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Beyonce I'm REALLY Pregnant ... Let There Be No Doubt

2/2/2017 6:48 AM PST

Beyonce's letting her belly do the talking this time around. 

She took a ton of shots showing off the twins growing inside of her ... some topless, some underwater, some with Blue Ivy. You gotta remember all the rumors when she was pregnant the first time -- conspiracy theorists insisted a surrogate did all they heavy lifting.

Well, these pics should shut those people up, quick. 

Beyonce Did She Just Announce She's Pregnant?

1/11/2015 10:35 AM PST
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Beyonce drew a line in the sand Sunday ... then covered it with a big mound that some are saying is a pregnancy announcement.

Queen Bey posted a pic on Instagram with her body covered in sand -- with a pronounced bump over the stomach ... and her followers took notice. 

It's possible she's just screwing with people ... hard to tell.

So, we gotta ask ...

Beyonce Jay Z Hints ... She's Pregnant

9/14/2014 12:30 AM PDT
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Jay Z may have dropped a HUGE pregnancy bombshell re: Beyonce during their concert Friday in Paris ... alternatively he's trying to drum up more publicity for their tour. 

The first couple of hip hop were in France for their "On the Run" tour and during Hova's song "Beach is Better" he changed one key lyric that has the internet stirring. 

According to an Instagram video which first appeared on Vibe -- we tried our best to hear for ourselves but it's tough -- Jay Z allegedly says "pregnant with another one" instead of "I replace it with another one."

Wonder if Aunt Solange will be in the delivery room.

Beyonce Can't Stop Proving She's NOT Pregnant

6/11/2013 12:02 AM PDT

Beyonce's favorite thing to do these days is to post photo evidence she's not pregnant ... which reminds absolutely no one -- have ya seen "Black Baby?"

Hey, you asked for it.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

6/1/2013 6:30 AM PDT
Crazy week for celebrities ... and speaking of crazy, we gotta ask ...


Beyonce Cheers ... to Not Being Pregnant?

6/1/2013 5:40 AM PDT
Rather than simply come out and say "I am not pregnant" ... Beyonce chose to deflect the rumors once again ... this time by posting a photo of her drinking a glass of wine with hubby Jay-Z.

Rumors of Bey being knocked up have been swirling for weeks, beginning when she canceled a concert in Belgium and cited the dreaded "exhaustion and dehydration."

She also posted (and quickly deleted) a diatribe on Instagram slamming the rumors ... but at no point has she ever denied them.

This photo doesn't put the rumors to rest either ... doctors aren't completely against a pregnant woman having a glass of wine every now and again. So we ask ...

Beyonce Who You Callin' Pregnant?

5/19/2013 7:30 AM PDT
Pregnancy rumors be damned, Beyonce wore a slew of form-fitting outfits during her tour stop in Milan last night.

Bey has thus far neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, only attacking the press with an Instagram post she quickly deleted. Multiple outlets say they have confirmed Mrs. Carter is pregnant with baby #2, and many point to the fact she canceled a show last week ... citing good ol' "dehydration and exhaustion."

When we asked yesterday, 81% of you said you thought Beyonce was preggers. After looking at these pics, we ask again ...

Beyonce Slams Pregnancy Rumors ... But Doesn't Deny Them

5/18/2013 5:20 AM PDT

Beyonce posted (and quickly deleted from Instagram) a harsh response to the rumors she's carrying baby #2 ... bashing the media as "low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me."

It's an odd response to a pregnancy rumor -- it's not like reports are saying she's hooked on drugs or splitting from hubby Jay-Z. A simple "Yes it's true" or "No it isn't" would solve the problem ... but she opted for neither.

So we gotta ask ...

Kelly Rowland Beyonce's Pregnant?! WHAT?!?!

5/17/2013 2:30 PM PDT

Former "Destiny's Child" singer Kelly Rowland had NO IDEA Beyonce was pregnant with a second child ... either that, or she deserves an Oscar for the performance she just gave in a L.A. parking lot.

Kelly was on her way out of a cafe when we asked how she felt about the latest reports ... that Beyonce is pregnant with baby #2 -- and Kelly looked totally flabbergasted, saying, "WHAT?!?!"

But it's likely she actually did know ... because as soon as we started asking more questions, Kelly clammed up.

So we gotta ask ...

Beyonce PREGNANT (Reportedly)

5/17/2013 11:40 AM PDT
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Seems the Beyonce preggo rumors are true-mors ... at least according to E!, which is now reporting the singer is knocked up with her second child.

The rumor mill had been in overdrive over the past week -- especially with Beyonce bailing on a concert in Belgium at the last minute due to "dehydration and exhaustion."

Everyone on the planet knows ... when a celeb drops the ol' "D&E" excuse, it's code for -- we're hiding something.

31-year-old Beyonce gave birth to her first child -- daughter Blue Ivy -- back in January 2012.

No word on when B and Jay-Z are dropping kid #2. 

We called B's reps for comment -- so far, no word back ... however, Russell Simmons tweeted a congratulatory message to the couple ... and that guy's connected ... so, yeah.


Beyonce Pregnancy (Rumors) Never Looked This Good

5/15/2013 4:45 PM PDT
With no signs of morning sickness dehydration or exhaustion, a healthier Beyonce once again took to the stage in Belgium on Wednesday.

One day after postponing the Belgium concert -- and further fueling the pregnancy rumors -- Bey didn't disappoint her legions of fans and brought her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour to Antwerp.

While she was decked out in a form fitting Ralph & Russo body suit, there's still no official word if Blue Ivy's mom is performing for two -- but she doesn't look it ... yet.

Turns out Beyonce is really pregnant by the way. So there you go.

Beyonce Cancels Concert Fueling Preggo Rumors

5/14/2013 6:50 AM PDT
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More evidence Beyonce is with (2nd) child -- she just canceled her concert in Belgium and BLAMED IT ON DEHYDRATION AND EXHAUSTION!!!!!

Who smells BS???

Fact: The preggo rumors have been circulating for weeks ... but B has remained mum on the situation.

Now, she's bailing on a show ... and using the D&E excuse ... commonly known in the entertainment industry as "What you tell the media when you don't want to tell the truth."

Beyonce's rep says the singer is "awaiting word from her doctors before making a decision."

So ... congrats???