Nipsey Hussle Mural Vandalized By Sticker-Wielding Kids!!!


A Nipsey Hussle mural got damaged by a couple of rowdy kids who need to learn a lesson about respect and vandalism ... one that really sticks.

Sources at Sneakertopia Los Angeles -- where the Nipsey homage is on display -- tell TMZ ... a group of 6 adults and 9 children were checking out the street art exhibit earlier this week, and the young'uns were NOT on their best behavior.


Security footage shows one kid hopping up on a ledge in front of the painting of the rapper, and then jumping up to place a "Frugal" sticker on one of Nipsey's eyes. He gives it a few extra jump-slaps to really plaster it on there too.

A little while later, another tiny vandal -- equipped with his own sticker -- does the same thing to Nip's other eye and then runs off. Even more brazen ... the crew poses for pics in front of the mural with stickers in plain view.

As you can see, removing the stickers took some of the paint with it, leaving behind 2 large blemishes on Nipsey's face.

We're told the mural's value is somewhere between $10k and $15k, and though the artist is going to try to fix the damage, it'll be a costly pain in the ass ... and in this case, eyes.

Sirhan Sirhan Fellow Lifer Charged For Assassin's Prison Stabbing


The California inmate accused of stabbing Sirhan Sirhan in prison has been hit with an attempted murder charge, but if he's convicted he won't lose any sleep over it.

We broke the story ... Robert F. Kennedy's assassin was attacked at California's Richard. J. Donovan Correctional Facility in August by an inmate, and his injuries were so bad he was removed from the state prison for treatment.

Sirhan claimed the assault was random, and the suspect came from behind and slashed him with a blade across the left side of his neck, right below his ear.

According to new docs, the attacker is -- just like Sirhan -- a lifer named Steven Maurice Miko.

Miko's already gonna be locked up for the next 4 centuries for a crime spree in 2000. Now his rap sheet will include 2 more charges ... attempted murder and assault by a prisoner serving a life sentence.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, prosecutors say Miko tried to kill Sirhan by inflicting great bodily harm on him. If Miko's convicted he's facing ... well, it doesn't really matter what he'd face. He's only 17 years into his 432-year sentence.

As we told you ... Sirhan recovered from the stabbing and was placed back in the prison. He was convicted in the fatal shooting of RFK in 1968 during a campaign rally in L.A. He was initially sentenced to death, but that was later commuted to life in prison.

Interesting side note -- RFK's son, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., revealed in 2018 he doesn't believe Sirhan fired the shots that killed his dad and is still seeking an investigation into the assassination.

Andre Reed Antonio Brown's 'Probably' Hall of Famer ... Despite '19 Drama


His 2019 season's a bust ... but Antonio Brown will "probably" wind up in the Hall of Fame anyway, so says Andre Reed who tells TMZ Sports he's pulling for the embattled WR.

"I'm sure what's been going on the last year and a half ... it's gonna be a little bit of a damper. But, you can't take away whats he's done in the league, the impact he's had on the league and what he's done."

AB's on-the-field resume is insane ... 841 catches, 11,263 receiving yards, 75 TDs, 7x Pro Bowler, 4x All-Pro.

Off the field ... well, 2019 has been a problem. He's been accused of sexual assault, harassing a sexual misconduct accuser, illegally recording a conversation with Raiders coach Jon Gruden and more.

Brown has denied the sexual assault allegations and says the sexual misconduct claims are BS. The NFL is currently investigating.

But, Reed -- who's already in the Hall of Fame -- says when it comes to football, Brown's greatness can't be denied.

"AB is a great receiver. Whatever is going on with him right now, it's up to him to figure it out, to get himself back on track to get back into the league."

"I'm not going to speculate on all things he has been doing but obviously he's a great talent. Will be a Hall of Famer someday? Probably."

Oh, if you're wondering why Reed is wearing that terrible sweater ... IT'S FOR A REALLY GOOD CAUSE!!"

"My 2ND annual ugly sweater golf tournament in San Diego benefiting the Andre Reed Foundation and Read With Reed literacy program!"

In fact, Andre has a bunch of his famous friends supporting him -- including Raiders legend Tim Brown ... who makes a cameo in the video!!!

