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Yasiel Puig Finds Mini-Puig at Statue of Liberty

5/27/2016 10:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0527-yasiel-puig-statue-of-liberty-TWITTER-01Here's Yasiel Puig starting off his Memorial Day weekend at one of the most patriotic places in the country ... the Statue of Liberty ... where he ran into one of his littlest fans! 

The Cuban-born Dodgers star was heading over to Liberty Island (he's in town to play the Mets) when he saw a kid in a Puig #66 shirt and had to stop and take a picture. 

"I come to the Statue of Liberty and find a little 66 fan thanks bro #dodgersfan #NYC."'

Cute, right? 

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! 

Yasiel Puig Chopper Plans Grounded Dodgers Heli-Disapproved

5/4/2016 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0504-yasiel-puig-instagram-02Yasiel Puig's dream of getting a helicopter to help him beat L.A. traffic isn't getting off the ground after all ... and it's all because the Dodgers didn't think it was a good idea. 

Puig's close friend and personal car customizer, Alex Vega, had previously told us Puig was dead serious about buying a chopper ... a la Kobe ... and had already drawn up plans to pimp it out.

But the Dodgers weren't as keen on the idea as Puig was ... and according to Vega, team reps strongly advised him against the purchase. 

"The Dodgers told him he couldn't have it ... It was causing so much distraction they didn't want him to get it."

We reached out to the Dodgers -- they had no comment. 

Btw, federal law prohibits Puig from flying a helicopter to Dodger Stadium anyway ... so, he'd have to land nearby and fight traffic to the park like everyone else ... which defeats the purpose. 

Cold world. 

L.A. Dodgers Stadium Bat Burglars Busted ... Caught on Video

3/22/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A fast-thinking, Columbo-esque lawyer for the L.A. Dodgers blew the lid off a major memorabilia theft ring that looted the organization for years.

Chad Gunderson, Sr. Counsel for the L.A. Dodgers, was surfing online last December for sports memorabilia when he noticed someone was hawking Dodgers items that he knew were not for sale, including a Don Mattingly game jersey, an Adrian Gonzalez game jersey and Yasiel Puig bats.

Gunderson engaged the seller, who stupidly told him he had "two very good sources at Dodger Stadium." The seller went on to say he'd been dealing with one source for 10 years and another for 20. That was enough for Gunderson to leap into action.

The lawyer got the team to set up secret cameras in the clubhouse and the equipment room.  

On December 5, 2015, the camera captured a man entering the clubhouse at 11:23 PM. He was wearing dark clothing and a mask. The man immediately turned off the automatic light switch, but the light was on long enough to capture stainless steel handcuffs on his belt.

Gunderson and crew knew they were probably dealing with a security guard. So they overrode the automatic light switch and waited.  

Sure enough, 6 days later, at 3:07 AM, 2 masked men entered the clubhouse -- one wearing a ski mask and the other a nylon stocking. The light stayed on, and the cameras captured the men pilfering baseball bats, a pair of shoes, Dodgers jackets, hats and a box of baseballs. 

The dumb guys were bold enough that they wore Dodgers security jackets and one guy even wore Dodgers batting gloves.  

Two Dodgers security guards and the eBay seller were arrested and charged with burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary. They have pled not guilty.

Yasiel Puig Sues I'm Striking Out With Insurance ... After House Flood

3/15/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0314_yasiel_puig_gettyYasiel Puig was underwater at his Miami mansion when his refrigerator went on the fritz, but he says his insurance company's giving him the high hard one -- refusing to pay up, according to a lawsuit. 

The Dodgers stud outfielder says last November the water supply line for his fridge decided to supply water to the rest of the house, causing extensive damage to the 6 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath crib ... in excess of $15k.

In the suit, Puig says he reported it quickly, got a claim number from Lexington Insurance Company ... and even got a partial payment. Puig's problem is his insurance has NOT fully covered him for the damage ... which he says is fully covered under his $2 million policy.

He is not specific about how much Lexington has paid, but it's clearly not enough in his book.


Dodgers' Josh Ravin Check Out My Franken-Arm ... After Broken Bone Surgery

3/14/2016 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News


... at least it's not crooked anymore!!!

Here's L.A. Dodgers pitcher Josh Ravin -- showing off his surgically repaired arm after breaking the living crap out of it in a car crash earlier this month. 

Ravin is expected to miss 8 to 12 weeks after getting a plate and screws put into his non-throwing arm on March 1st. He got a nice green cast to keep things protected for the time being. 

If you're adventurous, check out the original injury pics below ... but warning, it's nasty!!!

Get well soon man. 


Dodgers Pitcher Pics of Broken Arm ... After Car Crash

3/1/2016 9:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0301-josh-ravin-GETTY-03L.A. Dodgers pitcher Josh Ravin SNAPPED his non-pitching arm in a car crash in Arizona on Monday -- and will require surgery ... and TMZ Sports has photos of the nasty injury. 

We spoke with Ravin who tells us ... he was behind the wheel in his car when traffic suddenly came to a stop and his first instinct was to swerve to avoid hitting the car in front of him. 

Problem is ... he went into oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle. 

030116-sub-gallery-josh-ravin-02Ravin says he believes he was only going around 20 mph at the time of the crash -- but the impact was hard enough that it snapped his left arm.  

Ravin says he was told at the scene that the person in the other vehicle is also okay ... thank goodness. 

As for Ravin's injury -- we're told he'll undergo surgery to get a plate and screws put in his arm. He's expected to miss between 6 to 8 weeks. 

