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Clippers Spencer Hawes

Rocks Amazing Hideous Xmas Suit

... Tribute to Craig Sager

12/26/2014 8:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1226-spencer-hawes-christmas-suit-AP-01It might be the most incredible/disgusting/amazing outfit ever worn by a NBA player -- the holiday suit Spencer Hawes wore on the bench during last night's Clippers vs. Warriors game.

But there was a reason the Clippers 7-footer decided to rock the nasty red, white and green look ... it was all a tribute to TNT's legendary sideline reporter Craig Sager ... who's famous for his outrageous fashion statements.

Unfortunately, Craig's battling leukemia and hasn't worked this season -- so Spencer felt he would pick up the Xmas day slack.  

In fact, Hawes -- who was sidelined with an injury last night -- tweeted, "Mr. Sager do you approve? Merry Christmas!"

Get well soon, Craig!

Ray J

I Got a New Piece

And it Tells Time

12/24/2014 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ray J Watches
Ray J wants to give Kim Kardashian a run for her money, but not in a hotel room ... this time it's in Macy's.

We've learned Ray has signed a deal to become the face of RSNL watches with his business partner, David Weintraub. The timepieces go for anywhere between $150 and $500. They got some good outlets ... JCPenney, Macy's and Kohl's.


Ray wants this to be his entree into the jewelry biz ... just like Kim K.

He always makes his money right behind her.

Vanessa Bryant

Taps 'Project Runway' Designer

... For Xmas Card Dress

12/22/2014 9:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1222-bryant-family-instagram-01Vanessa Bryant takes her Christmas card photo VERY SERIOUSLY -- so seriously in fact that Mrs. Mamba tapped one of the top designers from "Project Runway" to make her dress. 

Kobe Bryant's wife called upon MTCostello -- who has designed clothes for huge stars like Beyonce and Ariana Grande

They got together and picked out MTCostello's signature "Black Widow" gown -- which comes with a $6,500 price tag!!

Vanessa had flirted with a bronze version of the dress during an earlier fitting ... but ultimately, decided to go with black. 

Sources close to the situation tell us ... Vanessa has always been passionate about Xmas cards. As one person put it, "She takes great pride and puts great thought into celebrating because she's very religious."


Kylie Jenner

I'm Going to Children's Hospital

Partly Dressed

12/16/2014 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1216-kylie-tyga-getty-01Kylie Jenner gave a bunch of sick kids exactly what they wanted this holiday season ... oh yeah, and she brought some toys too.

Wearing a white, shear, midriff-baring top, a pair of tight, ripped jeans, high heels, and camera-ready makeup ... Kylie showed up Monday with boyfriend Tyga to the Teen Impact Holiday Party at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

We're told the couple passed out about 30 gifts as they went room to room to visit sick kids, staying around an hour.

Maybe not the most appropriate outfit for young kids.

So we gotta ask ...


Repping Puma Now

... Usain Bolt Rejoices

12/16/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1216-rihanna-instagram-pumaRihanna just got a huge gig with Puma -- and aside from maybe Puma stockholders ... no one is more excited about this than the fastest man in the world. 

First, RiRi's gig -- she's been named creative director of Puma ... and a company rep says she'll not only work on designs, but also serve as a brand ambassador. She celebrated her new job by posting pics in some Puma kicks.

Now, the good stuff -- Puma's other big spokesman is, of course, Usain Bolt ... and we know the Olympic sprinter's been jonesin' to hookup with Rihanna because he told TMZ Sports about his crush last year.

We're guessing Usain's on the phone to Puma brass right now with all kinds of new promo ideas.



Cleveland Browns LB

I'm In the Hat Biz


12/14/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cleveland Browns linebacker Zac Diles is officially in the fashion game -- and his company is selling an Italian cashmere baseball cap ... FOR $1,200 EACH!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... Diles is a part owner of Melin ... a company that specializes in high-end designer headwear.

The company uses everything from antique metals to genuine pony hair to pimp out their products -- with the top item, the $1,200 hat, boasting real ostrich leather.

