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Stormy Daniels Husband Files for Divorce

7/23/2018 9:45 AM PDT
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Stormy Daniels' husband has filed for divorce, a week after Daniels was arrested at an Ohio strip club, and told police she was no longer married. 

Daniels' attorney, Michael Avenatti, made the announcement Monday, saying, "My client Stormy Daniels and her husband Glen have decided to end their marriage ... Stormy's daughter remains her number one priority."

Daniels married former porn honcho Glendon Crain in 2015 ... the two have rarely been seen together in public since Daniels came forward with claims against President Trump.

According to docs, Crain has filed for a restraining order against Stormy. 

TMZ broke the story -- on the police report from the Ohio arrest, Daniels marked "No" when asked if she was married -- a clear indication things had gone south with Crain.

It's unclear why Crain filed.

Story developing ... 

Maria Sharapova Full-Blown PD-Ass ... BF Gets a Mouthful!!!

7/23/2018 10:10 AM PDT

Maria Sharapova's professional season might be winding down, but her boyfriend is kicking off ass-eatin' season ... in a big way! 

The Russian tennis star was lounging in a bikini Sunday in Positano, alongside her millionaire bf, Alexander Gilkes, who decided to order lunch OFF-menu. For some reason, Alex got a face full of Maria's butt. 

He was also pretty handsy with the booty -- so, there's little question to what he sees in Maria. Check out the pics, though ... she had a lock on her phone the whole time he was going to work back there. 

We'd say she's gonna give the guy a complex, but looks like it's all love, baby.

Kanye West I Got a Wicked Case of the Flu ... So, Kim Took Me to ER

7/23/2018 7:38 AM PDT

Kanye West got an assist from his wife Sunday after he was feeling like crap ... so much so he beelined it for the ER.

Kim was right by Kanye's side as they showed up at West Hills Hospital in the San Fernando Valley. We're told Kanye had the flu and it got worse and worse, so he needed some Rx to make him feel better.

They were only there a short time ... and returned home where Kanye could rest.

Kanye's recently been tweeting about his sinus issues, but we're told it's unclear if they're related. He's been traveling nonstop lately.

Welcome to your 40s, dude.

Ryan Lochte Busted By Anti-Doping Agency After Snitching on Himself

7/23/2018 9:42 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ryan Lochte has found himself in hot water again ... this time, the Olympian has been busted for violating the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's rules ... and he basically snitched on himself.

Lochte -- who was part of the Team USA swim team's infamous gas station incident at the 2016 Games in Rio -- wasn't popped for using a banned drug ... but for receiving an IV treatment illegally.

But, here's the crazy part -- Lochte reportedly led USADA right to the investigation by posting a pic of the IV treatment on Instagram. The post was later deleted.

Lochte will be suspended until July 2019.

Color Me Badd Singer Bryan Abrams Arrested ... After Assaulting Bandmate

7/23/2018 6:18 AM PDT

A member of the band Color Me Badd was arrested Sunday after shoving a bandmate so hard he landed in the hospital.

Bryan K. Abrams was clearly pissed off about something, because after performing a song at del Lago Casino in Tyre, New York, he strutted up to Mark Calderon and, without saying a word, shoved him hard.

An eyewitness tells TMZ Abrams, the lead singer in the group was having a bad night with his voice. He eventually walked off stage he was so frustrated.

Calderon hit some sound equipment on his way to the floor, and was hurt. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for neck and back pain.

As for Abrams, he was arrested for misdemeanor assault, taken to jail where he was booked. His bail was set at $2,000. We don't know if he's posted bail yet.

As for the fate of the band ... unclear.

R. Kelly's 'I Admit' Calls Out Harvey, Legend for Attacks In Epic 19-Minute Song

7/23/2018 7:58 AM PDT

R. Kelly's spewing out ALL his feelings about the sex cult allegations, his financial problems, the 3 celebs he wants to get off his back ... and much, much more in a 19-minute long song.

The track's called "I Admit" and in it, Kelly goes right after John Legend, Steve Harvey and radio host Tom Joyner for being critical of him. Kelly sings, "Why would they want to tear down another brother?"

He also pleads to women to "show black men some love, 'cause black men we go through enough" -- and says he needs his 'hood's support more than ever. In the song, Kelly claims he's broke and has to keep touring "just to pay rent." 

Kelly addresses some of the sex cult allegations ... admitting Joycelyn Savage's father brought her to one of his shows, and says he and Joycelyn were into each other immediately. He dismisses claims he restricts his girlfriends from eating or leaving his homes -- and points out "I'm not convicted, not arrested."

He also claims he was molested by a family member up until the age of 14.

There's a lot more in there -- it's 19 minutes long, after all.

Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving Vegas Turn Up With Chantel Jeffries ... And Other Gorgeous Women

7/23/2018 8:45 AM PDT

Here's Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving showing that, while they play for different NBA teams, they're on the same squad when it comes to one thing ... HOT CHICKS.

Durant & Irving hit up Wet Republic in Vegas this past weekend, where Irving's girlfriend, Chantel Jeffries, was DJ'ing her first set at the legendary pool party.

KD was making the most of the occasion ... taking shots, and spending a lot of time talking and seeming to have fun with model Jocelyn Chew.

If you remember, Chew popped out of a cake at Joel Embiid's 24th bday back in March ... making some people think maybe the two were an item ... although it was never confirmed.

