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Nelly Accuser Wants Judge to Order ... Don't Sexually Assault Women

1/23/2018 12:01 PM PST

The woman who accused Nelly of raping her has gone to court and asked a judge to order him not to do to other women what she says he did to her.

Monique Greene filed new legal docs in her lawsuit against the rapper, in which she is asking for an injunction against both Nelly and -- seriously -- his penis.  

Greene describes in detail Nelly's MO in what she says is a plot to sexually assault women. She says he seeks out "beautiful women of color" at his concerts, typically "with beautiful faces and curvy figures." She says a member of his entourage will invite the women and friends backstage. She says Nelly "is particularly attracted to women who were resistant."

She says at some point Nelly will begin masturbating in front of the women "with the expectation that presenting himself would entitle him to sexual gratification and that the women were drawn to and could not resist his penis." She says if a woman resists he "sexually accosts and/or assaults her" and this includes ejaculating on the woman's body.

We reached out to Nelly's rep ... so far no word back. 

Kim Kardashian Flashes Killer Bod!

1/23/2018 12:00 PM PST

Kim Kardashian's body always gets ya coming and going ... but this little see-through dress sure kicked things up a notch.

Kim was on the beach flashing her nearly flawless figure Monday in Malibu ... a week after she and Kanye West announced their surrogate gave birth to their third child, Chicago.

Kim was on the beach for a photo shoot ... all smiles and chatty with the crew. Sure didn't seem to mind being exposed, based on her huge grin. But then again ... Kim's been teasing us for a while now.


TMZ Live: James Franco: Oscar Snub Controversy

1/23/2018 10:45 AM PST

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Enzo Amore Accuser Speaks Out 'I Said 'No' Countless Times'

1/23/2018 11:54 AM PST

The woman who claims she was raped by WWE superstar Enzo Amore tells TMZ Sports ... she repeatedly told the wrestler to back off and leave her alone -- but he refused to stop. 

We spoke with Philomena Sheahan -- who gave us permission to publish her name and her face -- and she laid out her allegations she made to police against Amore, real name Eric Arndt. 

Sheahan claims Amore was hitting on her hard in a Phoenix hotel room on Oct. 19 -- and tried to slow him down ... telling him, "I want to get to know you first."

But Amore allegedly blew right past consent and got very aggressive -- ripping off Sheahan's tights and raping her in various parts of the hotel room. 

"I said 'no' countless times," Sheahan said ... "I just kept saying 'No.'"

Sheahan said she was crying as she begged him to stop, but he threw her on a bed instead -- and she hit her head so hard, she passed out. 

Amore, according to Sheahan, continued to restrain her and pushed forward with the sexual assault. 

A few days later, Sheahan says she spoke with Phoenix PD and cops opened an investigation into Amore. 

The WWE has since released Amore from the organization. 

Multiple attempts to reach Amore for comment have been unsuccessful. 

Stormy Daniels Axed From Las Vegas Club

1/23/2018 11:54 AM PST

The U.S. government isn't the only thing getting shut down ... Stormy Daniels just got the plug pulled on one of her upcoming club gigs.

Stormy had an appearance lined up at Chateau Nightclub in Las Vegas this Friday, but the club canceled it Tuesday morning. 

The gig coincided with the AVN adult entertainment expo in town over the weekend, which would seem like clever marketing for both Stormy and the club, but sources close to Stormy tell us the club didn't want the same media attention as the South Carolina strip club Stormy performed in over the weekend.

As we previously reported, Stormy's got gigs lined up through June after her alleged fling with the Prez made her a hot commodity, but it appears most are still going on as planned. 

In other good news, Stormy's Instagram account is back up and running. 

50 Cent Rakes in Millions Thanks to Bitcoin!!

1/23/2018 11:41 AM PST

50 Cent took a chance on bitcoin years before anyone knew what cryptocurrency even was ... and it's paid off more than 7 million times over.

Rewind to 2014 and 50's album, "Animal Ambition," when the rapper became the first to accept bitcoin -- which was then valued at around $662/bitcoin -- as payment for his work. We're told customers could get a copy of the album for just a fraction of a whole bitcoin.

Our sources say "Animal Ambition" pulled in about 700 bitcoin in sales ... over $400k. We're told the cryptocurrency sat dormant in his account for years. 

Fast-forward to today -- when bitcoin's value has fluctuated between $10k and $12k per coin. Turns out 50 is a money genius ... sitting on anywhere between $7 million and $8.5 million.

The market has steadily declined over the last few weeks, so 50 might wanna think about unloading soon while the gettin's still good.

In other news...

People Are Finally Realizing Who Jonah Hill's Sister Is

And It's Blowing Their Minds!


Steve Wilkos Hospitalized After Gnarly Car Wreck

1/23/2018 11:08 AM PST

Steve Wilkos is lucky to be alive after a car crash sent the talk show host and former Jerry Springer bodyguard to the hospital.

