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Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake My Knee's Destroyed ... I Need Help!

5/22/2018 11:26 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake says he busted his knee so badly during a recent fall he needs a full replacement surgery ... but the cost is putting a serious financial burden on his family.

The 61-year-old WWE legend says he has already suffered major damage to his knee from his 35-year wrestling career ... but the fall made it much worse. Now, he's asking the fans for help through a GoFundMe page. 

Brutus says he knows he's been blessed with a great career and a great life -- but tells TMZ Sports he doesn't have a lot of money and needs help to pay for his medical costs. 

"The costs completely overwhelmed me and my wife," Beefcake says.

Brutus says he never got health insurance so everything is out of pocket -- and, while he admits he didn't want to ask fans for money, he feels it's his best move. 

His surgery is set for June 12 -- good luck!!

Nikki Bella & John Cena Back Together ... At Least for a Day

5/19/2018 1:29 PM PDT

John Cena made the trek down to San Diego to try to win Nikki Bella back, but as we reported ... it may take more than just AAdvantage Miles.

Nikki and John were spotted together in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego Saturday, strolling down the street after getting their fix of java.

John has been on a unrelenting campaign to win Nikki back ... after she broke up with him because he would not budge on the issue of having children.

Nikki told us a few days ago she now believes John has had a change of heart and would like for her to have his kids, but she says all the drama has made her question the relationship. She told us she loves John and would like things to work out, but she needs time to think.

It's overcast in Southern California, so we don't know if John commissioned a skywriting plane.

Pro Wrestler DJZ I Almost Died From Brutal In-Ring Injury

5/18/2018 12:23 PM PDT

Impact wrestling star DJZ says he came thiiis close to dying from an injury he suffered during a 2017 wrestling match ... and it's a miracle he was able to recover and wrestle again.

DJZ -- real name Michael Paris -- unknowingly ruptured his colon during a match in Mexico City ... but didn't realize the severity of the injury until after the match.

"I sh*t pure blood," DJZ says ... noting he collapsed at his hotel and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital.

Once he was admitted, doctors told him he was in very bad shape and internally bleeding -- and needed emergency surgery.

Doctors told DJZ there was a 20% chance he could die or become severely disabled from the operation ... but he had no choice.

Fortunately, the wrestler was able to pull through -- and he's got the gnarly scar on his stomach to prove it.

Now, he's not only fully recovered ... but wrestling again -- and on Thursday, he and Andrew Everett won the Impact Tag Team title against Scott Steiner and Eli Drake.

Nikki Bella I Believe John Wants Kids But, I Still Have My Doubts About Marriage

5/18/2018 1:00 AM PDT

John Cena's very public campaign to win back Nikki Bella is working, but she's still not ready to seal the deal with the wrestling/movie star.

Nikki tells TMZ, John's public hand-wringing -- including posting a photo of John Cusack holding the boombox over his head in the film "Say Anything" -- has convinced her his change of heart about wanting kids wasn't hollow. She says, "I believe 100% he wants kids. It makes me want to run back and jump into his arms."

She says she believes he's now sincere that he wants children ... which was the deal breaker that caused her to break up with him. Until this week, Nikki believed she had forced John to say what she wanted to hear so she'd take a walk down the aisle.

Here's the problem ... Nikki says it's kind of been like a Pandora's Box. The conflict over children has raised issues in her head about the relationship. She says, "I care about him and love him a lot," but now she has to do some serious thinking about the turn in their relationship and feel if it's still right.

She says she's really hurt by the buzz that the whole conflict -- and even the relationship -- is fake to goose ratings for her reality show and John's career. She says, "A lot of people get married for publicity. I'm not like those reality show people. I don't want to be hesitant. I want to do what my heart says."  

Nikki says she has no idea what she'd say if John comes face-to-face with her and begs her to marry him. She says, "I'm a girl who lives in the moment and I honestly don't know what I'd say."

Enzo Amore Rape Investigation Closed ... No Charges

5/16/2018 10:47 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ex-WWE superstar Enzo Amore will NOT face criminal charges stemming from allegations he raped a woman in October 2017, the Phoenix Police Dept. has confirmed to TMZ Sports. 

As we previously reported ... Philomena Sheahan claimed publicly Amore -- real name Eric Arndt -- got her "f**ked up" in a Phoenix hotel room with 2 friends and repeatedly raped her.

