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'Platinum' Mike Perry I Could Kill Someone For Real ... in a UFC Fight

2/24/2018 2:35 PM PST

UFC stars claim they're gonna "kill" their opponents all the time ... but "Platinum" Mike Perry says he's the only guy who actually could -- and he's dead serious.

"People freak out when I go on social media and say, 'I'm gonna kill you' ... because they believe what I say," Platinum told TMZ Sports.

"They get upset when I say it because they think it might be a reality."

All of Mike's 11 wins have come by KO -- 12 if you count his New Year's Eve street fight -- so we ain't gonna second-guess him.

Perry says that's the plan for when he fights Max Griffin at UFC Fight Night Orlando this weekend ... saying Max might be in for "an early retirement" after they're done.

OK ... we're officially terrified.

Tekashi69 Lands in Texas for Show ... Gang Member Busted for Threats

2/23/2018 10:34 AM PST

Tekashi69 is still dodging ass-whoopings -- the latest one was nearly at the San Antonio airport, but cops were on scene this time to arrest a gang member who threatened the rapper.

As we reported, Tekashi's Thursday night concert in San Antonio went on as scheduled, despite some serious gang threats. One of the guys who made a threat posted a live feed on Instagram Thursday, bragging he was on his way to the airport to beat down 6ix9ine.

Funny thing happened, though ... cops recognized the guy -- his name's Adam Rodriguez -- from his social media threats. Rodriguez admitted getting pulled over was a huge L, but says at least he and his crew tried. He cut off his live feed as police approached him to make the arrest.

He was booked for making a terroristic threat, and held on $5,000 bail.

As for 6ix9ine -- his San Antonio show went off without a hitch. No repeat of the LAX melee from earlier this week. Still, club owners are worried -- an upcoming 6ix9ine show in Staten Island was reportedly canceled for security concerns. 

Conor McGregor Blasted By Frankie Edgar's Manager ... 'He'll Beat Your Ass'

2/22/2018 1:27 PM PST

Conor McGregor has been ducking Frankie Edgar for years and never REALLY wanted to fight him at UFC 222 in March ... this according to Frankie's manager, Ali Abdelaziz

And by the way ... that's putting it mildly. 

Ali just WENT OFF on Conor -- comparing him to a prostitute and guaranteeing Frankie would "Beat the sh*t out of him and the entire nation of Ireland."

It's all over Conor's new comments in which the Irish superstar claimed he offered to step in and fight Frankie at UFC 222 on March 3 but the UFC shut it down claiming there wasn't enough time to promote it properly. 

Ali says if Conor was serious about fighting Frankie -- he's had PLENTY of time to come to terms on a deal over the years. Instead, Ali says, "He's scared."

Chevy Chase I Didn't Throw Road Rage Punch ... I Physically Couldn't!!!

2/22/2018 12:53 PM PST

Chevy Chase is calling BS on his alleged attacker's claim he threw a punch during a road rage incident, because he says he couldn't even lift his arm at the time.

We broke the story ... Chevy says he got kicked in the right shoulder during a confrontation with a pickup truck driver and his passengers. However, the driver claims the "Fletch" star swung first ... and the passenger's kick was just self-defense.

A rep for Chase tells us that's not possible because 2 days before the incident Chevy was walking his puppy -- who is around 6 months old and goes by the name Walley -- when he slipped on ice and fell. We're told Chevy had an MRI which found a small break in his right shoulder ... the same shoulder that allegedly got booted.

Chevy's rep claims he couldn't even lift his arm, due to the break, let alone throw a punch.

As we reported ... cops cited the alleged kicker for 2nd degree harassment with physical contact.

Mike Tyson Deontay Wilder Could Beat Me? 'I Don't Think So'

2/22/2018 6:06 AM PST

Heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder boldly claimed he's so good, he would have even knocked out Mike Tyson is his prime. 

Mike Tyson respectfully disagrees. 

"Iron Mike" was leaving Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills on Wednesday when we asked him about the statement Wilder gave us last month -- that there's no fighter in history who could beat him. 

