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Katy Perry Flashing Her Pearly Whites

1/15/2012 11:10 AM PST

Katy Perry was all smiles on Thursday, spotted on the Santa Barbara set of a photo shoot for Adidas. 

Perry's now sporting a new blue hairdo, but she was sans wedding ring.

Russell Brand was spotted Friday for the first time since the divorce news broke, arriving at LAX with a throng of paparazzi waiting for him.

We're told the couple is on good terms, despite the divorce.

Russell Brand Back in the US of A

1/14/2012 6:30 AM PST

Russell Brand returned stateside last night, arriving at LAX where he was greeted by a slew of his closest friends ... the paparazzi.

Brand has been in London ever since filing for divorce from Katy Perry. She resurfaced for the first time Thursday, posing with a fan in Santa Barbara on the set of an Adidas commercial.

As for Russell ... the paps threw a few divorce questions at him as he made his way to his car ... and got nothing but silence.

Katy Perry The Post-Split Blues

1/13/2012 5:55 AM PST
Rocking some interesting blue hair, Katy Perry was spotted out in public on Thursday for the first time since splitting with estranged husband Russell Brand two weeks ago.

The 27-year-old "California Gurl" was all smiles as she posed with a fan while on the set of an Adidas commercial she is filming in Santa Barbara.

As TMZ previously reported, Katy will continue living in the former couple's $6.5 million Hollywood Hills home and Russell will move out.

While Russell filed for divorce after only 14 months of marriage, he and Katy are said to still be on reasonably good terms.

Katy Perry's Parents Abiding by Katy's Words

1/8/2012 9:40 AM PST

Katy Perry's parents, Keith and Mary Hudson, delivered a sermon this morning to the folks at the New Hope International in Fort Valley, GA -- and this time there was no mention of Katy's divorce.

Earlier this week, Keith and Mary appeared at a church in Ohio and discussed Katy's split from Russell Brand during their sermon.

Katy tweeted last night that she didn't want anyone speaking for her -- including her family. Her parents seemingly listened ... though Keith did joke about the likely presence of press in the church. 

Katy Perry Takes Swipe at Her Parents

1/8/2012 8:30 AM PST

Katy Perry lashed out at her parents last night for playing armchair quarterbacks in her divorce with Russell Brand.

Keith and Mary Hudson, who are ministers, said earlier this week ... the blessing in Katy's divorce is that it created interest in their ministry.

Katy tweeted last night ...  she was " grateful for all the love and support" she's gotten from her fans. But she followed that up by saying that no one speaks for her ... including her family. 

Seems she is pissed ...

Katy Perry's Parents Divorce Was a Gift from God

1/7/2012 7:41 AM PST

God works in mysterious ways -- and in the eyes of Katy Perry's parents, her recent divorce from Russell Brand is one of the ways, because God used to the divorce to fill the rafters of their church.

Pastors Keith and Mary Hudson preached to the congregation at Church On The Rise in Westlake, OH on Wednesday, says The Sun, in an appearance that was advertised by the church.

Perry's mom, Mary, speaking for the first time about the split, told parishioners, "I'm sure Katy is trending on the internet just to get you to church tonight. I mean all over the world, who knows how God is bringing them in? The most important thing is you are here and God wants to put the fire in you in 2012."

At one point, Perry's dad said, "What has taken place in my daughter's life has opened many opportunities to go in and be with guarded and gated people. God has given us a platform to go in and meet people -- and they like us because we are cool. We are not threatening."

According to the paper, a video was shown beforehand that featured the Hudsons at award shows with Katy. The Hudsons are scheduled to appear tomorrow at a church in Georgia and the video below is on the church's site promoting the appearance.

Katy Perry Divorce Russell Brand Moving Out of Their Hollywood Mansion

1/7/2012 6:30 AM PST

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have agreed ... Katy will stay in the couple's $6.5 million Hollywood Hills mansion and Russell will move out ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell us ... the moving process is already under way and most of Russell's stuff is already out of the home.

We're told ... the two are on reasonably good terms with each other, considering they just broke up ... and the decision over the house went pretty smoothly.

As we previously reported, the couple purchased the home together just a few months ago. We're guessing if Katy wants to stay in the home long term, she'll most likely have to cut Russell a big, fat check.

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Time to Move Out?

