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Justin Turner's Wife My Dog Was Murdered

11/12/2018 12:50 AM PST

The wife of L.A. Dodgers star Justin Turner claims her beloved miniature pinscher was savagely murdered by a neighbor's German shepherd ... and now she's suing the guy for letting it happen. 

Kourtney Turner -- aka Kourtney Pogue -- claims her pet, Dior, was chillin' at her L.A. home on Nov. 7, 2016, when a "vicious and aggressive" dog named Sonny got onto the property and attacked. 

Kourtney claims the dog's owner knew Sonny got violent with other dogs -- and when he went after Dior, the man did nothing to stop it. 

In the lawsuit, Kourtney claims she was too paralyzed by fear to jump in and save her 11-year-old pet ... and by the time the mauling was over, Dior had suffered fatal injuries. 

Kourtney is not only suing for vet bills and other costs associated with Dior's death -- she also wants damages for pain and suffering, claiming she "relied upon the emotional support of Dior for her well-being."

After Dior passed away, Kourtney posted an emotional tribute to her friend ... saying, "Eleven years wasn't long enough, and to be honest, forever wouldn't have been either."

She added, "You taught me unconditional love & we will never ever forget you."

Kourtney now has a new dog, Moonshine -- who was born 1 month after Dior's passing. 


Dodgers' Justin Turner Shaves the Beard!!!

11/3/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Here it is ... this is what Justin Turner's face looks like without his glorious red beard. 

Drink it in. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers star was grubbin' with his wife Kourtney Turner at Vivian’s Millennium Cafe in Studio City on Friday afternoon (that place is delicious, BTW) ... and he was basically unrecognizable. 

It's kinda weird, right? 

Of course, the Dodgers are still reeling from that World Series loss to the Boston Red Sox ... and maybe JT felt like it was time to change things up a bit. 

Turner had toyed with the idea of losing his face-warmer last year -- but only if the Dodgers won the World Series. They didn't, so he didn't. 

Meanwhile, the Dodgers are already putting the pieces together to try and make another run in 2019 -- resigning Clayton Kershaw to a 3-year $93 million contract. 

Plus, L.A. also resigned David Freese -- and they're working on deals with pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu and Yasmani Grandal

So ... how long will it take for Turner to grow his beard back? 

Stay tuned ... 

Boston Red Sox Epic Locker Room Celebration Naked Beer Cannonballs!!!

10/29/2018 6:03 AM PDT
Breaking News


It was MADNESS in the Boston Red Sox locker room after the World Series on Sunday night -- with the team dousing manager Alex Cora in beer ... and Rick Porcello shedding all his clothes to jump buck nekkid in the beer tub!!

There was country music. There were cigars. Everyone popped bottles of Beau Joie champagne. It was awesome. 

Unless you're a Dodgers fan. 

But, even Los Angelinos had to appreciate the turnup -- Brock Holt showed off his country music singing skills. Mitch Moreland threw Alex Cora into a beer bucket (where he was doused in beer by the entire team).

Mookie Betts showed off his fancy championship champagne bottle. 

The culmination was the crazy dance party to "California Love" by 2Pac and Dr. Dre

The Red Sox beat the Dodgers 5-1 in Game 5 at Dodgers Stadium. Next, it's back to Beantown where the Sox will get their victory parade. 

Start stocking up the beer ... 

Danny Trejo Celebrates Dodgers Win ... I Got 2 Games for the Price of 1!!!

10/27/2018 7:03 AM PDT

Danny Trejo was amped-up big time after biting his nails for 7 hours, Friday night at Dodgers Stadium.

We got the "Machete" star as he was leaving the Stadium, and the way Danny sees it ... he got 2 games for the price of 1.  

It took the Dodgers 18 innings, but Max Muncy showed everyone what's up and the crowd went nuts.  The Sox now lead by 2 -1 with another game tonight in L.A.

As for Danny ... well, he's so confident he says he's already gotten a commemorative tat celebrating a Blue victory.

Red Sox & Dodgers WAGS Out Of This World (Series) Hot!!