That includes a 1986 Mike Tyson. 

"I don't think so," Tyson told TMZ Sports. 

Lennox Lewis has previously weighed in on the debate -- taking Tyson over Wilder. 

"I like Wilder but he’s never been in there with someone that ferocious who truly wants to break his ribs with every punch. I don’t see it!"

Tyson is 51 now and hasn't fought since 2005 ... but woulda been a good one, right?! 

Tekashi69 Airport Brawl Triggered by Rapper Disrespecting Women

2/22/2018 1:00 AM PST

Tekashi69 would have avoided a violent beatdown Wednesday at LAX if his crew hadn't mouthed off to some female friends of two other rappers.  

TMZ broke the story, Tekashi -- also known as 6ix9ine -- and his posse literally stopped traffic as the fight spilled out into the street at the busy airport.

One of the guys who attacked 6ix9ine -- Acie High (in the red jersey) -- tells us 6ix9ine has a long history of verbal abuse toward women and Acie is very clear ... he hated the guy for it.

Acie -- who's in a rap group out of Texas called Aqualeo -- says he and his partner, Priceless, were dropping some girls off at LAX when Tekashi's crew started hitting on the chicks. Acie says he and Priceless told the guys to stop, they wouldn't, so things exploded.

Acie says he always thought there would be a time when he would do a little street justice, and seems more than happy 6ix9ine and his crew pushed his buttons at the airport.  



Chevy Chase I Got Swift Kick to the Shoulder In Road Rage Incident!!!

2/22/2018 12:40 AM PST

Chevy Chase tracked down a truck he says cut him off, but when he tried to confront the driver he ended up getting booted to the ground ... according to a police report.

Chevy claims he was traveling over NY's Tappan Zee Bridge on February 9 when a black pickup cut him off. He told cops he thought the truck hit his car, so he flashed his high beams and followed it until the driver pulled over.

According to police docs ... Chevy realized there was no damage to either vehicle, but approached the driver to "speak to him about his reckless driving." He claims there were 3 other people in the truck, and one of 'em flipped him off. Apparently not "Fletch" or "Caddyshack" fans.

Chevy says he fired back, "If I were a lot younger I'd bust your nose" ... then one of 'em got out and kicked him in the shoulder so hard he went to the ground.

According to docs, the pickup driver claims Chevy tried to throw a punch first, and the alleged kicker was just blocking Chevy's fist ... with his foot.

Cops cited ol' quick foot for 2nd degree harassment with physical contact.

There was a 3rd party witness who, according to cops, pulled over because he didn't want to see an old man "get his ass stomped."

Kathy Griffin Restraining Order Against Neighbor Tossed

2/21/2018 5:00 PM PST
Breaking News

Kathy Griffin's request for a restraining order in her ongoing feud with a neighbor has been denied.

A judge just tossed Griffin's request to keep Jeffrey Mezger away from her, and also ruled she can only record video -- not audio -- from one of her security cams. You may recall, Mezger alleged she was spying on him and his family with the cameras. Kathy can continue recording from all other cameras.

As we reported ... Kathy went to court to get protection for herself and her boyfriend, Randy Bick, after claiming Mezger uncorked an expletive-laced rant.

Kathy claimed she recorded Mezger saying, "Hey Randy, go f*** yourself ... Now you're calling the cops? F**k you and f**k Kathy."

Mezger fired back and got a temporary restraining order to block Kathy from recording him. There's a hearing in that case next month.

Tekashi69 Rapper in Massive LAX Brawl!!! Fists Flying, Cops Called

2/21/2018 10:43 AM PST

Rapper Tekashi69 -- aka 6ix9ine -- and his crew got into a HUGE brawl at LAX that spilled out into the street ... as about 7 or 8 guys threw haymaker after haymaker.

The footage is insane ... Tekashi was about to walk into the terminal when someone started shouting and pointing at him. The 21-year-old rapper was urged to walk away by one of his guys, and when he did, the fists started flying.

Looks like one of 6ix9ine's friends threw the first punch, and then more people from both sides jumped into the melee. The NY rapper eventually joined his friends and the fight moved into the middle of the busy street.

