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Dallas Cowboys & Jerry Jones Take a Knee Before the Anthem ... Then Stand Once It Starts

9/25/2017 5:57 PM PDT
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The national debate over whether NFL players should kneel for the National Anthem bled into Monday night after Donald Trump's "son of a bitch" comments ... 'cause Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys just took a knee (kinda).

Jerry and the entire Cowboys organization -- including the players -- knelt down on one knee while locking arms before the start of the National Anthem, but then stood up once the song was about to start. The Cardinals stood arm-locked the whole time.

It's interesting ... each team seems to have had different reactions to Trump's remarks from over the weekend, when he suggested owners should fire players who kneel in protest.

Looks like Jerry's down to ... well, get down. 

World's Greatest Drag Race Porsche, Tesla, Ferrari ... Who Ya Got?

9/25/2017 4:50 PM PDT


Strap in for a good ole fashioned high-speed showdown between the world's greatest exotic cars -- Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren -- and a Tesla.

It's the seventh edition of Motor Trend's "World's Greatest Drag Race" and this year the big boys from Italy, Germany and Detroit are getting some electric competition. To be fair, the Tesla Model S P100D was the heaviest car in the lineup, but y'know what guys always say ... maybe size doesn't matter.

Pick your winner THEN watch the race for the title.

'Jeopardy' Fail Who the Hell Is Marcus Allen?!

9/25/2017 4:31 PM PDT

No, Anupama ... Marcus Allen did not play for the Colorado Rockies. 

Once again, the sports-themed category on "Jeopardy" was like kryptonite -- and when Alex Trebek asked the contestants to match an NFL Hall of Famer to his team, it was blank faces all around. 

Props to Anupama for trying ... especially after the the group didn't even TRY to chime in when Trebek asked about "Mean" Joe Greene and Michael Irvin

The best part? The collective sigh of relief as time ran out before the final 2 answers in the category could be read. 

For the record, Marcus Allen played for the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

Anthony Weiner NYer Begs Judge ... Lock Up This 'Danger to Society'

9/25/2017 4:20 PM PDT

Anthony Weiner deserves "no mercy" and got exactly what he deserved ... according to at least one "concerned New Yorker," who took the time to write to the judge in Weiner's case.

An anonymous citizen wrote a letter, obtained by TMZ, to Judge Denise Cote last week, and begged her to see him as a "perverted and deviant sexual predator whom in my opinion should be shown no mercy by the court."

The concerned citizen objected to Weiner's attorney portraying him as a "sick man, incapable of distinguishing rights from wrong and having no control over his own behavior." The angry NYer insisted Weiner is a "danger to our society" and added, showing him leniency would send the wrong message that even disgraced elected officials get a pass in court.

The final shot ... the citizen described the ex-U.S. Congressman as an "average performer with little care for his constituency, while hiding his dark and perverse secrets."

To be fair, another citizen wrote the judge and asked her to go easy on Weiner because he deserves a "pathway to righteousness and a chance to rebuild his life." He suggested house arrest would be best.

Judge Cote clearly disagreed.

Marc Anthony to Prez Trump 'Shut the F*** Up' About NFL Protests ... Puerto Ricans Are Dying

9/25/2017 3:32 PM PDT
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President Trump's under fire from Marc Anthony ... who's begging the commander-in-chief to turn his attention away from NFL player protests -- and toward the crisis in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

Marc is pissed off and bluntly called out Trump, saying ..."Mr. President shut the f**k up about NFL. Do something about our people in need in #PuertoRico. We are American citizens too."

The singer's anger stems from the humanitarian crisis in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The island's power grid remains crippled, a massive dam is crumbling, hospitals don't have running water and there's extremely limited communication.

Marc has joined his ex, Jennifer Lopez's efforts to send aid to the island -- but, clearly, he's screaming for POTUS to get on board too.

Kathy Griffin My Neighbor's Out for Revenge ... I Need Protection!!!

9/25/2017 2:51 PM PDT
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Kathy Griffin's neighbor war is so intense now, she's run to court to get protection from him -- but fears some serious consequences for doing so.

According to court docs, Kathy filed for a restraining order against Jeffrey Mezger ... the neighbor who went off on her and her bf, just over a week ago, with an expletive laced rant. Mezger shouted from his backyard on Sept. 16 over to Kathy and her boyfriend, Randy Bick.

Mezger was recorded saying, "Hey Randy, go f**k yourself ... you're stuck with a f**king bald dy** who Donald Trump kind of put the heat on. Now you're calling the cops? F**k you and f**k Kathy." Randy had apparently called police earlier to make a noise complaint.

In the docs, Kathy admits she's had several issues with Mezger over the last year -- including him allegedly throwing garbage in her yard, and blaring Johnny Cash tunes in the direction of Kathy's home. Good taste in music aside ... Kathy's fed up with the annoyances.

Kathy says she's worried Mezger will retaliate in a violent manner once he finds out she filed for court ordered protection. Still, she was granted the restraining order, and it requires Mezger to stay 100 yards away from Kathy and Randy.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Finally, Some PDA!!! Royal Snuggling in Toronto

9/25/2017 1:26 PM PDT

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially gone public -- holding hands out in the open for the whole world to see.

Harry and Meghan were seen hand-in-hand Monday arriving at the semi-final rounds of the Invictus Games in Toronto. It's the first time they've openly shown this kinda PDA.

