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Train Drummer Nashville Fixer-Upper Before & After Pics Will Shock You

4/1/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Scott Underwood, the ex-drummer for Train, is looking to score $3 million in profit by flipping his Nashville home ... and judging from the pics, he has a shot.

Scott and his wife Cheryl bought the 9,600 square foot pad in June for $2.44 mill and in less than a year put it back on the market for $5.5 mill.

Cheryl worked with super developer Meg Epstein to transform the 9 bedroom, 9 bath place ...  the results are pretty remarkable. Lisa Peebles and Rachel Mays of Benchmark Realty have the listing.

It's very L.A. for Nashville ... in a good way.

Emmy Rossum Robbed of Jewelry

3/28/2017 9:01 AM PDT

Emmy Rossum's West L.A. home was hit by burglars who targeted 2 safes, and she made it easy for them to pull off the heist ... because she left the combos right there.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Emmy was in NYC last week when the housekeeper showed up on Wednesday and everything was fine. But on Friday, the housekeeper returned to a crime scene.

The housekeeper noticed the power was off and a glass pane on a back door was smashed.  

The next thing the housekeeper saw ... the "Shameless" star's 2 safes were wide open with nothing inside.

Our sources say $150,000 in antique jewelry was missing from the safes ... nothing else was taken.

As for how the burglars were able to open them ... we're told Emmy left written combinations next to the safes.  

Law enforcement believes the thieves cut the power to deactivate the alarm system.

Emmy is the latest victim in a string of celebrity burglaries. Other 2017 victims include Jaime Pressly, Kendall Jenner, Yasiel Puig, Derek Fisher, Alanis Morissette, Cesar Millan and Nick Young.

Ellen DeGeneres Incredible Home Up for Sale $45 Million!!!

3/20/2017 1:35 PM PDT

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have just put their amazing Montecito estate on the market ... and you gotta think, anyone who has cash to burn would be lucky to have it.

Ellen and Portia listed the estate, located in Santa Barbara County, for $45 mil. It sits on 17 acres and has ridiculous views of the Pacific.  

The home, built in 1930, has 6 bedrooms, 9 fireplaces and the living room alone is 800 square feet. 

Where do you go from here?

Jaime Pressly I Got Robbed Blind Just Like Kendall

3/18/2017 9:43 AM PDT

Jaime Pressly is the latest celeb burglary victim ... just days after Kendall Jenner got hit, Jamie had her jewelry stolen, too.

Law enforcement sources tell us they got a call late Friday night from Pressly, who told them someone broke into her Sherman Oaks home.

Pressly said she went out for the evening, and when she returned she quickly realized someone had been up to no good. 

We're told the burglar got in through a side window that was forced open.

The crook made off with jewelry and a laptop.

TMZ broke the story ... Kendall's Hollywood Hills home was hit Wednesday in what looks like an inside job. The thief stole more than $200k in jewelry.

Burglars have hit a bunch of celebs this year, including Yasiel Puig, Derek Fisher, Alanis Morissette, and Cesar Millan.

Just like Kendall ...  no suspects in Pressly's case so far.

Melania and Barron Trump White House Bound in June

3/17/2017 11:38 AM PDT

Melania and Barron Trump will become full-time residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in June ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, contrary to some reports the president's wife and son may stay in NYC indefinitely, we're told they are "absolutely moving after the school year."

We're also told the family has already selected the school Barron will be attending.

The White House staff is already getting ready ... Melania's quarters in the residence are getting a fresh coat of paint.

Trump Tower Floor Plans Stolen From Secret Service Laptop

3/17/2017 9:43 AM PDT
Breaking News

Floor plans to President Trump's NYC home base are now in the hands of someone who stole a Secret Service agent's laptop.

The agent's computer was jacked from her car Thursday while it was parked in her Brooklyn driveway ... according to the NY Daily News. The laptop contains floor plans, including evacuation measures, for Trump Tower ... as well as info regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

While the prez hasn't been back to Trump Tower since his inauguration ... Melania and Barron are still living there until he finishes the school year. As we first reported ... NYPD is already looking at assembling a special unit dedicated to protecting the building.

Our sources confirm a few stolen items, like a black bag with the Secret Service emblem, were recovered ... but the laptop's still missing.

Obamas & Ivanka Trump D.C. Snowblower Ready To Do Them Next ... For a Price

3/14/2017 1:08 PM PDT

Barack, Michelle Obama and Ivanka Trump all have a neighbor who really blows ... when it comes to getting rid of snow, and he's willing to help 'em dig out from winter Storm Stella.

We got D.C. resident Mario Castillo Tuesday -- who lives on the Obamas' block, and around the corner from Ivanka and Jared in the Kalorama Heights 'hood. He says he's got the snow blowing game locked down, which means he's been busy the last 24 hours.

As for the former and current First Families ... Mario's got a proposal. Seems like a good deal.

