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2016 NBA Draft The 1st Round Fashion Statements ... The Good, Bad & Ugly!

6/23/2016 3:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_nba_drafts_suits_launch3The NBA Draft is one of the biggest fashion stages in the world -- so ya gotta go big or go home! 

A bunch of 1st rounders are already suited up and ready to make a statement -- including Marquese Chriss and Jaylen Brown ... whose custom threads were all designed by Jhoanna Alba and Jill Evans at ALBA Legacy.

Check out the pics.

A$AP Rocky Plays Ref in Brawl ... at Fashion Week?!!

6/23/2016 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A$AP Rocky tried but failed to break up a fist fight involving his famous stylist Ian Connor

The slugfest went down in Paris during Fashion Week -- of all things -- and Connor was fuming about something that happened inside fancy clothing store, Colette.

Check out the video ... Connor appears to throw the first punch before Rocky steps in to stop the madness.

Well, he tried ... but the fight eventually spilled into the street.

Jennifer Aniston You Can See Theroux My Shirt!

6/23/2016 12:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623-jennifer-aniston-infJennifer Aniston is one step away from a wet t-shirt contest. 

The 47-year-old actress was rocking a white shirt and bottled water Thursday while cruising around NYC.

Chilly much? Looks like someone needs a warm hug. Justin? 

Nick Cannon Brand Nubian

6/23/2016 6:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623-nick-cannon-turbin-AKMGSI-01Nick Cannon took it back to the motherland Wednesday night for dinner.

Nick was reppin' for Africa in a gray turban to match his jacket, and an Egyptian amulet around his neck ... on his way out of Nobu in Malibu.

Man's got talent in the fashion department.

Ivanka Trump Sued Shoe Competitor Wants Her Kicked to Curb

6/22/2016 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0622-ivanka-trump-tmz-02update_graphic_red_bar10:05 AM PT -- Matthew Burris, CFO for Marc Fisher -- Ivanka's licensing company -- says, "This is a baseless lawsuit aimed at generating publicity. The shoe in question is representative of a trending fashion style, is not subject to intellectual property law protection and there are similar styles made by several major brands."

He adds, "The lawsuit is without merit and we will vigorously defend ourselves against the claim." update_grey_gray_barIvanka Trump's shoe line is a shameless knockoff of a wildly popular Italian stiletto ... so claims the Italian shoemaker.

Aquazzura claims in a new lawsuit, Ivanka's Hettie shoe is almost a carbon copy of its Wild Thing pump ... a shoe that protects the feet of the famous-ish, including Solange and Olivia Palermo.


Aquazzura points to the color, shape and silhouette, as well the fringe covering the toes to the tassel on the heel.

Aquazzura says Ivanka jacked their shoes before ... copying its Belgravia shoe and calling it Necila, and also copying its Forever Marilyn shoe and calling it Teagin Pointy Toe Pump with Tassel.

That's shoe biz ...

Former 'Doctors' Host Stylist Wants to Give Doc Dressing Down ... In Court

6/22/2016 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0621-rachael-ross-dress-damaged-MAIN-getty-01Dr. Rachael Ross, a former host on "The Doctors," threw a hissy fit over her Daytime Emmy dress, ruined it and stiffed the stylist ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Stylist Ali Levine claims in a new small claims court lawsuit she did God's work trying to get Rachael ready for the big shindig last month, only to get the boot without getting full payment.

A rep for Ali tells TMZ, she worked with Rachael, fitting her in a one-of-a-kind Pia Gladys Perey gown, which she says Rachael ruined by smearing makeup all over it.  

We're told the designer went the extra mile and offered Rachael other options, but the doc went all diva, rejecting them all and eventually hiring another stylist.

Ali isn't suing for the ruined dress ... the designer owned it. But she wants full payment for all her time. She's suing for the balance ... $559.75.

Sounds like a good case for "The People's Court." Hint.


Prince Unreleased Music Debuts ... Gift to Donatella Versace

6/21/2016 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0621-donatella-versace-prince-h-and-m-fashion-show-REX-USA-02It could be a first glimpse into Prince's fabled vault of new music, and it premiered at Milan Fashion Week ... courtesy of Donatella Versace.

