Jeremy Renner Ex Sent My Nudes to Custody Evaluator ... She's Sex Obsessed


Jeremy Renner claims his ex has aimed to humiliate him by sending his nudes to their custody evaluator ... and her obsession with sex makes him question whether she's fit to parent their 6-year-old daughter.

According to new legal docs ... the 'Avengers' star and Sonni Pacheco exchanged nude photos while they were married, but he says over the course of their custody battle she submitted uncensored pics of his genitals to their lawyers and the evaluator "for no other purpose than to cause me extreme embarrassment."

Renner claims Pacheco failed to mention to the evaluator she sent nudes to him first and requested that he return the favor. He says she conveniently failed to send her nudes to the evaluator. He also says she threatened to sell the pics of him to the media.

The docs allege Sonni is obsessed with Jeremy's sex life and the sex lives of those in his orbit, including one of his nannies. The actor claims she tracked down racy internet photos of the nanny and sent those to the evaluator and his lawyers.

There's more ... Renner says his ex's obsession with sex is expressed in her sculptures, which he calls sexually explicit and "disturbing." The legal docs include several examples, including one where their daughter, Ava, is staring at Pacheco's creation.

Jeremy says he's deeply concerned Sonni is "exposing Ava to such dark, graphic, sexual material on a daily basis."

We broke the story ... Renner fired back at Pacheco Monday in legal docs, calling her a liar with drug and mental health issues ... after she accused him of talking about killing both of them.

The 2 have had a long, nasty history since she filed for divorce in December 2014 after being married for only 10 months. There have been multiple child support issues, and last month Sonni filed for sole custody.

He responded by seeking sole custody himself ... and the battle rages on.

Justin Bieber Rich Buyers Want Bev Hills Home ... Thanks to Instagram Listing


Justin Bieber's personal Instagram may be more effective than the Multiple Listing Service in moving real estate ... because his one post declaring he's in the market to sell his house has generated tons of interest ... including from at least one billionaire.

Bieber -- who boasts an insane 120 million followers on IG -- casually mentioned last week he's looking to sell his Beverly Hills home ... "I'll sell it with all the furniture. MAKE AN OFFER."

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Justin's been contacted by at least 5 prospective buyers ... either directly or through their realtors. We're told one of the prospective buyers is a billionaire from a very famous family.

Justin and Hailey bought the 6,132-square-foot property last year for $8.5 million. A highly respected real estate agent in L.A. tells us the home isn't worth more than that -- but says there are certain buyers who will pay a premium because of the current owner. He says that the buyer would probably offer somewhere in the 9's.

The house has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a sunken family room design. It's also got a home theater, wine cellar and a massive kitchen.

We're told Justin and Hailey are actively looking for a new place in L.A. to plant roots.

DMX No Relapse Before Rehab ... Checked in to Avoid it


DMX decided to be proactive in his battle with addiction before it led to another relapse -- and potentially more legal trouble -- so that's why he's back in rehab.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ ... one of X's kids is very sick -- in and out of the hospital -- and the stress of that coupled with the pressure of performing again made him feel tempted to use.

We're told X knew he needed help trying to balance his home and work life without the use of drugs, so he preemptively checked himself into rehab -- hoping to learn how to deal with his issues moving forward.

Our sources say he knows a relapse could jeopardize his freedom, and wants to stay out of jail so he can support his family and friends -- while still performing for his fans.

DMX is on probation and gets tested randomly for drugs and alcohol ... so another failed test could result in him back behind bars.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... the rapper canceled a couple of gigs this weekend after announcing he checked himself into a rehab facility, and was putting his family and his sobriety first.

DMX has struggled with addiction for many years and has been jailed numerous times for drug-related offenses, and has been in and out of rehab.

He was released from prison in January after serving time for tax evasion.

We reached out to X's attorney, Murray Richman, who declined to comment.

Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy Property Where 33 Boys, Men Were Murdered For Sale at $459k

Alamy/Daily Herald/

Wanna buy the house that sits on the lot where John Wayne Gacy murdered 33 people??? Not exactly genius marketing, sure, but the pad's hit the market and it's getting a lot of buzz.

The house, where police made the grizzly discovery of 29 rotting bodies back in 1978, was bulldozed a year later. Seven years later, a new house was built on the lot. It's a modest home and there's not a hint of the horror that preceded it.


The 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house is in the Chicago burbs. It's 2,500 square feet and the lot itself is just under 9,000 square feet. It's going for $459k.

It's marketed as a "beautiful brick home" with an updated kitchen that overlooks a huge backyard. It's been dubbed a must-see house. No mention of its connection to one of America's most prolific serial killers.