FaZe Banks Jarvis' Fortnite Ban Is Permanent ... But He's In Good Spirits!!!


FaZe Banks tells TMZ Sports that Jarvis' Fortnite ban is real -- saying there's NO CHANCE the kid plays the game again ... but he says the 17-year-old is still in good spirits regardless!!

"Jarvis is doing really good, man," Banks says. "He's holding in there."

As we previously reported, Jarvis was hit with a perma-suspension after he was caught using Aimbots during a recreational game that he streamed on his ultra-popular YouTube channel.

Essentially, Jarvis was cheating by illegally hacking the game so his guns could auto-focus on his opponents.

Turns out, Fortnite officials were SUPER pissed over the incident ... and gave him the boot from the game FOR LIFE!!!

Banks -- the founder of the clan Jarvis is a part of -- had previously told us there was at least some hope Jarvis could eventually be "freed" from the punishment.


But, Banks changed his tune when we got him out in L.A. last week ... saying, "The chances of him playing Fortnite are zero."

Good news, though ... Banks says the door is open for Jarvis to at least make SOME kind of Fortnite content in the future -- despite not being able to play it anymore.

Small consolation prize ... but hey -- beats working a 9-5, right???

Cedric The Entertainer A Capella Version of My Xmas Album ... Let's Deck Those Halls!!!


Here's Cedric The Entertainer singing his new Christmas album on the spot ... with an a capella version of some holiday classics that removes any doubt he was using autotune.

We got the comedian at the Bounce Trumpet Awards in Hollywood and our guy asked Cedric to show off his pipes and prove he's no T-Pain ... and boy does he ever deliver!!!

Cedric launches into an abbreviated rendition of "Winter Wonderland" then blesses us with his take on "Deck The Halls." Dude's definitely an entertainer.


As you know ... Cedric's making his singing debut on a new holiday EP, "A Powerbase Christmas," turning up the swag to build a snowman in a meadow.

Some folks couldn't believe Cedric was actually singing, but now we know the dude's not taking a page from Milli Vanilli.

Bonus points to our photog for singing along ... ya gotta hear their duet.

We also ask Cedric which music genre he's gonna conquer next ... and his answer kinda makes sense.

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden within this warped photo is a Broadway star known for his award-winning performances.

Over the years this musical man has collected a large library of awards, from a Pulitzer Prize award and three Grammys to three Tony Awards and an Emmy, this famous face should be ringing some bells!

This onstage star has taken center stage in several big-name plays, but now it's time for you to shine ... Show off your skills by taking a really good look around this pic, really study the clues and see if you can uncover the mystery as to who is hiding in this super stretched snap!

Wait for it ... It'll come to you!

Scars And Stars You Be the Judge

TMZ/Getty Composite

Justin Timberlake and Peloton are taking a lot of heat, and Willie Nelson doesn't smoke weed anymore. So, we gotta ask ...

Jason Derulo’s Instagram Pic


Tekashi69’s Snitching

Trudeau/Macron Talking Trash

Justin Timberlake’s Apology

George Zimmerman Suing Trayvon’s Family

Willie Nelson Quits Smoking Weed

Kid Rock’s Rant Was Racist

Dancing With OJ Simpson

Mama June & Geno Pop Up Near Atlanta, GA ... Check Out of Hyatt Hotel


Mama June and her boyfriend, Geno, are still living life on the road -- this time, they surfaced near Atlanta and looked worse for wear ... more so than usual these days.

The couple was spotted checking out of the Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport-South in College Park, GA -- about 9 miles outside of central ATL. We're told the person who took these photos chatted with MJ and Geno for a bit ... apparently, they'd been there for 4 days.

As for where to next ... our sources say June and Geno said they were driving back down to McDonough to find a new place to stay. Geno's still got that trusty SUV as you can see.

As we reported ... June and Geno were just seen up at a casino in North Carolina on Black Friday, where they were walking the grounds and peeping the slots ... drink in hand. Looks like she had something to sip on here too, but it appears to just be water.

Either way, it's pretty clear that Geno and June are still living out of hotels -- like we've been told they were doing for the past several months now -- and it's also obvious June's family is nowhere near getting back into her life, despite their repeated pleas of reconciliation.

