suspended 2 seasons by the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association on Wednesday ... after telling the 16-year-old Andrew Johnson (who is black) to either cut off his dreadlocks or forfeit a Dec. 2018 match.

The wrestler's attorney, Dominic Speziali, tells TMZ Sports Johnson and his family "welcome" the punishment and call it a win "for the progress of civil rights in New Jersey" ... but feel it could have been more significant.

"The results of the [Division of Civil Rights]'s investigation leaves no doubt that repeatedly disgraced referee Alan Maloney was flat-out wrong in his abhorrent treatment of Andrew."

"It is our opinion that any individual with such a storied history of race-based incidents and continuing questions about his credibility should not face a limited suspension of two-years, but should be permanently barred from officiating."

The family also points out that the investigation determined Maloney lied about the reasoning behind the dread cutting when he claimed Johnson had "tape or rubber bands in his hair" ... which multiple witnesses told investigators was not true.

"With today's announcement, we hope that no athlete going forward will be forced to sacrifice their identity for the opportunity to compete."

This might not be over yet ... a legal battle could follow. Maloney has previously threatened to sue, and Speziali tells us for his client, "all options remain open."