In Illinois, the murders don't have to be disclosed, but if a prospective buyer asks about it the realtor must be honest.

Gacy -- executed by lethal injection in 1994 but whose brain is shockingly a hot item -- killed 33 boys and young men in the 70s. He buried 29 of his 33 victims in the trenches underneath and around his home and dumped four others from bridges once his property couldn't hold any more bodies.


After the house was razed in 1979, the vacant lot drew hoards of gawkers ... fans, documentarians and even ghost hunters. A Chicago woman bought the land in 1986 for $30,544 and built the house for her retiring parents, who apparently knew what had gone down on the property.

Robert Picciariello of Prello Realty is repping the seller.

'Deadliest Catch' Star Jerod Sechrist Arrested for Drugs ... Cops Say Heroin


One of Captain Wild Bill's former deckhands on Cape Caution just went overboard with the law -- getting busted for drugs, which cops believe to be heroin.

33-year-old Jerod Sechrist was arrested in Tampa, FL on drug charges -- specifically felony possession of heroin and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, cops say they arrested Jerod on an open warrant last week for a previous reckless driving case. When they took him to the station at around 3:00 AM, officers say they found a small clear bag in his pocket with a white powder substance inside.

Police say they did an in-house test on the spot, and the results came back positive for heroin.

Jerod appeared in 3 episodes in 2016 but was memorable for having a hard time differentiating between male and female king crabs. He continually pissed off his crewmates due to the potentially costly mistakes, because it's illegal to catch females.

Tito Ortiz Bros Out with Trump's Sons ... Gets White House Invite


Tito Ortiz's love for the Trump family is definitely mutual -- with the UFC legend getting invited to hang with the President after a private lunch with Don Jr. and Eric Trump.

Tito's camp tells TMZ Sports ... Eric personally reached out to Tito last week when he heard the MMA superstar was in New York -- and the two sides quickly arranged a lunch date at Trump Tower.

"Secret Service walked us through crowds to a private room in Trump's restaurant," Tito's rep tells us.

"They talked fights and politics before Donald Jr. came down to join before heading off to a campaign event."

TMZ Sports obtained footage of the meeting which shows the guys chumming it up together and giving all sorts of Trump swag to Ortiz.

Tito and the Trumps go wayyy back -- Tito appeared with Donald on "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2008. Plus, Dana White has previously credited Donald for helping to take UFC to the next level when other hotel and casino owners were giving the company the cold shoulder.

The Trumps are big fight fans -- they recently had VIP seats to watch Colby Covington beat down Robbie Lawler at a UFC event in New Jersey.


During lunch, we're told Tito invited the whole family to his Dec. 7 fight against former WWE champ Alberto Del Rio (aka Alberto El Patron) and we're told the guys are going to try and make it work with their schedules.

The Trump Bros. also told Tito their dad would love to see him -- "So, a trip to the White House is officially in the works!"

Art The Clown in 'All Hallows' Eve' 'Memba Him?!

Staten Island-local Mike Giannelli is best known for playing the creepy Art The Clown -- who terrorizes, tortures and murders young people on a VHS tape -- in the 2013 killer clown film "All Hallows' Eve."

Mike Giannelli is cemented into the ranks of classic homicidal clown movies including "Killer Klowns From Outer Space," "Poltergeist," 2019's "Joker" and of course Stephen King's "IT."

Freaky fact: Mike Giannelli did not take on the role of Art The Clown in the 2016 fright follow-up, "Terrifier," instead the clown was played by David Howard Thorton.

Guess what he looks like now without all the clown makeup!!!

LeBron James Breaks Silence on Daryl Morey 'He Wasn't Educated On China'

Breaking News

LeBron James is FINALLY talking about the Daryl Morey tweet that sparked an international incident ... saying the Rockets GM simply "wasn't educated" about China before he posted his pro-Hong Kong tweet.

"I think that's another situation that should stay behind closed doors," LeBron told the media.

Remember, LeBron and the Lakers were in Shanghai to play the Brooklyn Nets in an exhibition game last week when the backlash over the tweet began.

Chinese officials essentially blackballed the Houston Rockets immediately -- taking down signage, pulling merchandise and blocking TV networks from airing games.

But, now LeBron is back in the U.S. ... and he's calling out Morey for what LeBron is describing as a selfish tweet.

"We all talk about this freedom of speech. Yes, we all do have freedom of speech, but at times there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you're not thinking about others and you're only thinking about yourself," LeBron said.

"I don't want to get into a word or sentence feud with Daryl Morey but I believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand, and he spoke. And, so many people could have been harmed, not only financially but physically, emotionally, spiritually. So, just be careful what we tweet and what we say, and what we do. Even though yes, we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative that comes with that too."