If there's one silver lining -- and there aren't too many in her situation -- it's that these two are somehow coming across cash to pay for these hotel stays. This particular Hyatt can run anywhere from $80 to $137 a night ... depending on how far out you book it.

On to the next one ...

Ryan Reynolds Nearly Crushed by a Barricade ... Front Row Fans Topple Over


Ryan Reynolds put his action hero skills to use this weekend in Brazil -- where he was almost flattened by a barricade that gave way to a massive swarm over overzealous fans.

The actor was in Sao Paulo Saturday for CCXP 2019, a comic con event which had some heavy hitters from the States on hand to plug their new movies. Ryan was promoting "Free Guy," while J.J. Abrams, Daisy Ridley and the rest of the 'Star Wars' crew were there to hype up 'The Rise of Skywalker.' MCU heads were there too ... a Disney love fest, basically.

Anyway, while Ryan was making his way down the stage platform, he hopped off to say hello to the front row fans ... seemingly wanting to shake hands and meet them face-to-face.

Well, that backfired pretty quickly ... because the barricade toppled over -- sending everyone who was reaching over straight to the ground ... and Ryan flying back himself. Gotta say, the dude's got great reflexes -- guess that's why they pay him the big bucks, huh?

All kidding aside ... it was a pretty freak moment that could've possibly injured Ryan. Good guy that he is though, he stuck around appeared to hop down and attempted to help. BTW, based on other videos, it looks like something similar happened on the other side as well.

No one seemed to be seriously injured in the ordeal, and the event reportedly carried on as scheduled. Still, a note to the tech crew ... get a stronger barriers, or move people back.

One or the other, please.

'Richard Jewell' Star Eastwood's a Real Sweetheart ... All Good, No Bad or Ugly!!!


Clint Eastwood is apparently a dear to work with ... so says the director's latest leading man, Paul Walter Hauser.

We got the actor Saturday in NYC, and he dished on what it was like working with Clint on his new movie "Richard Jewell" -- which documents the scandal surrounding the real-life security guard who found a bomb ... and then got accused of being the drop man.

PWH says he had a great time on set with with Clint, telling us the dude's a straight up sweetheart -- an ego-less one that. Plus, he's a freakin' icon ... that's a given.

We also ask Paul if it was intimidating to work with someone of that caliber, and surprisingly ... he says it wasn't, even if it should've been. That's interesting, considering what more seasoned actors have said about CE, which is pretty much the exact opposite.

Tom Hanks famously said in 2016 that Clint "treats his actors like horses" in the sense that he wrangles everyone up as needed, and was seemingly a bit of a hard ass on set.

Tom also said that, yes, Clint was intimidating as hell. Different strokes, we suppose!

Brother Nature Stomped Out!!! Allegedly Picked Fight

Exclusive Details

3:37 PM PT -- We just found more about what led up to Brother Nature's ass-whoopin' -- and by most accounts ... it sounds like he might've possibly instigated things.

Multiple eyewitnesses on the scene tell TMZ ... BN was sitting at a table inside the sandwich shop and demanding to be served by a waiter, although the staff had stopped serving at that point. We're told everyone who wanted food had to order at the counter.


Well, apparently ... Brother Nature wasn't too happy with that, according to the people we spoke with. He allegedly got up and confronted the staff, going on to ramble about his celebrity status ... the "you don't know who I am?" treatment, we're told.

The witnesses say a guy was filming Brother Nature from the counter, which BN didn't like either. Eventually, we're told Brother Nature was asked to leave by the manager ... and once outside, our sources say BN challenged the cameraman to a fight.

It was all downhill from there ... the guy seen on video stepped out and handled BN in the lot, came back inside and tried letting it be. BUT, we're told BN came back inside and wanted more ... allegedly hitting one of the attacker's acquaintances, seemingly for no reason.

That's when we're told the indoor stomp out began, with the attacker and at least one of his friends thrashing BN (again). So, it went ... lot beatdown, then restaurant beatdown. After that, we're told everyone went their separate ways before cops arrived at the scene.

We've tried reaching out to Brother Nature to get his side of things ... so far, no word back.

10:11 AM PT -- Brother Nature just posted a vid where he doesn't say anything about the fight, but he is rocking an ice pack on his face for the pretty obvious fat lip he got.


