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Nipsey Hussle Talks Weekend Brawl ... You See Any Bruises or Scratches?!

12/11/2018 12:46 PM PST

Nipsey Hussle's paying very little mind to his involvement in a brawl over the weekend ... he's too busy putting in work.

We got the rapper at LAX Tuesday afternoon and wanted to get his side of the story following a crazy ass brawl on the same night he was celebrating his GF Lauren London's birthday. TMZ broke the story ... Nipsey and his crew got dragged into an intense melee in the parking lot of Nightingale. It happened less than an hour after he was confronted by two guys ... some of which was caught by our camera.

Nobody was arrested or injured -- something Nipsey was quick to point out to our photog. He also made sure to turn the fight into an easy plug for his Grammy-nominated album, "Victory Lap."

Can't knock the hustle.

Stormy Daniels Club Owner Says She's Lying About Slur ... 'I've Owned Gay Bars Before!'

12/11/2018 10:34 AM PST

Stormy Daniels lied about a Florida strip club owner using a homophobic slur ... according to the club owner who not only denies using the word, but says he's done plenty of biz with gay people.

Leonard Del Percio -- the owner of Goldfinger, where Stormy was supposed to perform last weekend -- tells TMZ he used to own gay bars, so Stormy's claim he called her right-hand man a "f**king f****t" is a bunch of BS.

Del Percio's fuming over Stormy's allegation, and tells us his attorneys are considering filing a slander lawsuit against her. 

As we reported ... Stormy also claimed the owner told her to "do something not in my contract," so she bounced. Del Percio denies doing any such thing, and says Stormy's the only one who broke the contract ... because she never got onstage. 

Doesn't quite rise to the level of her President Trump beef ... but fair to say, Stormy's got more on her plate.

Brian Ortega 'Doing Much Better' After Loss ... Says Coach Rener Gracie

12/11/2018 10:24 AM PST

Great news from Brian Ortega's camp ... the UFC star is improving by the minute after that bloody loss to Max Holloway this past weekend ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Ortega suffered a broken nose and thumb during Saturday night's fight at UFC 231 in Toronto -- and his left eye was swollen shut. The doctor stopped the fight in the 4th round. 

We spoke with Ortega's coach, Rener Gracie -- who's been coaching Brian since Ortega was 13 years old. The two are super tight and Gracie was working the corner during the Holloway fight. 

Gracie tells us T-City was initially crushed by the loss ... and even apologized to his team at the hospital for letting them down.

But, Gracie says the apology was completely unnecessary -- telling TMZ Sports he's proud of the young fighter for the tremendous effort he displayed against "one of the best to ever do it."

Now, Gracie says Ortega is "doing much better" -- he's healing up and excited to getting back to work ... and tells us why the loss will ultimately be a GOOD thing for his career. 

Frankie Edgar I Want McGregor Or Max Holloway ... For My Next Fight

12/10/2018 1:40 PM PST

Conor McGregor or Max Holloway

That's who UFC star Frankie Edgar tells TMZ Sports he wants to fight next.

"I'm hoping I get Max. I'm hoping Max sticks around at 45, and we get to finally get to square up. I think it makes the most sense."

Edgar is currently the #3 ranked featherweight contender behind Jose Aldo (#2), Brian Ortega (#1) and Holloway (Champ). 

But, Dana White said this weekend he wants Max to move up weight classes ... so, if that happens, Edgar has his sights set squarely on the Irish superstar.

"I don't know, maybe Conor's free. Conor wants to get down and fight. We were supposed to fight a long time too. If I'm not fighting for the belt, then I guess Conor's the next best thing."

Neither matchup is all that far-fetched -- Edgar was scheduled to fight Holloway at UFC 222 back in March ... but "Blessed" was forced to drop out with an injury.

McGregor said in the past he offered to step in against Frankie ... but the UFC shut that down.

In other words ... both fights almost went down in March.

"[Conor is] the most popular guy of my era, let's be real, he is. It'll be a shame if I retire down the road and I get my kids and grandkids ask me if I ever fought Conor McGregor and I get to say no. I wanna say yeah."

Leonard Fournette Threatens Heckler During Game 'I'mma Beat Your Ass'

12/10/2018 6:11 AM PST

9:42 AM PT -- Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone says he's spoken with Fournette, who claims the heckler had been shouting "racial slurs" at him and that's why he reacted the way he did. 

