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Tekashi69 Pistol Whipped, Kidnapped, Robbed and Hospitalized (Update)

7/22/2018 7:41 AM PDT

UPDATE:  9:30 AM PT   Tekashi told a different story to cops. Law enforcement sources tell us, they ended up interviewing 69 and he said the following:  At around 4:25 AM Sunday, he was a passenger in a Chevy Tahoe at a Brooklyn intersection, sitting at a red light, when a car bumped them from behind.  He told cops 2 men with guns jumped out, stole the driver's iPhone and then grabbed Tekashi and dragged him into their car and sped away.

Law enforcement says they drove to Tekashi's home and he called someone inside -- presumably his baby mama -- and asked her to come down with his jewelry ... which she did.  Our sources say Tekashi then told cops he managed to escape and reported the incident to cops, but then became uncooperative.  He checked himself into the hospital.  Our sources say they have no idea how Tekashi was injured.

The 2 stories are obviously different.  As for why ... Tekashi has bragged that people don't mess with him.  The version he told his people make him look harder than the version he told cops.  You be the judge, but it seems pretty easy to figure this one out.

Tekashi69 was kidnapped, pistol whipped and robbed and is now in the hospital ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Tekashi tell us, the rapper was working on a music video in Brooklyn early Sunday morning and at around 4AM he wrapped for the night and drove home.  We're told when he got there another car pulled up and blocked his driveway.

Our sources say that's when 3 hooded gunmen got out of the other car, grabbed Tekashi and pistol whipped him ... knocking him unconscious.

We're told the next thing Tekashi knew, he was in the back seat of the car as the gunmen were driving around, telling him if they didn't get what they wanted from him -- jewelry and money -- they would kill him.

Our sources say a short time later, the gunmen pulled up to Tekashi's home and 2 of them made their way inside as the third guarded 69 inside the vehicle. 

We're told the gunmen took around $750k in jewelry and between $15k and $20k in cash.  While all this was happening, Tekashi's baby mama and daughter were inside the house but not hurt.

That wasn't the end of it.  We're told the gunmen then drove away with Tekashi still in the back seat.  At some point 69 was able to open the back door and jumped out.  One of the gunmen began chasing him but got scared and retreated because he was afraid he'd be ID'd.

Our sources say Tekashi jumped in the passenger seat of a stranger's vehicle and pleaded for help.  The stranger called 911 and then asked 69 to get out of the car at an intersection.

An ambulance came and Tekashi was taken to a hospital, where he remains.  Doctors are performing various tests, including a CT scan.

Kiara Mia Jimmy G is 'Sexy as F***!!!' ... And Now He'll Win the Super Bowl

7/22/2018 6:45 AM PDT

Jimmy Garoppolo and his 49ers are now destined to win the Super Bowl, because porn star Kiara Mia says everything she touches turns to gold.

We got Jimmy's ESPYs-weekend date out in Hollywood Saturday night, and she was downright giddy over her hook up with the super handsome QB earlier in the week.  

She's talking in code that is not real difficult to figure out.  Her date ... "dessert" was fantastic.  

Kiara says there will be more dates, so her comment suggesting she's friend-zoning Jimmy should be taken with a shaker of salt. 

Reaction to the date has been mixed.  Some football aficionados think Jimmy has screwed himself with endorsements, but others like Maverick's owner and "Shark Tank" star Mark Cuban think Jimmy is both awesome and fine with sponsors. 

Taylor Swift Soaked During N.J. 'Reputation' Concert

7/22/2018 7:25 AM PDT

Taylor Swift was soaked to the bone Saturday night during her "Reputation" concert.

Taylor was performing at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford when the skies opened up, but she didn't miss a beat.

Thousands of Swifties were soaking it up with sheer glee, wearing ponchos and wet t-shirts.

Taylor knew the storm was looming before she took the stage, but she followed the age-old maxim, "The show must go on."

Swift performed her entire 19-song set list ... and didn't care at all her makeup was running and her hair was a wet mess.

Brewers Pitcher Josh Hader Fans Cheer ... After Racist, Homophobic Tweets

7/22/2018 7:40 AM PDT

Josh Hader -- the MLB All-Star pitcher who just apologized for racist and homophobic tweets -- got a heroes welcome Saturday night in Milwaukee.

Hader hit the mound for the Brewers, pitching against the L.A. Dodgers when people in the stands erupted in cheers and applause.

He came under fire this past week when tweets surfaced in which he said, among other things, "White power," "I hate gay people," and "Hahahahahah yeah to bad I'm f***ing grounded n***** can't do s***."

The tweets were posted when he was 17.  He's now 24.

Hader said in his apology, "I was 17 years old and, as a child, I was immature and I obviously said some things that were inexcusable."

The fans clearly didn't seem to mind as they went nuts cheering him on.  

It looks like the peanut gallery may have helped ... The Brewers beat the Dodgers 4 to 2. 

'3rd Rock' Star Elmarie Wendel Dead at 89

7/22/2018 7:01 AM PDT
Breaking News

Elmarie Wendel, who played Mrs. Mamie Dubcek on "3rd Rock from the Sun", has died.

Wendel's daughter J.C. confirmed the death, saying she was "a great mom and a badass dame."

Elmarie had a long history in show business.  In addition to "3rd Rock" she was the voice of Aunt Grizelda in "The Lorax."  She also was featured on "The George Lopez Show," "Seinfeld," "NYPD Blue," "Knight Rider," "General Hospital," "The Facts of Life," "The Jeffersons" and "Murphy Brown."