Plus, we don't see either couple as the shoveling type.

Rob Kardashian Shopping for His First Mansion ... Done Renting from Kylie

3/12/2017 1:00 AM PST

Rob Kardashian wants to stop living under Kylie Jenner's roof, and start real estate ballin' like her instead ... which is why he's eyeing a sweet mansion.

We got a shot of Rob walking out of a 7700 sq. ft. crib Friday in Encino, and it's a major step-up for him. Not only does it have 8 beds, 5 baths, an enormous pool and hot tub, but it also has a guest home ... and that alone is an additional 2600 sq. feet!

The Encino pad's listed for $6.9 million, and besides its obvious charms -- we're told Rob's also interested because it's a short drive from Blac Chyna and baby Dream

He's currently renting one of Kylie's many homes, and trying to sell his Calabasas house.

This spread would seriously up Rob's real estate mogul game. Look out, KJ.

Jennifer Lopez It's Official ... Sells Mansion for $9.9 Mil!

3/9/2017 10:07 AM PST

Jennifer Lopez can put the long, drawn out home sale process behind her now -- she just unloaded her Hidden Hills estate for $9.9 million.

J Lo was in the middle of escrow last week and we've learned a someone locked down the bargain deal on the 9 bed, 12 bath gated mega mansion. The buyer was repped by Emil Hartoonian of The Agency.

You'll recall J Lo first put the crib on the market back in 2015 for $17 mil.

She was repped by Brett Lawyer.

NBA's Nick Young Burglarized AGAIN Entire SAFE Stolen

3/9/2017 1:00 AM PST

The celebrity burglary thiefstravaganza continues ... this time, crooks struck the L.A. home of Lakers star Nick Young (again!) and made off with $500k in cash and jewelry after taking his entire safe!!! 

Law enforcement sources confirm ...  Young's Valley residence was hit in February when the bad guys entered through an unlocked door and pilfered the NBA star's valuables. 

We're told crooks took roughly $30k in cash plus 3 gold chains, a custom ring and a locked safe containing other valuables. 

Cops are on the hunt for the bad guys. 

It's not the first time Young has been targeted -- thieves raided another home Nick was living in at the time back in 2014 and made off with $100k in stuff ... including Nick's beloved Yeezys. 

So many stars have been burglarized in L.A. this year -- including Yasiel Puig, Alanis Morrissette, Derek Fisher and Cesar Millan -- they could start their own support group already. 

The only problem with that ... who would keep an eye on their houses?

Holly Madison Unloads Hancock Park Palace After Bidding War

3/9/2017 12:20 AM PST

Holly Madison made the Hancock Park real estate market her million dollar bitch.

Holly unloaded her 6 bedroom, 9 bathroom pad for $8.225 mil. She listed the property in January ... and buyers came flocking. She ended up selling for $225k over asking price.

Holly bought the Spanish Colonial back in 2014 for $7.1 million.

The 8,500 square foot estate has all the bells and whistles, along with sweeping golf course views.

Jon Grauman of The Agency had the listing.

Rob and Blac Chyna Back Together Neighbors are PISSED

3/8/2017 10:11 AM PST

1:10 PM PST -- Sources close to the situation tell us the two are NOT together ... Rob was only at Chyna's to see his daughter. We're told Rob's been focusing on his health and being a good father.Rob and Blac Chyna are back together which for some is good news, but not for their neighbors, who are asking cops for advice on what they say has become a dangerous situation.

We've learned the on-again, off-again couple is back under Blac Chyna's roof in her gated San Fernando Valley neighborhood. We're told Rob moved in late last week.

Law enforcement sources tell us cops were in the gated community Tuesday for an unrelated matter when several neighbors flagged them down and ticked off a laundry list of complaints against Rob and Chyna. Among them ... they said there were "thugs" visiting their home, who did not go through the front gate but rather jumped the wall, avoiding security. The neighbors called them "riffraff."

The complaints go on ... Rob parks his car on the front lawn because Chyna has a fleet of cars that take up the proper space. The neighbors also say the noise is unbearable, at all hours.

Our sources say cops told them there's nothing they could do but they should take it up with the homeowner's association. But cops said the house is now on their radar.

The neighbors said the community is filled with "affluent people" ... lawyers, athletes and actors and they told cops they were worried Rob and Chyna would bring property values down.

Ryan Seacrest 911 Hurry! 'Huge Flames' at His House

3/7/2017 1:53 PM PST

Ryan Seacrest's neighbors did some name-dropping when they called 911 to report the fire at his house.

TMZ obtained the 911 calls that came in last month when an electrical fire started in Ryan's driveway. One neighbor was in a panic as he described the scene, but made sure to mention Ryan's name multiple times.

Another call seemed to come from a staffer at the house, who said the flames were getting close to trees.

As we reported, firefighters saved the $50 million mansion and no one was injured.