When asked if there were any witnesses to back up Fournette's claim, Marrone said, "I trust the player."

9:39 AM PT -- Matt Stafford's wife, Kelly, has just weighed in ... PRAISING Fournette for "the way he stood up for himself."

Kelly noted, "'Fans' probably said way worse things to him ... but yet he will lose money because he responded."

The message -- Kelly is sick of players like Fournette getting heckled by people in the stands. 

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette was so rattled during the loss to the Tennessee Titans on Thursday, he got into it with a fan ... and threatened to beat the guy's ass.

TMZ Sports has footage of Fournette on the sidelines in the 4th quarter of the Jags' 30-9 loss at Nissan Stadium in Nashville ... where the RB angrily tells the fan, "Listen, you're too old for that. I will beat your ass!"

Two men who appear to be Jaguars staffers grab Leonard and try to walk him away -- but minutes later, Fournette begins to jaw at the fan again ... repeating his threat.

"Facts, you're too old for that," Fournette says while sitting on the team bench ... "You're too old for that. Chill out. I'm not worried about you. You want to come down here?? I'll whoop your ass."

The Jags lost the game and Fournette was only held to 36 rushing yards on 14 carries. 

Fournette has been irritable lately -- just a few weeks ago, he was ejected from the Buffalo Bills game for fighting Shaq Lawson ... and then tried to continue the scrap in the stadium tunnel. 

Fournette was hit with a 1-game suspension for the Buffalo incident -- and later apologized to "the fans and kids out there."

"Was totally out of character was in the heat of the moment in a important game," Fournette posted on social media ... "emotions got the best of me apologize again to you all."

Fournette has never been afraid of a fight -- back in college, he got into it with LSU offensive lineman Garrett Brumfield outside of Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. 

LSU officials insisted the guys were just messin' around. 

But, one thing's for sure ... if Fournette threatens to beat your ass, he's willing to back it up. 

Nipsey Hussle Throws Punches in Massive Brawl ... Security Pulls Taser Gun

12/10/2018 9:01 AM PST

9:40 AM PT -- Sources close to Nipsey tell us the men he was fighting first attacked him because they thought he was someone else. We're told the men accused Nipsey of starting a fight earlier in the night inside the club, but Nipsey had nothing to do with it. The whole thing was started as a result of mistaken identity and Nipsey was only defending himself. Nipsey Hussle was smack in the middle of a crazy clash where punches were thrown and tasers were pulled ... all on the heels of celebrating Nipsey's GF's birthday.

The intense melee went down late Sunday night in the parking lot of Nightingale in WeHo. You can see the Grammy-nominated rapper and his crew throw haymakers with a couple of guys that had confronted them earlier that evening.

We got the rapper and his GF, Lauren London, arriving at the club. O.T. Genasis was also there and it was shortly after that when our camera catches the first face-off ... it's at the very end of the clip. Less than an hour later, the brawl started.

You can see Nipsey in the middle of it all ... throwing several punches as valet workers scurry to get away from the chaos. Nipsey eventually cools down but things quickly escalate again. Moments later, someone -- presumably security -- pulls out a taser and things finally de-escalate.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops showed up to the scene but everyone involved had already left. No arrests were made.

Nipsey's no stranger to getting physical. He slapped a guy earlier this summer outside the BET Awards. Nightingale's no stranger to fights, either. There was a brutal beatdown outside the club just over a year ago.

Cardi B Diss is How You Wear It, Nicki!!!

12/10/2018 8:47 AM PST

Cardi B spent the weekend getting ready to diss Nicki Minaj ... or so it seems.

The "I Like It" rapper dazzled in a stunning headpiece Sunday night in NYC while preparing to shoot a new music video. The headpiece quickly got our attention ... and it doesn't seem like a coincidence that it's eerily similar to the one Nicki wore in her "Ganja Burn" music video.

Our guess here ... Cardi's going after her nemesis in the new music video. We know that's not exactly a leap.

Cardi and Nicki have been at each other's throats for a while now. Nicki's also been poking Cardi where it hurts ... after making a not-so-subtle casting decision that probably reignited their supposedly-squashed beef.