When questioned about why he thinks Morey -- who had tweeted out "Fight For Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong" --  is uneducated, LeBron had this to say:

"That's just my belief. I don't know. That's my belief. That's all I can say. I believe he was either misinformed or not really educated on the situation."

"And, if he was, then so be it, but I have no idea. That's just my belief that when you say things or do things and you know the people can be affected by it, and the families and the individuals and everyone that can be affected by it, sometimes things can be changed. And, also sometimes social media is not always the proper way to go about things as well. But, that's just my belief."

After LeBron made the comments, there was immediate backlash on social media from people upset with his comments. LeBron went to Twitter to defend himself.

"Let me clear up the confusion," LeBron said ... "I do not believe there was any consideration for the consequences and ramifications of the tweet.  I’m not discussing the substance.  Others can talk About that."

"My team and this league just went through a difficult week.  I think people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others.  And I believe nobody stopped and considered what would happen.  Could have waited a week to send it."

Atatiana Jefferson Cop Who Shot Her at Home Arrested for Murder

Breaking News
Fort Worth Police

The white cop who shot and killed Atatiana Jefferson in her own home over the weekend is sitting in a jail cell right now ... this after outcry from the community.

Former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean was booked on a murder charge Monday, according to online records from the Tarrant County Corrections Center. It appears Dean is still in custody as of this writing -- with his bail set at $200,000.

It's unclear how exactly he was taken into custody, but Dean's arrest comes hours after he turned in his resignation ... and reportedly refused to cooperate with the investigation. This all comes after he gunned down Atatiana -- a black woman -- while in her own home.

Dean was responding to a welfare call at around 2:30 AM Saturday after a concerned neighbor said they saw her door open. In body cam video released by the Forth Worth Police, you see an officer -- reported to be Dean -- creep up to a window in her backyard ... and almost instantly fire a shot after seeing Atatiana approach from inside.

He quickly told her to put her hands up, but barely gave her any time to respond ... and he also did not identify himself as a police officer. Atatiana was reportedly playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew in the house ... again, her own property.

She succumbed to her wounds and died in her bedroom.

Of course, the city of Fort Worth was outraged by the killing ... with even the Mayor calling for justice over the situation. In an open letter, Betsy Price apologized to Atatiana's family and demanded answers from the Police Department.

Atatiana's murder comes just a little over a week after ex-Dallas cop Amber Guyger was convicted of murdering Botham Jean in 2018 when she shot him in his own apartment.

Zoe Kravitz Cast as Catwoman in 'The Batman' ... Still Too 'Urban'???

The cat's outta the bag -- Zoe Kravitz is playing Catwoman in the new Batman movie ... which is interesting, considering she was allegedly too "urban" for Christopher Nolan's take.

The news broke Monday, with multiple outlets reporting that Zoe had landed the role after testing out some scenes last week opposite heartthrob Robert Pattinson -- who's donning the cowl next in Matt Reeves' "The Batman" ... which is hitting theaters in 2021.

The ironic thing about Zoe's casting here is that she told Nylon back in 2015 that she couldn't even get an audition for Nolan's last Batman flick, "The Dark Knight Rises," which she attributed to her race. That's not out of the clear blue sky either.

Zoe said she was basically blocked from even reading for a small role in the movie, allegedly being told that somebody had said they weren't "going urban" with the last installment.

It's unclear what exactly that even means, or what role Zoe was trying to nab at the time -- but this has gotta be the ultimate revenge, right??? BTW, Anne Hathaway played Catwoman in Nolan's version -- but there's been a couple of black women who've portrayed the character.

Perhaps most famously, Halle Berry played Catwoman in the self-titled 2004 flick. Another actress was Eartha Kitt, who played Catwoman in the old "Batman" TV series from back in the '60s. She starred opposite Adam West ... which was pretty groundbreaking in those days.

Now, it looks like Zoe's gonna have a crack at the role -- and based on what we've seen from her over the years in the drama department, she'll probably kill it.

Eat your heart out, haters.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Facing New Criminal Charges Related to New Accuser

Exclusive Details

Cuba Gooding Jr. is now being accused of another incident of sexual misconduct -- the 5th such allegation -- and he's going to face a new charge for it, this week in court.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ several other women have recently come forward to make new allegations of sexual misconduct against Cuba. We're told one of them is a woman making a claim about Cuba from October 2018.

While the D.A.'s kept details of the allegation under wraps ... it's expected to come out Tuesday when Cuba is arraigned on a new charge. Cuba's attorney, Mark Heller, tells us his client will plead not guilty.

