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Michelle Rodriguez

I'm Not as Electric as I Used to Be!

7/4/2015 7:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Rodriguez perplexed our photog Friday night as she left Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood ... suspiciously behind the wheel of a Mercedes.

We say suspiciously, because the awesome actress famously drives a way more eco-friendly ride ... a Prius.

Is Michelle giving up on electric for luxury?  She has a solid answer.


'Basketball Wives' Royce Reed

Don't Pin Tampon Mess On Me

7/4/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Royce Reed's landlord is accusing her of clogging her dance studio plumbing ... with excessive tampons, and he's getting revenge by kicking her out on her ass ... according to Reed, anyway. 

The "Basketball Wives" star -- and Dwight Howard's baby mama -- just got slapped with eviction docs for her Orlando dance studio. The landlord says she missed rent in April and wants her gone, pronto.

Meanwhile, Royce filed her own docs ... saying she DID pay, even though the studio's become a real s**thole -- the plumbing backed up and flooded the joint. Not a great setting for dance classes.

In the docs, Royce says the landlord tried to blame it on tampons, and wanted her to cough up the dough to fix it. Her reply? There's no evidence the offending fem products are hers or her students. 

If that wasn't enough to tank her biz, Royce also says he leased out the neighboring space to a gun store -- intending to make her dance studio less desirable to kids. 

Royce wants the landlord to flush the eviction.

fishwrapper promo

Famous Hot Dog Legs


7/4/2015 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0704_hot_dog_legs_primary_launchWhile the world's most serious eaters belly up to the table for Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest -- sink your teeth into these famous hot dog legs and see if you can guess which star owns the stems!


'Good Witch' Star Bailee Madison

15 and Flush with Cash

7/4/2015 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_Bailee-Madison_good_witch_gettyBailee Madison must have cast a spell on the creators of Hallmark Channel’s “Good Witch," because she stands to make a million bucks from the show.

TMZ took a gander at her minor’s contract and the 15-year-old is clearly the envy of her peers for playing the young witch. She made $30k per episode for the first season.

The next 4 years could set her up for life -- she can make $36,465 an episode by the 5th season.

Only 3 more years until she's free to blow the money on whatever her witchy heart desires.

Celebrity Scramble -- Guess Who!

7/4/2015 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0704_scramble_indepen_launchThere's a public star hidden behind this literal star... can you guess which patriotic person is behind the 'Murica mess-up?!

Eva Longoria

Still Bangin' at 40

7/3/2015 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0703_eva_longoria_launch_akm-gsiEva Longoria is a freak of nature.

What to say ... Perfect body. Marbella, Spain.  Beach.  Hot.  So hot,

In other news...

Chrissy Teigen Fights Instagram Censorship

Chrissy Teigan had a clever way of getting around the social networks nudity policy.


Nik Richie & Shayne Lamas

Our Empire Starts Today

7/3/2015 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Nik Richie and Shayne Lamas are about to become parents again and their kid is already on the fast track to his very own dynasty empire.

Richie's 29-year-old mother-in-law Shawna Craig, who also doubles as the couple's surrogate, just got the signal -- her water broke, and their son will be born at any minute.

As for the kid's name? We're told it will be Lyon, named after Lucious Lyon from "Empire". Nik tells TMZ, "Just like son will take over my 'dirty' empire one day."

0703_Shawna-Craig_pregnant_gettyYou might remember ... Shayne Lamas had a miscarriage in February 2014, and it almost killed her after a rare uterine rupture put her in a coma.

The couple already has a 3-year-old daughter, Press Dahl Lamas Richie.

Mazel Tov!



Bobbi Kristina

Brown Family Ballistic

Over Death Bed Photo

7/3/2015 10:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0703_leolah-brown_bobbi_kristina_akm_gsiBobby Brown's sister Leolah just unleashed her rage over news that someone is selling a photo of Bobbi Kristina laying in her death bed.

Leolah is reacting to TMZ's story that someone got into Bobbi Kristina's room, snapped a photo and is hawking it to websites and magazines. Leolah said, "You aint gon be able to pay people off on this one! You will not do to my niece what you did to Whitney!"

As we reported, we're told the person selling the photo is an extended family member. Leolah is demanding a truth test, saying "I will make sure that anyone who came anywhere near Bobbi Kriss- including myself take a lie detective test!"

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Huge NASCAR Sponsor

Boycotting Trump

... He's a Racist, Bigot

7/3/2015 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0703_donald_trump_camping_world_nascarOne of the biggest NASCAR sponsors in all of racing is pumping the brakes on Donald Trump -- trying to pull a huge awards ceremony from one of Trump's properties and urging all of NASCAR to cut ties.

Click here... it's not over yet
In other news...

Alicia Keys Spotted With Her
Adorable Baby

You won't want to miss the jaw dropping cuteness of Alicia Key's baby boy.

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Scott Disick

When You Can't Be with the One You Love ...

7/3/2015 7:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0703_SCOTT_DISICK_LAUNCH-2Scott Disick got super-cozy Thursday with a fringe celebrity in romantic Monte Carlo.

Scott was at the pool with Chloe Bartoli, getting very touchy.  Bartoli is a celebrity stylist who has been linked to stars like Jared Leto.  She also reportedly once dated Scott.

0703_KOURTNEY_KARDASHIAN_GUN_RANGE_INSTAGRAMAs for Kourtney, last we saw she was at a gun range in the L.A. area.  She Instagrammed the photo and captioned it, "Don't mess."


In other news...

Angelina Jolie Has a Twin!

Jolie's lookalike claims she's so hot she scares men away.


Bobbi Kristina

Someone's Shopping Death Bed Photo

7/3/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0702-bobbi-kristina-getty-02It's pretty disgusting but also not unexpected ... someone is shopping a pic of Bobbi Kristina laying at death's door in a hospice. 

The photo was shopped to us ... we passed. It was taken earlier this week at the facility outside of Atlanta. A woman is hovering over Bobbi Kristina in the photo ... we're told it's a family member. 

As for who shot the photo ... we're told it's "an extended family member."

The pic is being shopped to multiple magazines and websites, and we're told there's interest.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner

We're Still United as a Family the Bahamas

7/3/2015 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have some fundamental issues that have led to their decision to divorce, but they're united when it comes to their kids ... and that's why the family vacation in the Bahamas is underway.

Ben and Jen have a home in the Bahamas, where they often vacation with their kids.  It appears the vacation dates were set before the divorce announcement, so the decision to still go reinforces what they said this week ... that their priority now is the kids.

Our sources say the divorce is civilized but there is tension between Ben and Jen because of various stories about what triggered the divorce.  Nevertheless, we're told they're cool with each other, especially around the kids.

As we reported, Ben will be living in the guesthouse on their property for the foreseeable future.

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