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The Killers Somebody Told Me ... There's a Fight in the First Row

1/17/2018 11:12 AM PST

Killers frontman Brandon Flowers stopped the band's concert Tuesday night after a fight broke out in the front row, but what's even more amazing is how the band jumped right back into the song.

Flowers and co. were about 3 songs in at the United Center in Chicago when he put the brakes on the set because 2 guys were going at it in the front row. The band was performing "Somebody Told Me" when Flowers told them to stop ... so kinda perfect timing, if you think about it. 

We'll say this, fighting at a concert's never cool -- but The Killers made the most of it. You gotta see their restart into the 2nd verse. FIIIIRE!!!!

Rockets' Eric Gordon On Clippers Fight: 'No Biggie'

1/16/2018 6:07 AM PST

Despite tempers flaring and a locker room standoff, Houston Rockets player Eric Gordon says the incident with the Clippers is simply, "No biggie."

Yeah, right. 

Gordon hit up Catch in West Hollywood after the heated battle with the Clippers in which several Rockets players -- including Chris Paul -- reportedly tried to fight Clips players in the tunnel and locker room area after the game. 

Gordon told TMZ Sports he doesn't expect any suspensions and really played the whole thing down as no big deal. 

One of the Rockets players reportedly involved in storming the locker room was Gerald Green -- who was also at dinner with Gordon after the game. He looked calmer, but still upset. 

Nearby ... Clippers star DeAndre Jordan hit Poppy alone -- but he wasn't his usual talkative self for obvious reasons. 

As for the locker room incident, security and the LAPD were reportedly called in to break things up after several players -- from CP3 to James Harden and Green -- allegedly tried to confront Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin following a chippy game. 

UFC's Francis Ngannou Blasts Stipe Miocic Keep Whining ... You're Dead!

1/16/2018 12:45 AM PST

UFC star Francis Ngannou says it's "bullsh*t" Stipe Miocic is complaining about not being promoted enough before UFC 220 ... and he's putting the heavyweight champ on notice.

"The UFC not gonna fight for him," Ngannou told TMZ Sports. "The fight day we gonna be 1-on-1 in the Octagon and we will see the truth."

FYI, Francis has taken the MMA world by storm -- BRUTALLY knocking out 5 dudes in his last 6 fights -- leading Stipe to believe the UFC wants Ngannou to take his belt.

Francis clearly thinks the champ's priorities are crap ... saying Miocic should be focused on not ending up like Alistair Overeem.


Seal Don't Twist My Words, I Wasn't Attacking Oprah!!! But, Stacey Dash ...

1/12/2018 6:54 AM PST

Seal is making the most epic stance ... against people who think he blasted Oprah, against people who call him an "Uncle Tom" ... and against Stacey Dash. Naturally.

The singer is firing back after getting backlash for an Instagram repost he put up Thursday ... seemingly calling out Oprah for knowing about Harvey Weinstein and keeping silent about it.

We say seemingly, because Seal now says everyone -- including Stacey and FOX News -- got it twisted, and he actually has great respect for Oprah. You just have to watch the video to get his explanation.

Beyond Oprah ... he also has some seriously harsh words for anyone questioning his "blackness" -- and this part of the rebuttal includes him breaking into song. It's tremendous.

We're still not sure he'd vote for Oprah, but we KNOW he ain't voting for Stacey!

UFC's Jeremy Stephens I Want a Date with ... Conor McGregor's 'Hot' Mom!!

1/11/2018 3:53 PM PST

UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens just hit Conor McGregor with the trash-talkin' KO of the century -- saying he's ready to turn up the heat with the Irishman's "hot" mom!!

You remember how the beef began -- after Jeremy called out Conor at a news conference for UFC 205, Conor whipped around and famously said, "Who da fook is dat guy?!" 

About a year later, Stephens shot back ... with a little help from Mama McGregor.

And now, Jeremy's taking it all the way.