1/5/2012 2:30 PM PST
The moving pods were out at Katy Perry and Russell Brand's home in the Hollywood Hills Wednesday ... which begs the question ... who gets to stay in the house??

Katy and Russell purchased the $6.5 million, 3 acre, Sunset Strip-area estate back in June ... but just last week, the British funnyman filed for divorce ... leaving the future of the home in limbo.

Not a great time to sell real estate in L.A. ... and if they decide they want to unload the place quick, it might mean a great deal for a potential buyer.

Katy Perry's Dad Not ALLOWED to Talk Divorce

1/3/2012 6:47 AM PST

Katy Perry's evangelical father has been MUZZLED ... telling photogs he's under orders to keep his mouth shut about his daughter's divorce from Russell Brand.

Perry's dad Keith Hudson was out grocery shopping in Irvine, CA Friday -- hours after Brand filed for divorce -- when he told the paps, "I can't talk ... I can't talk to you ... sorry about that."

TMZ broke the story ... Perry WANTED Brand to file the divorce papers, because she didn't want to further upset her religious parents, who believe divorce is wrong.

Katy Perry & Russell Brand The Die Was Cast Early On

1/1/2012 7:00 AM PST

Sources close to Katy Perry and Russell Brand tell TMZ ... the couple was infatuated with each other when they tied the knot, but the honeymoon ended very quickly.

According to our sources, Katy and Russell were initially head over heels for each other – each fascinated to be with someone who was an extreme opposite.

But we're told the two began a regime of constant bickering after they got married -- often in front of people at clubs and awards shows. They're both very stubborn and neither would easily back down.

Our sources tell us ... because of the friction and their schedules, they never spent long periods of time with each other.

One big bone of contention  ... Russell was much more of a homebody than Katy.  Katy loved going out and partying, while Russell (who is sober) didn't enjoy the scene at all. We're told he would often insist on leaving places early and asking her to come with ... which would trigger an argument.

But we're told ... as the dust settles, neither hates the other -- far from it.   There's no bad blood between them, and neither of them believes the other cheated.

As one person put it, "It was just a bad pairing."

Katy Perry Divorce Singer Was Concerned About Upsetting Religious Parents

12/31/2011 11:30 AM PST

Katy Perry
WANTED Russell Brand to file the court papers in their divorce ... because she didn't want to upset her religious parents ... sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ.

We're told ... Katy and Russell knew the relationship was on the rocks a couple of months ago -- but didn't want to give up on the marriage without making a concerted effort to work things out.

But the effort fell flat ... with both sides feeling "it just wasn't there."

We're told both Katy and Russell were on board with the divorce a few weeks ago -- but they didn't want to be in town when the papers were filed ... so he went back to England and she booked it to Hawaii.

Since Katy's parents are evangelical Christians, we're told she didn't want to be the one to "officially" end the marriage by filing the docs ... since she was raised to believe divorce is wrong.

After he filed the docs, Russell released a statement Friday insisting the two will "remain friends."

Stay tuned.

Russell Brand London Calling

12/31/2011 8:37 AM PST

Russell Brand was spotted leaving the Savoy Hotel in London today, one day after he filed for divorce from wife Katy Perry.

As TMZ first reported, Perry wanted Brand to be the one to file so as not to upset her religious parents.

Russell Brand Files for Divorce from Katy Perry

12/30/2011 3:15 PM PST

Russell Brand
has filed for divorce from Katy Perry ... TMZ has learned.

In the docs, filed in L.A., Brand cites "irreconcilable differences." The two were married Oct. 23, 2010 in India.  They have no kids.

The divorce docs say there are "community property assets" -- it's a sign there might not be a prenup, or if there is one it doesn't cover all of the earnings and other assets they accumulated.

The docs do not give a date the couple separated.

Russell has released a statement, claiming, "Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends."

Russell proposed to Katy in India on New Year's Eve 2009 -- nearly two years ago ... to the day.

Sources had told TMZ the couple was having problems, evidenced by the fact that they spent Christmas apart and neither was wearing a wedding ring.

Although it's not 100%, based on what we now know it appears Brand may have blindsided Perry by filing the divorce petition. 

Russell appeared on "Ellen" just this month, slamming divorce rumors (below) -- claiming, "I'm really happily married ... I’m married to Katy. Perpetually, until death do us part was the pledge. I’m still alive."

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