Brother Nature -- the IG influencer famous for vids with wild animals -- had someone wild out on him early Saturday morning ... punching, kicking and stomping him into a daze.

The beatdown happened in a Miami sandwich shop shortly before 6 AM, and it was all captured on video. It's still unclear what prompted the attack, but Brother Nature ended up down on his knees while the assailant teed off on his head.

The crazy part is there were several bystanders in the restaurant who refused to intervene -- even after Brother Nature was clearly down and out of it. Finally, one guy -- possibly a restaurant staffer -- stepped in and tried to break it up.

However, the unknown attacker continued dousing BN with water and condiments ... and the viciousness continued outside in the parking lot. Video shows the attacker stomping on Brother Nature's head.


A video, apparently shot moments before the fight, shows Brother Nature -- whose real name is Kelvin Pena -- attempting to order food while at least one other patron is mocking him.

TMZ has confirmed Miami PD got a call around 5:45 AM for a disturbance at the restaurant, and officers responded, but no one was arrested -- everyone involved had already left.

Brother Nature has 2.7 million Instagram followers, and was featured in the Netflix documentary, "Inst@famous."

Originally published -- 9:37 AM PT

$120k Duct Taped Banana Ripped Off, Eaten by Performance Artist ... Can He Do That???

Exclusive Details
top banana

2:14 PM PT -- We talked to Datuna, and it sounds like he seriously pissed off the art gallery team and might have to answer for this later.

He tells TMZ ... after eating the banana, he was escorted by security to a private room where he was met by police officers, who took down all his information. He was NOT arrested or cited for anything though, and as of now ... tells us he's a free man.

However, he admits that he might end up facing charges at a later date. Unclear what those could possibly be -- grand theft potassium? Who knows. He tells us the gallery staff and security on hand were all confused, because they'd never dealt with a situation like this.

That said, Datuna says he has profound respect for Maurizio Cattelan, and that this was simply meant to be an act of flattery.

A banana duct taped to a wall -- which sold for over $100k on behalf of a renowned artist -- is now in the belly of another man ... but apparently, it's no big deal. We think ...

Performance artist David Datuna took the bold step Saturday afternoon of EATING the super expensive Musa plant down at the Art Basel gallery in Miami -- which an art collector in France recently bought for a whopping $120,000 from artist Maurizio Cattelan.

Datuna literally walked up and stripped the brown, aging banana from the wall it was taped to and peeled it open in front of lots of shocked onlookers ... who couldn't believe it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

On Instagram, he called his performance "Hungry Artist" and posted some aftermath footage of what appears to be gallery personnel sitting him down to take his info. Based on what we can tell, this is actually a no-no ... the banana is NOT supposed to be tampered with ... although the fruit itself is allowed to be replaced on a continuous basis as needed.

It's a little confusing, but basically ... the French art collector owns the "idea" of this art piece, so whether the banana itself sticks around or not doesn't affect its value. She still has the certificate of authenticity, so she's still got $120k worth of banana art to her name.

Still, it doesn't seem like the folks who work at the gallery were all too thrilled with Datuna's stunt. In footage of the incident -- obtained by TMZ -- you can hear Datuna joke about heading to jail ... but according to reports, the guy hasn't been arrested or charged with anything yet. We're told the gallery is considering pursuing a complaint though.

BTW, the banana has reportedly already been replaced. File this one under ... forbidden fruit.

Originally Published -- 1:55 PM PT

'Just Mercy' Death Row Lawyer Kim K's Doing Her Part in This Fight Let's Not Compare, Yeah???

do your part

Kim K is doing exactly what she needs to in the collective fight for criminal justice reform -- no more, and no less ... so says the famed defense attorney who inspired 'Just Mercy.'

We ran into Bryan Stevenson Saturday in NYC, where he was doing press for the new flick about his real-life role in exonerating Alabama death row inmate Walter McMillian in the '90s. Michael B. Jordan plays him in the upcoming feature, opposite Jamie Foxx.

Seeing how he's a lifelong crusader for the cause, our photog asked what he made of Kim's efforts to help put a spotlight on prisoners she feels have been railroaded by the system ... including death row inmate Rodney Reed, who was recently granted a stay of execution.

