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Jessica Simpson Takin' My Fetus to Target

12/25/2012 10:15 AM PST

Just two days before she made her big announcement, a secretly pregnant Jessica Simpson took her fetus on a Christmas Eve shopping spree ... and showed off her growing baby bump. 

While wearing an animal print tunic-thingy, Jessica hit up a Target store in Hawaii on Sunday to stock up on wrapping paper and all sorts of other competitively priced stuff.

It's unclear how far along she is, but it's gotta be early ... considering you can BARELY see the bulge in her midsection. 

Side Note: Her legs look great!

As we previously reported, Jess made the official announcement this morning, posting a photo of her daughter Maxwell ... along with the message, "Big Sis."

Jessica Simpson PREGNANT!!

12/25/2012 8:38 AM PST
Breaking News

Jessica Simpson just tweeted a photo of her daughter Maxwell playing in the sand in Hawaii next to the words "BIG SIS" .... which can only mean one thing -- JESSICA'S PREGNANT!!!!


The rumors have been swirling for weeks -- but Jessica has been mum about the mom situation ... until now.

This will be 32-year-old Jessica's second child with her fiance Eric Johnson -- a former NFL player.

Jessica gave birth to her first child, Maxwell Drew Johnson, back on May 1.

The big question -- how will the pregnancy affect her $4 MILLION deal with Weight Watchers?

9:18 AM PT -- Weight Watchers just posted a tweet, congratulating Jess on the news:

"Congrats to @JessicaSimpson, Eric and big-sister-to-be Maxwell! Your WW family is so thrilled for you. What an amazing year you've had!"

Jessica Simpson's Man & Baby Shop 'Til She Drops

12/21/2012 4:00 AM PST
While Jessica Simpson was probably off somewhere trying to elude photographers from catching a glimpse of her maybe baby bump, her fiancé Eric Johnson and adorable first baby Maxwell went shopping on Melrose Avenue in L.A. on Tuesday.

It must be really hard to get Jess a Christmas gift when you don't know what size to buy her.

Jennifer & Jessica Is That a Baby in Your Belly ... Or Lunch?

12/18/2012 12:02 AM PST

Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson both have a major glow about them -- and since everyone wants to know if it's because they're knocked up ... we set out to find definitive answers! Hey, we tried.

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Jessica Simpson Check Out My Black Dress Perfect for Hiding Babies

12/16/2012 12:01 PM PST

Jessica Simpson
wore an all black bridesmaids dress to BFF CaCee Cobb's wedding -- and everyone knows black is the most slimming color EVER, so ... let the baby-hiding-speculation continue!

Jessica reportedly has a tiny person growing inside of her, but has yet to confirm a pregnancy. 

But on Saturday she showed up to Zach Braff's mansion -- where the wedding was held -- in this kind-of-poofy black dress ... which CONVENIENTLY covered her stomach (aka her baby incubator).

So either she's hiding a bump ... or ya know ... just wanted to look skinny.

Jessica Simpson Preggo Rumors SOMETHING'S FISHY

12/13/2012 10:40 AM PST

At first glance, this seems like an innocent photo of Jessica Simpson leaving King's Fish House restaurant in Calabasas yesterday ... ORRRRR ... is it irrefutable proof that she's ACTUALLY PREGGO WITH A 2ND CHILD?! Let's review the facts ...

Fact: Jessica Simpson was wearing a jacket that covered up her stomach, where babies most commonly grow.

Counter-Fact: It was pretty chilly in L.A. yesterday, so the jacket could have been to provide warmth.

Fact: Pregnant people aren't supposed to eat raw fish!!!

Counter-Fact: She may have eaten cooked fish.

Fact: We probably shouldn't make assumptions

Counter-Fact: It's REALLY FUN to make assumptions.

Jessica Simpson The Super Secret Weight Watchers Diet Plan

11/26/2012 5:00 AM PST

Jessica Simpson
kept herself to a strict Weight Watchers regimen in order to lose SIXTY POUNDS after her pregnancy -- a regimen filled with low-fat smoothies, protein, and veggies -- and TMZ has obtained her 4-month crash diet plan.

The plan -- crafted by Jessica's former private chef -- closely follows the WW point system, with fancy homemade menu items like egg white omelets, chicken satays, whipped chick peas, soba noodles, and shrimp skewers.

It all kicked off in July with a 15-day smoothie diet: 5 days of 3 smoothies a day (with 2 healthy snacks); 5 days of 2 smoothies a day (2 healthy snacks, 1 meal); and 5 days of 1 smoothie day (with 2 snacks and 2 meals).

