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Isaiah Washington

Raging in Gay Bar

To Get the Word Out On New Film

20 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF

Isaiah Washington's on a guerrilla marketing campaign to spread the word about his new movie to the LGBT community, and he went all in -- maybe not all in -- by partying at a legendary gay bar. 

Washington hit up Rage nightclub in West Hollywood  (one of the biggest gay bars in town) this past weekend promoting "Blackbird" with his co-star Gary LeRoi Gray. We're told he was drinking and dancing ... having a great time.

The irony can't be overstated -- Isaiah was famously fired from "Grey's Anatomy" for using a homophobic slur during a blow up with T.R. Knight.

To be fair, that was 8 years ago ... and sources connected to "Blackbird" tell us Washington's role in the film is "not about redemption" -- he really just feels strongly about the movie's powerful message. It's centered around a gay African American man growing up in a small town.

We're told Washington's been totally on board with the plan to promote in the LGBT community -- and it shows.


Andre Berto

Lil Za Would Kick Justin Bieber's Ass

... In The Boxing Ring

53 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF


There's finally a place Lil Za can say he's better than Justin Bieber ... the boxing ring ... 'cause Andre Berto tells TMZ Sports Za would DOMINATE the Biebs if the two laced 'em up.

Bieber's dabbled around in the squared circle recently, training with his pal Floyd Mayweather in the pugilistic arts ... and posting the videos to social media for everyone to see his skills.

Za one upped the Biebs this past weekend ... actually stepping in the ring FOR REAL and winning his first amateur fight at a college fight night in L.A.

We spoke to Berto, who trained Lil Za for his fight -- and he says that he's seen Bieber's skills and right now Za would have a clear edge.

"Lil Za would edge him out in the ring. He's been training a lot more than Justin and that comes into play."

Fear not Beliebers ... Berto says that if JB showed the same dedication to the sport that Za has, things could definitely change 'cause in his expert opinion, Justin's got the goods.

"Justin is bigger and he is pretty quick, but Lil Za puts in the time and training."

Soooo ... after Mayweather/Pacquiao then?



Zac Efron

That Awkward Moment ...

Pretty Ballsy, Dude

4/28/2015 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428-zac-efron-underwear-front-back-hornet-PCN-01Zac Efron is a brief guy ... at least he was on the set of his new film "Dirty Grandpa."

Efron is filming down in Georgia on Tybee Island and Monday he appeared to be baring it all. No such luck, just nude colored undies.

Funny, we had him pegged as a boxer guy but we're pretty sure there's a lot of ladies (and guys) who don't mind undies this tight. 

A little crack isn't always a bad thing. 

Suzanne Crough

'Partridge Family' Daughter Dies

4/28/2015 9:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428-subasset-partridge-family-gettyThe youngest "Partridge Family" star Suzanne Crough died Monday at her home in Nevada ... TMZ has learned.

Crough starred as the tambourine-shaking daughter Tracy Partridge ... during the classic sitcom's run from 1970 to 1974.

She was 52 years old. It's still unclear what caused her death, but a family member confirmed Suzanne's passing and said it was sudden.

Suzanne was married with 2 daughters ... one of whom is getting married this summer.

She last reunited with her 'Partridge' co-stars for an appearance on the 'Today' show back in 2010.

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Rosie O'Donnell

Wife Doesn't Really Want Custody ...

She Wants Money

4/28/2015 7:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0428-rosie-odonnell-michelle-rounds-getty-02Rosie O'Donnell is fighting back against her estranged wife, and sources connected with Rosie say the wife is going for full custody of their daughter for one reason ... money.

Michelle Rounds is filing legal docs Tuesday, asking for full custody of their 2-year-old daughter Dakota. Michelle's lawyer told the New York Post full custody is necessary to protect the child's "general welfare."

But our Rosie sources are scoffing, saying that the couple has a prenup and this is nothing more than a money play, adding Rosie is a "devoted mother" and her parenting skills and dedication are well-documented.

The sources say Michelle is trying to hit Rosie where it hurts the most so she'll open her wallet.

One source says, "Michelle can't even raise a dog ... she's given multiple dogs away."

Hilary Duff

My Tinder Profile is Legit!

I've Got 9 Guys Lined Up

4/28/2015 8:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Hilary Duff is a right-swiping fool ... and is not only confirming that rumored Tinder profile really IS her -- but says she's going on her first Tinder date tonight ... with a regular ole non-celeb dude!

Hilary dropped her dating bombshell Tuesday morning with "Valentine in the Morning" on 104.3 FM in L.A. -- and opened up about what she's looking for on Tinder. Hint: shirtless muscle heads need not apply.

Sounds like Duff is kinda hooked on the app ... saying it's the first time in her life she's getting a chance to hook up with a "total normie." It also sounds like she's totally over her estranged hubby, Mike Comrie

Pretty amazing to hear a celeb cop to her (formerly) secret life on Tinder. We sense a surge in subscriptions coming.

In other news...

Kate Hudson Celebrates Birthday Looking A Hot Mess

Kate Hudson, mother of two, gave zero f**ks while celebrating her 36th birthday.