Hey ... it's Vegas ... you know what they say.

Juelz Santana Hey, Judge ... Thanks for the Mani/Pedi!!!

7/23/2018 8:05 AM PDT

Juelz Santana enjoyed a little QT with his daughter this weekend ... starting with a manicure/pedicure but not before a judge signed off on it.

The rapper -- who is under house arrest following an airport gun bust in March -- requested permission from a judge to leave his house so he could spend the day with his daughter, Bella, for her birthday.

It's interesting ... we haven't seen court records where a judge sets specific times on when a house arrestee can get his nails done, shop at American Girl Place and then attend a birthday party ... but, that's exactly what these docs lay out.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Juelz's day started at 10 AM Saturday for manicures/pedicures at a nail salon in Englewood, NJ. Dad and daughter later hit up the American Girl Place in Manhattan at 2 PM presumably to spoil Bella with a fancy doll. They were then off to a family member's house in Totowa, NJ where they partied from 6 PM until 10 PM.

It all went according to schedule ... and Santana is back at his house.

Tom Wopat Strikes Plea Deal For 'Annoying' Female Cast

7/23/2018 6:55 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ex-'Dukes of Hazzard' star Tom Wopat is dodging possible prison time by pleading guilty to a lesser charge in his felony indecent assault case from last year.

Wopat pled guilty to annoying or accosting a person, and got a year of probation. TMZ broke the story ... he was busted last summer in Waltham, MA for groping multiple women in the cast of the play in which he was starring. Police reports said he had put his finger between the buttocks of one woman.

His original charges were indecent assault and battery, both felonies, plus cocaine possession and 2 charges of accosting annoying. Prosecutors dropped the felonies Friday as part of his plea deal.

As for the coke -- that charge will be dropped if he keeps his nose clean, literally and figuratively, for one year.

In other news...

Katharine McPhee Finally Posts Massive Engagement Ring On Instagram

The star says her late dad 'was so happy for me'


Kiara Mia Jimmy G's Great for My Bottom Line!!!

7/23/2018 12:50 AM PDT

The debate is over ... 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo's very public date with porn star Kiara Mia is a tremendous move, financially speaking -- for her, anyway. 

According to 2 leading porn sites -- Pornhub and xHamster -- Kiara's searches ass-tronomically spiked after TMZ Sports broke the news about her date with Garoppolo in Bev Hills.

PH tells us the already sought-after Latina adult star racked up 200,000 searches in just 24 hours -- a massive 2,309% increase over her daily average.

It's a similar story for Kiara on xHamster, which says searches for the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" porn spoof star more than doubled the day after her rendezvous with Jimmy.

The VP of the site tells us they're looking to cash in too with a new project for her called, "xHamster's in the Endzone with Kiara Mia." She hasn't accepted the offer yet.

NFL fans have been debating whether Jimmy will lose endorsement dough, but there's no question the QB's giving Kiara a major boost.

Pam Anderson & BF Adil Rami S*** Just Got Real After He Meets Her Mom!!

7/23/2018 6:46 AM PDT

Pamela Anderson's BF, Adil Rami, just won the World Cup with France ... so what's next on the agenda for the soccer star? MEET HER MOM!!

TMZ cameras were rolling when Pam and Adil pulled up to The Ivy Sunday in Bev Hills and witnessed the first official introduction between Adil and Pam's mom, Carol. Pam beamed with pride introducing Adil, who looked dapper even in a t-shirt. 

As you know ... Pam moved to France to live with Adil, who plays for the Olympique de Marseille soccer team. Serious play by Pam ... but, after dating for a little over a year now, nothing screams "We hear wedding bells" like introducing your BF to mom ... who btw is down with Adil!! 

Faith Evans' Marriage License No Mention of Marriage to Notorious B.I.G. ... She Blames The Court

7/23/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Faith Evans married Notorious B.I.G. in '94, but you wouldn't know it based on her recent marriage license -- it makes no mention of her marriage to the legendary rapper -- but Faith is blaming the court for the error.

TMZ's obtained a copy of Faith's marriage license docs and in it she lists her marriage to Stevie J as marriage no. 2. The document references her divorce from Todd Russaw back in 2012, and that's the other marriage. So, what happened to Biggie?

As you know, Faith and Biggie -- labelmates with Bad Boy Records -- tied the knot back in August of 1994 within days of meeting each other. They separated shortly before his 1997 murder.

As for why the document seems to overlook the Faith/Biggie union. Faith tells us the clerk at the marriage license bureau screwed up. She insists she told the clerk the marriage with Stevie was her 3rd.

Evans adds, "Biggie was my first true love, he will always be acknowledged as such. Everyone knows he was my husband."

TMZ broke the story ... Faith and Stevie got married in their Vegas hotel room last week. The secret wedding, however, blindsided family and friends ... and they were not happy about it.

Robin Wright & Boyfriend Super Handsy in Capri ...

7/23/2018 6:43 AM PDT

Robin Wright is livin' the life ... vacationing with her hot boyfriend and, might we say, lookin' amazing!

The 52-year-old "House of Cards" star and her boyfriend, Saint Laurent exec Clement Giraudet, were clearly into each other as they hung out at the swimming area of their hotel.

They're vacationing in Capri. 

The 2 have been dating for at least 7 months.

Robin was married to Sean Penn for 14 years. They divorced in 2010, and it's all clearly now in her rear view. 

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