Donatella cranked the 11-minute mix during Saturday's show of Versace's men's collection. She says Prince, who was a longtime friend, would send her music all the time as a way of communicating.

It's unclear if Prince's estate approved the untitled music being used by Versace -- or if it would even need to do so ... if Prince had gifted it to Donatella.

Check out the music -- you gotta wonder if Prince would be happy it's gone public. 

Beyonce & Jay Z Screw Pineapples ... We're Pushing Lemons

6/20/2016 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0620_jay_z_beyonce_hawaii_swimsuit_launch_2Beyonce's working with sour accessories in Hawaii ... call it a sweet marketing ploy.

Bey and Jay Z are currently enjoying paradise beachside. Check out the pics ... Beyonce traded diamonds for a lemon rope. She's definitely got "Lemonade" on her mind ... in case that crown wasn't a dead giveaway.

We've seen this before.

Ayesha Curry 'Bye Ayesha' Shirts ... Selling Like Crazy

6/20/2016 7:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mocking Ayesha Curry has become more fashionable than ever. 

An Ohio-based clothing company had a run on "Bye Ayesha" shirts last night -- selling more than 1,000 of 'em Sunday night after the Cavs beat up on Steph's Warriors. 

We spoke with Lamp Apparel owner, Brandon Lamp, who says he came up with the shirt after Ayesha's Twitter antics following Game 6. 

"It came out of nowhere and we whipped them up in 30 minutes," Lamp said ... "Once Cleveland won, it went crazy. The orders have been non-stop."

The jab is of course an ode to the "Bye Felicia" diss from "Friday" and is kind of a perfect shot -- something the Warriors coulda used more of last night.

Yolanda Foster Shame On You Stephanie ... You're A Mom Too

6/19/2016 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0619-yolanda-foster-stephanie-seymour-GETTY-01Stephanie Seymour just brought out Yolanda Foster's inner angry mother bear after comments she made about Foster's daughter Gigi Hadid's modeling career.

Seymour went after Gigi and Kendall Jenner earlier this week, calling them phony supermodels and just the "bitches of the moment." Yolanda tells TMZ, "it's sad to see some of these beautiful semi-retired supermodels, who are mothers themselves now, feel the need to publicly put down someone else's daughter."

But that's not all -- Yolanda says when it comes to being a "super model," Gigi's the full package -- height, great looks, hard work and a good role model for other young models. 

Yolanda says, if anything, Seymour should work on leaving a positive legacy and be supportive of the new generation.

Ex-NBA Star Kenyon Martin Hitched On Miami Yacht ... The Bride Wears Black!

6/15/2016 11:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0615_kenyon_martin_wedding_launchHelluva weekend for ex-NBA star Kenyon Martin -- who got married on a YACHT ... off the coast of Miami, TMZ Sports has learned. 

Martin tied the knot with his girlfriend Shakira Watson -- who went the non-traditional route and rocked a black wedding dress. 

After the ceremony, the couple partied with some of the closest friends -- including ex-NBA star Al Harrington


Kevin Hart I Think Michael Jordan's Mad At Me ... Over High-Pants Jokes

6/15/2016 6:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Hart says he THINKS he might be in a beef with Michael Jordan -- after the comic went in on the NBA legend about his high-waisted pants and weird mustache at a recent event. 

Hart explained the whole thing on 'Kimmel' Tuesday night -- saying he was roasting MJ with (what he thought was) some harmless burns ... but things got super awkward AFTER the event. 

Check out the clip ... Hart says he wants to hash things out with MJ once and for all ... if His Airness will actually agree to meet with him. 

Kardashians' Store 911 Calls Arsonist Is a Tall White Guy ... Or Maybe a Black Guy

6/15/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops are virtually certain the Kardashians' clothing store was hit by a lone suspect, but his race is not nearly as certain ... based on the 911 audio we obtained.

A woman driving past the West Hollywood DASH store called in, describing the suspect as tall with a skateboard, throwing "something on fire." Check out the audio, there's a funny exchange about what that something was. However, the caller was sure the would-be fire starter was black with a baseball hat.

But hold off on that APB ... you gotta hear the second witness paint a much different picture. As TMZ first reported ... the store was targeted June 6 and there's still no suspect.

Police work ain't easy.  

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