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Kim Kardashian

Unaltered Ass

Out in Bev Hills

11/14/2014 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111414_kim_kardashian_launchKim Kardashian took her Internet-breaking ass out in Beverly Hills last night ... prompting new talk about whether the instantly famous cover shot is Photoshopped -- or how MUCH it was Photoshopped.

Kim stopped and posed for pics outside Kendall James Salon -- but the best part of this video is when she's walking away ... because it's video, and we KNOW it hasn't been altered. 

Admittedly, it's not the perfect comparison -- she's wearing clothes, after all -- but it's worth a look ... a long hard look.

Are these asses the same?

Miley Cyrus and Arnold's Son

Proof They're Banging ...

Or Just Driving Together

11/13/2014 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus Dating Patrick SchwarzeneggerMiley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger drove home together from an event Wednesday night in Hollywood ... which must mean they're totally doing the nasty, right?! 

Miley and Arnold's son were seen leaving a Q&A at the Egyptian Theatre for a new movie produced by Maria Shriver called "Still Alice" ... before getting into a ride and peacing out.

Might seem like thin evidence. .. but Patrick admitted in 2011 Miley was his ultimate celebrity crush -- and it's not like he's bad looking or anything.


Stevie Wonder

Only 1 Kid In Sight

Triplet Story Not True

11/5/2014 8:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Stevie Wonder says he's not a triple threat ... but he is a single threat in the baby dept. ... he's having 1 kid -- not 3. 

It was widely reported Tuesday that Stevie and his girlfriend Tomeeka Robyn Bracy are expecting triplets but Stevie's rep tells us it's just not true. She's pregnant with 1 child ... a girl due in December who'll be named Nia.

Stevie will add the new addition to his fold of 8. His kids range in age from 1 to 39. 



Trey Songz

I'm Totally (Maybe) Banging Colin Kaepernick's Ex

11/5/2014 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fitness model who reportedly hooked up with Colin Kaepernick is now rumored to be messin' around with Trey Songz ... and Trey isn't exactly denying it. 

The woman in the mix is Brittany Renner -- the self-proclaimed leader of the "Fit Thick Army" -- which has become a social media battle cry for ultra-fit women who embrace their curves.  

So, when we saw Trey out in Hollywood this week -- we had to ask how he felt about Ms. Fit Thick ... and he responded with high praise. 

He also had a chance to put the rumors to rest ... but didn't. 

Which begs the question -- they bangin' or what?  


Ashley Greene Fire

No Crack Pipe Or Arson Evidence

11/2/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley Greene FireCross crack pipe off the list of possible reasons Ashley Greene's apartment went up in flames -- according to Sheriff's investigators who sifted through the burned out pad right after the fire.

TMZ broke the story ... Ashley's building manager says a cleanup crew claimed to have found a glass crack pipe in Greene's unit. But we got hold of a report filed by the Sheriff's Arson/Explosives Unit ... and there's no mention of a crack pipe.

That could mean there was NO pipe, but it could also be that investigators just missed it. According to the docs ... there was also no sign of arson.

As we first told you ... a preliminary report said a candle ignited a sofa -- and indeed, the Sheriff's doc 
says investigators could NOT rule out an accidental cause.

Kris Jenner

'Boyfriend' Bragging about Wild Sex

He's a Fake!

10/28/2014 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Jenner has another imposter on her hands ... this time a guy claiming to be the man she's banging.

Kris is dating a guy named Corey Gamble, so when another website snagged an interview with a dude claiming to be Corey they were all ears. 

The guy then spilled some pretty juicy details about his relationship with Kris ... saying they were having great sex. He also says he's a kept man, because she gladly pays for everything. And to make things even more interesting ... he says Kylie is living with Tyga.

Here's the thing. We found out the guy is NOT Corey ... he's a phony who talks a good game. One clue ... in the interview the guy says he hasn't spoken with his mom about the relationship but thinks she'd disapprove. Corey's mom is dead.

As for the real deal ... as we reported Kris and Corey -- who works as one of Justin Bieber's road managers -- are indeed dating. We're told Kris is telling people it hasn't gotten physical.

They're definitely spending a lot of time together. The photo was taken as they left a Malibu sushi joint Monday night.


Kris Jenner

Coy About Banging New Guy

10/27/2014 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kris Jenner Dating Black GuyKris Jenner says she is NOT banging the guy she took to Kim Kardashian's birthday party ... but who is she kidding?

The picture is the latest linking Kris and Corey Gamble -- one of Justin Bieber's road managers -- whom she took to Vegas for Kim's 34th over the weekend.

Our Kardashian sources are sketchy on the subject of their relationship ... they say it's "not serious." No one says that about a non-existent relationship, so clearly there is one.

One source says, "I wouldn't say they're dating yet."  Yet.

Here's the other thing ... you don't bring random friends on a private jet to your daughter's birthday.

Your move Kourtney.


Audrina Patridge

Cryin' Over Uber Long Wait

Or Uber Argument

10/27/2014 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two Choices:  1) Audrina Patridge got in a blow-out fight after a Halloween party Saturday night ... or 2) she dissolved into tears because her contacts were hurting her and her Uber didn't show.

