5H Member Ally Brooke Yes, I'm 27 and a Virgin By Choice ... To the Uninitiated, You're Not Alone!!!


Ally Brooke says it's tough being a virgin, especially when you think you're the only one -- something she wants other late bloomers to know is a complete and total misconception.

We spoke to the Fifth Harmony singer about the recent revelation that she hasn't done the deed yet -- which is crazy to think about ... considering she's gorgeous, famous, but also ... already creeping up on age 30. Ally's 27 right now, but maintains ... she hasn't had sex.

The reason -- which she lays out in detail in her new memoir, 'Finding Harmony' -- is because she's waiting for marriage ... plain and simple. Our photog asked if she comes across temptation as a pop star, especially on the road, and Ally didn't mince words.

She says, yes, of course, she's battled the urge throughout her career and life ... but tells us she overcomes that with a steadfast dedication to the end goal -- namely, being with one partner, which she feels will give her ultimate satisfaction and happiness in that realm.

Fair enough!!! We also asked if she had any advice for other virgins out there ... and Ally had a nugget or two of wisdom to pass on. Watch -- her message here should hopefully bring comfort to those still holding out, and let them know they're far from alone.

As for how the no-sex decision has influenced her professionally ... Ally spills on that too. Sounds like she's been able to navigate it well -- with just a few tweaks along the way.

Cardi B Posts BTS Video of Normani on 'WAP' Dancing with 'Motivation'


Cardi B's giving a lot of love to one of the famous female faces that appeared in her new music video -- giving fans a sneak peak at Normani's viral dance moves.

CB posted a video Saturday that showed behind-the-scenes footage of how the video for her new single 'WAP' was shot -- especially the dance solos featured by several different women ... including Fifth Harmony's Normani, who had the internet ablaze with her sexy number.

Turns out, the whole thing was shot on a green screen with the main song playing in the background. It's funny though ... Cardi was singing the lyrics to Normani's own song, "Motivation," over the 'WAP' beat -- giving her a little extra juice/hype for the performance.

Normani also posted incredible photo stills from the shoot -- and naturally, her fans (and her contemporaries) loved it. Her cameo was definitely one of the more notable standouts, according to Twitter anyway. Other appearances weren't as well-received, unfortunately.

As we reported ... the whole idea behind 'WAP' was women empowerment -- that's why Cardi and Meg had cameos from a bunch of different famous ladies across the entertainment industry, in an attempt to show solidarity.

Regardless of how some folks felt about each and every face that showed up, the video has proven to be a smash hit. It's got 42 million-plus views already, and it's steady climbing.

Camila Cabello & Fifth Harmony Kept Apart to Keep the Peace During AMAs Broadcast

Camila Cabello's breakup with Fifth Harmony might be 2 years old, but it was fresh on the minds of people at The American Music Awards, who treated them like warring relatives at a wedding ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us three members of Fifth Harmony (current and former) attended the AMAs Tuesday night -- Camila, Lauren Jauregui and Normani. You didn't see them anywhere near each other though, and that was no accident.

We're told Camila was placed in the front row next to Taylor Swift, and the other 2 women were in totally different sections of the Microsoft Theater ... 'cause they weren't even within shouting distance of each other. Camila obviously had the best seat as she was nominated for multiple awards.

Our sources say there's been some leftover bad blood between these three in particular in the wake of Camila leaving the group in late 2016. There were conflicting accounts on how exactly her exit was handled -- Camila says she gave plenty notice, but 5H says she ghosted.

We're sure Camila's feud with her ex-group mates was the last thing on her mind -- she ended up walking away with 4 wins total ... New Artist of the Year, Collaboration of the Year, Video of the Year, and Favorite Pop/Rock Song.

Fifth Harmony wasn't nominated.

Floyd Mayweather Not a Fan of Taylor, Ariana or Selena ... 'Who the F*** is That?'


Floyd Mayweather ain't no Swiftie, and he ain't no Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez fan either -- that much he made clear in an interview with a puppet.

Floyd sat down outside his strip club, Girl Collection, with the puppet Diego from YouTube's "Awkward Puppets" series. Diego lobbed up a bunch of pop trivia questions for the champ, but total softballs ... like what's your favorite Taylor Swift song?