They've been together since last summer, and while they've been spotted going to dinner before ... we've never seen them quite this snuggly. 

Meghan's TV show "Suits" shoots in Toronto, so he's on her home turf -- and looking damn comfortable too.

Tom Wopat Facing New Charge for Indecent Touching of 16-Yr-Old Co-Star

9/25/2017 1:06 PM PDT

Tom Wopat got handsy with a minor -- a 16-year-old actress -- on the set of his play ... according to authorities who've added new charges against him.

Police say they interviewed the girl 2 weeks after the ex 'Dukes of Hazzard' star was arrested in Waltham, Mass. for felony indecent assault -- he allegedly put his finger in a woman's butt crack. According to new docs, he also poked a minor in her stomach with his finger. The alleged victim was one of his co-stars on the production of "42nd Street."

According to the docs, he told his underage co-star, "I'm a creepy old man, you're really talented and really cute." She told cops she ignored him, but his words made her uncomfortable.

Shortly after that exchange, during rehearsal, she says he struck her butt with his script ... and said, "Nice butt." As for poking her in the stomach -- she says she was especially creeped out because she was wearing a cropped top, and he touched her bare skin.

The alleged victim says an adult on-set told Wopat, "Don't flirt with this girl, she's only 16." She claims Wopat responded, "Don't worry because my wife is 17 years younger than me so I'm good."

He's now facing a new indecent assault and battery charge for the alleged incident ... as well as 2 additional charges of accosting and annoying.

Anthony Weiner Judge Threw Book at Me Because I'm Famous

9/25/2017 12:43 PM PDT
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Anthony Weiner was done dirty by the judge who gave him 21 months in prison ... at least that's how he and his lawyers see it.

In fact, Weiner's team thinks he shouldn't have gotten ANY time behind bars, especially because the judge acknowledged Weiner's treatment program has shown promise. His attorney Arlo Devlin-Brown says the judge chose to make an example out of Weiner purely because of his celebrity.

Prosecutors had recommended up to 27 months, and the judge could have given Weiner up to 10 years -- so you'd think he'd be grateful for the 21-month sentence. Apparently not.

As Devlin-Brown puts it ... the judge used Weiner to send a message to other famous people to not follow his footsteps, but this "has resulted in a punishment more severe than it had to be given the unusual facts and circumstances of this case."

Devlin-Brown seems to be referring to the fact Weiner claims the 15-year-old girl contacted him first. The judge dismissed that argument, saying, "She is a minor. She is a victim."

Cardi B I Got Some Shade for Taylor Swift Now That I Snatched #1

9/25/2017 11:21 AM PDT

Taylor Swift just got served a can of whoop ass ... courtesy of Cardi B, whose track "Bodak Yellow" just bumped T-Swizzle from the top of the singles chart.

We got Cardi Monday at Atlantic Records in NYC where she was celebrating her spot on the Billboard Hot 100 throne with champagne and shade ... which she hilariously threw at Taylor during a speech you gotta see. 

Cardi's only the second female rapper to top the Hot 100 without featuring someone else on the song. Lauryn Hill was the last to do it with "Doo Wop (That Thing)" in 1998.

Congrats, Cardi!

Colin Kaepernick Surfaces After NFL Protests Smiling & Jacked

9/25/2017 10:27 AM PDT

Colin Kaepernick doesn't seem to be phased by President Trump calling him a "son of a bitch" -- he surfaced in NYC on Monday on his way to the gym ... and he looks ready to play. 

Kaepernick smiled when asked how he felt about the scores of NFL players who took a knee on Sunday following the national anthem protest he started last year -- but the smile faded when he was asked about Trump's newest comments

The ex-49ers quarterback was decked out in gym gear -- wearing a shirt that says "dope" -- and looked like he's put on some serious muscle mass since last season. 

There were questions about his weight and if he's actually training to get back into the league. He definitely looks the part here. 

Kaep was with his girlfriend, Nessa -- one of the biggest radio personalities in the country. 

In other news...

YouTuber Tana Mongeau Has A Heavy Make Out Session With Bella Thorne

See The Steamy Kiss That Has Everyone Talking


Fergie I've Got a Handle On Single Parenting

9/25/2017 11:10 AM PDT

Fergie is successfully juggling motherhood and career ... by bringing her little man to work with her.

Fergie was at a NYC radio station Monday morning holding on to her son, Axl Jack, who's been going back and forth between mom and dad. Josh Duhamel was hanging out with the kiddo last week, the day before he and Fergie announced their split.

Fergie seems well adjusted to her new single life -- partying her ass off in Brazil last week, this week your average working mom ... who happens to look smoking hot in thigh highs.

Audrina Patridge Ex Will Not Be Prosecuted For Domestic Violence

9/25/2017 10:05 AM PDT

Audrina Patridge's estranged husband, Corey Bohan, is off the hook with Orange County prosecutors when it comes to domestic battery ... TMZ has learned.

The D.A.'s Office says it will not prosecute Bohan based on the report Audrina made to cops after a Sept. 6 incident. As we first reported ... Audrina claims Corey verbally belittled her and her mother, and snatched her phone out of her hand while she was recording his rant.

Despite her claims, the D.A. says there was not enough evidence to go forward with prosecution. 

While Bohan might be off the hook with OC prosecutors, we're told the domestic violence restraining order still stands.

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