Audrina and BF Corey Bohan had just left Hyde when she hit the ground and started bawling. Audrina tells us there was no fight -- she was just pissed because it was clear they'd have to wait forever for the Uber and her contacts were uber-uncomfortable.

Well ... we're not buyin' what she's selling. Take a look at the video. Then you decide.


Explodes in Anger

Hurls Thousands in Cash

10/26/2014 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Drake threw a whole lot of cash away Sunday ... but he wasn't making it rain -- the rapper was rushing into a club he had just left in a fury, looking like he was ready for a fight.

Drake was celebrating his birthday at Club Stadium in Washington D.C. Saturday night/early Sunday ... and we don't know why, but Drizzy was carrying what looked like thousands of bucks.

Some people inside the club claimed they saw someone punch a member of Drake's crew ... which could have triggered his temper.

Drake's posse was famously involved in a blow-out with Chris Brown's crew at W.I.P. nightclub in 2012, so it wouldn't be the first time.

Someone in Drake's entourage was heads up enough to retrieve most of the loot.


Ashley Greene

Building Manager Says

Crack Pipe Found After Fire

10/26/2014 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1024-ashley-greene-fire-tmz-NEW-01Ashley Greene's apartment that burned to a crisp last year had one remnant ... a crack pipe, according to a sworn statement by the building manager.
TMZ broke the story ... Ashley, her boyfriend and her brother were all sleeping in the unit when a fire broke out after a burning candle ignited some nearby fabric. All 3 fled, but one of her dogs died.

The fire did extensive damage to a number of units and a number of tenants/owners are suing the "Twilight" star.    

The manager, Adrian Mayorga, is also suing, claiming he suffered permanent respiratory damage. According to his sworn deposition -- obtained by TMZ -- Mayorga says one of the men who cleared out the unit after the fire told him he found a glass crack pipe.

Mayorga said, he was the first person in the hallway after the blaze broke out and says he saw Ashley and the others "disoriented ... they looked like they were drunk or under the influence of something."

Mayorga also says in the depo ... "The only people I saw getting treated was Ashley Greene, her brother Joe Green, and her -- the current boyfriend, Ryan Phillippe."

Sources connected to the case tell TMZ ... Phillippe submitted a sworn declaration to Greene's lawyer this week, saying not only was he not in the apartment the night of the fire ... he has never been in her unit at that building.

We contacted Greene's people but did not get a response.


Hank Baskett

Goes to FBI

The Transsexual Extorted Me!

10/25/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hank Baskett Transsexual Affair
Kendra Wilkinson's husband Hank Baskett has gone to the FBI, claiming the transsexual who has blabbed to the media she had an affair with him illegally recorded and extorted him.

Hank's camp tells TMZ ... he now acknowledges he "hung out with her." His people say Ava London secretly recorded the conversation in which he begs her not to talk about their relationship because he's married. That audio made its way to several tabloids.

We've learned Hank's lawyer went to the FBI this week, complaining not only was the recording illegal ... she tried shaking him down to the tune of $5K in return for silence.

We're told Hank's lawyer Lee Hutton will go to court next week in an attempt to get her records, which his people believe will fully document an extortion attempt.

We now also know what Hank claims happened between him and Ava. He says he met her and one of her friends in a grocery store and they invited him to go to their apartment. They began smoking weed, which somehow led to Ava taking her clothes off, and the deal breaker was when Ava revealed her basket.

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

We're Not Saying They're Banging

... Buuuut

10/25/2014 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

102514_duff_comrie_launchHilary Duff and her ex Mike Comrie have been separated for almost a year ... which begs the question, why the hell are they still going to parties together and holding hands?!

The "Lizzie McGuire" star and former NHL player hit up the annual Casamigos Halloween bash in Los Angeles Friday night and proudly held hands in front of the paparazzi as they walked inside.

Back in July it seemed they might reconcile ... which means it's possible the couple is back to banging -- or maybe they're just the coolest exes ever.

Whatever floats your boat.

Tori Spelling

Nervous Breakdown

10/24/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling is having a nervous breakdown ... according to multiple people who are intimately involved in her life.

Our sources tell TMZ ... it all came to a head when Tori checked herself into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center over the weekend. We're told her "Ebola scare" was all a ruse ... "a lie" to cover up what we're told is her crumbling personal life.  

Our sources are consistent about the problems that have caused Tori to lose it:

-- Her marriage is dangerously on the rocks. We're told Tori had a nuclear argument with husband Dean McDermott recently over a nanny he wanted to hire who she felt put the kids at risk. But the bigger problem -- we're told she's telling people he's skipping AA meetings and fears he's close to drinking again. Tori's biggest fear ... alcohol is what Dean says caused him to cheat.

-- Tori and Dean are financially strapped, if not flat broke. Candy is not helping her out financially, and they've blown through her $800K inheritance from Aaron Spelling. She's freaking out that she's turning 42 and believes her scripted career is over, and her reality career is shaky.

-- Tori is faking illness to the point she is actually making herself sick. The Ebola craziness was never real ... but Tori created such drama around it, staying up days at a time and not eating ... she made herself sick and her health is compromised.

One very close friend is trying to stage an intervention, telling TMZ, "I am hoping that shedding some light on it for all of her fans to read may actually lead her to seek some change in her life ... kind of like David Hasselhoff watching the drunk video of himself eating a hamburger."


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