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Floyd Mayweather Planning Comeback Fight In Tokyo ... Before Pacquiao Rematch

9/19/2018 11:37 AM PDT

Floyd Mayweather isn't jumping right back into the ring with Manny Pacquiao ... instead, he's taking a tune-up fight in Tokyo, with the big money Pacman rematch to follow ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Mayweather called out Manny last weekend, telling Pacquiao and the world he wanted to run back the 2015 superfight in December.

It looks like Floyd is adjusting course a bit ... 'cause sources close to TBE tell us he's actually eyeing 2 comeback fights ... starting with a massive boxing event in Tokyo. 

Couple of interesting points here ... we're told Floyd hasn't yet picked an opponent -- and he ain't just lookin' at boxers -- he's also checking out kickboxers and MMA fighters.

We're told Conor McGregor's name has not been mentioned.

Floyd knows a fight with Pacquiao would likely be more lucrative than a lesser-known opponent, but there's a long play in place ... give fans in Tokyo a big-time fight, and open up the Asian markets for a bevy of business interests -- including clothing and endorsements. 

There's no date set in stone just yet ... but word is New Year's Eve is the target, if he can secure a swaggy enough venue.

If all goes according to Floyd's plan, the Pacquiao fight would then follow sometime in 2019.


Samantha Ronson Eminem's An Ugly, Misogynistic Pig ... Go Away 'F***ing Old Man'

9/19/2018 9:41 AM PDT

Samantha Ronson probably wishes Eminem turned his metaphorical gun on himself and not at Machine Gun Kelly ... 'cause she's tearing the rapper to pieces for "Killshot" and thinks the diss track is absolute trash!!!

We got the DJ at LAX, and she wasted no time ripping Eminem a new one, saying his song is misogynistic, homophobic, lazy and something a 4-year-old would write. There was more, and you gotta see just how nuclear she went on Em. 

The DJ says Marshall is a "f***ing old man" who has no business dragging Rihanna's name through the mud ... and the 2 rappers should take their feud and ugly hairstyles to the groomers. 

What's got Sam so heated? Em opens "Killshot" with the line, "Rihanna just hit me on a text. Last night I left hickeys on her neck."

The line seems oddly out of place. You could ask, what the hell does RiRi have to do with MGK? Sam sees at as straight-up misogyny. 

Watch how heated Sam is -- we're not trying to start any new beef, but it sure sounds like she could drop a diss track of her own if you get her in a studio, stat! 

Boxing Star Ryan Garcia Gervonta Davis, Stop Screwing Up ... So I Can Knock You Out

9/19/2018 6:19 AM PDT

Gervonta Davis just got called out -- personally and professionally -- by one of the biggest rising stars in sports (and Oscar De La Hoya's prized prospect) who says he'll easily KO Tank ...

If Tank can stay out of trouble to even make the fight.

The kid talking the trash is Ryan Garcia ... a 16-0 lightweight contender who is signed to Oscar's Golden Boy Promotions banner, and who's the talk of the boxing world.

Garcia is being hailed as the next Oscar ... and has already garnered over 1 million followers on IG ... because of his KO power, and movie star looks.

Ryan and Tank are in the same weight class, and when we ran into Garcia in L.A. and asked if he wanted a piece of Davis he said he didn't ... he wants the whole thing.

"When he stops getting into trouble and starts making weight, we can get it on."

SHADE ... Davis was arrested for disorderly conduct after a fight in D.C. last week, and has kinda been all over the place career-wise recently.

Garcia says if he can ever figure it out, there's a prize waiting for him ... AN ASS WHIPPING.

"I'll knock him out in like the 8th round."

Machine Gun Kelly Fan Gets in His Face ... But We're Not Buyin' It

9/19/2018 6:47 AM PDT

Machine Gun Kelly dodged danger during his concert in North Carolina when a fan got in his face -- but we're calling BS.

MGK was in Greensboro Tuesday night for his tour with Fall Out Boy, and at one point he got down to crowd level and stopped in front of this huge dude who started losing his s*** ... but stopped short of touching Kelly. The altercation looked totally staged.

You see the guy screaming at Kelly, and he even pretends to swing at his junk. Kelly never flinches, and his security on the ground with him doesn't seem too concerned.

It's pretty clear ... MGK's mocking a confrontation he and his security had with an actor named G-Rod. TMZ broke the story, G-Rod saw Kelly at an ATL bar and called him a "p***y" for rapping about Eminem's daughter. It ended up with MGK's security pouncing on G-Rod and beating the crap out of him.