10/27/2018 12:01 AM PDT

Disappointed in this year's World Series games?? Here's something that'll cheer you up ... the players' smokin' hot WAGS!!!

Boston and L.A. haven't played the most competitive W.S. so far ... but they've hit plenty of home runs off the diamond -- just look at their wives and girlfriends!!!

Justin Turner's wife, Kourtney Turner, steals the show ... but Kike Hernandez's fiance, Mariana Vicente, and Alex Wood's wife, Suzanna Villarreal, came to play too.

In Boston's lineup, Catherine Rodríguez is as hot as an Eduardo Rodríguez fastball ... and Matt Barnes' fiance, Chelsea Zara, rocks the hell out of a bikini.

Just another lesson ... even though one of these squads will go home a loser after this series -- THEY STAY WINNING!!

Ozzie Guillen Hey Dodgers ... Take My World Series Advice

10/26/2018 12:36 PM PDT

Ozzie Guillen tells TMZ Sports ... he REALLY believes the Dodgers can come back and beat the Boston Red Sox even though they're down 0-2. 

But, they're gonna need to take his advice ... 

Of course, Ozzie knows how to win in the World Series -- he managed the Chicago White Sox when they won it all in 2005. 

So, how would Ozzie do things if he was in Dave Roberts' shoes? Ozzie breaks it down for us and tells us why everyone counting out the Dodgers is straight-up wrong. 

One big point ... Ozzie says L.A. needs to take a page from Bill Belichick and remember to do their jobs! 

"Don't be a hero," Ozzie says ... noting that sometimes "players want to be the hero, try to do too much."

And, even if the Dodgers lose tonight, it ain't over yet -- because the Dodgers have won 4 games in a row before ... and they've got the talent to do it again. 

Alex Bregman Red Sox Over Dodgers In Game 3 ... Sweep Coming??

10/26/2018 11:21 AM PDT

Fresh off getting destroyed by the Red Sox ... Astros superstar Alex Bregman is ridin' with Boston in Game 3 Friday night ... predicting a road win over the Dodgers!!

Of course ... Bregman knows both teams well -- the 'Stros beat the Dodgers in last year's World Series and just got knocked out by Chris Sale's boys in the ALCS last week.

So, listen up if you're trying to make a buck off tonight's game.

But ... Alex tells us he ain't so sure about the Red Sox in Game 4 on Saturday -- saying a sweep ain't easy!!!

As for advice for the Dodgers ... Alex doesn't exactly have a Herb Brooks speech for them, saying, "They know how to do it, they're a good team."

Translation ... GOOD LUCK!!

Rae Sremmurd Gets High, Sings National Anthem Let Us Do the World Series!

10/26/2018 10:53 AM PDT

Rae Sremmurd wants to sing the national anthem at the World Series so badly, they're auditioning RIGHT OUTSIDE IN L.A. ... while smoking a bunch of weed. 

... and it's actually pretty good (aside from skipping a bunch of the words). 

Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee tell TMZ Sports ... they REALLY want the Dodgers to come back and take down the Red Sox and if they can sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" before one of the home games, it would energize the hell out of the Blue Crew. 

"Home runs out the ass!"

That's when Swae put his pipes on display and gave us a taste of what the Rae Sremmurd anthem would sound like ... after a few drags from a blunt. 

Hey, at this point ... Dodgers might wanna consider bringin' 'em in!!!

BTW -- the rap superstars just inked a $20 MILLION deal with Belaire ... so if the Dodgers turn things around to win the Series and need some bubbly, they know who to call.

Yasiel Puig's Home Heavy Police Presence During World Series

10/24/2018 8:05 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Boys in Blue were looking out for the Boys in Blue during Game 1 of the World Series -- check out the heavy LAPD presence in front of Yasiel Puig's home on Tuesday! 

As we previously reported, cops had reached out to several Dodgers players to help make sure their homes were protected during the series -- unlike last year when Puig's home was burglarized during Game 7

Cops believe Puig -- and several other high-profile people -- were targeted by a burglary ring that knew when Yasiel (and others) would be out of their homes. 