Law enforcement sources in Darien, Connecticut tell us Wilkos was involved in a single-car accident Sunday afternoon. We're told his vehicle struck several poles and a tree before ending up on its side ... Wilkos was transported to a local hospital for his injuries but has since been discharged.

Wilkos tells TMZ he typically wears glasses when he drives, but he was not wearing them before the crash. He says he was reaching for his glasses to put them on when he hit the curb and then struck the poles and a tree. Wilkos says he never drinks or does drugs.

Wilkos tells us he's pretty beat up but will be ok. In a terrible coincidence, Wilkos says the same day he crashed, his audio guy on the show and the crew member's wife were driving in the same area when they crashed -- both were killed. Production is set to start back up in a few days.

Wilkos found his fame as Jerry Springer's bodyguard on the popular talk show before creating his own show -- "The Steve Wilkos Show" -- in 2007.

Police tell us the crash remains an "active and open investigation."

Enzo Amore Fired By WWE In Wake of Rape Allegations

1/23/2018 10:51 AM PST
Breaking News

The WWE has officially "released" superstar Enzo Amore in the wake of allegations he raped a woman in Arizona back in October. 

The company issued a statement saying, "WWE has come to terms on the release of Eric Arndt (Enzo Amore)."

As we previously reported, the accuser went public with her story on Monday -- claiming Enzo and two friends got her "f*cked up" in a Phoenix hotel room and Enzo raped her.

The woman filed a report with the Phoenix P.D. Cops are actively investigating.

So far, no word from Enzo. 

Story developing ... 

Elon Musk, Amber Heard Something's Fishy On Wrapped-Up Sushi Date

1/23/2018 9:00 AM PST

Last we heard, Elon Musk and Amber Heard were "not back together" even though they kiss goodbye and dance real close ... sorry, we're not buying that now.

Amber and Elon went on a sushi date Monday in WeHo, and looked like the full-blown hand-holding couple that's definitely on again. But that's only because that's exactly what they are -- no matter how many times they try to say they're not reunited.

We broke the story ... Elon and Amber started hanging out again this past fall ... after announcing their split in the summer. Since then, they've smooched and gone dancing together.

If it looks like a reunited duck, walks like a reunited duck ...

DMX Here's What God Can Do for You And Here's a Shot, Too!!!

1/23/2018 9:53 AM PST

DMX is in rehab for substance abuse, but apparently those substances don't include alcohol ... based on this video of the rapper preaching ... in a Chili's bar!!

X was at the airport bar and grill Monday night in St. Louis when he started breaking down what the man upstairs has done for him in times of need. He'd been in town for a concert with E-40, but obviously still had some words of wisdom to share before leaving town.

Eyewitnesses tell us the rapper was buying everyone shots, and had some booze himself. His lawyer, Murray Richman, tells TMZ he's surprised because X is supposed to be traveling with his sober coach.

As we reported ... X has been given the green light to travel quite a bit as he completes his rehab. He's set to keep his shows going this week in NYC.

Cristiano Ronaldo Big Black Eye After Bloody Collision

1/23/2018 9:46 AM PST
Breaking News

Alas, Cristiano Ronaldo's perfect face finally has a flaw ...

Just a few days after taking a cleat to the face during a match against Deportivo, the Real Madrid star hit the practice field in Spain with a big ol' shiner on his left eye. 

CR7 was also sporting a bandage over the corner of his eye -- where it appears he suffered the laceration that left him bloody during the game. 

Ronaldo seemed to be in pretty good spirits during the workout -- despite the fact his face may never look the same again!!!

Kidding, he's still beautiful. 

Teletubby Tinky Winky Actor Simon Shelton Dies at 52

1/23/2018 7:57 AM PST

One of the guys who played Tinky Winky -- the allegedly gay Teletubby -- has died.

Simon Shelton died last week, according to his son, who told the BBC his dad passed last Wednesday. Shelton's niece, Emily Atack, said her uncle was "taken so suddenly."

Simon scored the "Teletubbies" role as the purple Teletubby after the original actor was fired in 1997. He stayed in the purple suit through 2001.

Tinky Winky was accused of being gay by deceased televangelist Jerry Falwell, who once wrote ... "He is purple -- the gay pride color, and his antenna is shaped like a triangle -- the gay pride symbol."

Yes, that actually happened.

Shelton was 52. RIP

Louie Anderson I'm Prettier as a Woman On 'Baskets'

1/23/2018 9:16 AM PST

Step aside, Julia Roberts ... Louie Anderson is the new pretty woman and he LOVES it.

We got Louie at LAX and asked if he's at all concerned about how he looks playing a woman in "Baskets." The role earned him an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor, and Louie digs it ... telling us, he's absolutely way more attractive as a woman than as a man. 

Louie's Emmy win was pretty groundbreaking. It was the first time a male actor has ever won for playing a female character.

Ya come a long way, Louie!

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