For a while, it didn't look as if she'd lose any weight at all -- at least based on her terrible WW commercial -- so we gotta say ... we're impressed.

Jessica Simpson Return of the DAISY DUKES!

9/21/2012 2:03 PM PDT
Jessica Simpson rocked a pair of Daisy Dukes in L.A. yesterday ... begging the question, WHY WAS SHE AFRAID TO SHOW OFF HER LEGS IN THAT WEIGHT WATCHERS COMMERCIAL?

Simpson -- who signed a $4 mil deal with WW -- took some serious heat for not flaunting her revamped, slimmed down figure when her first WW commercial aired earlier this month.

But yesterday, Simpson finally showed off the goods during a mid-day shopping trip ... and the goods looked good.

As we previously reported, Simpson says she's lost over 40 pounds since giving birth to daughter Maxwell in May through diet and exercise. 

Jess ain't exactly back in the same Daisy Dukes shape she was back in 2005, when she rocked the short shorts in "Dukes of Hazzard" ... but still, progress is progress.

Jessica Simpson I've Lost 40+ Pounds

9/10/2012 12:25 PM PDT
Breaking News

Jessica Simpson
says she's lost more than 40 POUNDS since giving birth to her baby 4 months ago.

Jessica revealed the weight loss number on Katie Couric's talk show today, claiming her weight loss surpassed the 40-pound mark ... but she wouldn't give an exact amount, saying, "It's not about the numbers."

Jessica also unveiled her new Weight Watchers commercial, shot two weeks ago. It's pretty funny because the commercial only focuses on Jessica's face. There is NO full body shot, which means WW probably wasn't too pleased with Jessica's weight loss numbers.

Jessica said, "I didn't want the big body reveal moment ... It wasn't me."


Jessica Simpson How Ya Like Me Now?

9/10/2012 11:31 AM PDT
Jessica Simpson ditched the frumpy clothing and lowered the giant handbag and let the world have a look at her new body as she went to lunch today with hubby Eric Johnson in New York City.

In her recent public outings, Jess has hid her bod under multiple layers of clothing and held her mammoth bag up close ... so no one could get a clean look before her big reveal today on Katie Couric's new show.

Looks like another Weight Watchers success story.

Jessica Simpson You Can't See Me Yet!

9/9/2012 10:45 AM PDT

Jessica Simpson
isn't ready to fully show off her new and possibly slimmer body ... going out in only non-revealing clothing and clutching a big bag close to her body. 

TMZ posted pics of Jess earlier this week ... wearing multiple layers of clothing and holding a giant brown bag. Just this morning at LAX, Jess jetted out of town sporting a similar look, this time with a giant black bag.

Of course, Jess is no fool -- she's scheduled to appear on Katie Couric's new show this week to debut her slender, post-baby body ... so she's in no hurry to ruin that moment.

Clever girl.

Jessica Simpson Look At How Much Weight I've Lost in 4 Months!

9/5/2012 11:25 AM PDT
Jessica Simpson proved getting back to her pre-baby weight is a losing battle ... by showing off her slimmer figure after another workout in L.A. on Tuesday.

Jess has griped about how tough it's been to shed the poundage ... claiming her boobs are so tremendously huge, she can't go jogging.

Still, it's obvious the 32-year-old mom has made some progress in the four months since she gave birth to daughter Maxwell.

T-minus 5 days until Jess reveals her "new" body on Katie Couric's new show.

Jessica Simpson My Boobs Are TOO BIG to Go Running

9/5/2012 6:30 AM PDT
Breaking News

Jessica Simpson has two huge obstacles to overcome on her quest for her old bod ... her giant boobs ... 'cause Jessica says they've gotten so big, she can't go running.

Simpson is finally discussing her tremendous weight gain to, claiming she packed on the pounds during her pregnancy because "It was the first time I was ever pregnant, and I wanted to enjoy it."

Jess says she loaded up on mac and cheese and other crap that's delicious but terrible for you ... because "I didn't realize [the weight] didn't all come off with the baby."

Of course she didn't.

Now, Simpson is working out with a fancy Hollywood trainer ... but refuses to go running because she doesn't want to end up with two self-induced black eyes ...saying, "My boobs are way too big to run at this point."

Despite all the fatness, Simpson is committed to revealing her new, skinnier, Weight-Watchers assisted body on September 10 ... on Katie Couric's new show. Can't wait.

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