Dennis Hof Pilot Who Died In Fiery Crash ... Was Close Friends With Late Brothel Owner

The pilot who crashed a plane into a Southern California home on Super Bowl Sunday -- killing himself and 4 people on the ground -- had a famous friend and client ... Dennis Hof.

Yorba Linda Buzz by Karla Vargas Flores

75-year-old Antonio Pastini was best buds with the late brothel owner for 23 years ... according to our sources. We're told Tony frequently flew Dennis and his girlfriend in the same plane he was flying when it crashed into a Yorba Linda home where a Super Bowl party was being held.

As you can see, the tail number on the plane on which Dennis often flew ... matches the number on the wrecked fuselage on the site of the deadly crash.

Dennis and Tony's relationship extended beyond the skies ... we're told Tony owned the Carson City restaurant Kim Lee Sushi, where Dennis loved to hang out with the ladies from the Bunny Ranch.

During Dennis' 72nd birthday bash last October, days before his death, he shouted out Tony while making a speech.

Tony didn't only fly Dennis, we're told he flew Bunny Ranch girls for free if they paid for his fuel.


It's interesting ... we're told Tony had recently survived another incident in a different aircraft when he lost an engine, but was able to get it on the ground safely.

Ron Jeremy on Dennis Hof He Probably Died in the Saddle ... No Fun Finding Him Though


Ron Jeremy says he's pretty sure his good friend, Dennis Hof, died a happy death ... but discovering his body was definitely tough.

We got Ron Monday night on the Sunset Strip in front of the Rainbow Room and asked about finding the famed Bunny Ranch owner dead in his bed. Ron tells us he's spent many a day waking Dennis up all over the world, but something was definitely amiss last week.

As we reported ... Dennis was found dead at his ranch in Crystal, Nevada. Ron says he went into Dennis' room but there were 3 telling signs that something was definitely off. Watch.

Famous Brothel To Vegas Golden Knights: Win & You're In ... Us

As if the Vegas Golden Knights needed more motivation to win the Stanley Cup, now a famous Nevada brothel is sweetening the deal ... offering a massive sex victory party if they can seal the deal.

A rep for Sheri's Ranch tells TMZ Sports ... they've noticed an uptick in business during the team's insane run -- and the girls have decided they want to show their appreciation.

Dena -- the madam of the bordello -- says, "If the Golden Knights win, we all win. Offering the team a victory celebration at our adult resort is the least we can do."

"The victory party will involve the full complement of over two dozen gorgeous women and the entire sex menu will be available to any and all players wishing to partake of the brothel’s highly coveted erotic services -- compliments of the house."

Allissa -- one of the prostitutes -- added, "If the Knights go all the way, I’ll go all the way."

Sooo ... go Golden Knights?

Charlie Sheen Gimme a Break, 'Hooker' ... You KNEW I Had HIV!!!

Charlie Sheen says the "hooker" suing him for exposing her to HIV is an extortionist, who rolls the dice with STDs on the regular because she's banged "hundreds, if not thousands," of guys.

Sheen is responding to the lawsuit filed anonymously last summer by a woman who says he had unprotected sex with her BEFORE revealing he's HIV positive. In his docs, obtained by TMZ, Sheen says the Jane Doe is completely making that up.

According to his docs, she's a "professional hooker party girl" who gets paid for sex as a high-end escort. Sheen admits he showered her with money and gifts during their less than 2-month-long relationship. He adds ... his HIV positive status was revealed to her the moment they were introduced.

Sheen says she's not only extorting him, but pressuring him by "stalking" his home and his father Martin Sheen's pad, too.

He says the woman signed an NDA before they banged, which requires her to keep quiet about their liaisons ... and to settle all legal disputes in arbitration.

Sarah Silverman Real Reason Trump's Pissed About 'Golden Showers' ...


Sarah Silverman has her own theory on why she thinks President Trump is so worried about the golden showers dossier referenced in James Comey's new book ... and it's got nothing to do with Melania.

We got Sarah leaving Craig's Thursday night in WeHo and straight-up asked her why she thinks 45 was so upset over the so-called Christopher Steele dossier, which claims Trump watched prostitutes urinate on a hotel mattress "as a way of soiling the bed."

Comey wrote in his book claiming Trump ranted to him "if there's even a one percent chance my wife thinks that's true, that's terrible." Silverman thinks Trump was trying to cover up, but not because of Melania. Nyet!

Actor Patrick Boll Busted for Soliciting a Prostitute ... In Undercover Sting

Actor Patrick Boll was busted along with 5 others in a Florida prostitution sting.

The actor, whose credits include "Gossip Girl," "How to be Single," and "Burn After Reading," was arrested in a Naples hotel. The men arrested range in age from 29 to 70.

Boll allegedly gave the officer posing as a prostitute $150 in cash "and negotiated to have straight sex from Det. F.S.S."

He was booked for soliciting prostitution and has already bailed out.

One of the men arrested -- Judge Jay Rosman -- was also booked for resisting arrest.

The 6 men allegedly made contact with an undercover officer by text. They thought they were meeting a prostitute in a Naples hotel. The undercover officer, posing as a prostitute, negotiated a price with the men and at that point they were busted.

Mike Pence Secret Service Agent Charged Soliciting Hooker

Another embarrassment for the Secret Service ... this time a member of Vice President Mike Pence's detail was suspended by the agency after he was charged with soliciting a prostitute.

The agent was reportedly arrested after cops saw him leaving a Maryland hotel last week. The agency says the agent was off duty at the time of his arrest. He's been placed on administrative leave and stripped of his security clearance.

This is the latest in a string of embarrassing episodes for the agency that includes an international scandal in 2012 -- after agents, while on a presidential trip to Colombia, solicited prostitutes ... sparking arguably the most embarrassing incident in the agency's 150 year history.

Nevada Brothel To Oakland Raiders Move To Vegas And Bang For 1/2 Price!!!

We're sure the NFL will love this ... a notorious Nevada brothel is making an indecent proposal to the Oakland Raiders ... promising half off all horizontal activities FOREVER ... if the team moves to Vegas.

The offer comes from Dennis Hof ... owner of Nevada's infamous Love Ranch ... who says he's so stoked about the potential Raiders move to Vegas he wants to seal the deal ... by throwing in some ass.

"All Raiders players and staff will receive 50% sex parties at the Love Ranch Vegas."

It's called the "Home Team Advantage Sex Package" and you read right, video coordinators and equipment dudes ... it's for ALL STAFF, so you're good to go too!!!

If you think it's all about debauchery Hof says it isn't ... saying that having a place the players can go and get their swerve on discretely might avoid some Warren Sapp/Greg Anthony situations.

"Our player relations group will help keep their trysts legal and secret."

BTW -- the Love Ranch boasts over 30 working girls, so there's a large field to play ... whether there's grass or not.

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