Adding insult to injury ... the alleged side chick who triggered the Cardi-Offset breakup appeared in Nicki's "FEFE" music video.

Looks like Cardi's firing back.

KC Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt Team Knew About 3 Violent Incidents ... Before Cutting Him

12/10/2018 7:03 AM PST
Breaking News

Kansas City Chiefs owner, Clark Hunt, says the team knew Kareem Hunt was involved in 3 violent incidents BEFORE they cut him ... but says the TMZ Sports video took things to another level. 

Clark Hunt finally broke his silence about Kareem to the media after the Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday ... saying, "We were obviously shocked by the video, like anybody who saw it."

He added, "We’d had some issues with Kareem not being truthful with what happened that night and we just really felt for everybody’s best interests we needed to head in a different direction."

As we previously reported, Kareem has been accused of getting violent on 3 separate occasions during the NFL offseason -- allegedly attacking a man at a nightclub in January, the hotel incident in February and another altercation at an Ohio resort in June.

"We did know about [those incidents], yes," Clark Hunt said ... "We were familiar with all 3 of the incidents that he had had in the offseason ... They’d all been reported to the NFL, and the NFL was investigating them."

During the media scrum in the Chiefs' locker room, Clark Hunt was also asked about the NFL's investigation into Kareem Hunt ... and how the league could do a better job handling similar investigations in the future. 

"I’m not sure I’m at a point right now where I can say there was a breakdown and specifically what that breakdown was. The league has spent a lot of time and resources trying to build a department that can handle these types of situations."

"Obviously, it’s imperfect. I’m not sure you can ever reach perfection. There are limitations on the type of information that league security people are able to get, and I’m not sure that we can change that."

Clark Hunt was also asked if Chiefs' draft scouts ever saw any red flags when it came to Hunt's off-the-field actions before they took him in the 3rd round of the 2017 NFL Draft. 

"Our staff felt comfortable with taking him, otherwise we would not have selected him," Hunt said.

"Our scouting staff does a really good job of vetting players. And part of that analysis is their character. Obviously, it’s very hard to learn everything about somebody. Sometimes you have somebody who in college didn’t have any incidents and they get to the pro level and with the fame and fortune and so forth that comes with the position, they do something that you don’t expect."

"So, we’re certainly going to try to get better, but I don’t think you can ever be perfect in that regard."

Despite leaving on bad terms, Clark Hunt says the organization is still rooting for Kareem to better himself

"I think the most important thing for Kareem is that he get some counseling that can help him with his issues ... and I heard today that there was a report that he was going to do that, and certainly we wish the best for Kareem in the future. I hope that at some point he’s able to come back to the National Football League, not sure when that will be."

"But, our message to him was that even though we’re having to part ways with you today, we’re still supportive of you. And, if you need us to get you some help off the field, we’re willing to do that."

Stormy Daniels Refuses to Strip!!! Claims Club Owner Used Homophobic Slur

12/9/2018 8:07 AM PST
Breaking News

Stormy Daniels is taking a stand -- which could lead to another lawsuit -- against a strip club owner who she claims hurled a homophobic slur at her assistant.

President Trump's nemesis (one of his many), was supposed to perform at a Sunrise, FL club called Goldfinger ... but instead, she just gave 'em the finger in this photo -- and ripped the owner for allegedly calling her right-hand man a "f**king f****t."

She also claims the owner asked her to "do something not in my contract." She announced on social media she wouldn't perform ... and set off a war with the club. The owner fired back on IG, denying the incident and claiming she had broken her contract.

In her closing shot at the club owner, Stormy made a not-so-subtle reference to her Trump war, saying ... "When are dips**ts gonna learn that I do not respond well to bullies?"

Paging, Michael Avenatti?

Riddick Bowe Me Vs. Wilder? ... 'I'd Tap That Ass'

12/9/2018 12:15 AM PST

Riddick Bowe says with three months of training, he'd whoop the hell out of Deontay Wilder ... and the dude is dead serious.

"I'd tap that ass," Riddick tells TMZ Sports.

Bowe is 50 years old now and Deontay's a 33-year-old coming off the fight of his life ... but the boxing legend says none of that matters.

"If you gave me three months, I'd tap that ass. Give me three months, we could do it ... If you gave me three months, yessir. Without question."

