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Guess Who This Giggling Guy Turned Into!

12/11/2018 12:01 AM PST

Before this happy human was entertaining audiences with his out-of-this-world acting, he was just another chuckling child growing up in Virginia, MN. Can you guess who he is?

Guess Which NFL Stars These Cool Kids Turned Into!

12/9/2018 12:01 AM PST

Before these little players were stars of the Sunday screen they were just coming up with a game plan to tackle life ... Get ready for kickoff by scrolling through our gallery of NFL cute kids to see if you can guess the player in the precious pic!

Guess Who This Green-Eyed Girl Turned Into!

12/7/2018 12:01 AM PST

Before this picture perfect kid was a multitalented television star, she was just enjoying life with her famous family in Westminster, United Kingdom. Can you guess who she is?

LaMelo Ball Dunks All Over Defender LaVar Makes Outrageous Claim After

12/6/2018 9:24 AM PST
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LaMelo Ball put some poor kid on a poster Wednesday night ... pointed at him to celebrate -- and then LaVar Ball made an insane claim afterward.

Yeah, SPIRE Academy has officially been BBB'd.

It all went down at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia ... when LaMelo rolled up 30 points, 13 assists, and one monster jam in SPIRE's 91-79 win over Life Christian Academy.

LaMelo's dunk sent a crowd of around 6,000 into a frenzy ... which prompted LaVar to say afterward that Melo's new team is THE BEST ON THE PLANET!!!!

"SPIRE is the most exciting, entertaining high school basketball team in the world! They can't be beat by nobody!"

For his part ... Melo says his time so far at the prestigious school has been dope, saying, "I love it!"

And, how could he not?? Dude's been killin' it ... and the squad is undefeated with him on the roster.

Guess Who This Screaming Kid Turned Into!

12/5/2018 12:01 AM PST

Before this young yeller was giving us reasons why we love his acting, he was just another kid expressing his feelings in Evansville, Indiana. Can you guess who he is?

Bronny James Dunks, Drops 27 in Crossroads Debut While LeBron Watches

12/4/2018 7:08 AM PST
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No look passes, deep 3s, and rim-shakin' dunks.

Yep, Bronny James is basically a 5'10" version of LeBron James ... and the NBA superstar's 14-year-old son put on an absolute clinic in his Crossroads debut on Monday ... droppin' 27 points!!

King James' kid suited up for the Roadrunners for the first time since making the move to California ... sporting Bron's iconic #23 jersey and dominating the game just like Daddy. 

Remember, he's only an 8th grader.

LBJ loved what he saw ... cheering on Bronny from the stands throughout the game.

According to reports, school officials tried to keep the game quiet -- meaning, there wasn't a massive publicity push to draw eyeballs to watch James. The school's athletic director reportedly said they want Bronny's school experience to be as normal as possible. 

It's fun to watch now ... but the real treat will be when Bronny teams up with Shaq's son, Shaqir, next season.

For now, Bronny's Crossroads team looks solid -- they won 61-48.

Welcome to L.A., kid.

'L&HH' Star Lyrica Anderson Major Health Scare After New Baby's Birth

12/4/2018 12:10 AM PST

'Love & Hip Hop' star Lyrica Anderson tells us her health got so bad after giving birth to her son, she felt like she was about to die. 

Lyrica says after welcoming her and A1's baby boy, Ocean Zion Bentley, into the world Friday ... her health quickly deteriorated. She says things got so bad, doctors had to give her toothbrushes to itch her skin. Yikes!

Check out the clip ... Lyrica compares herself to one of the main characters from "Friday." Hints: PCP and Debo's pigeon coop.

Lyrica was still in her hospital bed as she updated us on all the scary things that started happening to her after the birth. The list is long and, honestly, might act as birth control for the squeamish. 

The good news ... Ocean is doing well and Lyrica is on the mend.

Chris Pratt Brings Son to The Happiest Place on Earth!!! With GF Katherine Schwarzenegger

12/3/2018 9:13 AM PST

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger know how to kick things up for Sunday Funday ... with a trip to Disneyland Chris' son will surely never forget.

Chris, Katherine and Jack looked like one huge happy family at the Happiest Place on Earth ... hitting up the theme park Sunday with some friends. Chris and Katherine showed some PDA, and Jack no doubt looked like he had the time of his life.