You'll recall ... Kim was with Rodney when he heard the news, and according to her -- he praised Jesus in the moment. She and plenty of others had pled with Gov. Abbott to halt Rodney's execution and consider revisiting his case in light of new evidence.

As far as Bryan's concerned, Kim's doing a good thing by using her platform to bring attention to these cases ... but he stops short of saying she's a glorified savior of any kind.


If anything, it sounds like he's downplaying how she'll be remembered -- and based on his careful answer, he doesn't seem to believe her work is on his level ... not yet, anyway.

Still, he gives credit where credit is due ... and makes a point to do the same with President Trump as well. That doesn't mean more can't be done though ... at least in his eyes.

Jason Aldean Back in Vegas ... First Concert Since 2017 Shooting

Jason Aldean made a triumphant return to Sin City -- playing his first concert there since the 2017 massacre that left 58 dead ... and wounded hundreds more.

The country singer performed Friday night at the Park MGM, which marked the first of three headlining shows he's putting on as part of his brief Ride All Night residency. Seeing how it'd been 2 years since Jason got on stage in Vegas ... he made sure to address the situation.

A few songs in, JA paused to shout out anyone who might've been there from his 2017 performance at the Route 91 Harvest Festival ... calling them "family." He also mentioned it was his first time back since then but didn't explicitly discuss the shooting.

He did make a promise though ... saying he came back to "blow it out" for the crowd, and finish what they'd started at Route 91. The audience absolutely ate it up.

At the end of his set, Jason covered Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" -- which lots of folks took as a nod to the tragedy and a sign of resilience. He's got 2 more shows this weekend.


You'll recall ... the initial shots Stephen Paddock fired rang out in the middle of Jason's set two years ago during the outdoor country music festival. At first, he didn't seem to notice ... but was quickly whisked off stage once it became clear what was happening.


Paddock was holed up in his room at the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel and had an arsenal of rifles with him ... several of which he'd modified to shoot like semi-automatics. He broke windows in his suite and fired down below at the concertgoers ... causing a blood bath.

He shot himself in the head as cops made their way up to his suite. The FBI was never able to determine a definitive motive for his actions.

Ex-'Bachelor' Chris Soules Surfaces in H'wood 1st Time Since Fatal Crash


Chris Soules seems ready to put his recent past behind him ... showing face in Hollywood for the first time since he was busted for fleeing the scene of a fatal crash.

The former 'Bachelor' was out Friday night at KIIS FM's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in L.A., where he certainly didn't shy away from the cameras ... posing for pics as he went in with a full smile on his face. It's his first major public appearance in Tinsel Town since 2017.

While it might've looked like a comeback attempt, Chris told ET he wasn't attempting to return to the spotlight ... and that he was just tagging along with other 'Bachelor' pals.

You'll recall ... Chris was arrested in April 2017 after cops said he'd rammed his pickup truck into a John Deere tractor and sent the driver flying into a ditch. The man ultimately died.

Chris stuck around on the scene until EMTs showed, but bounced before the police could arrive. They caught up to him later at his house and made the arrest. Just earlier this year, Chris finally accepted a plea deal from prosecutors that kept him out of jail.

He was handed down a 2-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to leaving the scene of an accident resulting in serious injury ... an aggravated misdemeanor.

Ozzy Osbourne $25k Reward for Stolen Music Gear Rhoads' Store Ransacked!!!

Ozzy Osbourne is willing to put some big dough if someone can help track down the thieves who looted a music school with ties to his late pal, Randy Rhoads ... we're talking thousands.

The Black Sabbath frontman posted some sad news Saturday about the Musonia School of Music in North Hollywood, saying it had recently been broken into and looted for a lot of its instruments and precious valuables. Ozzy says at least 6 items were taken by crooks.

Among them ... Randy's first electric guitar, as well as Randy's mother's Great Depression-era trumpet that she'd been gifted in childhood. High value, sentimental stuff, in other words.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Welp, Ozzy's got a solution of his own ... $25,000 of cold, hard cash in the form of a reward.

He writes, "I am heartbroken that these treasured physical memories of Randy and Delores have been taken from the family so I’ve decided to personally offer a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction and/or return of all stolen items."

Ozzy went on to put down contact info that people can reach out to if they got any leads. Considering the hefty bundle waiting for them, we imagine he'll be getting blown up.