Police raced to the scene and interviewed people on both sides. We're told no one wanted to press charges ... so everyone went on their merry way. 

Interestingly enough, 6ix9ine posted a video last week calling out haters who warned him not to come to Los Angeles. He came anyway, and it looks like the haters delivered.

After the fight, he told us he claimed the attackers were just trying to make a name for themselves, but as he puts it, "I'm still smiling."

Chuck Liddell to Tito Ortiz: I Got Proof UFC Docs Will Clear Me ... To Kick Your Ass AGAIN

2/21/2018 10:21 AM PST

Chuck Liddell says he's got legit evidence his health ain't an issue, so if Tito Ortiz wants it like he claims, he can absolutely get it!!

The Iceman fired back at Ortiz when we got him out in Calabasas, telling TMZ Sports he'd be "shocked" if UFC doctors didn't clear him for an Octagon return ... to smash Tito for the 3rd time in his career. 

Chuck's proof -- he recently set out to scale a 20,000-FOOT mountain for a YouTube Red special ... and the 48-year-old says their docs gave him a clean bill of health for the grueling climb.

Guessing their medical tests are a little different ... but Chuck told us the UFC's cleared fighters in way worse shape than him, anyway. 

So, Liddell says he's praying Tito puts pen to paper ... but explains why he has real doubts Ortiz will do it.

Magic Johnson I have Come to Praise LaVar Ball ... Not to Bury Him

2/17/2018 6:55 AM PST

Magic Johnson is the consummate diplomat, turning LaVar Ball's threat to yank Lonzo from the Lakers into a testament on parenthood.

The beloved President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers was leaving Mastro's in Bev Hills Friday night with his wife Cookie, when our photog asked about LaVar's ultimatum -- put my 2 other sons on the team or say goodbye to Lonzo.

Magic doesn't miss a beat ... heaping praise on the elder Ball.

As for taking in a screening of "Black Panther" this weekend ... well, there's one thing more pressing.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Conor McGregor's UFC Career Is Over '100%' Getting Stripped!!

2/16/2018 12:20 AM PST

Conor McGregor hasn't stepped inside the Octagon in over 15 MONTHS ... and UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov says that's proof he ain't fighting EVER again.

At least, not in MMA.

"I don’t think he gonna come back," Khabib told TMZ Sports outside Jay Glazer's MMA gym in Hollywood.

"When is Conor compete last time in MMA? Long time. He's boxing guy."

Khabib says McGregor's team is focused on a rematch with Floyd Mayweather ... instead of a real fight against him or Tony Ferguson -- who he's facing at UFC 223 in April.

Khabib also told us his contract for the Ferguson scrap explicitly states they're fighting for the "real belt" -- which means the UFC is "100%" stripping Conor of his lightweight title.

FYI, Dana White still hasn't made an official decision on Conor's championship status or his future with the UFC.

Stay tuned ...

Tito Ortiz Calls BS on Chuck Liddell: I Asked to Fight You, UFC Said No!

2/15/2018 7:48 AM PST
Breaking News

If Chuck Liddell wants an opponent, it looks like he's got one -- 'cause Tito Ortiz says the Iceman's claim that he's ducking him is pure crap. 

"Funny thing is, I told UFC to put the fight together and they said you were incapable to fight again," Ortiz tweeted. "Maybe you can twist Dana White's arm." 

Remember -- TMZ Sports spoke with Chuck about his MMA comeback a few days ago ... and he told us his old rival was running scared. 

"Tito would be great if he'd even consider fighting me. I hear he doesn't wanna fight me at all," Liddell said.

Now, Tito's calling Iceman's bluff -- asking Chuck to hit up his old buddy, Dana, so they can complete their trilogy.

The problem -- Dana pushed Chuck into retirement back in 2010, saying he'd never let him fight in the UFC again 'cause he cared too much about his friend's health. FYI, Liddell had lost by KO in 3-straight fights.

Guessing the UFC prez still feels the same way, but ya never know ...

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