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UFC's Derrick Lewis I Can't Wait to Beat Greg Hardy's Ass ... It's Personal

6/14/2018 11:51 AM PDT

UFC star Derrick Lewis says he was genuinely impressed with Greg Hardy's 57-second knockout ... but tells TMZ Sports he's REALLY HAPPY that it means he's one step closer to fighting the ex-NFL star. 

Remember, Lewis has previously told us he has real hatred toward Hardy because he believes Greg DID brutalize the ex-girlfriend he was accused of attacking back in 2014. 

Hardy was initially convicted of domestic violence, but appealed -- and won -- and the conviction was overturned.  

Lewis tells TMZ Sports his stepfather abused his mother -- and he still has a lot of built up anger he wants to take out on Hardy. 

Dana White told us Hardy needs a few more fights under his belt before he gets a shot against a big name UFC fighter ... but it's clear Lewis is champing at the bit

Greg Hardy Pumped Over UFC Victory ... Wants to Prove He's a Changed Man

6/14/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Greg Hardy says he's feeling extremely "positive" after his impressive UFC performance on Tuesday -- and says he wants to prove to his haters that he's truly a changed man. 

TMZ Sports spoke with the ex-NFL star after his 57-second knockout victory over Austen Lane on Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series ... and you can tell he's excited about his MMA future. 

"I'm feeling great. I'm feeling positive. I'm feeling excited. I'm ready to go ... ready to take this next step and see where it takes us."

Hardy knows his new UFC contract will come with scrutiny because of his troubled past -- including allegations of domestic violence -- but says he hopes people will give him a chance to prove he's not a monster. 

"It would be best to meet me, give me an opportunity," Hardy said ... "I think I can win a lot of people back over to my side."

As we previously reported, Dana White wants Hardy to get a couple more fights under his belt before he matches up with a major UFC opponent ... but Hardy says he's already got his sights on Derrick Lewis

"Soon enough, you're gonna see me in front of the Black Beast!" 

Logan Paul and KSI Going Full Mayweather, McGregor ... Crazy News Conf. Scheduled

6/13/2018 3:30 PM PDT

Let the trash talk begin!!!!

Logan Paul and KSI are ripping a page from Mayweather vs. McGregor and holding a massive news conference at the L.A. Coliseum for their full-contact beatdown ... and it's all going down this weekend! 

As we previously reported, the two social media stars have agreed to fight each other on August 25 in Manchester, England ... and there's talk it could bring in more viewers than Conor vs. Floyd. 

Besides Logan and KSI, both of their younger brothers -- Jake Paul and Deji -- will also be participating in the presser ... since they're also fighting each other that night. 

Logan is taking the fight VERY seriously -- he's been training like a maniac and beating the hell out of his sparring partners. 

KSI has trained up at Floyd Mayweather's gym in Vegas ... and already has one boxing victory under his belt. 

As for the presser, both of these guys are famous for running their mouths ... so this should be good!

Canelo Alvarez GGG Rematch Is Officially On!! (Again)

6/13/2018 2:08 PM PDT
Breaking News

Surprise, surprise ... 

Ya just knew Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin were not about to walk away from MILLIONS ... finally hammering out a deal to set up boxing's long-anticipated rematch ... this according to Oscar De La Hoya.

Despite the fact the two sides were at loggerheads for months, ODLH tweeted out moments ago that a deal has been made and the fight is set for Sept. 15!

Oscar had previously set a noon deadline for GGG to accept his final offer, but c'mon ... with that much money on the line, everyone on the planet knew the deadline wasn't REALLY a deadline. 

Noon came and went ... and finally at 2 PM, the deal was announced.  

Oscar's problem was the GGG's camp wanted a 50/50 revenue share -- and Oscar said that was WAY too much money. 

Unclear what the final deal entails. 

The rematch was originally slated for Cinco de Mayo, but it was derailed when Canelo tested positive twice for PED. As we reported ... Canelo started training again, only this time he knows his next opponent. The fight's set to happen at T-Mobile Arena in Vegas.


Canelo Alvarez Begins Training While De La Hoya Taunts GGG

6/13/2018 9:42 AM PDT
Breaking News

He's got no opponent yet ... but Canelo Alvarez has returned to his boxing gym to start training -- while his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, is now turning up the heat on Gennady Golovkin

Remember, Oscar said the GGG train had left the station because Gennady's team refused to budge from their negotiating terms ... they wanted a 50/50 revenue split. 