Heller also says the new accuser never pressed charges immediately following the incident, and he claims she only came forward after seeing Cuba's arrest this year. He further claims, her attorney tried to settle the case, but Cuba "declined to be shaken down."


We're told cops are also investigating 3 other alleged incidents -- from 2008, '13 and '15 -- but there are no charges, as of now, related to them.

Of course, Cuba pled not guilty to his original sexual abuse charge, back in June. He's been leaving court with a smile all throughout his case.

JUNE 2019

TMZ obtained surveillance video from the night in question from the previous incident -- and while it appears Cuba made contact with the woman ... he and his camp have insisted he reached up to touch her hand, and NOT her breast as she claims.

Cuba had also asked the judge to toss his case completely, as he felt his accuser had a "warped mental state" based on previous blog posts and writings of hers.

The court shot his request down, and reprimanded him for raising her mental state in the case.

Ice Cube L.A. Dodgers Need Black Players ... If They Wanna Win!!!


Ice Cube says he knows how the L.A. Dodgers can finally stop choking in the playoffs -- SIGN MORE BLACK GUYS!!!

He's not joking ... we spoke with Cube (briefly) about the Blue Crew's habitual crashing and burning in the MLB playoffs and the rap legend summed it up this way.

"They need to get some black ballplayers."

We checked out the Dodgers roster ... and yeah, they're definitely lacking when it comes to black players.


Of course, the Dodgers have African-American representation in the upper ranks -- including manager Dave Roberts and co-owner Magic Johnson ... but Cube wants to see more black players on the field.

The Dodgers have been MONSTERS during the regular season for the past few years -- and made it to the World Series in 2017 and 2018 ... but choked it away both times.

This season, they finished the regular season with the best record in the National League ... but were knocked out of the playoffs in the first round.

'When They See Us' Ava Duvernay Sued Over 'Reid Technique' ... Creator Says Film Trashed His Work


Netflix and "When They See Us" creator Ava Duvernay are being sued over the police interrogation technique depicted in the film because its creator claims the movie got his method all wrong.

A former cop named John Reid claims in his lawsuit ... the Emmy-winning film defamed him by saying his method was used to squeeze statements out of the Central Park 5 suspects.

In particular, he points out a scene from episode 4 where a detective and someone from the D.A.'s Office are discussing the interrogation of the suspects. The prosecution staffer says to the detective, "You squeezed statements out of them after 42 hours of questioning and coercing, without food, bathroom breaks, withholding parental supervision. The Reid Technique has been universally rejected. That's truth to you."


In the lawsuit, Reid says the technique he created specifically does not teach withholding parental supervision, denying interview subjects any of their rights or making threats of physical harm. He claims it specifically calls for extra caution when interviewing minors.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Reid questions Duvernay saying, "We did our research" before making the film by inviting law enforcement personnel to discuss the case. Reid claims if that were true -- Ava would have learned his technique disavows the type of things depicted in the movie.

He believes the filmmakers deliberately "fabricated a scene designed to broadcast to the audience a conversation they made up that included false statements as to the Reid Technique."

He goes on to defend the Reid Technique, saying it's widely used by law enforcement ... and calls for a structured interview and interrogation process that consists of three stages: fact analysis, investigative non-confrontational interview and interrogation.

According to the docs, Reid says his method is anything but "universally rejected." He says he's conducted more than 6,500 seminars and trained more than 200,000 people to use it, since 2002.

Reid says he demanded a retraction in July ... 2 months after the series was released, but Netflix refused. He's now suing Netflix and Ava for defamation and wants the series to turn over a chunk of the profits, and other damages.

We've reached out to Netflix and Ava ... so far, no word back yet.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Tatianna Arrested ... For Disorderly Conduct


A well-known contestant from "RuPaul's Drag Race" got busted this weekend for allegedly acting a fool -- and then posed for this epic mug shot afterward.

Joey Santolini -- AKA Tatianna of season 2 -- was arrested Sunday in Atlanta for disorderly conduct. Allow us to explain.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Tatianna was taken in by cops after she allegedly followed a nightclub employee back into the building through a door she wasn't supposed to use. According to cops, the employee had just snapped a photo with her, and after that ... he went in through an employees-only entrance.

Tatianna allegedly wanted to come in that way too, despite the employee telling her to go around the front. We're told Tatianna ignored him, and came in through the back anyway. That's when cops were called ... and things allegedly got a little outta hand.

Our sources say when officers arrived, Tatianna refused to leave peacefully after being asked ... and had to be escorted out the joint in handcuffs.

