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Taylor Swift What Goes Up Must Come Down ... And Then Go Across, Right?

7/15/2018 11:34 AM PDT

Taylor Swift opened up to her fans during a concert this weekend, but not in her lyrics ... more like her stream of consciousness during a brief stage malfunction.

The "Delicate" singer was doing a show Saturday night at Philly's Lincoln Financial Field, when she experienced some technical difficulties with her suspended basket mid-air.

And forget trying to cover it up ... Taylor let the audience know things were getting screwed up in real time. Even as the stage crew tried figuring out what was wrong, she filled folks in every step of the way. Talk about a no-filter heart-to-heart with your base. 

Tay eventually got into another cage, which took her across the stadium as originally planned -- but not before killing time with a little a cappella crooning. The crowd ate it up, obviously.

Lesson learned ... Taylor Swift is as honest as they come. Even in the worst of times.

Conor McGregor Catches World Cup Final With Vladimir Putin

7/15/2018 12:32 PM PDT

Conor McGregor got to sit in on the World Cup final in person this weekend, showing up as a guest of none other than Vladimir Putin.

The UFC star posted a photo of himself Sunday alongside Russia's president, posing like a tough guy with someone he calls "one of the greatest leaders of our time." 

Conor's caption read ... "Today I was invited to the World Cup final as a guest of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This man is one of the greatest leaders of our time and I was honored to attend such a landmark event alongside him. Today was an honor for me Mr. Putin. Thank you and congratulations on an amazing World Cup."

He ended with "Go Russia" ... written in Russian. Hopefully they're both aware Russia got knocked out in the quarter finals, but that's beside the point. What's important (and weird) is that Conor is super chummy with Putin ... who's known as kind of a bad dude, depending on who you talk to. 

All we can say ... it's an interesting way to ring in the big baby news from this weekend. Word to your Mother Russia ...we guess. 

Josh Flagg Wears Turban During Charades ... Cracks Airplane Bombing Joke

7/15/2018 10:21 AM PDT

"Million Dollar Listing L.A." star Josh Flagg made a terrible joke at a hotel in the South of France, but he says there were Muslims, Jews, Christians and others at the table ... all playing what he says was an innocent game of charades.

Josh says he was pretending to be Grace Kelly with sunglasses and a scarf that looked like a turban, when he cracked, "I'm about to blow up an airline."

Flagg tells TMZ, "I am sorry for how offensive this comment was and I regret saying it. In today's environment, which is so politically correct, people will make a big thing about anything you do. As ridiculous as it sounds, I was at dinner with a group of friends and we were playing charades. This moment is when I was asked to act something out for the game and that's what I did."

He goes on ... "Of course it looks horrible. But in today's environment, everything gets taken out of context. I was sitting at a table with several Jews and Muslims and all of us were making fun of each other. It's unfortunate that one other people at the table was stupid enough to post it without context."

"If they filmed 5 minutes earlier they would have seen others acting out in the game, such as my friend being a Jewish grandma cooking matzo ball soup. Here's the problem with today -- you can innocently do something among friends who are Christian, Jewish and Arab and have a good time. But when something goes up online it appears you are a horrible person."

"One of my best friends is Muslim, who was at the table and laughing. There is a difference between condoning actual horrible behavior and being able to sit back with friends, of all cultures, and be able to make fun of each other."

As for how the "bombing" comment came about, he says someone at the table asked who he was supposed to be during a question about old film stars, and that's when he says he "made fun of the person" with the remark.

Bruce Willis Roasted by Ex-Wife Demi Moore

7/15/2018 7:15 AM PDT

Bruce Willis grinned and beared it during Saturday night's roast, but he was unprepared for the surprise guest of the evening -- his ex-wife Demi Moore.

Bruce is the latest victim to be skewered by Comedy Central and Demi did not disappoint.  One of her best lines ... "I look at our marriage like "The Sixth Sense" ... You were dead the whole time."

Bruce and Demi were married from 1987 - 2000.  They had 3 kids -- Rumer, Tallulah and Scout, and all of them were cackling in the audience.

Cybill Shepard, who co-starred with Bruce in his breakout role -- "Moonlighting" -- also took her shots.

The show is set to air July 29th on Comedy Central. 

Tommy Hilfiger Kate Upton Has Open Invite to Model Pregnant!!!

7/15/2018 6:57 AM PDT

Kate Upton will not be sidelined from modeling during her pregnancy ... at least if Tommy Hilfiger has his way.

Sources directly connected to the famed designer says he would love it if Kate would model his clothes while she's carrying her first born.  

We're told Tommy just said the following ... "Our business is all about inclusiveness and diversity, and not just about 90 pound models."  We're told Kate has an open invitation to model for him throughout her pregnancy.

As we reported, Kate and hubby Justin Verlander announced they are going to have a baby.

 Kate and Tommy have history.  She honored Tommy on HBO's "Night of Too Many Stars" last November.  The show was an autism benefit, and Kate congratulated Tommy -- a longtime advocate to help people with autism -- for releasing a line of clothes for "the differently abled."