She has been an enduring presence in Hollywood and New York, and she kept up with the times.  She was also featured in the video game "Fallout 4" back in 2015.

Acting runs in the family.  Her daughter J.C. Wendel is also an actress.   

Elmarie was 89.  


Joe Biden Stoked About Tiger Woods' ... He's Back, Baby!!!

7/22/2018 7:09 AM PDT

Joe Biden was a rock star in Hollywood Saturday night, but the star that rocks his world -- at least right now -- is Tiger Woods.

We got Joe in WeHo leaving Craig's restaurant, and he was playing his cards close to the vest on all things politics -- Trump, Putin, a possible Presidential run, etc.

But then someone asked about Tiger -- who shot 5 under in the 3rd round at The Open in Scotland, and Joe unleashed his enthusiasm.  

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

7/21/2018 12:45 AM PDT

Donald Trump's love of Putin seems to know no bounds ... meanwhile, Jimmy Garoppolo showed everyone he's the man. So, we gotta ask ...

Pusha T's Wedding Pharrell's the Best Man ... Kim and Kanye There, Too!!!

7/21/2018 6:56 PM PDT

It's the big day for Pusha T and his bride, and it turns out ... Pharrell's got a major role, too!

The rapper -- real name Terrence Levarr Thornton -- married his longtime girlfriend, Virginia Joy Williams, Saturday at The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, VA in front of some other big time celebs ... like his Best Man, Pharrell.

The couple's wedding program -- obtained by TMZ -- features cool art of all the people in Pusha's wedding party ... which was actually pretty small. Oh, and his brother was the officiant.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are a couple more of the high-profile guests we know about so far, and of course ... looked stylish as ever.

You'll recall, Ye produced Pusha's hit album "Daytona" which was released in May.

The ceremony's now over, but we imagine the reception -- considering those in attendance -- is still going strong.

Congrats to the bride and groom!


Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

7/22/2018 7:43 AM PDT

Hiding behind this super stretched snap is an actress known for telling little lies ... use your detective skills to see if you can uncover the truth as to who the pretty lady must be! 

Sharon Tate's Sister I'm Down with Tarantino's Manson Movie ... For Now

7/22/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Sharon Tate's sister, Debra Tate, has had a change of heart over Quentin Tarantino's upcoming flick about the Manson Family ... after a face-to-face with the director.

Debra tells TMZ ... Quentin reached out to her to break the ice and address her concerns over his project -- "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" -- and was able to arrange a meeting recently.

Debra says she voiced her concerns and he heard her out, then explained the movie's plot ... which made her feel much better. She says she now believes Tarantino has honorable intentions  ... "This movie is not what people would expect it to be when you combine the Tarantino and Manson names."

Debra's also pleased with the movie's new release date, which was bumped up 2 weeks in 2019 so it no longer coincides with the 50th anniversary of the murders ... which she thought was "tacky and exploitative."

She still has reservations, though ... but says she's going to meet with Quentin again to read the script and hash it out. But, she's on board for now ... even enough to see the flick.

The film stars Margot Robbie, Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt and is about a TV actor and his stunt double trying to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. Tarantino has publicly called it a movie about 1969, not just Charles Manson.

XXXTentacion Murder Ruined Career of Aspiring Rapper

7/22/2018 12:50 AM PDT

XXXTentacion's murder has brought a rapper's career to a screeching halt ... so says the rapper himself, who at one point was linked to the murder.

Rapper Soldier Kidd tells TMZ ... his career's been derailed ever since online accusations of his possible involvement in XXX's shooting caught the eye of investigators.

TMZ broke the story ... cops working on the case were homing in on the Florida rapper after he posted a pic of himself with a gun while he was at a fish and chicken joint not far from the crime scene.

A grand jury indicted 4 people in the murder case. 

Kidd -- who btw says he could be the next XXX -- says he couldn't have been happier he's legally in the clear, but he says in the court of public opinion he's still suffering.

Sarah Palin Inviting Putin to W.H. is Smart ... And Alaska's Safe with Me

7/22/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Sarah Palin thinks President Trump might be on to something good with his idea to invite Vladimir Putin to the White House ... because world leaders gotta work together.

We got Sarah at LAX Friday and asked her about Trump's questionable and surprising invite ... and in fact, she tells us it's "really wise" to get the Russian Prez to America so he can understand what we're all about.

As for whether she's worried the move could go sour, the former Governor of Alaska says we won't know 'til we try, and we can't just go off what the media wants us to believe ... so it's worth a shot.

Speaking of Alaska ... we all know it's America's closest Russian neighbor, but Sarah says her home state has nothing to fear with this Putin situation either -- at least not on her watch.

Still got that hockey mom attitude.

'L&HH ATL' Star Karlie Redd Flashing $150k Engagement Ring

7/22/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Karlie Redd's recent engagement is very much the real deal and it was sealed with a $150k ring ... TMZ has learned.

Karlie got engaged last week to her boyfriend, Mo, during her single release party. Sources tell us the ring Mo used to pop the question to the "Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta" star was embedded with 18 carats in just diamonds alone.

Lots of people were surprised by the engagement, including Karlie who fell off a couch during the proposal, since not much is known about her fiance. They've only been dating for a few months. 

Karlie's brand manager, KD McNair, tells us Mo is a real estate investor/developer in the ATL area who leads a low-key life, but that's all likely to change on the next season of "Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta."

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