Harry Styles

It's All Good

4/28/2015 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harry Styles CarThere is nothing in Harry Styles' life that isn't awesome -- super popular band, chicks throwing themselves at him, and tons of money to buy cool classic cars.

The One Direction heartthrob was out Monday in Beverly Hills, crusising in a white vintage Mercedes-Benz SL convertible.

Just another day in the sweet life o' Styles.


Mariah Carey

Flaunts Truckload of Hits & Her Ass ...

For Giant Vegas Welcome

4/28/2015 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey was welcomed Monday to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas with a quiet, understated gathering of a few close friends ... jkjk ... it was a giant, over-the-top spectacle!

Carey begins her residency at The Colosseum next week, and arrived Monday in a pink convertible, white fur stole, and nude bodysuit -- Mimi wasn't hiding a thing. In fact, she showed off all her #1s with a parade of 18 trucks -- one for each hit song.

Mariah spoke a little -- maybe she's saving her voice -- but mostly she let her anti-Nick Cannon anthem "Infinity" do the talking during her queen-like entrance.

If her Vegas shows are this well-produced, Mariah will be worth the price of admission.



Shia LaBeouf

Log Jammin'

Takes a Huge Load

4/28/2015 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Shia LaBeouf's got wood ... LOTS of it -- after hauling off huge loads of logs in L.A. 

Looking like a hybrid of a hipster lumberjack and a smooth jazz DJ -- ponytailed Shia was doing some major wood work Monday ... hauling logs with TreePeople, an LA based non-profit environmental organization.

Hard to tell what Shia's up to now -- bizarre art installation, DIY home improvement project, or just charity ... honestly, we're stumped. 

At least we're one step closer to knowing how much wood a LaBeouf would chuck if a LaBeouf could chuck wood.

In other news...

Beyonce Looks Like A Teenager In This Makeup-Free Pic!

It's shocking how young Beyonce looks without all that makeup!


Bruce Jenner

Docuseries Both Serious and Humorous ...

Learning to Golf with Breasts

4/28/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Jenner
's docuseries will have plenty of serious, eye-opening moments, but there will also be plenty of fun, including how Bruce will adapt his golf game with newly-formed breasts. 

Sources connected with the production tell TMZ, the goal of the 8-part docuseries is to educate people and provide hope and inspiration for those going through the challenges Bruce has faced. But as one source put it, "If all you have is a downer, you don't have a show."  

So we're told the show will have a balance, showing "the dark moments, the lighthearted moments and moments that are just plain hilarious."

Our production sources say Bruce's golf game will be front and center. Bruce is a great golfer, and apparently it's not an easy transition to swing with breasts.

There will also be a social aspect to the show. You'll recall Bruce mentioned he sometimes has wine and cheese parties with his girlfriends. That's on the table for the program, although nothing is set in stone.

We're also told the cosmetic side of Bruce's transition will be represented.  

As a production source said, "There will be a happy medium. Bruce has a great sense of humor and it will be showcased. But the show will deal with the very serious issues Bruce is committed to showing."

Our opinion ... that's exactly what the show should be -- it's not a tragic story, it's a life story.



Courtney Stodden

There IS a Sex Tape!

Gives Herself a Hand (or 2)

4/28/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Courtney Stodden's Hollywood destiny has finally been fulfilled -- she's recorded a sex tape, and it's about to go to the highest bidder.

Sources in the sex tape game told us 20-year-old Courtney recently shot her porn debut -- and it's being shopped around town. This ain't our first rodeo ... so, we figured the tape would eventually make it to the desk of Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch, and ... bingo!

Hirsch confirms he's already seen the video, and reveals it's a solo effort (think Octomom, but hotter) -- sorry, Doug Hutchison fans. He also says the DD photo op queen "looks amazing, this is the most unique footage I've ever seen."

As for whether Vivid's bidding on the tape -- Hirsch wouldn't tip his hand.

But y'know the game by now -- Courtney has to sign off for the video to be legally distributed, and our guess is if Hirsch gets her to do that ... it's just a matter of time before there's a full release.

If there's any doubt she wants this out ... remember, this is the chick who couldn't shake out of her bikini top fast enough.

In other news...

Kylie Jenner Wears Short Shorts,
Crop Top To Family Dinner

Kylie Jenner chose quite the outfit for a public outing with the family last week.


Adam Sandler Movie

Native Americans Confront Producers ...

We're No Sellouts

4/28/2015 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

New video shows the confrontation between Native American extras on the set of an Adam Sandler movie and the film's producers ... that eventually led to them walking off.

In the video, obtained by the Indian Country Today Media Network, several Native Americans are clearly pissed off over "jokes" in the "The Ridiculous Six." They're particularly annoyed over the name of one of the females in the film, Beaver's Breath.

You see producers trying to convince the Native Americans they shouldn't feel disrespected, which elicits the response, "You’re trying to tell us what’s disrespectful to us? You’re trying to tell a Native what’s disrespectful to them?"

The Native Americans eventually walked off the production and quit.

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