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Snooki I'm Pregnant ... Again!

2/22/2014 7:12 AM PST
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Snooki is plumping up again ... but not 'cause she's eating too much -- the "Jersey Shore" store is having another baby!

Snooks is reportedly a few months pregnant but is keeping things under wraps so it doesn't torpedo some lucrative appearances she has lined up -- according to Page Six.

Sources close to the couple told TMZ a similar story this week ... but we got radio silence from her camp.

Great timing ... Snooki just penned a book called "Baby Bumps" about her first pregnancy in 2012.

Snooki She's in Labor

8/25/2012 4:03 PM PDT

6:00 AM PT -- Snooki gave birth early this morning to a baby boy.

Get ready for gym, tan, LABOR!!!!!

Sources close to Snooki tell TMZ the reality star has gone into labor. We're told she is at a hospital in New Jersey now and is expected to deliver her little meatball to the world some time in the near future.

The "Jersey Shore" star announced her pregnancy back in March and also announced that she is engaged to the baby daddy, Jionni LaVelle.

Snooki tweeted just yesterday about her pregnancy, saying, "I am a balloon ready to pop." 

Snooki The Ultrasound's LYING ... I'm Still a Polizzi!!!

7/7/2012 5:10 AM PDT
Snooki did NOT secretly get married to her baby daddy Jionni LaValle ... and she did NOT secretly take the guy's name either -- despite what her ultrasound says -- sources tell TMZ.

In case you missed Thursday night's episode of "Snooki & Jwoww" -- the Snookster unveiled her highly-anticipated ultrasound ... and Snooki's name is listed as "Nicole LaValle."

But Snooki sources tell TMZ, the ultrasound is WRONG -- because Snooki's real name is still legally "Nicole Polizzi." The doctor's office simply entered the wrong name by accident.

And for all you conspiracy theorists -- the source adds, "Snooki is 100% not married ... yet."

Case closed.

Snooki The Pregnant Beer Stroll

7/3/2012 6:53 AM PDT
With her unborn baby due in a couple of months, "Jersey Shore" former party girl Snooki used a stroller to transport a case of Coors Light in Seaside Heights on Monday.

The pregnant 24-year-old is no stranger to nursing beers.

Snooki Baby Bump EXPOSED!!!

6/6/2012 5:25 AM PDT
It's been months since she revealed she's carrying a little guido inside her, but Snooki's bulging baby bump at long last made an appearance through her t-shirt in Seaside Heights on Tuesday.

With the "Jersey Shore" back filming for the summer, Snooki's plus one could be ready for his first GTL closeup in the very near future.

The 24-year-old mom-to-be -- officially belly up.

Snooki Moves Into Safe House ... Right Next Door!!!

6/5/2012 12:38 AM PDT

Snooki isn't taking any chances filming "Jersey Shore" this season with her unborn child -- moving into a shack of her own yesterday ... RIGHT NEXT DOOR to her old stomping grounds.

TMZ broke the story ... the mama-to-be is taking her pregnancy extremely seriously, choosing to live next to the "Shore" house rather than in it because of her loud, boozy ex-roommates.

But Snooki isn't moving far -- in fact, her old digs are mere feet away from her new parenting pad ... a cozy single-family home directly adjacent to the "Shore" house that rents for about $2,000 a month.

Snooki announced she was knocked up in February, and could pop while they shoot Season 6 -- so she wants to be prepared.

As for other big changes this season -- Situation's sober!!! Get ready for an exciting summer.

Snooki's Downfall Being Pregnant in Super High Heels

6/1/2012 6:45 AM PDT
Snooki is no stranger to losing her balance and falling on the floor, but this time alcohol wasn't what caused her to almost bite it ... it was her huge platform wedge heels.

While arriving with all her crap to the infamous Seaside Heights crib -- where she won't be living this season -- the pregnant "Jersey Shore" star lost her footing, but luckily recovered avoiding any sort of injury to herself or her unborn baby.

This may be Snook's first fashion misstep that didn't involve a low cut top, leopard print spandex mini-dress, or Ed Hardy.

Snooki I'm Evicting Myself from 'Jersey Shore' House

5/22/2012 1:00 AM PDT

Season 6 of "Jersey Shore" just dropped another major bomb, TMZ has learned ... Snooki will NOT be shacking up with her fellow castmates this summer -- instead getting her own private nest nearby.