So, what makes the retired boxer so confident? He tells us his relationship with Wilder's trainer, Mark Breland, is the key.

"I know exactly what he's thinking and when he's thinking it!"

As for Wilder's right hand ... Bowe says that could be a problem, but, "When I get up, I'll put my foot in your ass!"

BTW ... Deontay ain't the only one Bowe's got his sights set on -- he's callin' out Shaquille O'Neal too!

"Shaq Daddy, let's make it happen, Shaq! Let's do the damn thing. Let's rumble, young man, let's rumble!"

Jake Paul Shuts Down Deji Rematch Give Me Dillon Danis or FaZe Banks!!

12/9/2018 12:10 AM PST


Jake Paul is firing back at Deji's claim he's "too p***y" for a rematch ... telling TMZ Sports he's got MUCH bigger opponents in mind ... and one of them is Conor McGregor's right-hand man!!!

We spoke with the social media superstar -- who Forbes just named the 2nd-highest paid YouTuber of 2018 -- about Deji calling for a rematch of their boxing super fight from August.

Jake slams the door on another fight with Deji ... saying he wants a REAL challenge -- either Bellator star Dillon Danis or his internet rival FaZe Banks!!

Now we know Jake has been calling out Conor for a while ... so maybe he's getting slightly more realistic going after Danis.

As for Banks -- if you follow YouTube beef (yes, it exists), you know there's a big history between the 2 ... from Jake accusing Banks of assaulting his assistant (which he later apologized for) to Banks now dating Jake's ex, Alissa Violet.

Jake says he's seen all the trash Banks has been saying on Twitter ... and tells us he's down to settle everything in the ring.

"FaZe Banks, fight me," Jake says. "You tweeted at me. Step up to the plate. Do it for your girl."

Dog the Bounty Hunter Reports Alleged Fan for Harassment In Denver Airport Incident

12/8/2018 9:58 AM PST

Dog the Bounty Hunter wants police to investigate an alleged fan for harassing him and his wife, Beth Chapman, in the Denver airport, and he's getting his wish ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to Dog tell us he went to Denver PD on Friday to file a harassment report against the teenager, and his family, over the Nov. 30 incident. As we reported ... the kid, who claimed to be a fan, told cops Dog shoved him away when he asked for a photo.

He and his father then followed Dog and Beth through the airport and shouted epithets at them as they got into an elevator. They went to police first, claiming Dog assaulted the teen.

Dog denies the assault and believes he and Beth were the victims. We're told Beth was in a wheelchair during the incident, as she's fighting a renewed battle with cancer, and she and Dog had just flown back from L.A. at the time.

We're told Dog feels the father and son verbally attacked him. Our sources say the kid opened the convo with Dog by saying, "I have a bounty on my head, what are you gonna do about it motherf***er?"

Denver PD is investigating both sides of the story to determine if the incident warrants any charges.

Deontay Wilder Floyd Mayweather Is A Jealous Hater ... I'm Boxing's New Star

12/8/2018 12:40 AM PST

Deontay Wilder says Floyd Mayweather is a TBH ... THE BIGGEST HATER, claiming Floyd is seething mad that Wilder is the new big star in boxing, and Mayweather is yesterday's news.

We got Wilder out in L.A. just days after he and Tyson Fury put together the most entertaining draw in boxing history and he says, while the world was stoked on the fight, Floyd wasn't.

"They loved it, they loved every bit of it. The world loved it, and I don't think he liked that though. He wants all the attention on him, and it's sad that it's like that."

Deontay's logic is that he's a heavyweight, and the big guys are the ones fans REALLY want to see, so it's just a matter of time before he's at the top of the sport, and the old guys have to get used to it.

When we asked him if he'll ever make Floyd Mayweather money, he says it's definitely in the future for him, and once again, seems to take shots at Money.

"I'm coming, and it's a lot of fighters that's jealous of me for no reason. I've never said nothing bad about no one, I've always wished them well."

FYI -- Floyd was SUPER critical of the decision in the Fury fight, saying Tyson was robbed in the draw, but it's clear Wilder thinks that's not just Floyd's boxing mind talking, but his hater mind.

"Some fighters just don't want to see me make it."

A shame there's like 100 pounds separating these guys ... would be fun.

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