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Arianny Celeste Topless in Tulum

3/23/2017 5:37 PM PDT

0323_Arianny-Celeste-Topless_launchArianny Celeste is vacationing in Mexico ... and it looks like tops are optional at her beach of choice.

The UFC Octagon Girl and model let her girls free while enjoying the sunshine in Tulum ... and one of her friends even joined her.

And yes ... the buns were also out.


Tennis Star Milos Raonic Warms Up for Tourney With Smokin' Hot Model GF

3/21/2017 9:43 AM PDT

0321-danielle-knudson-milos-roanic-miami-beach-launchIt's sunny and 75 in Miami ... so tennis pro Milos Raonic decided to hit the beach with his smokin' hot model girlfriend, Danielle Knudson, before his big tennis tourney this week.

Milos is in town for the Miami Open -- where he could face off with Rafael Nadal (if they both get far enough) ... so why not blow off some steam on the beach, right?

If Knudson looks familiar ... she's a pretty big model and also had a brief fling with Justin Bieber back in the day.


Nicki Minaj My Booty Just Took the Crown ... In Your Face, Aretha!

3/20/2017 6:04 PM PDT

When Nicki Minaj wins, we all win ... especially when she celebrates like this.

Nicki just passed Aretha Franklin for the woman with the most Billboard Hot 100 songs of all-time. Her 3 latest entries to the chart -- "No Frauds," "Regret in Your Tears" and "Changed It" -- give her a total of 76 in her career, topping Aretha's 73.

Enough numbers. Just enjoy Nicki's ass-twerking party in honor of taking the crown.



Booty-Building Models Offer Rear Views Of Canyons and Stuff

3/16/2017 4:13 PM PDT

Models Melissa Molinaro and Candice Craig took their squat workout to L.A.'s scenic Runyon Canyon, but we doubt anyone was taking in Mother Nature while these 2 made their way down the hill.

Sometimes a good workout sesh is just like life ... it's all about the view.

Emily Ratajkowski Posing in the 'Bu Lucky BF Plays Photog

3/9/2017 5:27 PM PST

0309_Emily-Ratajkowski-bikini-Malibu_pcn_LAUNCHEmily Ratajkowski took advantage of a nice warm day in SoCal to drink beers on the beach with her boyfriend ... and have him snaps pics of her.

Emily and musician Jeff Magid chilled on the Malibu sand and brought their fun-in-the-sun hats -- it looks like she got a much better tan, though.

There are probably luckier guys in the world ... but it's hard to think of one right now.

'WAGS' Stars Girls of a Feather Flaunt Curves Together

2/28/2017 5:38 PM PST

0228-wags-carnival-photos-launch-2Four chicks from the reality show "WAGs" rocked Trinidad's Carnival Tuesday -- aka Mardi Gras -- making sure their figures were on full display.

Olivia Pierson, Nicole Williams, Sasha Gates and Natalie Halcro -- all dating or married to NFL players -- shook their tail feathers in the famous Carnival parade.

Sasha, whose husband is Chargers tight end Antonio Gates, has family ties to Trinidad -- so, she pretty much showed the other ladies how it's done.

And yes, they were shooting for their show. Smart producers.

Kylie Jenner Business Attire And Business is So Good

2/22/2017 8:08 AM PST

0222-kylie-jenner-white-dress-waist-cincher-photos-launchKylie Jenner's business attire will get any exec to bend over backwards ... and every other direction she wants.

Paps got Kylie leaving a meeting in Bev Hills, where she looked smokin' hot in a low cut dress/lingerie -- with strappy stilettos to complete the ensemble ... and the biz deal, we're sure.

Send in the closer.

Model CJ Franco Topless Ride-Along ... How Len Got Over Kate

2/17/2017 10:49 AM PST

0217-cj-franco-modeling-photos-launchCJ Franco burst on the scene as Len Wiseman's gf -- during and after his divorce from Kate Beckinsale -- but her latest photo shoot stands on its own.

In fact, we should ALL stand at attention for these pics. The model, who's still dating Wiseman, went denim on denim for a shoot in Malibu. 

Looks like wardrobe forgot to bring her a top, but ... it's all good

Very good.

Marc Anthony I'm the Rebound King ... Ask My Smoking Hot 21-yr-old GF!

2/16/2017 12:40 AM PST

0215-marc-anthony-mariana-downing-tmz-instagram-01Marc Anthony's outdone himself again and wasted NO time doing so -- he scored a model barely old enough to order Jägerbombs, even before his divorce was final.

We're told the 48-year-old singer's been dating Wilhelmina Miami model Mariana Downing for a couple months now after meeting her at a dinner party. Witnesses say Marc was immediately smitten -- because he has eyes -- and they exchanged numbers that night.

We're told he called Mariana the next day and they've been together ever since. She's traveled with him to one of his shows, and they've vacationed together in the Caribbean.

Marc's divorce from Shannon De Lima was just finalized on Monday, but he's been on the market since they separated in November.


Hannah Jeter My Girl Crush Is An Athlete ... Here's Who She Is

2/15/2017 1:29 PM PST

Hannah Jeter is insanely attractive ... now that we've gotten that out of the way we can get to something equally as sexy, her telling TMZ Sports which female athlete she has the girl hots for.

We got the pregnant Mrs. Jeter (way to go, Derek) out in NY and asked her who her girl crush is ... you know, seeing as how she's around incredibly beautiful women all day.

If you thought she was gonna take one of her S.I. models you're WRONG ... Hannah's girl crush is the same as her husband ... a world-class athlete.

Thank you Hannah, thank you.

Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa We Just Can't Quit Each Other!!!

2/12/2017 7:35 AM PST

0212-amber-rose-wiz-khalifa-AKMGSI-GETTY-01Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa got divorced in June ... but that didn't seem to stand in the way of their relationship.

The exes hit up multiple parties Saturday night and were not shy about showing affection toward each other.

Amber was hooked up with Val Chmerkovskiy for a few months, but they apparently split recently.  Amber and Wiz have gone back and forth with each other for years now.  

Goin' back to what you know.


Odell Beckham Jr. Pimpin' In Paris Gettin' It at French Nightclub

2/11/2017 12:45 AM PST

0210-odell-beckham-paris-party-photos-launch-3Who needs a boat party ... Odell Beckham is drowning in women in Paris. 

The NY Giants superstar blew off some steam at the VIP Room nightclub in France the other night ... where he was surrounded by a bunch of women with their boobs hangin' out. 

They seemed to like him. He seemed to like them. Good times all around. 

0210-odell-beckham-paris-party-photos-subOdell noticed his good friend, Von Miller, was in London -- so he invited the Broncos star to join him in France. 

Von and his crew hopped on the train and rolled over to meet Odell ... because that's what you do when you're rich and it's the off-season. 


NY's Hot Cop My Uniform Makes Me Look Ugly ... I'm Cool with That

2/6/2017 4:15 PM PST

Samantha Sepulveda has to be NY's hottest cop -- making busts by day, modeling by night -- but she prefers being an ugly Betty on the job ... and for good reason.

We got Samantha Monday and she addressed some potential pitfalls she might run into while taking down bad guys -- and whether her looks help or hurt out on the streets.

Samantha won't say where she patrols -- only that it's somewhere in NY state -- but she has an interesting take on her uniform, and what it does for female cops ... fashion-wise.


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