Tatianna almost went the distance on the second season of 'Drag Race' in 2010, finishing fourth out of all 12 contestants. She also came back and competed on "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars." Tatianna went on to appear in Taylor Swift's video for "You Need to Calm Down."

She's probably best known as one of the youngest drag queens to compete on the show -- she was just 21 at the time of filming her first time around -- and became a breakout fan fave through her runs, known for her zippy catchphrases and fierce performances.

As for the alleged backdoor incident -- hey, we all make choices ... and they don't always work out.

Alex Trebek No Plans to Step Down as 'Jeopardy' Host


Alex Trebek is clearly having some difficulties taking the reigns of "Jeopardy!" as he undergoes a second round of chemo for pancreatic cancer, but it is full steam ahead and there are no signs Alex is throwing in the towel.

Trebek's recent interview with Canadian TV fueled speculation his days as the host of the iconic game show may be numbered. He said chemo has caused mouth sores to erupt, making it difficult to speak. Alex has said repeatedly, if his ability to host the show diminishes, he will step down, but we're told that's NOT on the horizon.

"Jeopardy!" production sources tell us the show is taped 2.5 months in advance, and as of now, they have shows well into December. So, if Alex is under the weather and misses a few tapings, it won't send the show into freefall.

Fact is ... Alex is taping twice this week and is upholding his perfect attendance record -- he hasn't missed a taping in 35 years.

As for his comments about the mouth sores making it difficult to speak, our production sources tell us Alex is hypercritical of his performance on the show, and little missteps that are common on other shows bother him. But, if he misspeaks or has trouble with a sentence, a simple re-shoot of the line is all that's needed.

As we reported, Alex's numbers went in the wrong direction and he had to start chemo again for his stage 4 cancer, but there are no outward signs he's unable or unwilling to do the job.

Jeremy Renner Fires Back at Ex ... You're the One with A Drug Problem!!!

TMZ/Getty Composite

11:54 AM PT -- Jeremy is firing back in legal docs of his own at Sonni's claims he abuses drugs and alcohol in front of their daughter ... stating she's making up the allegations because she's pissed their relationship never worked out and looking for a cash grab.

Renner insists he does not abuse drugs or alcohol and even states he submitted to random drug testing for 3 months to defeat Sonni's claims. According to Renner, those tests all came back negative and suggests Sonni is the one with a drug problem.

Jeremy states he even hired a mental health specialist to monitor his visits with Ava to prove he was both sober and a capable parent.

The docs also lay out a timeline of Renner's film releases and the history of Sonni's allegations against him -- including sexual and physical abuse of Ava -- suggesting Sonni plans her attack to bring Jeremy bad press during his movie runs.

Renner says Sonni's allegations stem from her psychological problems and he wants the court to limit her time with Ava until she gets treatment and shows she can, "overcome her overwhelming obsession with demonizing" Renner.

Renner says over the 1-year marriage, Sonni would brag to friends that she had "bagged an Avenger" and joked she wanted to introduce her own friends to fellow 'Avenger' cast members so they could "bag an Avenger as well."

7:33 AM PT -- A rep for Jeremy tells TMZ, "The well-being of his daughter Ava has always been and continues to be the primary focus for Jeremy. This is a matter for the court to decide. It's important to note the dramatizations made in Sonni's declaration are a one-sided account made with a specific goal in mind."

Jeremy Renner was coked up and drunk when he began rhapsodizing about killing his ex-wife Sonni, and the night ended with the actor shoving a gun in his mouth and threatening to kill himself ... so claims Sonni in new legal docs.

Jeremy and Sonni are in a battle royale for custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Ava. She's asking the judge to change the order from joint custody to sole custody on her part with monitored visitation on Jeremy's.

Sonni claims last November Jeremy was at a club, high on coke and booze, when he began talking about killing Sonni, telling someone he "could not deal with her anymore, and he just wanted her gone."

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jeremy put a gun in his mouth, threatened to kill himself, and fired the gun into the ceiling while Ava was asleep in her bedroom.

Sonni claims Jeremy has a history of substance abuse, verbal and emotional abuse. The docs claim Jeremy repeatedly has been under the influence when he had physical custody of Ava. According to the docs, Jeremy once left coke on a bathroom counter which was reachable by Ava.

Sonni alleges in one instance, the nanny overheard Jeremy say he was going to Sonni's house to kill her and then kill himself, because "it was better that Ava had no parents than to have [Sonni] as a mother."

The docs claim Ava told Sonni various women would come and go from Jeremy's house, including "Tayler, Kelley, Natalie, Summer, Faith, Christina, Naz and Jessica."

We reached out to Jeremy's reps ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 6:30 AM PT