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President Trump Alice Johnson Owes All Thanks to Kim K

6/15/2018 8:20 AM PDT
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President Trump just gave Kim Kardashian all the credit for Alice Johnson's prison release.

The Prez was giving an interview to "FOX & Friends" on the White House lawn Friday and was talking about meeting Kim and her quest to free Alice. As we reported ... Kim took up Alice's cause last year and arranged meetings to get the great-grandmother's life sentence commuted after she was convicted in 1997 for a nonviolent crime.

Alice had no idea who Kim was, but Kim took it upon herself to ultimately end up with Trump in the Oval Office and convince 45 to let her free. He did ... leading to Alice's emotional reunion with her family, which Trump dubbed as a beautiful thing.

As we reported ... Kim and Alice ultimately met for the first time in Memphis and was obviously incredibly thankful after Alice was the first person Kim called to tell her the wheels of freeing her out of prison were starting to spin.

Ex-FBI Director James Comey FBI Officials Sent Anti-Trump Texts During Hillary Email Probe

6/14/2018 10:47 AM PDT
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12:10 PM PT -- Comey released a statement saying, "I respect the DOJ IG office, which is why I urged them to do this review. The conclusions are reasonable, even though I disagree with some." 

"People of good faith can see an unprecedented situation differently. I pray no Director faces it again. Thanks to IG's people for hard work." 
Ex-FBI Director James Comey had at least one agent working the Hillary Clinton email probe who was open about NOT wanting Donald Trump to win the election ... according to the Justice Department.

The Justice Department's inspector general issued a report reviewing Comey's actions, and it included text messages between FBI investigator Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer, Lisa Page. In one of them, Page says, "[Trump]'s not ever going to become president, right? Right?!"

Strzok replied, "No. No he won't. We'll stop it."

Despite those texts, the Justice Department didn't say Comey acted out of any political bias while investigating Hillary's emails -- but did say his actions "negatively impacted the perception of the FBI and the department as fair administrators of justice."

Start the countdown to another "witch hunt" tweet from the Oval Office.

Kim Kardashian I First Called Ivanka Trump To Free Alice Marie Johnson

6/14/2018 7:56 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian says the first person she called to start the process of freeing Alice Johnson was none other than Ivanka Trump ... who apparently got things in motion.

Kim and Alice sat down with "TODAY" host Hoda Kotb and explained how Alice came to be released from prison last week while serving a life sentence. Kim says she called Ivanka, who was completely sympathetic to Alice's situation. The rest is history.

A few other interesting tidbits from the interview -- Alice says she had no idea who Kim was before getting a ton of help from her. Also ... Kim says she cracked a joke about Khloe to President Trump to break the ice during the Oval Office meeting

One last thing ... Kim says the Prez himself had immediate compassion toward Alice, and felt granting her clemency was the right thing to do. Well ... that much is obvious.

Donald Trump Kim Jong-un's a Special Guy ... Sure, Maybe He Kills People

6/13/2018 6:26 PM PDT

Donald Trump can't stop complimenting Kim Jong-un ... even when he's confronted with the fact the dude's a murderer.

The Prez continued to heap praise on the North Korean leader Wednesday following their historic summit this week, during an interview with Fox News' Bret Baier ... despite Baier bringing up Kim's history of executing people.

"He's a tough guy," POTUS replied. "When you take over a country, tough country, tough people, and you take it over from your father ... if you could do that at 27 years old, I mean, that's 1 in 10,000 that could do that."

Trump added ... "He's a very smart guy; he's a great negotiator. But I think we understand each other."

Dennis Rodman LOL at Nobel Peace Prize for Trump! Me, On the Other Hand ...

6/13/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Dennis Rodman had a hearty laugh about President Trump possibly winning a Nobel Peace Prize, because he thinks someone else should be considered ... Dennis Rodman! 

We talked to The Worm about the historic meeting between his friends, Trump and Kim Jong-un, and what it might mean in the long run ... he makes some jokes, but tells us he's truly happy it went down.

Rodman insists he's not seeking accolades for the 2 leaders talking peace, but also reminded us he played a part in it ... and feels vindicated for his efforts.

We also asked Rodman about Donald's comments back in 2014 ... accusing him of being drunk or high when discussing Trump and North Korea.

Dennis doesn't exactly deny it, but says he's willing to give his pal -- the American one -- a pass in light of recent events.

Lil Boosie Kim K. Is Great for Prison Reform ... I'm Down to Help Too!!!

6/13/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Lil Boosie says he's got no problem with Kim Kardashian meeting President Trump to discuss prison reform, and as an ex-inmate himself ... he's sure other prisoners would back her efforts too.

We got Boosie Tuesday at Atlanta's Lenox Square Mall and he joked about why Kim's the perfect spokesperson for unjustly convicted inmates -- something about many of them enjoying her body of work. 

On a serious note, he applauded her impassioned efforts to get Alice Marie Johnson's sentence commuted, and it seems she's inspired him. Boosie, who's admittedly not a Trump fan, told us he'd even be down to do his part -- with one caveat.

Boosie and Trump? Imagine that Oval Office photo op!   

Dan Rather Hold Trump's Nobel Prize, for Now ... Kim Jong-un Won Big

6/12/2018 4:11 PM PDT

Dan Rather gives President Trump props for talking peace with North Korea instead of making war ... but adds, so far, Kim Jong-un's the only one who's won anything out of the summit.