Amore had vehemently denied the allegations and vowed to cooperate with authorities. WWE fired him anyway back in January. 

But now, Amore's attorney claims they were contacted by the Phoenix PD and were told, "there is insufficient evidence in this matter to warrant any criminal charges."

Amore says they were also told, "The matter will not be transferred to the County Attorney for prosecution, and that their investigation and case is closed."

"No charges were ever filed. The matter is closed," Enzo's attorney, Tom Cargill, adds.

The Phoenix PD tells TMZ Sports, "Your information is correct. This would not preclude the case from reopening should new evidence come to light."

As for Amore ... his attorney says the 31-year-old is "working diligently toward his next venture in the entertainment industry and looks forward to reconnecting with his fans in a big way in the very near future."

Ronda Rousey I'll Be Pregnant Soon

5/16/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Ronda Rousey is ready to take on motherhood ... saying she's planning on having kids in the very near future. 

The 31-year-old WWE superstar has been talking about babies for a while -- first bringing up the topic on "Ellen" back in 2016. 

But now that she's been married to Travis Browne for almost a year, it's clear procreation's on the brain. 

"Soon, someday soon," Rousey said with a big smile to Adam Glyn in NYC.  

The one speedbump ... Ronda's wrestling career is taking off in a huge way. 

In fact, she just booked her first championship match against the Raw Women's champ, Nia Jax, at the "Money in the Bank" Pay-Per-View next month in Chicago. 

So, first knock out Jax and then get knocked up? 

Stay tuned ... 

Nikki Bella Blows Off John Cena's 'Today' Show Plea

5/14/2018 1:18 PM PDT
Breaking News

Sorry, John Cena ... your pouring-your-heart-out move on the "Today" show to win back Nikki Bella didn't work. 

In fact, the WWE star looked downright unimpressed when "Extra" asked her about Cena's emotional segment with Hoda and Kathie Lee ... when he admitted he desperately wants her back.

“Wow," Bella said enthusiastically ... "I'm speechless. That's crazy."

Not exactly the reaction Cena was hoping for when he professed his undying love for Bella on national TV and talked about how sad his life has become without her. 

Still, Nikki kinda left the door open for a reconciliation ... 

"I have hope ... I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I kind of lost me and I want to find me and work on me."

She also said the TV cameras from their reality show put major pressure on her and she needed a break. 

"I just want John and I both to live happily ever after whether it's together or separate and I just don't want us to go down the road in life and have regrets of like 'I did this for you' or 'you did this for me,' so I think it's okay in relationships to take that moment."

John said he's also changed his mind and would consider having kids with Nikki if it would save their relationship ... but she didn't comment on that. 

John Cena Trying to Get Nikki Bella Back 'I Want to Be the Father Of Her Children'

5/14/2018 9:27 AM PDT
Breaking News

John Cena says his life's been a wreck ever since his fiancee, Nikki Bella, dumped him before their wedding ... and says he'll do whatever it takes to get her back -- including having children. 

"I had my heart broken out of nowhere," Cena said to Kathie Lee and Hoda on the "Today" show ... "I still love Nicole."

Cena says he was blindsided by the breakup -- and blames it on an "unfortunate set of circumstances" ... though he wouldn't elaborate on the specifics. 

Cena says he's been depressed -- and he's been reflecting a lot ... and has decided to change his stance on fundamental things in order to make the relationship work. 

"I love her. I want to be with her. I want to make her my wife. I want to be the father of her children. I just want us to work."

Cena has been pretty vocal about the fact he didn't want kids -- but says he's a changed man now. 

The good news for Cena ... the WWE star says he's still talking to Nikki ... so, maybe some hope?

Hulk Hogan Could I Beat Up Stallone? ... Duh.

5/7/2018 12:40 AM PDT

It's been 36 years since Rocky fought Thunderlips ... but we had to ask Hulk Hogan who wins in an old man rematch?! 

Hogan's still a workout fiend -- and his arms are still massive. But Sylvester Stallone ain't no punk -- his gym sessions are insane, too. 

So, when we got a rejuvenated Hulk out at LAX -- probably feeling so awesome because it looks like he'll be back with the WWE soon -- we asked if he thought he could beat up Stallone.

Before you guys call us messy ... Hogan kinda brought it up, barking at an autograph seeker who asked him to sign a pic of Stallone choking him from "Rocky III."

