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Kathie Lee Gifford Jesus, Oprah ... Look for the Signs!!!

3/1/2018 12:40 AM PST

Kathie Lee Gifford is all for divine intervention guiding Oprah's decision on whether she should run for President.

We got KLG leaving lunch Wednesday at Michael's, and our guy dropped the best question of the day: What signs should Oprah be looking for from her colleague, God? 

Of course, Kathie had some answers -- while she prayed for the big guy to bring her car around. 

As you may have heard, Oprah re-opened the door Wednesday to running for Prez when she said she's all in ... if God tells her to do it.

Donald Trump Jr. Called into Court ... For Jury Duty

2/28/2018 10:12 AM PST
Breaking News

Donald Trump Jr. is facing a Manhattan judge ... he showed up for jury duty Wednesday, and there's a chance -- slim, we think -- he could be selected to serve as a juror.

President Trump's oldest reported to the New York County Criminal Court building -- and it was pretty obvious someone in the First Family was there. Secret Service is swarming around the building, and there's a huge line to enter the courthouse ... most likely due to increased security with a Trump in the house.

Look at all these people anxious to serve on jury duty!

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We called his office, and we were told he's "happy to be there."

According to the NY Post ... Junior was selected for a jury panel, along with about 80 other potential jurors, in an attempted robbery case.

Still seems like a long shot prosecutors or the defense would select Junior for the jury ... especially if the defendant is Russian.

Donald Trump Nothin' But Toys For My 'S***hole President'

2/26/2018 5:20 PM PST

Donald Trump's s***hole comment could be coming back to haunt him in a big/little way ... toys!

A Florida-based graphic designer named Gaynor Evans-Wilson just filed a trademark application in hopes of locking down "S***hole President" with an eye for playthings and figurines. She's also got a specific image picked out for her mini Trump, pursed lips and all.

There's already a website featuring Evans-Wilson's Trump doll design, where it says you can purchase one now. It's weird though ... it doesn't seem like you actually get to a checkout page just yet. Maybe they're waiting for the trademark to fully go through. 

Either way ... the campaign is clearly anti-Trump, calling his remark about African countries racist. Nothin' proves a point like capitalizing on BS, we guess.

Michael Steele Trump's Idea of Arming Teachers 'Beyond Not Good'

2/23/2018 11:00 AM PST

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele actually likes one of President Trump's ideas, but that doesn't mean they're on the same page ... at all.

We got the popular Republican pundit at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center near D.C. Thursday and asked him about Trump's pitch to pay teachers a bonus to carry guns in schools ... he likes exactly half of that plan.

Steele tells us there should be absolutely no guns in the classroom, and sounds pretty miffed it's even being considered. As he puts it ... it's bad policy and "opens up a Pandora's box of problems this country just does not need."

Michael suggests there are better alternatives, and it's up to elected officials to start listening to the young people speaking out for gun control to make it happen. He also makes a good point about the NRA ... check it out.

President Trump Vows to Make Schools Safer ... NO Mention of Guns

2/15/2018 8:48 AM PST
Breaking News

President Trump addressed the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and vowed to make America's schools safer by tackling mental health issues.

Conspicuously, he did NOT mention gun control issues during his speech Thursday morning. The President called the shooting an act of hatred and evil. He promised the nation's young people and parents he would meet with officials to make school safety a top priority.

Trump had tweeted early this morning, "So many signs that the Florida shooter [Nikolas Cruz] was mentally disturbed" -- and he stuck to that Thursday, saying he was committed to improving mental health programs.

Worth nothing ... almost exactly a year ago, Trump signed a bill revoking gun checks for people with mental illness.

Trump's refusal to discuss gun control or gun safety reforms was glaring. Shortly after his speech, former President Obama tweeted about the need for "common-sense gun safety laws." 

As we reported ... Cruz was taken to jail early this morning wearing a hospital gown. Cops say Cruz used an AR-15 assault rifle to carry out the murders.

Omarosa Bashing Trump to Make $$$ ... says Congressman

2/14/2018 12:27 PM PST

Omarosa spilling the beans on "Celebrity Big Brother" is not so much to clear her conscience or get back in favor with the African-American community ... it's her bottom line, says Congressman Cedric Richmond.

We got the Democratic Rep. at Reagan National Airport on Tuesday and wanted to get his take on Omarosa leaking the Trump administration's game plan ... particularly its aggressive deportation tactics.

Sure, Richmond says the former 'Apprentice'/White House staffer might be letting her conscience guide her post-firing, but more than that, she's dishing dirt cause she's looking out for Numero 1.

We also ask the Congressman if he's now more inclined to watch 'CBB' with Omarosa revealing deets, but as he put it ... he's too busy looking after children -- his 3-year-old and Prez Trump.

