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WWE's Stephanie McMahon Ronda Rousey Offer 'Absolutely Stands' ... WrestleMania Revenge??

10/3/2017 7:05 AM PDT

Ronda Rousey hasn't officially signed with WWE, but the offer to come into the ring “absolutely still stands” -- so says Stephanie McMahon.

“We'd love to have you in WWE,” Steph added on her way outta LAX.

Vince’s daughter is super high up in the family biz ... so she would know.

Fans thought it was a gimme that Rousey was coming over after she cut a promo with Ric Flair’s daughter, Charlotte ... but that was almost a month ago, and still nothing.

But Steph says not to lose hope ... even teasing a WrestleMania rematch! Remember -- Ronda woman-handled her and hubby Triple H at The Showcase of the Immortals a couple years back. 

McMahon didn't wanna call out Rousey, though ... so our money's on Charlotte.

Dana White UFC Donating $1 MILLION ... to Vegas Shooting Victims

10/2/2017 3:13 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Dana White tells TMZ Sports ... the UFC will donate $1 million to help the victims affected by the Las Vegas shooting. 

The UFC honcho said Vegas is his town -- it's where UFC is based and where he lives -- and he feels it's his duty to help the city recover in any way he can. 

White is calling on other Vegas moguls to pony up some dough as well -- and wants people who live outside the city to know there's one big way they can truly help out. 

UFC's Cody Garbrandt Friend Shot Twice in Vegas Massacre ... 'My Wife Was Hysterical'

10/2/2017 2:57 PM PDT

The tragic shooting in Las Vegas hit close to home for UFC superstar Cody Garbrandt ... who tells TMZ Sports a very good friend of his wife was shot twice while attending the Route 91 Harvest Fest.

Cody says his wife, Danny Pimsanguan, lives on the Vegas strip -- and was "hysterical" knowing several of her friends had attended the music festival ... including one who was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

Garbrandt tells us he can't stop thinking about victims of the massacre ... and is urging UFC fans to join him and other fighters in Vegas to donate to blood drives.

The bantamweight champ even says he'll send out swag to volunteers who tag him on social media because it's important to "give back in such a crucial and horrific time."

O'Shea Jackson Jr. Why Do I Have Tyron Woodley's Belt?? I Kicked His Ass!! (JK)

10/1/2017 12:13 AM PDT

And the new UFC welterweight champion of the world -- O'SHEA JACKSON JR.!!!

Not really ... but Ice Cube's son looked the part at LAX ... struttin' around with what he says is one of Tyron Woodley's UFC title belts!

O'Shea told us he won it in "an ass kickin' contest" at first ... but when our photog didn't buy it, he admitted the real-life champ hooked it up.

The backstory -- Tyron played one of Cube's boys in "Straight Outta Compton" ... which led to him and O'Shea (who played Cube) becoming boys off set.  

So when OSJ asked T-Wood if he could swag out with the strap, the champ obliged. 

We reached out to Woodley to see if there was more to the story ... but all he would tell us is, "O'Shea is my homie."


Boxing Star Mia St. John Calls Out Cyborg For Playboy Mansion Fight!!

9/30/2017 12:25 AM PDT

Former boxing champ Mia St. John is technically retired ... but says there's one fighter who could lure her back into the ring -- UFC superstar Cris Cyborg!

One catch, though -- it's gotta happen at the Playboy Mansion.

We got Mia -- a former Playboy cover girl -- the day after Hugh Hefner's passing ... and she showed Hef mad love for exposing her to the world.

But when the convo turned to her career ... MSJ told us she was officially done -- UNLESS she gets offered a match with Cyborg at Hugh's legendary crib.

Cris says she wants to box, and Mia was in the first-ever mansion fight (yeah, Hef had those) ... so, maybe?

If it doesn't go down ... St. John's got another fight -- against the system she blames for her son's death.

UFC's Tony Ferguson Hey, Werdum ... I'll Seriously Beat Your Ass

9/29/2017 6:05 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Tony Ferguson says he wasn't messing around when he threatened to fight Fabricio Werdum during a UFC media lunch on Thursday ... despite nearly a 100 POUND difference.

Fabricio exploded during the lunch -- shouting insults and threatened to backhand Ferguson during (what was supposed to be) a routine media event.

After the incident, Werdum said he felt disrespected by Ferguson -- and claimed the fighter had a "dark energy" about him.

Ferguson told TMZ Sports it was Werdum who was "rude" -- and if he really wants a piece, he'll gladly beat his ass in front of everyone.

[h/t MMA Fighting]

Chuck Liddell Chael Would Be 'Warm-Up Fight' ... If I Came Back

9/26/2017 1:27 PM PDT

Chuck Liddell says he hasn't ruled out an MMA comeback -- and if he does return, Chael Sonnen would be a great "warm-up fight."

The 47-year-old UFC legend has been training pretty regularly at Jay Glazer's Unbreakable Gym in L.A. -- and we're told he's still in damn good shape.

And with all the comeback rumors out there, we asked Chuck straight-up what the deal is.

"Chael's an easy fight," Liddell says ... "If I was gonna come back, it's a good one. It's a good warm-up fight. He's got a big mouth but not much behind it."

