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T.I. Prosecutors Drop Assault Charge ... In Confrontation with Security Guard

10/17/2018 6:20 AM PDT

T.I. just got cut a partial break after prosecutors dropped his outrageous charge in a case that a lot of people think is racially motivated.

You'll recall, T.I. was arrested back in May after getting into it with the guy at the guard shack in his gated community outside Atlanta. The guard -- who was sleeping when the rapper rolled up -- demanded to see ID and when T.I. couldn't produce it the guard wouldn't let him in.

At one point T.I. said repeatedly, "You're making it worse for yourself, man ... You're gonna have to deal with me." Apparently, cops thought that was a criminal threat and arrested him for assault. Well, that dog don't hunt, so prosecutors have decided to drop the charge.

T.I. still faces 3 counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and one count of misdemeanor public drunkenness. 


Machine Gun Kelly Crew Wanted in ATL for Brutal Fight

10/17/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Members of Machine Gun Kelly's entourage are in for a surprise if they ever set foot in Georgia again -- a judge has issued warrants for their arrest ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to the case tell TMZ ... Atlanta PD has ID'd at least 3 individuals involved in the brutal beatdown of actor Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez, and they've each been charged with misdemeanor battery.

We're told at least 2 of the crew members live outside the state, and Atlanta PD won't spend resources to extradite the suspects ... because they're only charged with misdemeanors.

As far as MGK's fate goes ... our law enforcement sources say he will NOT be charged with any crime, because the investigation determined G-Rod triggered the fight. G-Rod has not been charged yet.

TMZ broke the story ... G-Rod called Kelly a "p***y" for a tweet calling Eminem's then-16-year-old daughter hot. Kelly pushed G-Rod away, but later his crew beat the crap outta him in a hotel lobby.  

'L&HH' Star Erica Mena Arrested with Boyfriend Near ATL

10/15/2018 11:03 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

'Love & Hip Hop' star Erica Mena was arrested this past weekend for weed, which becomes an afterthought when you hear her boyfriend was also arrested after allegedly kicking in a door to get to her during an argument. 

Erica and her BF, Clifford Dixon, were hauled off to jail Friday in Johns Creek, GA -- about 27 miles outside of Atlanta -- after someone called cops from their home to report an argument getting out of hand. Once cops arrived, they interviewed different people in the home and discovered Cliff and Erica had been fighting ... and that Cliff allegedly kicked through a bedroom door to a room in which Erica had locked herself.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, one of Erica and Cliff's roommates heard them fighting upstairs and apparently heard someone get slapped. Cops say they didn't see any visible marks on either person, but ended up busting Cliff when 2 different people reported he'd kicked through the door. He denied breaking it. 

Cliff was arrested for criminal trespass because Erica told cops the property was in her name. Meanwhile, Erica was arrested for possession of bud. 

Cops say Erica admitted smoking weed and that she had some inside her home. Cops say they found baggies of weed and possible THC wax in her bedroom and her kitchen. 

Erica was featured on season 7 of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" ... but she'd previously been a main cast member on "Love & Hip Hop: New York." 

Cristiano Ronaldo United Front with Girlfriend Amid Rape Allegations

10/15/2018 7:00 AM PDT

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend is sticking right by his side while the soccer star continues to fight a rape allegation out of Las Vegas ... as the couple hit up a dinner hot spot together in Paris.

CR7 and Georgina Rodriguez were spotted at Cesar restaurant on Sunday ... the same day his Portugal national team played a friendly match with Scotland.

Ronaldo had previously announced he would be taking time away from the team (he's missed the last 2 matches) -- and although he didn't specifically cite the rape case ... it's obvious why. 

As we previously reported, Ronaldo is being sued by a woman who claims he sexually assaulted her in the soccer star's penthouse suite back in 2009. The accuser claims Ronaldo trapped her in a bathroom and sodomized her against her will despite telling him "stop" multiple times. 

The woman claims Ronaldo later paid her more than $300,000 to sign a non-disclosure agreement which would essentially guarantee her silence. The woman claims she's been inspired by the #MeToo movement and now wants the agreement nullified.  

CR7 has vehemently denied any wrongdoing ... calling the allegations "fake news" and saying "rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that I am and believe in."

Georgina's clearly siding with her man.

Orlando Brown Heads to Rehab ... After Friends Stage Intervention

10/15/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Orlando Brown is finally getting the help he needs ... thanks to friends who never gave up on him and staged an intervention to get him into a rehab facility.

We're told, Orlando's friend Danny Boy -- the owner of a Vegas restaurant that the "That's So Raven" star broke into last month -- contacted Wendy Wheaton and Tommy Red, Hollywood producers with contacts in the rehab world.

