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WWE's New Day: No Way In Hell We'd Fight In UFC ... We're Too Pretty!

2/20/2017 3:59 PM PST

Brock Lesnar's done it. CM Punk's done it ... but the guys from The New Day say there's NO DAMN WAY they'd ever considering moving from the WWE to the UFC.  

The tag team superstars -- who were just tapped to host WrestleMania 33 -- joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs Monday night on FS1) ... and told us their feet are FIRMLY planted in the WWE. 

So, why not give the UFC a shot? Big E put it best ... 

"I gyrate for a living! I shake my hips for a living, that's what I do! You want to get punched in the face by Derrick Lewis?? NO THANK YOU!" 

The guys also tell us how the other WWE superstars REALLY feel about Conor McGregor -- who's taken some major shots at pro wrestlers in the past. 

WrestleMania Bombshell NEW DAY, NEW HOSTS!

2/20/2017 12:29 PM PST

Get your Booty-O's ready ... 'cause THE NEW DAY has officially been tapped to host WrestleMania 33!

It's a HUUUUGE honor -- Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods broke the news on "TMZ Live" and said they're psyched ... since they'll essentially be the faces of the biggest WWE event of the year!

It all goes down in Orlando, FL on April 2 and the guys are already brainstorming ideas so they go down as the greatest WrestleMania hosts EVER ... a list that includes The Rock, John Cena and Kim Kardashian (she hosted in 2008). 

"Our main goal is to have as much fun as possible because if were having fun, everybody's having fun!" 


WWE Hall of Famer George 'The Animal' Steele Dead at 79

2/17/2017 8:00 AM PST
Exclusive Details

0217_remembering_george_animal_steele_launchWWE Hall of Famer George "The Animal" Steele died Thursday night in Florida from kidney failure ... George's wife, Patricia, tells TMZ Sports.

Patricia tells us George had been in and out of hospice care since April.

George had some legendary bouts with Randy Savage back in the day -- and other wrestling greats are reacting to the sad news. Hulk Hogan said, "My brother, only love, only grateful."

George was 79.

Vince McMahon Reminds Trump Memba When You Shaved My Head!?

2/15/2017 8:05 AM PST
Breaking News


Vince McMahon took Donald Trump all the way back to 2007 Tuesday ... when the WWE honcho's family posed with the prez -- and busted out a pic of their famous "Hair Vs. Hair" match!

Of course, Vince -- along with his son Shane, daughter Stephanie, and son-in-law Triple H -- were all at the White House to celebrate Linda McMahon's confirmation as Small Business Administration chief.

One of Vince's granddaughters held up a pic from the famous WrestleMania 23 event -- when Vince let Trump chop off his mane in the center of the ring.

By the way, Trump hit Vince with a pretty impressive flying clothesline during that match.

WWE's Chavo Guerrero Sr. Dead At 68

2/11/2017 2:25 PM PST
Breaking News

0211-chavo-guerrero-sr-jr-twitterWWE wrestler Chavo Guerrero Sr. has died after a battle with liver cancer.

Guerrero's son, Chavo Jr. -- who also wrestled -- announced his father's death Saturday, saying, "Today the world lost a true rebel. He did things "HIS" way. Not always right, not always wrong, but He always followed what he believed in." Junior says Chavo was diagnosed with liver cancer last month. 

Chavo Sr. was a staple in the legendary Guerrero wrestling family and the brother of WWE wrestler Eddie Guerrero, who died in 2005 of heart failure. 

Guerrero Sr. was 68.


Big Show Mocks Shaq with Topless Sweaty Selfie

2/9/2017 10:33 AM PST
Breaking News

0209-the-big-show-twitter-01WWE superstar Big Show has a message for Shaq -- a big, giant sweaty message -- GET READY TO GET YOUR ASS KICKED AT WRESTLEMANIA!!

Big Show has been training for their big showdown at WrestleMania 33 in April -- after months of smack talk. 

Now, Big Show is showing off his progress with a gym pic and a message mocking Shaq who's been spotted at an Oreo cookie event recently and lip-synching on Instagram. 

"@Shaq! Karaoke? Doughnuts? You better get serious. All roads lead to @WrestleMania. The only giant!" 

You know what this means? SHAQ'S GOTTA SELFIE BACK! 

Ultimate Warrior Mind-blowing Tat Tribute FEEL THE POWER!!

2/8/2017 9:42 AM PST

Holy god ... this might be the most realistic, mind-blowing Ultimate Warrior tattoo we've ever seen. 


The genius behind the ink is Steve Butcher -- the New Zealand-based tattoo artist who's become famous for his super lifelike body art. 

