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Shemar Moore My Message Wasn't for Gibson ... But Other 'Criminal' Star a Possibility

8/17/2016 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Most people thought Shemar Moore's cryptic words on karma were all about his ex co-star -- and nemesis -- Thomas Gibson, but Shemar's hinting it WAS aimed at a different "Criminal Minds" actor. 

Shemar was out in L.A. when a photog asked if he was reacting to Thomas getting fired from "Criminal Minds" ... since they famously had beef on set. Check out the clip ... Shemar says people got it twisted -- denying he was throwing shade at Gibson.

The other prime suspect is Keith Tisdell -- a former friend and co-star who was recently convicted for stealing $60k from Shemar's charity. He definitely did NOT deny it was Tisdell.

As for his current feelings about Gibson? Shemar was polite, for sure, but still seems kinda icy.

Karma, bro.


WWE's Big Show Confirms Shaq Showdown at WrestleMania ... 'It's Happening'

8/17/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Get your popcorn ready ... 'cause the Big Show vs. Shaq matchup is DEFINITELY going down at WrestleMania 33 ... so says the Big Show himself. 

Last we heard, the two guys were down to square off -- but the WWE said the match wasn't officially set. 

But that was 2 weeks ago ... and now Big Show says it's a done deal -- "That's confirmed."

The 7-footer says he and Shaq "got the ball rolling" at the ESPYs and now it's a sure thing -- but heavy promotion for the event won't begin until January, considering WrestleMania 33 isn't until April. 

You gotta watch the clip ... Big Show says he's got all the respect in the world for Shaq -- "It doesn't mean I'm not gonna slap the crap out of him when I get the chance!"

Question is ... does Show think he can chokeslam Shaq? Check out what he says.

Brendan Dassey Ready for a J-O-B, But First ... Make Me Some Chili, Mom!

8/17/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816-brendan-dassey-netflix-01Brendan Dassey is already prepping for freedom ... mapping out a prospective career path, but the guy has priorities -- we're told there's one thing he wants more than money or a job.

Sources close to him say job 1 for Brendan is spending time with family -- and not only because he's hankering for his favorite meal. We're told he has already requested his mom's homemade chili or her lasagna.

Dassey earned his GED earlier this year while serving his sentence in Columbia Correctional in Wisconsin. We're told he'd like to further his education when he gets out by focusing on video game design -- and hopes to land a job in the super competitive field.

Brendan also wants to do some traveling -- naturally, he's been in prison for 9 years. And get this -- he wants to settle down with a nice girl and have 3 kids.

Of course ... Brendan's friends and family plan to finally get him to WrestleMania.

John McLaughlin Political Commentator Dead at 89

8/16/2016 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0816-John-McLaughlin-facebookLegendary political commentator Dr. John McLaughlin -- whose long-running show inspired famous 'SNL' spoofs -- has died ... just days after missing his program for the first time ever.

"The McLaughlin Group" -- a round table political discussion -- has been on the air for more than 34 years, and John hosted every weekly episode. During the airing this past weekend ... the show began with a slate explaining McLaughlin was "under the weather" and would not appear on the panel. His voice was heard though saying the familiar ... "Issue one."

McLaughlin was an ordained priest with a PhD in philosophy, who had also been a speech writer for Richard Nixon ... before his TV show launched in 1982.

The show released a statement announcing his passing, but did not specify what caused it.

Dana Carvey famously played the irascible host in a recurring "Saturday Night Live" skit.

McLaughlin was 89.

Steve Sarkisian I've Reevaluated My Life ... Open to Coaching Again

8/16/2016 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-USC football coach Steve Sarkisian is a changed man -- sober, happy and excited about his new gig with FS1 ... but tells TMZ Sports he's still open to coaching college football again. 

We got a slim, trim Sark out at LAX moments ago -- who confirmed he'll be part of FS1's college football team this season -- and says he's fired up about being around the game again. 

But his transition into broadcasting doesn't mean he's closed the door on a return to the sidelines -- telling us he still loves coaching and would consider reigniting his career. 

The most important part of the video ... Sark says he's had a chance to reevaluate his life after coming to terms with his alcohol problem and seems to be moving in a very positive direction.

"Life's good," Sark said ... "I'm just taking some time to focus on myself and to do the things necessary in all aspects of my life ... I feel really good."

'Making a Murderer' Brendan Dassey's Family How About Tat?

8/16/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0815_brendan_dassey_tribute_tattoo_launchBrendan Dassey's family has a lot to celebrate ... but their timing is off, because his mom got a tattoo decrying his imprisonment 20 minutes before a judge ordered his release.

Brendan's mom, Barb, and a family friend got matching tattoos -- "Justice for Brendan" emblazoned on their thighs, minutes before the appeals court decision.

Funny enough ... Barb thinks the tattoo ended up a good luck charm of sorts and contributed to Brendan's sudden good fortune.

The kicker ... when Brendan gets out he says he'll get a matching tattoo.  

Maybe it should say, "Justice for myself."

Shemar Moore Hey, Thomas Gibson ... Karma's a Bitch

8/15/2016 5:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shemar Moore didn't mention Thomas Gibson by name, but he's almost certainly taking glee in his former co-star getting the ax ... saying it's all about karma.

Shemar and Gibson had beef during their stints on "Criminal Minds" ... loud arguments on set to the point Gibson's ex-manager had to talk Gibson out of physically going after Moore.

TMZ broke the story, Gibson kicked a writer in the shins during an argument on set. He was first suspended and then fired by CBS and ABC.

Moore deleted the video after posting it, but we all know how that works.   