We spoke with Diles who tells us ... his teammates have been incredibly supportive -- with guys like Johnny Manziel, Joe Haden and Donte Whitner rockin' various items.

"It's always great to see guys in the locker room supporting."

Diles says he's incredibly proud of the brand and how it's grown -- saying,"When I put on my Melin hats, I get that sense of achievement. The sense t hat this is earned."

LeBron James


... And I Like My Headphones Tiny

12/5/2014 12:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lebron James has a message for guys like Richard Sherman and Colin Kaepernick ... when it comes to the post-game music jam, big is out ... small is in.   

James was rockin' his new Beats by Dre "Powerbeats" headphones after the Cavs beat up on the Knicks in NYC last night. 

They're tiny. They're wireless ... and it's a huge fashion change from the classic Beats by Dre headphones which are intentionally bulky and have become a fashion staple for tons of athletes. 

James is a trendsetter -- so if he goes small ... does it mean the reign of the bulky headphones are over? 

Miley Cyrus

She's Looking

a Little Pasty

12/4/2014 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus donned a silver wig to match her silver pasties when she showed up Wednesday night to perform at Art Basel in Miami ... with BF Patrick Schwarzenegger in tow.

Miley performed mostly covers -- Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Johnny Cash -- and mocked her own music, saying, "You thought (Art Basel) was a respected place where you could escape me."

One thing's for sure ... the Kennedys are having fun conversations today.


Taylor Swift

Read My Boobs ...

No More Blank Spaces

12/3/2014 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Swift performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show along with two unexpected friends …her yabos! And while everyone agrees they looked great -- don't get used to them.

There’s some 'Secret' deceit going down here. 

Lindsay Lohan

Scores Clothing Line

With Addict Status

12/3/2014 12:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Mens Clothing LineLindsay Lohan is putting her experience with booze and coke to good and profitable use ... she's launching a clothing line called ... MY ADDICTION.

We've learned LiLo has partnered with Civil Clothing to roll out a menswear collection that will be sold exclusively at every 13-year-old skater's favorite clothing store ... PacSun.

We're told Civil Clothing cleverly came up with the name, pitched it to Lindsay and she agreed. The collection starts at $29.95.

Now she can pull the wool over someone else's eyes.

Taylor Swift

My Chest Is a Wonderland

(Take That, John Mayer)

12/2/2014 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1202-taylor-swift-vs-01Even Taylor Swift's haters can't hate hate hate what she just unveiled at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show ... serious cleavage!

For once, there was nothing prudish about the 24-year-old's outfit on stage in London. Instead, she opted for some sexy lingerie, and a Wonderbra-like lift, during her performance at the show.

A Vicky's Secret rep tells us the nightie/bustier thingy clinging to Swift was custom built for her bod. 

So, welcome to Whapperville, Taylor -- and check out all the V.S. Angels who shared the stage with her. 


New Guy

Gets Taste Test

12/2/2014 9:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna New GuyRihanna went all Cara Delevingne on fashion photographer Steven Klein at Monday night's British Fashion Awards.

Klein posted one photo -- with RiRi's hand on his face and her tongue in his ear -- with the caption, "Me+Rhianna being Naughty at the British Fashion Awards." He doesn't say what the equals.

Rihanna's attention was momentarily diverted by a blunt ... the girl has priorities. 

1202-subasset-rihanna-steve-klein-gettyAs for Klein, he's shot big ad campaigns for the likes of Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Nike.

But these photos are more awesome.

Cara Delevingne

There's Enough of Me to Go Around ...

And Around ...

12/2/2014 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1202_cara_getting_frisky_launchCara Delevingne got something way better than a trophy at the British Fashion Awards ... she got a ton of action.

Nearly every photo of Cara -- now officially the World's Greatest Party Guest -- shows her all over a bunch of celebs. We won't spoil all of her encounters, but it seems Rihanna and Kendall Jenner were her favorite targets. 

Oh, Cara won an actual trophy too -- but nobody cares ... just check out CD's celebration.

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