Kourtney Kardashian's Ex Younes Bendjima Sued ... After Alleged Beatdown on Coachella Security Guard

9/19/2018 6:21 AM PDT

Kourtney Kardashian's ex-boyfriend Younes Bendjima is being sued after he allegedly attacked a security guard at Coachella who refused to let him enter the restroom with Kourtney. 

Mario Herrera says he was working the music festival back in April and stationed at the single-gender male restrooms. According to the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Herrera says Kourtney attempted to enter the restroom and Herrera told her that was not permitted. 

Herrera claims that sent Younes into a rage, causing him to pick Herrera up, slam him against a wall and shout expletives. 

The lawsuit claims Herrera's injuries were so bad, he had to be treated at a hospital. He's suing for assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence. Herrera's lawyer, Jack K. Kechichian, tells TMZ ... "Being a celebrity does not excuse bad conduct. You can't go around hurting people who are just doing their job and that’s all Mr. Herrera was doing, his job."

You'll remember back in March, Younes was caught on surveillance video outside Delilah in West Hollywood attacking a staff member as Drake and Odell Beckham Jr. looked on. A lawsuit has not yet been filed in that case. 

As for this lawsuit ... Herrera is asking for no less than $5 million. 

LeSean McCoy's Baby Mama NFL Star Used Our Kid As A Pawn To Cover Up His Role in Home Invasion

9/18/2018 2:23 PM PDT

2:22 PM PT -- LeSean just replied to the docs, saying, "The allegations made against me today regarding my relationship with my son are provably false, outrageously inaccurate and offensive. I have a loving and close knit relationship with my son."

He continues, "The young boy is my whole life. With a custody case coming in November, I can see why these false allegations are surfacing."

LeSean McCoy's baby mama claims the NFL star used their son as a pawn in order to vouch for his character, so she would shoot down rumors he was involved in a home invasion that left another one of McCoy's baby mamas brutally beaten.

You'll recall, McCoy's home was hit in a home invasion back in July that left ex-GF Delicia Cordon almost unrecognizable because she was so badly beaten. Cordon and others insinuated McCoy may have orchestrated the attack because he allegedly wanted Cordon out of the house. Cordon has since filed a lawsuit against LeSean.

On Tuesday, McCoy's baby mama -- Stephanie Maisonet -- filed new docs in the Cordon lawsuit.

Maisonet claims the day before the home invasion, she overheard LeSean on the phone saying, "I need to get this bitch out of my house."

Maisonet says after the attack on Cordon, LeSean called her -- something he didn't often do -- and offered her a deal. Maisonet claims McCoy told her if she'd publicly support his character and insinuate he wasn't behind the attack, he'd roll over in their custody case with their 6-year-old son ... and let her enroll the child in school in Miami.

Maisonet says she allowed a friend of McCoy's to access her Instagram account and post a positive message about the NFLer. 


In the docs -- obtained by TMZ Sports -- Maisonet says she believes LeSean has abused their son on multiple occasions ... even making a report with child services. She concludes, "I regret ever agreeing to help LeSean McCoy in this case ... I feel like I am sending our son to a monster every two weeks."

She also included a photo of their son, showing alleged bruises from LeSean on his face. 

Originally published -- 11:50 AM PT

John McCain's Widow He Had Good Reason to Dislike Trump ... Pours Water On Graham's Hot Take

9/18/2018 12:50 AM PDT

John McCain's wife gracefully shut down Senator Lindsey Graham's assertion McCain would have grown to like Donald Trump if the two had spent more time together.

We caught up with Cindy McCain Monday at Reagan National Airport ... and she politely disagreed with Graham that her husband and the Prez could have mended fences. 

Graham raised eyebrows in D.C. when he told the AP, "I regret that (McCain) didn't have more time with President Trump. Who knows what would have happened over time?"

Lindsey felt if John was able to forgive his captors in the Vietnam War, he could patch things up with Trump.

Cindy's not buying it. She says John is at peace with his actions. 

You'll recall ... McCain took a parting shot at Trump before he died, and made clear the President was not welcome at his funeral

Trump wasn't trying to buddy up to McCain either ... 45 pissed off A LOT of people when he didn't keep the White House's American flag at half-staff until McCain was buried and Trump refused to acknowledge the late senator in front of reporters the day he died.

Tom Arnold/Mark Burnett Fight LAPD Roping in Lots of Celeb Eyewitness

9/18/2018 12:40 AM PDT

The LAPD has a Hollywood mystery on its hands ... but while the list of central characters reads like a movie cast, the investigation into Tom Arnold's fight with Mark Burnett is 100 percent real. 

Celebs who saw the pre-Emmy altercation between Tom and mega-producer Mark can expect a call from the police ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ. 