So, this time ... with Puig and the Dodgers in Boston, the LAPD sent a few units to Yasiel's house to make sure the bad guys know they ain't playin' around this time! 

Law enforcement tells us ... it's not just Dodgers who are getting the extra protection, they're helping out anyone they feel could be a target. 

Michael Rapaport Demolish Fenway ... Red Sox Kiss My Ass!

10/23/2018 2:41 PM PDT

As a diehard Yankee fan -- Michael Rapaport has a message for Red Sox nation before Game 1 of the World Series ... "KISS MY ASS!"

Here's why ... 

"Listen, I grew up a Yankee fan hating the Dodgers, hating Rick Monday, hating Steve Garvey and his butt nose. That being said, I can not stand the Boston Red Sox. I want the Dodgers to kick their ass."

"I can't stand Big Papi, Pedro Martinez, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice -- they can all kiss my ass," Mike added.

So, in conclusion ... Rap says he's "rocking with the Dodgers and Magic Johnson 150 percent."

One last shot -- "They should knock down Fenway Park and rebuild it!"

Game 1 starts at 5:09 PM PT -- we'll see if Rap gets his wish. 

LAPD to Dodgers We Can Help Protect Your Homes ... During World Series!

10/23/2018 12:50 AM PDT

The LAPD has reached out to several L.A. Dodgers stars -- including Yasiel Puig, Justin Turner and Clayton Kershaw -- to make sure their homes are protected during the World Series ... unlike last year. 

Remember, Puig's home was hit by burglars during Game 7 of the 2017 World Series -- and cops have said the suspects specifically targeted the place because they knew he'd be at Dodger Stadium at the time. 

L.A. Rams wide receiver Robert Woods was also hit by burglars during a Rams game this year -- cops believe the suspects are the same crew of burglars that hit Puig. 

Even though cops made multiple arrests, they still believe some of the suspects are on the loose, and they're concerned about copycats and other crime crews. Bottom line -- they don't want to take any chances this time around. 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... LAPD officials have reached out to MLB security, agents for the players, personal assistants and other personnel in the hopes of protecting the homes of Dodgers players and staffers.  

We're told cops are working with the players to make sure home security systems are up to snuff and, in some cases, additional security personnel are watching their houses. 

And, cops will continue to make extra patrols in the neighborhoods where the players live.

'Seatbelt Psychic' I Nailed World Series Picks Here's My Super Bowl Prediction

10/22/2018 2:34 PM PDT

Thomas John -- the famous psychic who correctly predicted the World Series teams back in July -- is taking his gift one step further ... predicting the WINNER. And, it's bad news for L.A. fans. 

Remember, when John made his prediction back in July, the Dodgers were in 3rd place in the NL West behind the Diamondbacks and the Rockies. It was a tight race and the Dodgers were definitely not a lock for the playoffs at the time. 

But, he assured us the Dodgers and Red Sox would make the Series -- and he was right. 

So, when we saw the "Seatbelt Psychic" star at Avra in Bev Hills Monday we asked for his World Series winner prediction and he came through with the answer from beyond!

We also mined for info about the Super Bowl -- and that's when John had even MORE good news for Boston fans. 

Tom Brady I Hate the Dodgers ... Red Sox Will Win!!

10/22/2018 12:03 PM PDT
Breaking News

Tom Brady says when the Red Sox beat L.A. in the World Series ... it'll be doubly sweet for him -- 'cause the Patriots legend says he freakin' LOATHES the Dodgers!!!

Tom made the revelation Monday on the "Kirk & Callahan" show on WEEI ... saying, because he grew up a Giants fan in the Bay Area -- he's always hated the Dodgers.

In fact ... when Brady was asked which L.A. player he disliked the most -- the QB said the list is MASSIVE!!

"There was a lot of them, oh my God."

But ... Tom admits Fernando Valenzuela was Brady Enemy No. 1.

As for this World Series ... doesn't seem to be much doubt in Tom's mind that Boston will be celebrating once the final out is recorded.

"It couldn't set up any better for the Red Sox to win the World Series and I think they're going to do it."

Take that, Fernando.

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