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Kodak Black 'There He Go' ... Back to Jail

2/28/2017 3:42 PM PST

0228-kodak-black-mug-shot-01Kodak Black is back behind bars for violating the terms of his house arrest and probation ... 3 months after he'd been released from lockup.

Kodak was booked into Broward County Jail Tuesday after a court hearing, where the judge found he violated a number of conditions of his probation.

Law enforcement sources tell us Kodak failed to complete an anger management program, and left his house without permission at least 2 times. We're told at least 1 of those trips was to a strip club.

Kodak walked out of jail back in December. He'd been serving time for drug and sexual conduct charges. The first single he dropped when he got out was, "There He Go." Should be quite the sing-along in jail tonight.

Bob Harper Walking My Dog Is the New CrossFit After Heart Attack

2/28/2017 3:04 PM PST


"The Biggest Loser" host Bob Harper's looking good following his major heart attack, and says he's taking steps toward recovery ... small ones with his dog.

The fitness guru's been posting pics letting fans know he's getting better, but says the only exercise he's allowed to do right now is walk Karl around the city and in the park.

We broke the story ... Bob suffered the heart attack 2 weeks ago and was unconscious for 2 days and hospitalized for 8.

Normally, he'd be competing in the CrossFit Open this time of year. Strolling with Karl's gonna have to suffice for now.



'Cash Me Ousside' Girl Cops Seeking Friend After Brutal Fight Footage

2/28/2017 2:34 PM PST

Cops are on the hunt for "Cash Me Ousside" girl Danielle Bregoli's friend, who got into a fight, captured on video.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ it needs the public's help to identify the black female in the photo ... released by the Sheriffs. TMZ broke the story ... the unidentified girl was seen in video slamming and punching another woman Saturday night in Lake Worth, FL.

The girl in Danielle's crew is allegedly the same one who threw ice cream at another lady earlier that night. We're told Danielle is cooperating with the cops in their search.

Oscars' 'Gary from Chicago' Did Hard Time For This ...

2/28/2017 12:33 PM PST

0228-gary-oscars-mug-shot-02"Gary from Chicago" -- the tourist who unknowingly crashed the Oscars with his fiancee -- was in prison as a third striker with a history of stealing ... TMZ has learned.

Gary Alan Coe -- who said he had been in jail for the last 20 years before Sunday night's award show -- was received by California Department of Corrections in 1994 for grand theft exceeding $400, and got locked up again in '97 for petty theft with priors ... and, because it was his third strike, it led to a sentence of 25 years to life with parole.

Law enforcement sources tell us he was resentenced in early 2017 under Proposition 36, and had his 25 year bid reduced to just 6. With pre-sentencing credits and time served ... he walked out a free man last Thursday.

One last detail ... Coe's attorney says he has a prior from 1975 for attempted rape when he was a teenager that required him to register as a sex offender ... but the 20 year sentence was for theft.

Floyd Mayweather Vegas Home Burglarized During L.A. Bday Trip

2/28/2017 12:29 PM PST

0228-floyd-mayweather-TMZ-01Floyd Mayweather's Vegas home was broken into this weekend while the boxer was in L.A. celebrating his 40th birthday ... and we're told thieves got away with $150k worth of stuff. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... Mayweather is listed as the victim in a burglary report for a home he owns in a gated community next to a golf course.

Law enforcement sources tell us it appears someone forced a door open into the home office in the back of the house and stole several purses. 

Other sources connected to the investigation tell us there is also at least 1 expensive watch unaccounted for ... and possibly other items missing. 

Our law enforcement sources say cops have been in contact with Floyd's camp and the boxer has been instructed to take an inventory of his valuables. 

Floyd was in L.A. for the past few days for his big 40th birthday mega-celebration with Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey and other famous friends. 

Kellyanne Conway Couch Kneel's Really No Biggie Says Oval Office Designer

2/28/2017 12:06 PM PST

Kellyanne Conway shouldn't be crucified for getting casual in the Oval Office ... at least according to the designer of the couch on which she knelt.

Interior designer Kenneth Blasingame -- who styled George W. Bush's Oval Office -- tells TMZ he's nowhere near offended Kellyanne put her pumps all over his old boss' couch ... and neither should anyone else.

Blasingame says while he considers the space "sacred," it doesn't mean Kellyanne isn't entitled to an informal moment there ... since there's been plenty in its long history.

Funny thing though ... Kenneth tells us Bush ran a tight ship when it came to visitors in his Oval Office -- i.e. no blue jeans, and suit jacket required.

But, when it comes to Kellyanne's faux pas in front of reps from HBCU ... BFD.


