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Zsa Zsa Gabor Husband Has to ... Pack Up and Move Out

12/19/2016 11:03 AM PST

1219-zsa-zsa-gabor-house-photos-launchZsa Zsa Gabor struck a sweet deal on her Bel-Air mansion, and now that she's died ... it means her widower has to find a new place to live ASAP.

Sources close to Zsa Zsa tell TMZ ... Frederic Prinz von Anhalt has to move out of the home he shared with her because he has no ownership rights. Gabor actually sold the mansion in 2013, but made a "life estate" deal which allowed her to live out her days there. Hugh Hefner has the same setup at the Playboy Mansion.

We're told the buyer has been great to Zsa Zsa and her husband, so Frederic isn't being rushed out -- escrow still has to close and he'll likely have 90 days to find a new pad. Zsa Zsa's realtor, Roger Perry, is currently helping him with that.

Our sources say Gabor's home was listed for $14.9 million, and sold to a commercial real estate mogul who plans to renovate it, or possibly tear it down.

Zsa Zsa's mansion was the setting for HBO's Liberace biopic, "Behind the Candelabra" in 2013, and was reportedly once home to Elvis Presley and Howard Hughes.

Dan Bilzerian From 1 Bachelor To Another ... Take My Pad Off My Hands

12/19/2016 7:24 AM PST


Dan Bilzerian needs a change of scene -- so he's moving to a bigger house in Vegas closer to his brother and putting a house up for sale where the sweet life is deep in the dry wall.

The famous playboy just listed his bachelor pad, and for $5.1 mil ... you too can live like Dan once did --  or just enjoy a 5 bed, 9 bath crib over 9,400 sq. feet. Either way.

Whatever the new home owner's desire, this place is fit for any purpose. It's got underground parking, a courtyard, a library and rec room, plus a backyard grill and built-in bar ... pool and fire pit included.

With the help of his agent, Frank Napoli, Dan shouldn't have any trouble selling his beloved home where models and porn stars roamed free. Might need a carpet clean or 2, though ... just sayin'.

Alice Eve Neighbors Pissed Over Illegal Fence

12/19/2016 12:30 AM PST

1212-alice-eve-TMZ-01'Star Trek' actress Alice Eve is now getting the wrath of a furious neighbor who claims she illegally built a fence on city property.

The Hollywood Hills dispute is all over a 6 foot fence installed back in April at the edge of her property. Neighbors were outraged because the fence is blocking off a wildlife corridor, which is NOT part of Alice's property. One angry neighbor filed a complaint with the city.

City officials tell us the beef is legit ... the fence is on government property.

1213-alice-eve-tmz-03The city tells us Alice was put on notice in July for the violation, and there was a hearing on the matter in September. We're told Alice was not there. We reached out to her camp, but no word back yet.

As of Friday, the fence is still standing. The neighbor who dimed her out to the city is pissed and wants it torn down ASAP. He's clearly not a fan of her work in "She's Out of My League."

He might be alone on that one.

President Obama It's Not the Oval Office ... A Garage Will Do

12/18/2016 1:00 AM PST

1215_obama_house_construction_launch_2President Obama's rental pad is getting fitted for massive upgrades.

Obama's post-presidential crib in D.C. is getting what appears to be an enhanced security system. According to construction permits, obtained by TMZ, the work includes installation of fencing, utilities and a cat walk over an existing staircase.  

Someone on the construction team told us they're upgrading the electrical system in the house to support the specific needs of the soon-to-be former first family.

And get this ... looks like the Prez might be working out of the garage. According to the permit, the contractor will "temporarily convert one garage stall into an office with new bathroom." That would be an astonishing step down from the Oval Office.

The $6 million property will be guarded by Secret Service, but it's interesting that the house is right on the street. 


Nicki Minaj Yo Kylie, Remember This Sweet Beach House?

12/13/2016 4:08 PM PST

1212_nicki_minaj_turks_and_caicos_crib_launchIf the walls of Nicki Minaj's Turks & Caicos birthday rental could talk, they'd whisper something about Kylie Jenner's ass celebration on the same $35 million estate.

Nicki's been there with her mom and several friends celebrating her 34th. We're told Meek Mill was there too, but left early.

If you look past Nicki's body, you might recognize the house ... since this is where Kylie had her 19th birthday party in August. She got the pad comp'd through Airbnb, but we're told Nicki threw down major stacks to stay there. The going rate is about $10k per night for 3 oceanside villas.

One look at the place, and even that steep price feels worth it.


Kylie Jenner Keeps Pad in the Fam ... Renting to Rob & Blac Chyna

12/13/2016 3:05 PM PST

1213-kylie-jenner-house-crisnet-02Kylie Jenner's putting one of her empty cribs to good use -- we're told she's renting it out to Rob and Blac Chyna.

The new mom and pop moved into the Hidden Hills, CA home this week, and the reason's simple -- Rob and Blac wanted a bigger pad, and to be closer to Kris and Kim's nearby homes with baby Dream now in the picture.

1213-kylie-jenner-house-crisnet-01As TMZ reported, BC's house in Tarzana was supposed to be home base once Dream arrived. But that plan's changed, and we're told Rob's still working out leasing terms with his little sis.

This is the same 6 bedroom, 7 bath spread where Chyna recently posed with King Cairo ... Christmas lights and all.