Kris Jenner Kylie Knew at 17 ... She'd Be a Makeup Mogul

7/15/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Kylie Jenner had a master plan to launch a makeup empire when she was 17 years old, and took charge to turn it into the booming biz it is now ... this according to her proud mama.

Kris Jenner sat down with Harvey about the early days of Kylie Cosmetics and how the makeup line came to be ... and even showed off the first 3 lip kits Kylie used to start her career in the cosmetics industry.

As we reported ... Kylie's set to become America's youngest-ever, self-made billionaire ... and Kris is making it crystal clear it was no accident -- saying she knew what she wanted to do and made it happen. There's a raging argument on whether Kylie's a self-made billionaire ... Kris feels there's no question.

Kris also talks about her life -- from childhood to her marriages to her kids ... with all the bumps along the way. 

Check out the all-new episode of "OBJECTified" Sunday night at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT ... and again at 11 PM ET/8 PM PT on FOX News Channel.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

7/14/2018 12:45 AM PDT

Stormy Daniels got royally screwed by Ohio vice cops this week, and George Clooney got screwed on his scooter, but lived to tell about it. So, we gotta ask ...

Sly Stallone Check Out My Beautiful Family ... And My Yacht!!!

7/15/2018 7:31 AM PDT

Sylvester Stallone and his brood were living it up on the French Rivera ... making everyone who's not there extremely jealous.

Sly, along with Jennifer Flavin and his 3 daughters Sistine, Sophia and Scarlet, were the picture of beauty on yacht.  Kinda goes without saying the women gorgeous.  That's 21-year-old Sophia is in the copper-colored metallic bikini ... as they say in the law -- res ipsa loquitur.  Look it up.  

Stallone just wrapped Creed II" ... and the buzz is good.

Stormy Daniels Motorboating Not Allowed At Next Strip Club Gig

7/15/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Stormy Daniels better keep her boobs to herself at her next strip club gig, unless she wants more pokey time ... TMZ has learned.

Stormy's scheduled to get on the pole at the Pink Pony in Atlanta on July 22, but the club tells us absolutely NO motorboating will be allowed. We're told Georgia laws prohibit contact of any kind between dancers and patrons, and it will be strictly enforced.

We're told the PP ain't about to risk losing its license, especially on the heels of Stormy's Ohio arrest.

As for other concerns ... the club tells us it always has security when a celeb is in the house, but they're adding a few extra guards for Stormy. We're told there haven't been any threats, but some angry Trump supporters have filed complaints.

As we've seen in recent months, motorboating is Stormy's go-to move while stripping, but that's precisely what got her busted in Columbus. The charges were quickly dismissed because the city's "no touching" statute only applies to strippers who are regulars.

No such loophole in Georgia, so Stormy better stay abreast of her breasts and patrons' faces and hands ... at all times. 

In other news...

Jennifer Garner confesses she 'could cry' over scrutiny during Ben Affleck marriage

The actress is getting candid on the unglamorous side of fame.


'Long Island Medium' Theresa's Ex Spotted with Mystery Woman

7/15/2018 12:40 AM PDT

The estranged husband of "Long Island Medium" star Theresa Caputo apparently has a thing for platinum blondes ... because he's got another one by his side.

Larry Caputo was spotted shopping with a mystery woman at the Bargain Hunt in Decatur, Alabama Saturday ... picking up some essentials and checking out their furniture selection.

Sources at the store tell us Larry and the woman looked very much like a couple -- she often had her hand on his back and shoulder ... and he held the door open for her.

We spoke with Larry last month, who told us he and Theresa have been living on separate coasts for months and were in the middle of divorce proceedings.

He also said he'd moved on and found someone else ... so there's a good chance this is her.

Theresa and Larry announced their split in December after 28 years of marriage, but were holding out hope for a reconciliation. Looks like that's officially no longer the case.

Logan Paul Aaron Paul's a 'Bully' ... I'd Beat Your Tiny Ass!

7/15/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Same last name ... but NO love between Logan Paul and "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul -- with Logan telling TMZ Sports he would beat Aaron's ass if they ever came face-to-face. 

Their beef goes back a few months ... when Aaron trashed Logan for his video stunt gone wrong in the suicide forest in Japan. Aaron told Logan to "go rot in hell."

Now, Logan is firing back ... calling Aaron an "Internet bully" -- and warning the actor that if he REALLY wants a piece, he'll end up getting hurt. 

Of course, Logan is training for a real boxing match against video game/YouTube superstar KSI next month in England ... and Logan tells us it's going to be one of the biggest pop culture events of the year. 

Ella Rose I'm Rooting For Green!

7/15/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Ella Rose is about to overheat ... her phone that is, if she doesn't put it away. 

Julian Edelman's baby mama hit the beach in Santa Monica during L.A.'s heatwave. Don't worry ... she managed to cool off in the Pacific sans her phone. 

With her choice in bikini color, you'd think Ella would be rooting more for the Seahawks or Packers instead of the New England Patriots, where Edelman plays wide receiver ... but, it's hard to think football at all when Ella hits the sand. 

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

7/15/2018 6:58 AM PDT

Hiding behind these wide eyes is an artist known for much more than just her famous family ... look deep within this stretched shot and see if you can figure out which sexy singer is under this warped look. 

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