Butcher has tatted images of stars like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and more ... even Sylvester Stallone has shouted him out for his Rambo image

His newest Warrior piece might be his best ever. 



WWE Star Paige Considering MMA Fighting Career ... I'm Already Training!

2/8/2017 7:29 AM PST

WWE superstar Paige could go from sports entertainment to REAL DEAL FIGHTING ... telling TMZ Sports she's seriously considering a move to MMA.

We spoke with 2 time WWE Divas champ and her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio -- who happens to be running the rapidly growing Combate Americas MMA league.

Alberto -- who did some MMA fighting back in the day --- shot down any hope of returning to action, but said there's a real chance Paige gets in the cage.

In fact, 24-year-old Paige says she's been training like crazy and says she'll seriously consider making the move "when my time with WWE comes to an end."

WWE's Sunny I Tried To Save Chyna Right Before She Died

2/4/2017 12:10 AM PST

WWE legend Tammy Sytch says she has "tremendous guilt feelings" about the death of her good friend, Chyna ... admitting she failed to get her the help she needed when she saw Chyna struggling.

Sytch -- aka Sunny -- was on her way to court-ordered rehab this week when she told us Chyna's death has been on her mind for months. The two were very close and would FaceTime every night.

The Hall of Famer says she recognized Chyna was going down a bad path and tried to convince her to go to rehab -- but she refused, and died while Sytch was seeking treatment for herself.

Obviously, Chyna's death isn't Tammy's fault ... but Sytch says she wishes she could've gotten her friend to see the light. Chyna passed away in April after overdosing on Rx pills and booze.

As for Tammy ... her next stop is another stint in rehab to combat her ongoing alcohol issues -- and she says she's receiving the full support of the WWE.


WWE Hall of Famer Released from Prison ... Going to Rehab

2/3/2017 11:09 AM PST
Exclusive Details


WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch -- aka "Sunny" -- has been released from prison and is currently on her way back to a rehab center ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

The 44-year-old wrestling legend was locked up back in September for violating her probation stemming from a DUI case. 

She was released Friday and paroled to go to a rehab center. We spoke with Sytch via text messages and she confirmed she's on the way. 

Sytch has struggled with substance abuse over the years -- and was arrested for DUI 3 times in 2015

She insists she wants to get and stay clean and turn her life around. 

[H/T ProWrestlingSheet

John Cena Big Show's In Best Shape Of His Life Shaq Better Watch Out!!

2/2/2017 6:45 AM PST

John Cena has a warning for his buddy, Shaq, before WrestleMania 33: better take Big Show seriously, 'cause he's ready to prove that he's got gas left in the tank!!

Cena says Big Show is taking the match as seriously as ever ... and warns Shaq that he's in great shape, so he better be ready.

April 2 can't come soon enough.

Kurt Angle Shuts Down Royal Rumble Rumors 'It's Not Gonna Happen'

1/24/2017 12:45 AM PST

WWE Hall of Fame inductee Kurt Angle says he ain't ruling out a return to wrestling -- but he's adamant the rumors of a surprise appearance at this weekend's Royal Rumble are simply not true.

Angle recently pulled out of a Jan 28 wrestling event in Scotland -- the same weekend as the Rumble -- and some people thought it was a clue that Angle was clearing the deck for a Royal surprise.

But TMZ Sports spoke with the former WWE World Heavyweight champ who put it bluntly -- "Royal Rumble is not gonna happen."

"A lot of people are assuming it, a lot of writers are writing about it ... I haven't talked to WWE about anything after WWE Hall of Fame."

Angle is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in March -- and says he's excited about his future with Vince McMahon's company ... which could definitely involve a return to action.

There's more ... Angle also thinks Hulk Hogan could get a 2nd chance with the WWE -- soooo, old-school rematch???

John Cena Compares Himself to Tom Brady 'We Run Parallel Lives'

1/23/2017 9:27 AM PST

WWE legend John Cena says he's a HUGE New England Patriots fan ... not just because he loves to root for the team everyone hates ... but 'cause he's kinda like the Tom Brady of wrestling! 

A sleeveless Cena was leaving Tapout Fitness in NYC Monday morning (it's 40 degrees, btw!) when we asked who he's got in the Super Bowl. 

"I gravitate towards New England," Cena said ... "I like the fact that year after year, no matter what adversity they face, they always do well. And everyone hates that."

"So, I'm drawn to that ... I run kind of like a parallel life with Tom Brady." 

Cena says he's got a lot in common with the guy -- especially the way they approach their jobs. 

Plus this -- "Tom Brady can become the most successful QB by winning his 5th Super Bowl and maybe I can win a 16th championship."

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