J Lo Drug Lord Movie Surviving Ex Warns HBO Mention Me and I'll Sue!

8/15/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0812-main-jennifer-lopez-griselda-blanco-charles-tmz-magnolia-pictures-01The only non-murdered man who either dated or married a notorious killer is warning HBO -- trash talk him in the biopic starring Jennifer Lopez and he's suing your asses.

First, the backstory ... Charles Cosby infamously dated Griselda Blanco -- a Colombian drug lord dubbed the Cocaine Godmother who's tied to hundreds of murders, including the deaths of every man she ever dated, except Cosby. J Lo's playing Blanco for HBO.

Cosby wants NOTHING to do with the film ... telling TMZ there better be no references to him ... or else. 

What's more ... Cosby -- who narrated a documentary about Blanco's life, "Cocaine Cowboys 2" -- says he's no Jennifer fan ... calling her unconvincing with no street cred. 

And Cosby's got his own Griselda project ... a movie he's producing called, "Hustle." 



'Making A Murderer' Netflix Blindsided by Judge's Decision Scurrying to Save Sequel

8/13/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0812-brendan-dassey-apNetflix got an amazing boost from "Making a Murderer" -- so much so it's producing a sequel -- so imagine how much it stung when a judge virtually opened the prison door for Brendan Dassey and producers were totally out of position.

The federal judge who ruled Brendan was wrongfully convicted did not give anyone a heads up, so not only were cameras NOT rolling, the immediate family was out of state, visiting relatives in Michigan.

In fairness to Netflix and producers, the case had been under submission for months, and there was no way to know when a ruling would come down.

The decision represents the critical moment in the sequel ... the payoff for millions who watched the first installment in outrage as Brendan and co-defendant Steven Avery were convicted.

We're told producers are now scrambling to recreate the moment.  

Show us ... emotion.

'Making a Murderer' Brendan Dassey Ordered Released from Prison

8/12/2016 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details



2:08 PM PST -- We spoke with the Wisconsin Attorney General's office who says they haven't made a decision whether to refile charges.


Brendan Dassey -- the man who was convicted for helping Steven Avery in a murder chronicled on "Making a Murderer" -- has been ordered to be released.

A federal judge just ruled Dassey's constitutional rights were violated when he was grilled, then tried for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

The judge ruled authorities crossed the line by interrogating the then 16-year-old without an adult present. The judge said authorities exacerbated the problem by assuring Dassey they were on his side.

And the judge said, "Dassey's borderline to below average intellectual ability likely made him more susceptible to coercive pressures than a peer of higher intellect."   

And the judge had problems with the bluffs -- investigators told Dassey at least 24 times they knew exactly what happened to Teresa.  The judge said the false assertions had a "powerful effect" on Dassey -- presumably prompting his confession.

The judge also had problems with Dassey's first lawyer, Len Kachinsky ... who allowed the prosecutor's investigator to grill the client when Kachinsky wasn't present. The judge called Kachinsky's conduct "indefensible." That, however, does not appear to be the basis for the ruling. 

Wisconsin prosecutors have 90 days to decide if they want to retry Dassey. 

Thomas Gibson Fired from 'Criminal Minds'

8/12/2016 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details



10:55 AM PST -- Thomas tells TMZ, "I love Criminal Minds and have put my heart and soul into it for the last twelve years. I had hoped to see it through to the end, but that won't be possible now. I would just like to say thank you to the writers, producers, actors, our amazing crew, and, most importantly, the best fans that a show could ever hope to have."


Thomas Gibson won't get his kicks from "Criminal Minds" anymore ... because he was just fired.

Producers put the word out Friday ... he won't return to the show for the 12th season.

TMZ broke the story, the actor was suspended from the show after kicking a writer/co-executive producer in a dispute over a scene that Gibson was directing. And, as we reported, a few years ago he was ordered to anger management classes after striking someone else on the crew.

ABC, which produces the show, and CBS, which airs it, issued a blunt statement: "Thomas Gibson has been dismissed from Criminal Minds. Creative details for how the character's exit will be addressed in the show will be announced at a later date."


Thomas Gibson 'Criminal Minds' Job On The Chopping Block

8/12/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0811-thomas-gibson-getty-01Thomas Gibson may have nothing but time on his hands, because we're told show execs are thinking of axing him from the show.

Production sources tell TMZ, the honchos have had it with Gibson and his antics. TMZ broke the story he's been suspended for 2 weeks after kicking a writer in the shin.  

Now our sources say writers for the show are crafting a story line for next season that eliminates Gibson's character altogether.

We're guessing writer/co-exec producer Virgil Williams -- the guy who was kicked -- is participating with glee.

Our sources say if Gibson does return he will never work as a director again ... his duties will be limited to acting.

Our Gibson sources say they have not been told anything about the actor being 86'd from the series.

Thomas Gibson The Writer Kicked is an Aggressive Badass

8/11/2016 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0811_thomas_gibson_on_set_twitterThe writer Thomas Gibson kicked on the "Criminal Minds" set is anything but a nerd ... he's a boxer/martial artist with a super aggressive attitude -- sources connected to Gibson tell TMZ.

Virgil Williams is the writer/co-executive producer who got into it with Gibson when the argument escalated to the point the actor kicked him. But our Gibson sources say Williams escalated the verbal argument by "making a move" toward Gibson in a highly aggressive manner. They say Gibson's kick was more a reaction to the perceived threat than an aggressive move.

0811_virgil_with_boxer_twitterOur sources say Williams lets everyone on the set know ... he's trained as a boxer and does martial arts.

One Gibson source says Williams has a "super-big macho ego."

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