Sources tell us ... the mama-to-be is taking her pregnancy very seriously, choosing to live NEAR the "Shore" house rather than IN it because it's not worth it to be surrounded by boozy, loud roommates while pregnant.

If you recall, Snooki announced she was knocked-up in February -- when she was already 3 months along -- which means while filming this summer she'll be in prime popping position ... all the more reason to have a pad of her own.

The guidette's absence is just another in a slew of "Shore" changes this year ... which includes a sober Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (who just got out of rehab) and the possibility of adding a Snooki-baby to the cast.

It's shaping up to be the most boring BEST season ever!

Snooki & Baby Daddy Best Fake Parents Ever!

3/26/2012 10:00 AM PDT

Proving they're totally prepared for parenthood ... Snooki and her alleged baby daddy Jionni LaValle have successfully managed to go 4 whole days without misplacing or damaging their plastic infant training doll.

The pregnant "Jersey Shore" star has been carrying around the fake child since last week ... in what seems like a crash prep course on how to care for an actual living, breathing child.

No word on when the baby is due ... but all signs point to late August/early September ... right around the time "Jersey Shore" Season 6 is expected to debut.

'Jersey Shore' Producers Looking to Phase Out The Situation & Snooki

3/24/2012 7:30 AM PDT

With Snooki pregnant and The Situation getting sober, the people behind "Jersey Shore" are FREAKED the show will lose its sex-crazed alcohol-fueled edge -- so they're looking to phase the two out ... in favor of newer, wilder castmates.

MTV released a statement earlier this week -- following news Sitch was seeking substance abuse treatment -- claiming the network expects the entire cast to return for Season 6 ... but sources close to 495 Productions tell TMZ, the production company is currently looking for new talent.

According to sources, 495 desperately wants to keep things fresh -- and folding in new castmates will help transition the show into a new generation ... while still keeping old fans hooked.

We're told 495 plans to limit Snooki and The Situation's roles on the new season -- giving new cast members more screen time instead.

The show is set to begin filming this summer. 495 had no comment.

Snooki & Jwoww Fake Babies for Fake Reality Show

3/22/2012 3:05 PM PDT
Only one of them is really pregnant at the moment, but Snooki and Jwoww both got practice being moms as they were spotted holding fake babies while filming their new "reality" TV show in Jersey City on Thursday.

For once, these two really did get all dolled up.

Snooki & Jwoww Two VERY Different Spring Breaks

3/16/2012 12:18 PM PDT
Mom-to-be Snooki enjoyed her first sober Spring Break party in Cancun today ... while her "Jersey Shore" spinoff castmate Jwoww enjoyed the kind of cocktail an unwed pregnant reality star cannot. 

Soon Snooki will be enjoying her first sober St. Patrick's Day. Then her first sober Passover. Then her first sober Easter. Then her first sober Earth Day. Then her first sober Cinco de Mayo. Then her first sober Memorial Day. Then her first sober Flag Day. Then her first sober July 4th. Then her first sober ...

Emilio to Snooki BRING ON THE LAWSUIT ... I Can Offend Whoever I Want

3/7/2012 12:15 AM PST

's ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella doesn't give a rat's ass about her lawyers' legal threats -- telling TMZ, "I’m able to express my own opinions about her ... If they want to sue me, they're not going to get much."

TMZ broke the story ... Emilio thinks Snooki's pregnancy could have devastating consequences on her life -- claiming, "I hope for her sake ... not to be rude or anything ... but I hope she has a miscarriage."

Snooki's legal team had sent Emilio a cease and desist letter over offensive comments he made to the media earlier this year -- but after the "miscarriage" comment, they're now revisiting the possibility of a defamation lawsuit.

But Emilio's not worried -- saying, "If they want to sue me for being my own person that’s screwed up."

Emilio tells us, "I feel like they're trying to scare me for expressing my own opinions ... How can they sue me for stating how I feel? I don’t get why they have it out for me."

He adds, "My wish is to sit down and talk with her for 5 minutes, no cameras, face-to-face, and have a conversation with Nicole not Snooki. I know she'd fall in love with me again."
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