Kevin Bacon, Billy Eichner, Patton Oswalt, Alyson HanniganJeff Probst and Bryan Fogel are among those who allegedly saw Tom and Mark get physical

Alyson tweeted about walking into the party behind Tom and Mark and witnessing the whole thing, which she initially thought was a joke ... and she claims Probst tried to break it up!

Apparently, Jeff was speaking for the tribe. 

Patton and Billy were definitely there ... 'cause they posed for pics with Tom after the fight. 

Tom was Bryan's plus-1 ... and Arnold claims the Oscar-winning filmmaker has vid of the whole thing.  And, here's what's revealing. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Arnold did not give cops the video. An eyewitness says it was weird Bryan was shooting the whole time, and it may be the video was for Tom's show and he doesn't want to get scooped by the police if they release it.  

One thing's for sure ... the lead detective will have to suppress any desires to ask for autographs. 

Tom Arnold Mark Burnett Wanted to Murder Me ... At Pre-Emmy Party

9/17/2018 11:52 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

2:38 PM PT -- Another eyewitness just walked us through what he saw ... he says Mark and Roma were walking up the stairs and stopped at the top to talk to someone. Within seconds, the eyewitness said, "Tom came charging up the steps and it was on." The eyewitness says it was clear Tom was there to confront Mark and, in a flash, Mark had his hands on Tom's throat, and Tom was tearing at Mark's shirt and ripping off his crucifix.  

The eyewitness says it was all over in 15 seconds because "Survivor" host Jeff Probst separated them. The eyewitness also says Bryan Fogel was there filming the whole thing and it looked planned because the altercation was quick and without warning.

The eyewitness also says Tom was at the party for several hours telling people about the confrontation.

Tom has a show that premieres Tuesday, and the way the eyewitness put it, "Tom got the reaction he wanted. He got even more than he bargained for."

11:34 AM PT -- Tom just left the police station and provided more detail from the scuffle. He says Burnett choked him so violently he needs a doctor and he truly believed Mark wanted to kill him.  

10:50 AM PT -- An eyewitness tells TMZ he saw the altercation this way ... Burnett and his wife, Roma Downey, had just arrived at the party and walked up the staircase to get inside. We're told just as they got to the top stair, Arnold came charging at them and pushed Burnett. The eyewitness says Burnett pushed Arnold back and then Arnold ripped Burnett's crucifix off his neck, breaking it. Arnold said it was a gold chain but in fact, it was a crucifix.  

The altercation lasted no more than 30 seconds and they all stayed at the party.

Earlier in the day, Arnold told he wanted to confront Burnett at the Emmys ceremony. Arnold also called Burnett a "p***y."

10:15 AM PT -- Tom is currently filing a police report with the LAPD. 

Tom Arnold claims mega-producer Mark Burnett attacked him at a pre-Emmy party, but Burnett's wife claims it was the opposite ... Arnold ambushed Mark.

It went down Sunday night ... Arnold tweeted, "Mark Burnett just went apeshit & choked me at this huge Emmy party then he ran away with his torn pink shirt & missing gold chain. I'm waiting for LAPD."

Burnett's wife, Roma Downey, says Arnold "tried to ambush" her and Mark. She says Arnold hurt her and she posted a pic of a bruise on her hand, claiming Arnold was the culprit.

Arnold, who said he was waiting for the LAPD, fired back, "Bullshit.  You lie your crazy husband attacked me you psycho. I'm filing a police report & suing you for defamation."

We checked with LAPD ... so far no report.

Right after the fight, Tom posed for pics with other people in the party, including Patton Oswalt and Billy Eichner ... who cheekily said, "Everyone in LA is shaken. Hold your loved ones tight."  

Arnold has been working on a show for Vice ... a show about so-called "hidden Trump tapes." One of the things Arnold is after ... the outtakes from "The Apprentice," which Burnett created and produces. Arnold believes the tapes reveal Trump using the n-word and other epithets. Burnett has said he has no access to the tapes because they're owned by MGM. 

Originally Published -- 9/17/2018 3:59 AM PDT

G-Rod to Machine Gun Kelly I'm Already Training ... Keep the Cash, Give Me a Fight!!!

9/17/2018 2:43 PM PDT

Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez, the actor who stepped in the middle of Machine Gun Kelly's beef with Eminem ... is absolutely dying to step into the Octagon for a one-on-one fight with MGK. 

G-Rod was already training in the gym Monday morning when he reiterated there's no need for lawyers to seek retribution for Kelly's crew beating the crap out of him ... he just wants to settle the score with his fists!

If you're not sold on Gabriel's fighting skills ... check out the video for a preview of his MMA moves. If you're in MGK's camp, think about hiring a trainer. 