The CBS news icon told us Tuesday in NYC, he's hopeful -- but still skeptical -- the summit will be a win for the United States. He says N. Korea's supreme leader's already rung up a big W, while all Trump has up to this point is a great photo op.

As for all that talk about POTUS winning a Nobel Peace Prize? Rather basically says, let's put a pin in that ... for now. 

President Trump Kim Jong-un Handshake Happened on $12k Carpet

6/12/2018 9:53 AM PDT

President Trump and Kim Jong-un's handshake heard around the world also happened to take place on some pretty pricey rug -- and it was all footed by the U.S. Government -- TMZ has learned.  

According to federal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- that document lodging and other expenses for the trip ... the American Embassy in Singapore is on the hook for about $162k. About $151k of that pertains to costs incurred at the Shangri-La Hotel, where the U.S. delegation, including the Prez, stayed leading up to the face-to-face.

An additional $12,000 was charged to cover the carpets used for Trump's meeting with Kim at the Capella Hotel.

Unclear how much Trump himself was charged specifically to stay at the Shangri-La Hotel ... he was only there for 2 days, after all. But, the receipts do show that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's team was singled out for a bit more than $8k of the grand total.

Diplomacy doesn't come cheap.

Dennis Rodman Left in Tears Over Trump/Kim Jong-un Summit

6/11/2018 6:57 PM PDT
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As happy as a lot of folks might've been seeing the U.S. and North Korea meet peacefully, no one was as jubilant as Dennis Rodman ... dude was literally crying tears of joy.

Rodman went on CNN shortly after President Trump met Kim Jong-un Tuesday, where he had streams coming down his face -- albeit behind sunglasses -- and praised the historic summit ... which he's insinuated he had a role in brokering by softening up Kim.

As you might know ... Rodman has been the U.S.'s unofficial spokesperson on all things North Korea for a while now -- even bringing over a basketball team to the country to get on Kim's good side. He also claims he got Trump's book, "The Art of the Deal," in Kim's hands.

Welp, all that diplomacy seems to have paid off ... in Dennis' mind, anyway. While he told CNN's Chris Cuomo he didn't want any credit ... he went on to brag that Trump's secretary called him to say the Prez was proud of the work he'd done. 

President Trump Meets Kim Jong-un ... Makes 1st Power Move

6/11/2018 6:25 PM PDT
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President Trump got a chance to finally size up North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un ... and he didn't miss the opportunity to get the upper hand in the situation.

Trump came face-to-face with Kim Tuesday morning in Singapore at the Capella Hotel. It's the first time a sitting U.S. president has met with N. Korea's chief, making the summit historic and quite the diplomatic gesture. 

But enough about that -- check out Trump's power move in the initial handshake. They both go in firm, but Trump is the first one to pat Kim on the arm. In our book, that's establishing dominance. The Prez kept patting Kim in a friendly way ... and kinda guided him inside.

Trump did a similar handshake with Vladimir Putin last year ... but held back on the number of arm taps this time around. Good idea, probably.

Rudy Giuliani Trump Gig Ruining My Legacy?? Nope, I'm Doing Just Fine

6/11/2018 4:55 PM PDT

Rudy Giuliani isn't the least bit worried his post-9/11 rep might be ruined by representing President Trump.

No doubt, Giuliani's had some rough patches since joining the President's legal team in April -- but Monday in D.C., he had a pretty positive outlook. Rudy told us why he has no concern about losing face during Robert Mueller's investigation.

Yes, he's made headlines for what, at the time, appeared to be major missteps in strategy -- but Giuliani believes Americans won't forget his heroic leadership as NYC's Mayor during the 9/11 attacks.

As he told us ... now he's just worried about being the best lawyer he can be.

Robert De Niro at 2018 Tonys 'F*** Trump' ... Gets Standing O

6/10/2018 8:11 PM PDT

Robert De Niro's over coming up with clever ways to insult President Trump -- he's now sticking with "F*** Trump," which he just blurted out at the Tony Awards ... twice.

Bob was introducing Bruce Springsteen ahead of his Tony performance Sunday night, and before he could utter a word of grace ... he dropped the big F-bomb on DT. 

De Niro didn't waste any time with his message either, going right into ... "I just want to say one thing -- F*** Trump." He got a huge standing ovation from the room, and continued with ... "It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f*** Trump." Even more cheers erupted. 

CBS ended up bleeping huge sections of his remarks in an attempt to censor the profanity -- and that left many wondering exactly what De Niro had said. 

Welp ... there you have it. Raw and uncut. 

Trump's Economic Adviser Justin Trudeau Made Us Look Weak The Prez Ain't Taking That

6/10/2018 12:41 PM PDT

Donald Trump's chief economic adviser says Canadian PM Justin Trudeau screwed the U.S. ahead of an historic meeting with North Korea ... so POTUS had to hit back.

We got Larry Kudlow Sunday in D.C. after going on TV to slam the Prime Minister for making DT look weak after he'd left the G7 summit this week -- and right before he's set to meet with Kim Jong Un. He says Trump wasn't gonna take that lying down.

Trudeau held a press conference addressing the U.S. recently announcing they'll be imposing tariffs on certain Canadian imports, saying Canada wouldn't be "pushed around" and will do the same to us.

Kudlow says Trudeau's remarks were a betrayal to everything the G7 summit accomplished, and that Trump had every right to retaliate ... and call off signing a unifying communique between a bunch of Western allies. More importantly ... he had to look tough for Kim.

Diplomacy ... it's all about appearances, apparently.

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