Oscar said that wouldn't happen ... and told the media Canelo was now focusing on trying to make a deal with other fighters, including Daniel Jacobs

But moments ago, De La Hoya went to Twitter and wrote, "Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc. If any fight freaks see @GGGBoxing in Russia, perhaps you can lend him a pen. #whereisGGG."

So, seems like the GGG train hasn't left the station after all. 

Both sides have said they want a Sept. 15 fight date -- our bet is the two sides will work something out before then. 

One last thing ... no word on where Canelo is training -- but if he's in Mexico, let's hope he stays away from that allegedly tainted meat!!!

Tekashi69 Gimme Chief Keef Beef on My Tour!!! Oh, and Lotsa Skittles

6/12/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Tekashi69 isn't trying to hide it, he's got a major sweet tooth when it comes to his upcoming tour, but he also feels the need for more beef ... with Chief Keef.

We got a hold of 6ix9ine's list of demands for his European tour, which kicks off this week. While there's the usual fried chicken and meat tray requests, the rapper also has to have a copy of Chief Keef's CD, "Bang 3, Pt. 2" in all his dressing rooms.

That particular Keef record peaked at 78 in 2015, so we're guessing Tekashi only wants it around to troll his rival. Or maybe to play Frisbee.

They've had heated exchanges on social media recently, and Keef was shot at in NYC earlier this month. The bullet missed, and while many suspected Tekashi's crew was involved ... 6ix9ine flat-out denied it on "TMZ Live."

As for the sweet stuff, Tekashi wants 69 (clever) bags of Skittles at each stop, as well as ... 

-- Chocolate chip cookies
-- 3 packs of Trident gum
-- 2 bags of Peanut M&M's
-- 1 large bag of Twizzlers

If Keef doesn't get him ... diabetes might.

Tyron Woodley I'm Going To Kill Colby Covington

6/11/2018 4:35 PM PDT

Tyron Woodley says he's gonna do way more than kick the hell outta Colby Covington ... telling TMZ Sports he's going to KILL CC in the Octagon ... and it doesn't sound like he was kidding. 

Covinginton (again) called Woodley out this past Saturday after his victory over Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225 ... referring to Woodley as a "coward" and a "b**ch."

Well, he got through to Tyron ... because when Woodley came on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (full interview airs tonight at 9PM PT on FS1), he told the guys he was going to do the type of damage to Covington that can't be reversed. 

"I want him never to fight again," T-Wood says, "I want to end his life."

Woodley says it's not just the call-out that's got him so pissed at Covington, it's the guy's whole EXISTENCE that ticks him off.

"When you disrespect my division, you disrespect the sport, you disrespect the team that I fight for, and also, just the HUMAN RACE, you're an embarrassment."

"It ain't talk no more."

UFC's Mike Jackson to CM Punk It's Time To Retire ... Fighting Ain't For You

6/11/2018 12:31 PM PDT

CM Punk should NEVER fight again ... according to Mike Jackson, who says if not for the mercy he showed, Punk could've been badly hurt Saturday night.

TMZ Sports talked to Jackson about his UFC 225 fight against Punk ... and, while MJ says Punk is a tough MF'er ... he also says real-life fighting ain't for him.

FYI -- CM went the distance in the fight ... but was thoroughly dominated.

"It's not even a knock on the man and his skills. It's all about his safety. We're in a sport where you're trying to incapacitate someone," Jackson says, "It's a dangerous sport. People's lives, health is on the line."

Jackson goes on to say ... "I never wanted to hurt the guy. I just wanted to beat him up a little bit, so he knows not to do this no more"

"The Truth" also sent a message to Dana White -- who was pissed 'cause he thought MJ was showboating during the fight.

"If you're sitting on the outside watching, I understand what it may have looked like. But, that's not what I was doing. I'm not a showboater. I'm not a taunter."

Chris Johnson Surveillance Video Of Alleged Assault Charged w/ Choking Valet

6/11/2018 9:38 AM PDT

Chris Johnson was charged with battery for allegedly choking a valet in April ... and now TMZ Sports has the surveillance video of the alleged violent altercation.

Here's the deal ... Johnson was charged with misdemeanor battery after officials in Hillsborough County, Florida say the NFL star roughed up a nightclub valet.

According to court docs, Johnson "became angry at the businesses valet" and "intentionally touched and struck the victim" by "placing him in a choke hold and punching him in the face causing minor injuries" April 9 at The Lodge.