G-Rod explains his reasons for confronting MGK Friday at an Atlanta restaurant ... and why Kelly's diss track pissed him off in the first place. 

G-Rod clearly knows his way around a punching bag ... and says he's even willing to drop weight classes to get on Kelly's level. So far, Kelly's not responding.

Machine Gun Kelly 'F**k Marshall Mathers' ... Eminem's Kill Shot 'Missed'

9/17/2018 7:57 AM PDT

Machine Gun Kelly thinks Eminem needs some target practice ... 'cause Em "missed" when he fired back at MGK in their escalating feud. 

MGK mocked Eminem onstage Sunday night, wearing a shirt with the logo from Marshall's extremely homophobic diss track, "Killshot."

Kelly made sure the crowd at the Amway Center in Orlando knew exactly how he feels about Eminem, screaming "F**k Marshall Mathers" as he opened the set with his own song aimed at Em. 

MGK takes a shot at Em's age (he's 45), yelling, "The real Slim Shady can't stand up."

Apparently, Orlando is siding with Kelly ... 'cause the crowd goes nuts.

Smart move by MGK's tour manager ... there's no stop scheduled for Detroit.

An actor named G-Rod did Em's bidding Friday night. He called MGK a "p***y" for his shot at Em's daughter. Two hours later, Kelly's crew beat the crap out of G-Rod.

Get your popcorn ready. This beef just keeps getting juicier.    

Canelo Alvarez Hit GGG ... Then Hit the Club!

9/17/2018 6:27 AM PDT
Breaking News

After his 12-round war with Gennady Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez still had enough energy to hit the club Saturday night ... partying in Vegas past 2 AM!!

The boxer showed up to XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas ... where bikini-clad women were waiting for him with signs, glow sticks and champagne! 

Canelo arrived with a beautiful lady on his arm -- and sources inside the club say they were making out like his life depended on it. 

The fighter didn't seem too banged up -- though he did have a bandage over his left eye. 

Alvarez won a split decision over GGG -- a fight many critics say should have been ruled a draw ... begging the question ... are we doing Canelo vs. GGG 3???

Machine Gun Kelly Actor Calls Him a 'P***y' Bodyguards Beat Actor to a Pulp!!

9/15/2018 10:13 AM PDT

Machine Gun Kelly's bodyguards beat the bloody hell out of an actor who called out the rapper over the blood feud with Eminem ... TMZ has learned.

The violence started late Friday night in Atlanta ... cops say MGK and his crew were in a restaurant bar when the actor named Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez walked up to him with his phone out and started recording. In the video, obtained by TMZ, you see G-Rod point at MGK and say, "I'm gonna say it because it has to be said, you're a pussy for going for family!" G-Rod tells us he was especially upset because he's a husband and father of 3 kids.

G-Rod was pissed at Kelly for his beef with Eminem -- which started when Kelly said Em's then-teenaged daughter, Hailie, is hot.

In the video, MGK appears to shove G-Rod and turn the phone away. The video stops there, but G-Rod says that's when 5 of MGK's bodyguards swooped in and, as he puts it, MGK suddenly got tough and started challenging him. G-Rod claims Kelly shoved him. He says the bar manager immediately sided with the celebrity ... and kicked out G-Rod.

G-Rod says 2 hours later he was walking toward a Hampton Inn -- across the street from the bar -- when he noticed MGK and his crew hanging outside their tour bus. When they started barking at each other an Atlanta PD officer stepped in to cool things down, but G-Rod says MGK went off ... calling the cop a "pussy" and "pig." 

G-Rod says the officer did nothing in response -- which pissed of G-Rod. He told us if a black or Latino person had said that to a cop ... they'd immediately be tased or worse.

G-Rod says he went into the hotel lobby and MGK continued jawing at him ... with all his bodyguards standing around him. G-Rod, who's a pretty big dude, says he told them he'd fight each of them -- one at a time -- if they wanted a fight. Instead, he says the bodyguards all jumped him at once.

According to cops, who've seen surveillance video, one guard body slammed G-Rod and then 3 others started punching and kicking him in the face. G-Rod -- who's had roles in "Ozark," "Power" and "NCIS: New Orleans" -- says MGK wasn't involved at that point, he just let his bodyguards get physical.

G-Rod tells TMZ he's already hired a lawyer and intends to file a lawsuit against MGK, however, he adds, "I will drop the lawsuit if we both sign waivers and meet in an octagon and go man-to-man without goons or weapons."

Police are investigating, and G-Rod is at an ER getting treatment for severe facial injuries.

We reached out to MGK's rep ... so far, no word back.

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