They jumped on Toy Story Midway Mania!, as well as Pirates of the Caribbean and Thunder Mountain. And, don't let anyone convince you otherwise -- no trip to Disneyland is complete without watching the fireworks.

Nobody -- and we mean NOBODY -- seemed more pumped about the fireworks than Chris. Dude was fist pumping like he had just scored the game-winning TD in the Super Bowl. Talk about being fired up.

Jack was also in awe of the firework display. It's a thing of beauty ... especially this time a year.

Guess Who This Comedic Cutie Turned Into!

12/3/2018 12:01 AM PST

Before this bouncing baby was a standup comedian and the voice of a big mouth character, he was just another bundle of joy growing up in Chicago, Illinois. Can you guess who he is?

Mariah Carey All I Want for Xmas is ... For My Twins to Nail These Backup Vocals!!!

11/29/2018 7:03 AM PST

If this isn't the most Mariah Carey move of all time we don't know what is ... 'cause teaching her twins backup vocals is pretty legendary. 

Mariah put Moroccan and Monroe to work Wednesday night, teaching them the backup vocals to her 1994 classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You." You can tell the kids have listened to this song once or twice ... they jump on cue when the song starts.

Roc and Roe -- as Mariah's dubbed them -- are definitely into this. You can see Moroccan crack his fingers and dab before putting in some work. Mariah kicks things off before the kiddos jump in with their I's and O's.

Mariah says the kids have been practicing the vocals ... and bravo, 'cause they nailed it.

Moral of the story ... never too early to put your kids to work. JK ... it's about family QT or whatever. 

Guess Who This Yawning Youngster Turned Into!

11/29/2018 12:01 AM PST

Before this sleeping beauty was waking up in a full house, she was just another girl getting some much needed rest in Los Angeles. Can you guess who she is?

Kevin Hart Defends 'Cowboys & Indians' Party ... It Was Not Racist!!

11/28/2018 10:26 AM PST

Kevin Hart is firing back at critics who slammed his decision to throw his son a "Cowboys and Indians" party on Thanksgiving, because the comedian doesn't see anything racially insensitive about it. 

Kevin weighed in on the controversy on his SiriusXM show "Straight from the Hart," shutting down critics who felt the Native American-inspired clothing was culturally inappropriate and offensive.

Kevin says the backlash is "dumb s**t," because it shows "how stupid our world is becoming with opinions." 

Kevin says there was nothing malicious about the theme -- as he points out, the NFL's Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins played on national TV the same day -- and the idea came from movies and games that have been around for years. He says kids played "Cowboys and Indians" when he was growing up, so he disagrees with people who think the outfits perpetuated racial slurs. 

As for his NFL defense ... Kevin's ignoring the fact many people have issues with the Washington DC team's name. 

The party controversy started on Thanksgiving, when Kevin's wife Eniko posted an Instagram picture from Kenzo's first birthday bash, showing attendees dressed in traditional Native American garb. Many of Kevin and Eniko's followers called it shameful and ignorant.

Followers be damned ... Kevin strongly disagrees.

Travis & Kylie 'Hubby' & 'Wife' Time After Stormi Cheers MSG Gig

11/28/2018 7:08 AM PST

After Travis Scott wowed the Madison Square Garden crowd -- which included his baby girl -- he got in some QT with Kylie Jenner. Just another Tuesday night for the fam.

The couple was spotted together after Travis rocked MSG as part of his Astroworld tour, and from the looks of it ... no one enjoyed his performance more than their 9-month-old daughter, Stormi. Seriously, she could barely contain herself.

Travis shared the stupidly cute vid of Stormi giggling and bouncing as she watched him on a monitor backstage. She almost seemed to be matching his moves as he performed "Quintana."

Before the show, Kylie posted a pic referring to Travis as her "hubby" ... adding more fuel to rumors they might have secretly wed.

View this post on Instagram

the look ya give when ur hubby is performing at madison square garden tonight 👀

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

As we reported ... Travis called Kylie "my beautiful wife" at a show last week in Houston.

Could just be cute nicknames for each other, but then again ... secret marriages are kinda the in thing -- as in Cardi B and Offset ... and Justin and Hailey.

Just sayin'.

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