The plan was to get Orlando some help back in August, but he threw a wrench in that plan when he got arrested in early September after breaking into Danny's joint. Orlando got out but went MIA for a few weeks.

Fast forward to last Sunday ... when Orlando made his way to a San Fernando Valley hotel where cops were called after he went off the rails. He was so bad off, his friends had to wait a few days for the intervention.

After the intervention -- put together by Tommy, Wendy and their group, -- Orlando decided to enter a treatment facility for mental health and substance abuse issues. 

Orlando's no doubt had his troubles. They've been well documented here, here, here, here, here and here. There's also the infamous bounty hunters bust back in April ... when he was arrested in his undies. #GetWellOrlando

Kim Kardashian West Slammed for Support of Death Row Inmate ... 'Slap in the Face' to Victims

10/14/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian West's tweet advocating for DNA testing that could possibly free a death row prisoner is completely disrespectful to the family of those he murdered ... so says the prosecutor on the case.

San Bernardino County D.A. Mike Ramos tells TMZ ... his office firmly stands behind the conviction of Kevin Cooper, who was found guilty of 4 murders in 1983. Cooper has maintained his innocence and even suggested he was framed.

Ramos says he has no doubt Cooper committed the horrendous killings, and claims the case against him only gets stronger each time he appeals.

As for Kim's tweet -- in which she urges California Gov. Jerry Brown to order advanced DNA testing that could settle the case once and for all -- Ramos says ... "It’s time that we start talking and 'tweeting' about the victims who were brutally murdered in the sanctity of their home."

Ramos adds ... "This latest attempt to free Kevin Cooper is nothing more than a red herring and another slap in the face of the victims and their family members who were forced to suffer a lifetime of pain."

As we reported ... Gov. Brown's office is reviewing the case, and Cooper is grateful Kim put a spotlight on his case.

Ex-'American Idol' Contestant Busted for Heroin

10/13/2018 10:46 AM PDT

Antonella Barba -- known for her appearance on the 6th season of "American Idol" -- has been arrested for allegedly trying to distribute heroin ... TMZ has learned.

The singer was busted Thursday in Virginia around 11:30 AM and is facing a felony charge of heroin distribution of 100g or more ... according to the Norfolk Sheriff's Office. Details are scarce, but Barba is still being held in jail without bond and has a court date set for next week.

Antonella was eliminated right before the top 12 were chosen on Season 6 of 'Idol' in 2007, amid some notoriety for posing in a wet t-shirt in the fountain of the World War II Memorial in D.C.

She was also busted for shoplifting in NYC in 2011, but that didn't stop her from appearing on an episode of "Fear Factor" in 2012.

Her latest TV gig was in a funny 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' video that brought a bunch of past 'Idol' stars together for a musical "Where Are They Now?" segment.

We reached out to Barba's rep ... so far no word back. 

'Bachelor' Star Amanda Stanton Pleads Not Guilty In Las Vegas Domestic Abuse Case

10/10/2018 1:34 PM PDT

Former 'Bachelor' contestant Amanda Stanton is now officially charged in her Las Vegas domestic violence case, and she's pled not guilty ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda's attorney entered her plea Wednesday in the Clark County courthouse after she was charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic battery. We broke the story when she got busted last month following an argument with her BF, Bobby Jacobs. We're told Amanda allegedly shoved him in front of a security guard at their hotel and the push was harsh enough, the guard called cops. 

According to the police report, the altercation was way more severe. Bobby claimed Amanda started to hit him while he was in bed, they argued for hours before she eventually took the room's phone and swung it at him. He also told cops she'd kicked, scratched and pinched him because she was pissed he wasn't answering her calls earlier in the night. 

Amanda's rep told us the whole thing was a misunderstanding, calling her shove "playful."

Lenny Dykstra Charged w/ Coke, Meth Possession ... Facing Prison

10/10/2018 11:32 AM PDT

Stop us if you've heard this before ... Lenny Dykstra's got problems.

A grand jury in Union County, NJ just indicted the ex-MLB superstar on 3 serious crimes ... possession of cocaine, possession of meth and making terroristic threats after an alleged blowup with his Uber driver last May.

As we previously reported, Dykstra was arrested back in May after allegedly threatening his Uber driver -- who then stopped the car in front of a police station. 

Cops say they found evidence of cocaine and meth -- and took Dykstra into custody. 

TMZ Sports obtained police body cam video from the arrest -- in which Dykstra tells the cop he does NOT have a gun in his possession (as originally claimed by the Uber driver). 

Remember, the driver claimed Dykstra put a gun to his head during the incident. Dykstra says that's just not true.