Justin Bieber It's All Downhill From Here ... With Model Gal Pal

2/28/2017 7:52 AM PST

0228-justin-bieber-hike-mystery-girl-launchJustin Bieber is in a race to the bottom ... but at least now he's got some attractive company.

Bieber took a 1-on-1 hike with his model friend, Ashley Moore, who seemed down to get physical with him in a friendly competition running on a canyon trail. 

If there's one thing we know about Bieber ... he tends to open up in the wilderness. Bodes well for Ashley. Plus they've hung out before -- couple years ago at a Clippers game -- so, seems like they've got a connection.


Ronda Rousey Pumped Up In Prison Garb ... On 'Blindspot' Set

2/28/2017 9:33 AM PST

0228-ronda-rousey-prison-blindshot-set-photos-launch-2It was blood, sweat and iced coffee for Ronda Rousey on the set of "Blindspot" ... where the UFC legend was decked out in an orange prison jumpsuit for her guest role on the show. 

Click here... it's not over yet

Danielle Bregoli Cash Me On Reality TV!!!

2/28/2017 1:00 AM PST

0227-danielle-bregoli-reality-show-tmz-getty-3Danielle Bregoli -- aka the "Cash Me Ousside" girl -- is coming to Hollywood Wednesday to meet with reality show producers ... TMZ has learned.

Danielle's managers tell us they've been contacted by 7 production companies and are scheduling meetings for this week. We're told 4 of the companies are interested in doing a reality show with Danielle and her mom.

The managers say 3 of the production companies are interested in formatted -- or scripted -- series. Yes, she'd have to memorize lines. We're told these are not guest spots ... it's about a TV series.

We're told the 13-year-old has also been getting some creepy offers ... big bucks to show up at bars -- where everyone else has to be 21.

And, we're told, she'll likely move to Hollywood for a reality show, because the managers and Danielle's mom think she gets in too much trouble when she's in Florida.


Nicki Minaj It's All Red Now After Remy Ma Diss Track

2/28/2017 9:15 AM PST

0228-nicki-minaj-future-music-video-booty-photos-launch-2Nicki Minaj ain't afraid to put her ass on the line ... on the heels of Remy Ma talking serious trash about it.

Nicki got strapped up in red from head to toe for Future's music vid shoot in Miami Beach. She still hasn't clapped back at Remy's "ShETHER" diss track.

This will have to do as a response. For now.

Oscars 'Gary From Chicago' Just Did 20 Years in Prison

2/28/2017 6:05 AM PST

0228-jimmy-kimmel-tourist-getty-01"Gary from Chicago" -- the tourist who stole the show at the Oscars -- was released from prison 3 days before he was hanging out with Denzel Washington and kissing Meryl Streep.

Gary Alan Coe did 20 years in the California prison system ... according to WLS TV, and just got out last week. Gary reportedly was in for committing multiple felonies -- he wasn't more specific about his crimes, but said he met his fiancee, Vickie, while in the pen.

Even though Gary and Vickie live in California now, he's a Chicago native and he's become the toast of the town. The Bulls offered him tickets and Gino's East wants to hook him up with free pizza.

The Denzel moment was cool and all, but Gary says he and Vickie are still planning a real wedding this summer.

In other news...

STARTLING New Photos Of Kim Kardashian & Family Show Serious Signs Of Stress

This Is MAJORLY Concerning-Especially For the Children's Sake


Selena, The Weeknd & Bella Hadid Paris Is Big Enough For All Of Us ... Oui ou Non?

2/28/2017 6:38 AM PST

0228-the-weeknd-selena-date-FFN-01If The Weeknd has any menage a trois fantasies ... this would be the time to let Selena Gomez know -- the couple's in Paris, and staying just a few minutes away from his ex, Bella Hadid.

Selena and The Weeknd were spotted chilling at their hotel -- which happens to be a convenient Parisian stroll away from the one where Bella's staying.

0228-bella-hadid-paris-SPLASH-01He's in town for a tour, and Bella's there for fashion stuff. We're guessing Selena's there because, well ... maybe she knew Bella was gonna be there.

Three's company in France too, n'est-ce pas?

Kellyanne Conway Kneeling Couch Potato for HBCU Photo Op with Prez

2/28/2017 6:52 AM PST

0228-kellyanne-conway-ap-01Kellyanne Conway threw manners out the Oval Office window to take a snapshot of Donald Trump with leaders of black universities and colleges.

Kellyanne left her high heel shoes on as she knelt on a couch to take a photo of the prez and dozens of reps for Historically Black Colleges and Universities Monday. She immediately got ripped on social media for the extreme lack of etiquette.

If you're inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt ... she was just trying to get a better angle for the shot. On the other hand, kneeling in the Oval almost always gets ya in trouble.


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