It's been a rough month for Ravin -- who missed time with the flu and strep throat in February. 

Here's to a better April ... 

Yasiel Puig Yes, He's Buying A Helicopter ... Says Car Customizing Guru

2/25/2016 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe might be retiring but Dodgers star Yasiel Puig is keeping his swaggiest tradition alive ... buying his very own helicopter to get to practice ... according to a guy who knows all about it.

Puig has been posting hints all over social media he might be buying a chopper ... so when we had his friend and personal vehicle customizer, Alex Vega, on TMZ Sports we had to know ...

Is this guy for real or what?

Alex said not only is Puig buying the heli ... but once it's done Vega and the guys down at the Auto Firm in Miami are going to do a once over on it ... making it into the most pimped out bird in the sky.

What will Alex be working on? Our sources tell us Puig is copping a Robinson R44 helicopter that's gonna set him back around $350k ... if he buys it used.

Congrats Yasiel ... but remember, you have NO EXCUSE to be late to practice now.

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Russell Wilson Full Stepdad Mode With Baby Future & Ciara

2/24/2016 7:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204-russell-wilson-twitter-01Future is gonna be piiiiissed.

Russell Wilson and baby Future had the run of Dodger Stadium on Sunday -- running the base paths, and posing for what looks like awesome family photos with Ciara.

As we've reported, Ciara and Future are in a nasty custody battle over their son. Future's already said he's not thrilled about public photos of Russell with his kid ... so, this feels like throwing fuel on a fire.

In the couple's defense, they didn't release the pics -- the Dodgers tweeted them Tuesday.

If nothing else ... it looks like baby Future had a great day, and Ciara got next year's Christmas card? 


Nick Carter Bar Brawl Buddy Will Be Charged in Dodger Stadium Beatdown

2/18/2016 12:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Nick Carter's bar fighting partner may have had some experience before their Key West arrest -- he'll be charged with a felony for knocking a man unconscious in Dodger Stadium's parking lot. 

The L.A. County D.A. announced Michael Papayans -- who's Carter's close friend -- will be charged next month for felony assault. The D.A. claims Papayans punched a man in the stadium parking lot in October, knocking him unconscious and causing serious head injuries. 

Papayans was booked last month for misdemeanor battery after he and Carter allegedly fought a bouncer in Key West.

Papayans will be arraigned next month for the stadium fight.

Tommy Lasorda Dodgers, Kobe & Hot Chicks

2/10/2016 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's 60 seconds with Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda ... and it's glorious. 

Tommy talks Dodgers (Vin Scully deserves a statue in front of Dodgers Stadium) 

Tommy talks Kobe Bryant ("He's a great guy")

Tommy totally rubbernecks a hot chick in a tight dress who walks by (can't blame him)!

BTW, the other guy in the video is Mitchell Modell -- owner of Modell's Sporting Goods (once featured on "Undercover Boss"). 


Yasiel Puig Bar Fight Captured On Video ... Dodgers Investigating

11/30/2015 6:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1127-yasiel-puig-tmz-01Yasiel Puig's Thanksgiving Eve bar fight was captured on surveillance video, sources tell TMZ Sports ... and cops say they have seen the tape.  

Sources tell us ... the entire incident was recorded from multiple angles -- including the physical altercation between Yasiel and his sister.  

However, we're told investigators only saw the "outside the bar" footage -- which definitively showed Puig hitting a bar manager in the face ... and then several people attacking Puig in retaliation. 

As for the incident with his sister, one bar staffer who's seen the tape says the footage definitely shows Puig getting physical with the woman ... slapping her hand and pulling her hair. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Dodgers team president Stan Kasten last night who tells us the team and MLB officials are still investigating. 

When we asked Kasten if Puig will be on the team next season, he told us he's not ready to commit to an answer until the investigation is over. 

'Ballers' Omar Benson Miller Dodgers Screwed Don Mattingly ... He Was The Scapegoat

10/29/2015 4:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Dodgers manager Don Mattingly still has one friend in L.A. -- "Ballers" star Omar Benson Miller says it's not Mattingly's fault they bombed in the playoffs, and he didn't deserve the axe.

We got Omar, a huge Dodgers fan, at LAX and asked if he agreed with the "mutual" parting of ways. Omar dropped some wisdom about who's really to blame for the blue crew flaming out in the NLDS ... and it damn sure ain't Donny Baseball!

Check out the clip -- Omar thinks the front office should be questioning certain moves, and he names names.

Coincidentally, Mattingly's now the Marlins skipper down in Miami ... where Omar shoots "Ballers."

So, reunited and it feels so gooood ...

Dodgers to AC/DC You Can't Trash Our Field ... Like Ya Did Wrigley

9/28/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0925-dodgers-acdc-getty-01For those about to rock Dodger Stadium -- know that the team's not about to let AC/DC headbangers screw up their run at the World Series by tearing up the field during Monday's show.

The Aussie rockers already left their mark on the Cubs' Wrigley Field. Manager Joe Maddon complained his infield got trashed after AC/DC's concert. So, with the band coming to L.A. ... a Dodger rep tells TMZ Sports they're taking no chances.

Instead of copying the Cubs -- who actually removed their turf and laid it down again -- the Blue Crew will leave the field as is. Their solution will be a special tarp placed over the entire playing surface.

We're told it worked like a charm when Sir Paul McCartney played the stadium last year ... so, team officials aren't too worried about AC/DC's fans. 

Rock n' roll ain't field pollution.

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