Check out Hogan's answer ... Hogan strongly suggested we should put our money on the man with the 24-inch pythons.

Hulk Hogan Return to WWE Almost a Done Deal

5/4/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Hulkamania could once again run wild in the WWE -- TMZ Sports has learned plans to bring Hulk Hogan back to the squared circle are currently underway. 

We've learned ... Hulk and high-ranking WWE officials have been in touch recently and it's been positive.

In fact, we're told when the WWE made plans for an event in Saudi Arabia, one of the members of the royal family specifically asked for Hulk to participate. 

Ultimately, Hulk didn't go ... but it triggered a dialogue between the two sides. Also, Hulk and Vince McMahon both appeared in Bill Simmons' recent Andre the Giant documentary ... though, not together. 

Of course, Hulk got the axe from WWE in 2015 after a racist N-word rant went public. Hulk apologized and several African-American wrestlers publicly offered their support for Hogan. 

Now, we're told the WWE wants to bring him back into the fold -- and Hulk is down -- but everyone wants to make sure it's done "the right way."

We're told everyone wants to be sensitive to the audience that was offended by the racist rant -- while showing Hulk's learned from his mistakes and is a changed man. 

Our sources say WWE was paying close attention to Hulk's speech at the Boys & Girls Club this week -- in which he said he wanted to help educate kids to not use the same language he did -- because they wanted to see how it was received. It went well with the crowd which gave Hogan a loud ovation.  

We reached out to WWE ... who gave us the following statement.

"WWE applauds the work Hulk Hogan is doing with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to turn what was a negative into a positive by helping young people learn from his mistake. While he has taken many steps in the right direction since we parted ways, Hogan is not currently under contract to WWE." 

Stay tuned ... 

Hulk Hogan References N-Word Incident ... During Youth Org. Speech

5/3/2018 6:37 AM PDT
Breaking News

Hulk Hogan told the Boys & Girls Club he's not trying to run from his past mistakes -- including his n-word scandal. Instead, he's trying to help others learn from it. 

The wrestling legend was being inducted into the Boys & Girls Club Hall of Fame during a ceremony in Georgia on Wednesday night when he brought up his controversial past. 

"With this foundation, I can be accountable. I can learn from my mistakes and I can move forward," Hulk said. 

"And what's so cool now is working with the Boys Club, I have a chance to help these kids not make the mistake I made -- being at the wrong place at the wrong time or saying the wrong words."

The comments were met with cheers from the crowd. 

Hulk is obviously referring to the 2006 incident when he was unwittingly recorded using the n-word to describe his daughter's African American boyfriend. 

Hulk has apologized numerous times for the language saying, "This is not who I am."

WWE's Kane Wins Mayoral Primary Election 1 Step Closer To Mayor

5/1/2018 8:02 PM PDT
Breaking News

Kane is 1 step closer to running Knox County, Tennessee ... 'cause the WWE legend won the primary Mayoral election Tuesday ... and is now expected to be elected Mayor this summer.

Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, first announced he was running for the gig last year -- a big job in a county with over 450k people -- and stumped hard til the very end ... hitting up several schools with campaign signs in hand earlier today.

Jacobs took down 2 other republican politicians in the hotly contested race -- including Bob Thomas ... who played radio host Slammin' Sammy in the "Friday Night Lights" movie.

Kane declared victory Tuesday night, but it was a VERY close race ... it reportedly came within less than 20 votes.

Tuesday's election night win all but guarantees Kane will become mayor when the general election rolls around in August ... 'cause Knox County almost always votes Republican.

So, Mayor Demon Kane.

Hulk Hogan 'You Better Vote for Kane' ... He's a Smart Dude

5/1/2018 12:09 PM PDT

Another huge star is going to bat for WWE's Kane on election day ... this time, it is Hulk Hogan who says the man behind the red mask is a REALLY smart dude and would be a great mayor. 

"You better vote for Kane or he'll hit you with that fire, brother," Hulk joked around at LAX. 

But then he got serious and told us ... behind the scenes at WWE, Kane -- real name Glenn Jacobs -- was all business and handled everything like a pro. 

So, now that Kane is running for mayor in Knox County, Tennessee -- Hulk is 100% on board. 

The election -- the Republican primary -- is going on right now and it is expected to be a VERY close race between the 3 candidates. 

Results should be in soon and we will let you know how he does. 

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