The video quality ain't the best ... but you see a man who appears to be Johnson attempt to grab something from the valet ... before the men leave the frame and are lost in a crowd.

We spoke to Matt Powell -- the alleged victim's attorney -- who tells us Johnson didn't have his valet ticket, and got pissed when his client asked him to prove the Porsche he was trying to take was his vehicle.

Powell says Johnson grabbed the keys before choking his client while an unidentified person punched him in the face -- injuring his face, neck and back.

We also obtained a video taken shortly after the alleged incident, where the victim appears bloodied and beaten ... and says he was scared for his life.

"I thought I was gonna die."

Johnson -- who pleaded not guilty last month -- faces up to a year in jail if convicted. 

Mike Tyson Throws Drink At Don King ... We Ain't Friends!!

6/11/2018 6:59 AM PDT
Breaking News

Wondering if Mike Tyson still hates Don King? The answer's yes. How much? A lot ... 'cause the legendary boxer straight-up chucked his drink at the promoter Saturday night!!

It all went down at the Boxing Hall Of Fame Induction Weekend in Canastota, NY ... when King tried to give Tyson a friendly tap on the shoulder ... and Mike returned the gesture with some water to his face!!

Tyson's explanation for it was pretty simple the following day -- WE AIN'T FRIENDS!!

"He talked in there like he was my friend and that was just bullcrap," Tyson said.

"He really did me in." 

Remember, Iron Mike and Don have had beef for a long time ... with Tyson at one point suing him for $100 MILLION alleging Don cheated him out of a TON of money when he used to promote Mike's fights.

Clearly ... the only ice that has thawed in their relationship are the cubes Tyson threw at him Saturday.

Tyron Woodley Kanye Finessed Everybody ... His Album Is Genius

6/8/2018 1:57 PM PDT

Kanye West took us all for a crazy ride ... and brilliantly created that bizarre media firestorm as part of a diabolical plot to promote his new album -- so says Tyron Woodley.  

The UFC champ had always been skeptical about Kanye's outbursts -- including the one during "TMZ Live" -- and had been adamant Yeezy was putting on an erratic front to grab headlines. 

And after listening to Kanye's new album ... Tyron says he is CERTAIN he's right -- because he thinks it is the work of a pure genius. 

Woodley spells the whole thing out in this week's "The Hollywood Beatdown With Tyron Woodley" -- where he also blasts hecklers and finally addresses UFC contender Colby Covington ... threatening to beat his ass. 

Make sure to catch new eps of the 'Hollywood Beatdown' every Friday on the TMZ Sports YouTube channel

UFC's Mike Jackson After I K.O. Punk ... Hot Chicks & Pizza

6/8/2018 1:29 PM PDT

Mike "The Truth" Jackson says he's already got his victory party planned if he beats CM Punk at UFC 225 this weekend ... FOOD AND HOT CHICKS! 

"I'm knocking him out, man," Jackson tells TMZ Sports ... "I'm knocking him out."

Jackson knows Punk will be the fan favorite when they step in the Octagon since it's all going down in Punk's hometown of Chicago ... but Mike says all the fans in the world can't save CM. 

"These people can't fight for him. He can't tag them in."

Afterward, Jackson says he ain't about to hit the clubs -- he wants some delicious Chicago-style pizza to go along with his W.

Obviously, CM Punk will try his best to spoil the meal ... 

Ronnie from 'Jersey Shore' Claims Baby Mama Spit on Him During Fight Over Kid & Dog

6/8/2018 11:15 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Ronnie from 'Jersey Shore' got into a heated argument with his baby mama over their child and their dead dog ... and it ended with his baby mama allegedly spitting on him ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us Ronnie's baby mama, Jen Harley, called cops on him Thursday night to report their argument at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, but when they showed up around 10 PM she was nowhere to be found.

Cops say they interviewed multiple witnesses and Ronnie, and were told Jen punched him in the head, and spit on him ... then took off. We're told she is now the suspect of a battery.

Ronnie told police they'd been arguing since Wednesday when he found their dog dead at the bottom of their pool. Ronnie and Jen live in the Vegas area. Our "Jersey Shore" sources say they'd also been bickering about who was taking care of their daughter, and things came to a head at Planet Hollywood.

As we reported ... Ronnie nearly came to blows with a guy in Vegas Wednesday at the Flamingo. He's currently shooting season 2 of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation."

We're told detectives will hand the case over to the D.A.'s Office to decide if Jen gets charged. 

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