"Maybe his dad can pick us up with the cab he used to drive and then take me and his mom out on a date," he told the guys on TMZ Sports (full interview airs tonight on FS1).

FYI, Stephens is in action -- the fighting kind -- this weekend at UFC Fight Night 124 ... and, of course, he says Conor's mom is invited! 

Versace Family We Feel Victimized Again ... This Time By 'American Crime Story' Producers

1/9/2018 4:01 PM PST

Gianni Versace's family is livid and disgusted at everyone who contributed in the TV re-creation of the bloody murder scene.

Our Versace family sources say they can't believe the current owners of Gianni's Miami Beach mansion -- now the Villa Casa Casuarina -- gave full access to producers of "The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story." In particular they're appalled the show was able to dramatize the death scene on the very steps Gianni was gunned down. 

We're told Donatella is still devastated over her brother's death and believes Gianni was so private he never would have wanted the grisly murder exploited for a TV movie.

As we reported ... filming began at the now luxury hotel back in May where 'ACS' set up shop for almost an entire month.

The family tells TMZ they didn't sign off on the project and had no involvement in the production, and they feel there are enough inaccuracies that the miniseries should be considered a work of fiction.

Donatella has already said she will NOT watch the show. That said, we're told family friends have already screened the first episode and were APPALLED to watch the horrifying murder.

The family plans no legal action ... fact is, it's virtually impossible to win a case like this. 

We have reached out to the Villa Casa Casuarina ... so far no word back.

Kathy Griffin Trump Beheading Has NO Place in Neighbor War

1/8/2018 2:19 PM PST

Kathy Griffin's drawing a line in her court battle with her neighbor ... and it has to do with the infamous Trump beheading image.

Kathy filed docs in the ongoing war with Jeffrey Mezger, asking the court to block him from dragging her comedy act into their court case. According to the docs, Mezger wants Kathy's act -- including the photo of her holding the "bloodied" Trump head -- to be used as exhibits.

Kathy says it's a blatant attempt to turn the case into a trial about her personality ... rather than focusing on the threats Mezger allegedly hurled at Kathy and her boyfriend.

In addition, Kathy says her home security cameras -- which Mezger complains invade his privacy -- are not hidden, and incapable of capturing any of Mezger's private conversations ... as he claimed. The judge ruled that Kathy can't use her security footage. 

The judge still has to rule on the other motion.

Cris Cyborg I Wanna Kick Amanda Nunes' Ass ... But She Ain't Next

1/4/2018 4:26 PM PST

Cris Cyborg says she's 100% down to annihilate Amanda Nunes when the time is right ... but tells TMZ Sports it ain't gonna happen anytime soon. 

Earlier today, UFC honcho Dana White said Amanda is itching to scrap with Cris ... adding that it's "the fight to make."

But when we spoke with Cyborg, she pumped the brakes on the super fight -- "I want beat her, I want kick her ass, but I need to focus on my division."

Cyborg (the champ at 145 lbs.) told us she wants to fight the "best girls" who've been climbing the ladder at featherweight ... and Amanda (the champ at 135 lbs.) has been fighting at bantamweight her entire UFC career.

So, Nunes can get it ... but not right now. 

Cyborg also told us whether or not she forgives the photog who called her a "dude," and if she's satisfied with the UFC's punishment.

UFC Bans Photog For Calling Cyborg a 'Dude'

1/3/2018 8:15 AM PST
Breaking News

The UFC has Cris Cyborg's back in a big way -- banning an MMA photog (who works for the gym where Holly Holm trains) after the guy referred to Cyborg as a "dude."

The man behind the offensive comments is Mark Aragon -- who handles photography and social media for the famous Jackson Wink MMA Academy in New Mexico. 

After UFC 219, Aragon posted a photo of Cyborg on Instagram and wrote, "This dude is tough as hell" ... adding, "Holly was the first one to make his nose bleed."

Cyborg saw the post and wasn't happy -- calling for the UFC to take action against Aragon. 