John Legend Obamas Wanted Style & Got It ... With Artists THEY Chose

2/13/2018 10:17 AM PST

John Legend's always a gentleman, so ya gotta read between the lines of what he's saying to all the haters of Barack and Michelle Obama's freshly unveiled portraits -- essentially it's, go kick rocks. 

We got the singer at LAX Monday night and wanted to get his thoughts on the official portraits of 44 and his First Lady for the Smithsonian. After all, John and Chrissy Teigen were among the donors who kicked in some dough to commission the art.

John loved the final product, but more importantly ... he says Michelle and Barack love 'em. As he points out ... the Obamas handpicked the artists, Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley.

And to the people making memes out of Barack's leafy background ... it's symbolism. Open your mind.

Omarosa on 'Big Brother' Pence Would be Worse Than Trump BTW Deportations are REAL

2/12/2018 6:36 PM PST

The Omarosa post-White House leaks continue on "Celebrity Big Brother" ... now she's saying the country would be begging for Donald Trump back if Mike Pence got into office.

Omarosa was dishing some dirt about her former gig on Monday night's episode, and she took the opportunity to slam the Vice President by saying he'd be worse than Trump as POTUS.

She goes on to mock his religious beliefs, saying Pence allegedly thinks Jesus tells him to say certain things.

And there's also this ... she says Trump's crackdown on illegal immigration is real, and is being undertaken in aggressive deportations across the country.

However ... she says Obama started it.

Anthony Scaramucci If Kelly Lied About Porter ... He's Gotta Go

2/11/2018 12:24 PM PST

Anthony Scaramucci thinks Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly needs to leave The White House STAT if he lied to the Prez and the people about Rob Porter.

We got The Mooch Sunday at LAX and he couldn't have been clearer ... if the Axios report is accurate -- that Kelly covered up domestic abuse allegations against key aide Porter -- then he should throw in the towel.

The next logical question, of course, is whether Trump has become an apologist for men accused of sexual misdeeds, or, as Trump says, he's just trying to ensure due process against those accused.  Scaramucci acknowledges Trump has made some mistakes in that department.

Kellyanne Conway Trump Wasn't Dumpin' on #MeToo ... Or Rob Porter

2/11/2018 11:35 AM PST

Kellyanne Conway insists President Trump was not attacking the #MeToo movement when he tweeted there has been a rush to judgment against some of the people accused of sexual misconduct.

Conway says Trump's tweet had nothing to do with Rob Porter either ... the aide who resigned after his 2 ex-wives accused him of physical and emotional abuse.

Kellyanne says Trump has been falsely accused by women in the past, suggesting he's especially sensitive to these allegations as a result. 

Fact is ... TWO of Trump's aides have resigned this week on the heels of domestic abuse allegations, and his tweet came out soon after. 

'Duck Dynasty' Star Trump's Sons are Good Hunters ... For City Boys!!!

2/10/2018 12:40 AM PST

"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson's been hunting with Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, and says they're pretty good at it ... considering where they're from.

We got Willie at LAX Friday and asked him for a review of the President's sons' shotgun skills ... and he gives the city boys a passing grade. He also tells us why hunting's the ultimate way to provide food for your family.

Speaking of food -- turns out the Duck Commander CEO enjoys eating deer even more than duck, but there's one animal that's surprisingly delicious ... especially with gravy.

Duly noted, Willie.

Omarosa She Actually Was Fired from WH ... Says Deputy Press Sec.

2/8/2018 1:06 PM PST
Breaking News

Omarosa's diss on President Trump's White House didn't go unnoticed -- because 45's Deputy Press Secretary confirmed she was, in fact, fired from her job.

Raj Shah was fielding questions in place of Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thursday and got asked about Omarosa besmirching the rep of the White House on "Celebrity Big Brother" the night before.

His response ... the White House doesn't take her comments very seriously. He also deaded the much-debated topic of her departure a couple months ago ... she was fired, according to him.

Shah elaborated with this ... Omarosa had been fired from "The Apprentice" 3 times prior ... and that "this would make the 4th time we let her go."

He also said Omarosa had very limited contact with the Prez while on the job, and has zero contact with him now. 

Donald Trump I'm Better Than Obama!!! Well, At Least For Today

2/8/2018 12:19 PM PST

Donald Trump claims he's doing a better job than President Obama was on this day in 2010 ... and he wants everybody to know about it.

An email sent to Trump supporters from 45's website Thursday reads, "President Trump has a stronger approval rating (48%) today than Barack Obama (44%) did in 2010 on this same day. But we bet you won't hear it from the media."

In addition to the message, Trump asks his supporters to take a poll rating his job performance to, "make sure the media KNOWS the American people are fully behind President Trump."

It's unclear exactly where Trump got his approval numbers from ... but with poll options like, "Great, Good, Okay and other" it makes it pretty tough for 45 to fail.

It's the little victories ... 

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