Hard to tell if he's kidding -- y'know, 'cause he's talking to a puppet. He did show love for one singer ... naturally. But definitely NOT Fifth Harmony. Sorry, girls.

Halsey Drops $5k at Miami Nightclub With Lauren from Fifth Harmony

Halsey and Lauren Jauregui's recent collab, "Strangers," is about 2 chicks having the hots for each other, but they were both into one dude Saturday night ... Don Julio!!!

The duo let loose Saturday at Miami's LIV nightclub where DJ Cedric Gervais was spinning for his birthday. We're told the ladies rolled in with a bunch of girlfriends, and ordered 2 bottles of DJ 1942, and 2 bottles of Belvedere for their table.

Looks like it was a fun night, although it was really in the morning ... from 1 AM until closing at 4 AM.

Total booze tab was $5k. As for which singer paid -- we're told Halsey got this one.

Fifth Harmony Singer Treated By Paramedics Cancel NHL All-Star Anthem

Fifth Harmony canceled their singing gig at the NHL All-Star game after Dinah became sick and had to be treated by paramedics ... TMZ has learned.

Sources at The Staples Center tell us the girls were prepping to sing the National Anthem at Saturday's game when Dinah fell physically ill. We're told someone from the dressing room asked for paramedics who put Dinah on a stretcher.

Our sources say Dinah was evaluated by EMTs but the decision was ultimately made not to transport her to a hospital.

We're told the foursome left the arena together.

Fifth Harmony Camila Bailed On The Group Long Ago

Camila Cabello made up her mind a long time ago that she was done with Fifth Harmony -- but only officially gave notice a month ago ... so say sources close to the band.

Unlike Camila's account, sources with Fifth Harmony tell TMZ she just dropped the bomb on them mid-November ... with no prior discussions to her leaving.

We're told label execs and the other girls tried to coordinate meetings with Camila for months, in an effort to talk about the future of the group. Sources say Camila ducked all of those. A therapist was even brought on to work with the members ... again, we're told Camila was a no-show for those sessions.

As for Camila saying she had given everyone involved a heads-up well in advance ... we're told that's BS, and she's simply trying to save face and play the saint.

Fifth Harmony Camila Fires Back ... Y'all Knew I Was Leaving!

Camila Cabello is calling BS on Fifth Harmony claiming to be blindsided by her leaving the group ... and insists everyone's known she'd be hittin' the road for a while now.

Camila posted a lengthy response to Fifth Harmony's own brief statement earlier Monday morning, saying the claim of her reps breaking the news seemingly out of nowhere is "simply not true."

She adds ... she and the other girls have talked openly about going in on their own solo projects for quite a while ... as indicated by the other members' own statements.

Camila goes on to thank her Fifth Harmony fans, and even invites them to follow her example.


Fifth Harmony Camila Quits But Four Playing On

Fifth Harmony ain't hung up on numbers -- on the heels of Camila Cabello bagging out, the group is staying together ... but it definitely seems like there are some hard feelings.

The group announced Camila was leaving with a very brief statement, "We have been informed via her representatives that Camila has decided to leave Fifth Harmony. We wish her well."

Translation: She didn't have the cajones to tell us herself. Good riddance.

The group went on to say they will move forward as a foursome, and added they're also working on solo projects. Hmmm ... sounds a little One Direction-y, no?

Anyway, they've got experience singing one woman down -- after Lauren Jauregui's pot bust prevented her from flying to Brazil last week, the band played on ...

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Arrested for Weed at Dulles Airport

Fifth Harmony had only 4 members who were free last night, because Lauren Jauregui was busted for weed Tuesday night while trying to get on a plane at Dulles Airport.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Lauren was stopped at a TSA checkpoint and forced to submit to a secondary search, when a TSA staffer found what appeared to be a bag of marijuana in her carry-on luggage.

Cops were flagged down in the terminal and they promptly arrested the singer.

It appears Lauren was heading for Brazil where the group is set to perform Wednesday night.

9:20 AM PT -- Lauren's attorney says the singer was not arrested or detained, but was "simply given a citation for possession of marijuana and released on her own recognizance." She adds, "This will not interfere with any future scheduled performances or activities."

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