"It is not acceptable for an official representative of (Holly's gym) to call me transgender ... I expect an apology or their ability to get credentials for future UFC events to be affected by these actions."

UFC heard Cyborg loud and clear ... issuing a statement saying the org is "aware and troubled" by the comments and Aragon "will not be granted access for future events."

Aragon did issue an apology ... but it looks like it was too little too late.

Holly has not commented on the matter.

UFC's Khabib Nurmagomedov I'll Fight Conor for Free ... Punk.

1/3/2018 12:25 AM PST

UFC superstar Khabib Nurmagomedov says he's not a DIVA like Conor McGregor -- and would fight the Irish superstar for ZERO dollars ... just to whoop his ass. 

Khabib joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weeknights on FS1) ... and went off on McGregor after Conor trashed his homeland, Dagestan, on Twitter. 

Backstory -- after Khabib smashed Edson Barboza at UFC 219, McGregor tweeted at Khabib -- "That Dagestani was dog sh*t the other night you's are all nuts. Game full of sloppy bums asking to be slept. Pay me my worth and Kings back."

You better believe Khabib took that personally ... telling us Dagestan has produced WAY more UFC victories than Irish fighters, so Conor should shut his trap. 

He also bashed Conor for only taking fights with "45-year-old Floyd Mayweather" and "marijuana guy" Nate Diaz

"I don't fight for the money. I fight for my legacy. I fight for history. I fight for my people. That's why I'm here."

Watch "TMZ Sports" weeknights on FS1. 

Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert We're Still Family Fly Together After His Christmas Arrest

1/2/2018 11:19 AM PST

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert traveled TOGETHER Tuesday morning, and declared they're still a family ... even though she had him arrested on Christmas day.

We got 'em at LAX where it looked like there's no animosity. It would be a true holiday miracle if these 2 are really working things out. Remember, Tamar filed for divorce in October -- and says their Christmas dinner got heated due to booze and jealousy. Vince was arrested, and she went on to accuse him of getting an unnamed "whore" pregnant.

Sources close to Vince tell TMZ there is no baby on the way.

So, are they working it out? Depends on who you ask. Tamar's the one who says they're family. But Vince took it one step further saying, "God is good."

Hard to argue with that if these 2 are truly laying down their metaphorical guns, and reconciling.

Nick Cassavetes Wins Custody of Daughter Barbie

12/30/2017 7:06 AM PST

Nick Cassavetes has won a major victory -- he has his child back after claiming his baby mama stole their child from him ... TMZ has learned.

Nick appeared in an Oklahoma courtroom Friday to square off with Heather Wahlquist over 12-year-old Barbie. Wahlquist was asking the judge for an emergency order to allow her to keep Barbie in her custody, despite the fact that it's a California case. The Oklahoma judge rejected her request.

Nick has claimed Heather and her mother essentially stole Barbie and went on the run, despite the fact that the California custody order gave him physical custody effective December 18.  

Barbie went back into chambers with the judge for about a half hour, and after their talk the judge told Nick he was the one who had current lawful custody, so they left the courtroom together.

The famed "Notebook" director tells TMZ Barbie is back in L.A. with him.

Heather had claimed Nick neglected Barbie while he had custody and she returned recently with a bacterial infection. She made other claims as well but the Oklahoma judge rejected them.

The fight isn't over. They're back in a California family law court January 18.

Beyonce Takes Jay-Z to Church In New Music Video

12/29/2017 7:11 AM PST

Jay-Z is ready to confess all his sins in his latest music video ... and Beyonce's the one he's spilling to.

Jay released a teaser for his new music video "Family Feud" Thursday -- it includes flashes between a church and sex scene -- most likely representing the rapper's alleged cheating on his wife.

The song's lyrics are telling as well, "Yeah, I'll f*** up a good thing if you let me. Let me alone, Becky."

The teaser ends with Jay sitting in a confessional booth ... and Bey's on the other side.

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