Guessing Chael's gonna have something to say about this ... 

Tyga So, Kylie's Preggo? Cool, I'm with Arianny Celeste!!!

9/25/2017 9:26 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Tyga deserves an award for best-timed rebound ever, 'cause he's hooking up with UFC Octagon hottie Arianny Celeste ... fresh off Kylie Jenner's pregnancy news.

Tyga and Arianny were at Universal Studios Saturday night for Halloween Horror Nights. Witnesses tell us they were showing major PDA -- he wrapped his arms around her waist and she was holding onto him walking through the mazes.

We're told they're hanging out but are not exclusive. Maybe he needs a refresher on Arianny's vacay mode pics ... to lock down this relationship.

Perfect way to get over your ex getting knocked up, we're guessing.

Michael Bisping Gets Major Mouth Reconstruction 'I Get Punched In the Teeth'

9/21/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Michael Bisping's teeth have taken a real beating during his 13-year MMA career -- with serious damage to 20 of his chompers -- but now he's renovating his entire mouth. 

TMZ Sports was with The Count as he hit up the prestigious Roxbury Institute in Bev Hills where Dr. Thomas Connelly was about to begin reconstruction on Bisping's busted up grill. 

Connelly -- who's worked on some of the biggest stars in Hollywood -- says Bisping needed major work that could run up to $80,000 at some of the higher priced dentists in town. 

Good news for Mike ... Connelly says Bisping's mouth will be good as new in a week and there is NO concern that the procedure will affect his preparation to fight Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217 in Nov. 


Cris Cyborg Ronda Rousey's a Loser I Don't Want to Fight Her Anymore

9/19/2017 9:56 AM PDT
Breaking News

Cris Cyborg says she's OVER her feud with Ronda Rousey -- because Ronda is no longer on her level and belongs in the WWE instead of the octagon.  

Cyborg called out Rousey for years -- once telling TMZ Sports she wanted to kill the first UFC women's champ to end their soap opera ... but Cris says Ronda ain't worthy of the scrap anymore after a pair of brutal losses.

"When I wanted to fight her it was because she was at the top of her game and she had all of the confidence in the world," Cyborg said in a statement.

"She had not been KO'd twice in a row and some people were actually saying she could beat Floyd Mayweather in a fight."

"Both of us are now at different chapters in our careers and for me that chapter is finished."

Cris says she'd only take on Rousey in the WWE ring ... cause that's the only place they'd be on even ground. 

Cyborg's message is in response to Ronda's trainer Edmond Tarverdyan ... who called for the super-fight in an interview with Ariel Helwani on Monday, saying Cris was "too slow" to beat Rousey.

Cyborg responded by saying Edmond's "nothing but a joke of a coach."

As for Ronda ... she's rumored to be transitioning to WWE after cutting a backstage promo earlier this month.

UFC's Luke Rockhold 'I Can't Feel My Feet' ... Gross Post-Fight Swelling

9/19/2017 6:48 AM PDT
Breaking News

UFC superstar Luke Rockhold kicked so much ass this weekend, his foot exploded. 

Well, it certainly blew the hell up. 

Take a look at video of Luke's insanely swollen and bruised right foot -- which he earned during Saturday night's dominant TKO victory over David Branch at 'UFC Fight Night' in Pittsburgh. 

Maybe put some ice on it?

The good news ... Rockhold seems pretty comfortable recovering while chillin' at a rooftop pool in the Steel City.

Could be worse ... could be David Branch's face.

Daniel Cormier I Might Be Crazy ... But I Wanna Fight Jon Jones Again

9/18/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Daniel Cormier WANTS TO FIGHT JON JONES ... for a third time.

D.C. joined the guys on TMZ Sports (weeknights on FS1) ... when he was asked if he'd ever want another crack at J.J. in the Octagon (whenever Bones is allowed to fight) ... despite everything that went down.

"That's the craziest thing about the whole situation. Competitively, he's beaten me twice. So yeah, of course. People think I'm insane for it."

There is a catch.

D.C. says there can't be any cheatin' ... the playing field has to be level.

Good luck.

Conor McGregor 'I'll Strangle You in Ireland!' ... Ripped By 'Platinum' Mike Perry

9/16/2017 12:33 AM PDT

If Conor McGregor ever wants to get off his yacht and fight a real 170-pounder -- UFC rising star 'Platinum' Mike Perry says he's ALL ABOUT that action.

In fact ... when we asked Platinum about his dream fight, the knockout artist unleashed one of the most epic Conor call-outs ever. 

"I'll fight McGregor in Ireland, wassup?! In Dublin, wassup?! Quote me on that," Perry told TMZ Sports.

"You'll do f**kin' nothin' you f**kin' prick! Once I put these hands on you boy, I'll strangle you in two seconds."

Mike wasn't done there ... taunting the Irishman's heritage and saying he'd become "the new king of Dublin" after he KO's Conor, hops the cage and crowd surfs through the stadium.

Platinum's got a co-main event scrap this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 116, and ain't quite at the front of the line to fight Conor yet ... but hey, dream big right?

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