In the video, Dykstra is frantically trying to dissuade the cops from searching one of his bags -- it seems obvious why.

Dykstra argued that the Uber driver was the bad guy -- who kidnapped him and Lenny was in fear for his life.

But, the grand jury clearly believes there's enough truth behind the Uber driver's story to move forward with charges against the 55-year-old.

If convicted, Dykstra faces between 3-5 years in prison on each charge.

Lenny's attorney, Matthew Blit, tells TMZ Sports ... "A grand jury will indict a ham sandwich. The evidence in this case overwhelmingly confirms Lenny is innocent."

Jim Jones Charged with 5 Felonies ... For June Car Chase Bust

10/10/2018 10:21 AM PDT

Jim Jones is officially facing a handful of felony drug and firearm charges for his June arrest in Georgia after a police chase ... TMZ has learned.

The rapper's been hit with 3 counts of possession of a controlled substance and 2 counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony -- so 5 felony charges total ... according to new legal docs.

Jones has also been charged with a 6th count of possession of marijuana, less than an ounce ... which is a misdemeanor.

We broke the story ... Jones was busted on June 20 in Coweta County when a car he was a passenger in led cops on a chase. When it finally stopped, cops searched the vehicle and found marijuana, oxycodone, Percocet, vape cartridges and 2 loaded pistols.

Neither Jones nor the 3 others in the car, including the driver, admitted possession of the items ... so they were all arrested.

Jones' arraignment on the charges is scheduled for later this month. If convicted on all charges, he faces up to decades in prison.

Kim Kardashian West Thanks for Putting Me on Gov's Radar Says Death Row Prisoner

10/10/2018 12:40 AM PDT

The death row inmate Kim Kardashian West pushed into the spotlight says he appreciates her support, but adds he desperately needs her to get him the one thing he needs to clear his name.

California prisoner Kevin Cooper's attorney, Norman Hile, tells TMZ ... Cooper is aware Kim tweeted about him a few days ago, putting his case front and center with her 60 million followers, but says he really just needs one person's attention -- CA Governor Jerry Brown.

Cooper needs Gov. Brown to order new advanced DNA testing ... a request that Brown's office is currently reviewing.

If you're unfamiliar with his story ... Cooper was convicted of 4 murders in the 1980s. He's maintained his innocence, and even suggested he was framed. A NYT op-ed on the case concluded the same thing.

Kim's tweet was a direct plea to Gov. Brown, and Hile says Cooper is hoping Kim's legion of fans follow up, research his case and then write to Brown. For his part, Cooper is going to write a thank-you letter to Kim.

Our Kim sources tell us she has no personal connection to Cooper, and she simply stumbled across an article about him a few months ago. What's also interesting ... her push on his behalf comes just ahead of Kanye West's Thursday meeting with President Trump.

The White House says they'll be talking prison reform, but Cooper's case would be off the table -- it's a state matter, not federal. 

Katt Williams Sprung from Jail in Oregon ... Dodges Extradition to GA

10/9/2018 3:40 PM PDT

Katt Williams is a free man again -- and it looks like it'll stay that way for the short-term, 'cause he got a pass from prosecutors in Georgia ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement in Multnomah County, Oregon tells us Katt was released from jail at around 2 PM PT. He'd been cooling off in a cell since getting arrested Saturday for allegedly assaulting a driver. We're told he was cut loose after authorities in Hall County, GA declined to extradite the comedian for failing to appear in court last month. 

We broke the story ... Katt had a felony warrant issued for his arrest after he skipped court to attend the Emmys. Sources close to Katt told us he's blaming his management for failing to remind him about his date with a judge. 

It's unclear why the Hall County D.A. decided not to drag him back to GA, but it's a stroke of good luck -- for a change -- for Katt.

French Montana Here's Why I Bailed a Woman Out of Jail ... In My Hometown

10/9/2018 7:01 AM PDT

French Montana isn't trying to fix the criminal justice system by himself, but says he still wants to do his part ... which is why he bailed a woman out of jail who couldn't afford it.

We got French Monday in NYC shortly after he posted bail for a woman in the Bronx who couldn't put up the money. He tells us poverty isn't a crime, and just because you can't afford to get out of a cage doesn't mean you should be in one.

He teamed up with Global Citizen, Revolve Impact, The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Org and Mass Bail Out, an org focused on this cause, but French told us this is very personal for him ... revealing how the cash bail system has affected some of his close friends.

If it sounds like French is taking a page out of Kim Kardashian West's playbook -- dedicating himself to prison reform -- he says absolutely, because if he didn't ... he'd just be a rapper with a mic. 

His ultimate goal, though, is inspiring the next wave of leaders. Here's hoping they're listening.

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