Scott Disick Stuck In Kardashian-Land Drops House Price By $1 Mil

12/13/2016 12:30 AM PST

1212_scott_disick_house_for_sale_launch_2Scott Disick just can't escape his baby mama's family -- he's struggling to unload a Kardashian-adjacent home, and just slashed its price ... by a lot of zeroes.

The Hidden Hills pad Scott bought a year ago, and listed 6 months later at $8.8 mil ... is now $1 million cheaper. Don't cry for the lord, he could still make a little less than $2 mil on the deal.

You'll recall ... he bought the 7 bed, 6 1/2 bath house for a steal at $6 million to be closer to Kourtney and the kids. Since then, he's made renovations, but hasn't gotten a bite yet.

It at least looks like it's worth every penny. Tomer Fridman is repping Scott in the sale.

Kanye West Now I've Got Time To Play Mansion Expansion

12/11/2016 1:00 AM PST

1209_kanye_west_home_cunstruction_tmz_x17Kanye West's recovery is giving him time to refocus on his true work of art -- the former mansion he and Kim are expanding into a mini-Versailles of the Valley. 

Sources close to Kanye tells us he's been working closely over the last week with contractors at the Hidden Hills, CA pad. The most recent project was expanding the master bedroom.

We're told 'Ye blew out an entire wall to add on a space that looks way bigger than the average NYC apartment -- and he's not done yet.

1210-kim-kanye-bdrm-addition-tmz-01We reported ... Kanye's currently making new music from a temporary studio in their Bel-Air home -- and we're told the new mega mansion is being prepped for installation of a fully equipped music lab.

As for the decor -- we know Yeezy's fond of Rick Owens' furniture, and you'll recall it was one of Rick's exhibits that drew him out in public this week. We're told there's a good chance 'Ye was window shopping for his huge new space.

Right now it's a just over 20,000 sq. ft and growing. It's unclear if the couple has a projected end date for construction.

Jared Leto Fire Trucks Race To Hollywood Hills Home

12/10/2016 9:58 AM PST

1209_jared-leto-house_tmz_wmOne of Jared Leto's L.A. homes was the scene of a panic Friday evening that had firefighters searching the grounds. 

LAFD says it got a call to the residence in Laurel Canyon because someone smelled smoke. We're told everyone inside the house had been evacuated by the time firefighters arrived and started going through the 50,000 sq. ft complex.

Good news for Jared -- who was home at the time, we're told -- firefighters found nothing burning.  

No fire. No damage. No messy insurance claims. Win-win-win.


DeAndre Jordan One Last Blowout at L.A. Mansion ... Cops Called

12/9/2016 7:11 AM PST

1209_denandre_jordan_party_mansion_launchEveryone knows ... when you're selling your insanely awesome L.A. party mansion -- you HAVE to throw one last rager before you go. 

And that's exactly what DeAndre Jordan did Thursday night ... this according to law enforcement sources. 

TMZ Sports has learned cops were called to Jordan's SICK $12 MILLION mansion in the Pacific Palisades around midnight after neighbors repeatedly called and complained about the noise. 

As we previously reported, Jordan listed the 7 bedroom, 10 bathroom mega-estate earlier this year -- and he finally found a buyer last month. 

So, with the place about to officially change hands ... DJ blew it out one last time. 

Look at the pictures of this place -- can you really blame you the guy? 

We're told cops made no arrests, no one was cited -- everyone complied. 

By the way, the Clippers don't have a game until Saturday ... so what's the harm in a little Thursday night turn up? 

Kylie Jenner Breaking Up with One of Her FOUR Homes

12/7/2016 11:08 AM PST

1207_kylie_jenner_hidden_hills_home_for_Sale_launchKylie Jenner's bailing out after just 4 months ... she's unloading her Hidden Hills, CA home -- don't worry she has 3 backups.

TMZ has learned Kylie's unloading the pad she bought in August, when she planned to make it her primary residence. But woman's intuition stepped in, and she fell in love with her newest pad instead. No wonder ... that one is worth about $12 mil.

The bright side for Kylie -- she bought this 4 bed, 4 bath home for just $4.5 million, so she stands to make a nice profit of just under a mil if she and her agent, Tomer Fridman, can sell near listing price.

Don Rickles Hello, Dummy! My Malibu Pad's a Steal at $8 Mil

12/7/2016 12:21 PM PST


Don Rickles wants to finally pay someone a compliment with a new beachside crib ... so long as he gets paid a few million bucks first.

The legendary insult comic -- who used to pal around with Frank Sinatra -- just listed his Malibu home with Chris Cortazzo for $7.99 million ... and it looks to be worth every penny.

The 2-story gated pad is tucked behind a long driveway, with a full-size tennis court and resort-style pool/spa along the way. The house itself ... also a sight for sore eyes. The 4 bed, 5 bath crib has a great view of the beach, and all the bells and whistles inside.

If he gets his price ... Don really will have the last laugh. 

Jamie-Lynn Sigler's House My Hollywood Hills Buyer Is Stylin'

12/7/2016 12:30 AM PST

1206-jamie-lynn-sigler-house-CRISNET-01Jamie-Lynn Sigler is handing over the keys to her home to fashion blogger and TV host Louise Roe ... and possibly banking nearly half a million while she's at it.

Jamie-Lynn sold the 3 bedroom, 3 bath home this month for $2.025 million. She only bought it 4 years ago for $1.6 million.

Meanwhile, Louise is getting a pool, spa and kick-ass location, location, location. It's close to the famed Bird Streets of the Hollywood Hills ... where homes go for 5-10 times this price.

So, nice score for Roe.


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