'Friends' Monica, Rachel and Phoebe Hang Together on the 4th!!!

These "Friends" stars are really taking the whole friends thing seriously, because 3 of them hung out together to celebrate the 4th.

Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow all presumably shared food and drink Sunday.

Laura Dern got in on the action as well ... posing for a pic with Courteney. The 2 collabed together back in 2008 on the short film, "The Monday Before Thanksgiving."

"Friends," one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, ran for 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004. It chronicled the lives of 6 friends, their adventures, relationship, career struggles, and so on in a comedic way.

Courteney and Jen have been super close since the show wrapped in 2004, and Lisa's also been with them from time to time. Maybe the 4th soiree was inspired by the reunion special last May, when all 6 of them got together for an HBO special.

As for Joey, Ross and Chandler ... well, it was strictly a ladies' night out.

Pete Davidson Timothee Chalamet's 'Annoying' ... He's Attractive and Talented!!!

Pete Davidson says Timothee Chalamet has the best of both worlds -- talent and good looks -- and he finds it pretty annoying ... because Pete's not sure he has either.

The "Saturday Night Live" star joked about his pal while chatting with Gold Derby, but he mostly heaped praise on the "Call Me By Your Name" star ... calling him a genuinely nice and charming fella.

Pete says the 2 sorta knew each other through a mutual friend, but grew closer when Timothee hosted an ep of 'SNL' this past season ... and they worked together on multiple sketches.

As for 'SNL' ... Davidson hinted it might be the end of the line for him. He says this past season's finale was emotional because he doesn't know what the plan is going forward -- he says it's all "up in the air" -- but it certainly sounds like he's not quite ready to leave.

That's good news for Pete fans, and Pete gushing about his buddy is good news for Timothee fans ... if you were wondering if he's really as great as he seems.

Matt Damon BFF Weighs In on Ben & J Lo 'I Hope It's True!!!'


Matt Damon tried his damnedest not to talk about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez but like all good BFFs ... he couldn't help himself and spilled the beans.

Matt appeared on "TODAY" show Tuesday from Australia and there was no avoiding it ... the subject, of course, his boy Ben appearing to rekindle his relationship with J Lo. Matty first tried to play coy ... saying there wasn't enough liquor in the world to get him to talk about it. But then, he did ... and told the world exactly how he feels.

In a nutshell ... Matt says he hopes it's true. Well, it sure looks that way.

TMZ broke the story ... J Lo and Ben took a trip to Montana this past weekend. They left Sunday, and when they arrived at LAX they hopped in an SUV together and drove to her Bel-Air home.

And, as we first reported, we come to find out Ben had been flooding J Lo with emails since February. The emails, BTW, weren't just friendly. We were told they were more loving and longing for Jen.

Looks like Matt's wishes have come true.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Triple Date with Biebers, Kendall & Devin ... More Happy Together???

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are showing signs that they're back together ... grabbing dinner at a celeb hot spot with famous friends and family.

Stormi's parents did a triple date night Sunday at West Hollywood hot spot, Catch LA, with Justin & Hailey Bieber and Kendall and her NBA star boyfriend, Devin Booker.

The 6-some all brought their own sense of fashion and style -- with JB still proudly rocking yet another new hairdo -- but Kylie was the only one who managed to duck the photogs all night. She's a pro!

We know she was there for the triple date, though, which only fuels speculation she's back together with Trav ... something that really kicked up a notch when she flew to Miami last weekend to celebrate his birthday with him.

You don't do fancy dinner dates with other happy couples unless you are feeling those same vibes yourself, right???

Just sayin'.

Antonio Brown Praises 'Close Friend' Tom Brady Making Me Better Person

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Antonio Brown is opening up on his bromance with Tom Brady ... praising the QB for not only helping him be great on the field -- but off it as well.

AB made his official return to the practice field with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Wednesday ... and spoke at length with reporters about his relationship with TB12.

"Tom is my boy," Brown -- sporting a TB12 hat -- said after practice. "One of the greatest leaders to be around. He’s encouraging, always inspiring. He brings out the best out of people around him. He wants the best for everyone around him."

As we previously reported ... Brady invited AB to live with him in Derek Jeter's mansion after inking his one-year deal earlier this week ... and even got him in touch with Tony Robbins.

While Brady inviting AB to live with him could be considered questionable to some -- given his rape and sexual misconduct allegations (which Brown denies) -- the receiver makes it clear the mansion is a judgment-free zone.

"Nothing that I’ve done in the past matters," AB added. "He’s always getting better, day in and day out. And I just learn a lot from him -- how he trains, how he takes care of himself professionally, his discipline, his work ethic, his approach."

"He’s been a great guy in my corner, and one of my close friends."

Reds' Trevor Bauer MLB Banned My 'Free Joe Kelly' Cleats ... 'Fun Is Bad'


5:57 AM PT -- Bauer claims MLB officials put a stop to his cleat plans almost immediately after he unveiled the kicks ... and the Reds ace was NOT happy about it.

The 29-year-old says the league threatened to eject him if he took the mound in the spikes ... and claims MLB even told him it might suspend him and/or levy "unprecedented fines."

Bauer says it's really unfair -- given MLB has a relaxed cleat policy for the 2020 shortened season -- and he went after commish Rob Manfred over it all late Wednesday night.

"Apparently, Rob is not a fan of players following his rules, as 'Free Joe Kelly' is not political and is very clearly said in jest," Bauer said.

"Just leaves me over here wondering how following the rules = ejection/suspension/fine and cheating your way to a World Series = no ejection/suspension/fine...y’all really know how to pick your battles..."

Trevor added, "learned my lesson though. Fun is bad, cheating is good. Won’t make the same mistake twice, can promise you that."

The cleat controversy clearly didn't bother Bauer's pitching arm ... even though he ultimately sported generic black Nikes on the bump vs. the Royals, he threw a 1-hit complete game with 9 strikeouts!!

Reds star Trevor Bauer is taking his support for Joe Kelly to his feet ... rockin' "Free Joe Kelly" cleats for Cincy's game Wednesday -- and the tribute is pretty amazing!!

As we previously reported, Kelly is set to undergo a 5-game suspension as soon as he comes off the Dodgers' injured list ... and it's all because MLB says he threw at cheating Houston Astros players last month.


But, dozens of guys in The Show -- including Kelly himself -- think it's all BS ... saying Joe didn't actually hit anybody, and he really wasn't involved in the near brawl on the field either.

Enter, Bauer ... who hates the Astros so much and is so firmly in Kelly's corner on the situation -- he had custom Joe Kelly cleats made for his start against the K.C. Royals!!!

TB showed off the footwear just hours before he took the bump ... and on the left shoe, Bauer had Kelly's infamous mocking face painted over the Nike swoosh.

On the right shoe, Bauer had the words "Free Joe Kelly" scribbled over the emblem.

"FREE JOE KELLY!" Bauer said along with the cleat announcement.

Trevor's support for Joe went one step even further ... the Cincy ace also made shirts for Kelly -- and says the proceeds from the tees will go to a charity of Joe's choice.

How's that for a pitching brotherhood?!?!

Originally Published -- 8/19 1:35 PM PT

Andrew Yang I Bonded with Kamala Right Away ... She Didn't Big Time Me!!!


Andrew Yang is a big fan of Sen. Kamala Harris as a candidate, but more importantly, as a person ... and says they bonded early, when he was a political unknown.

The former presidential candidate joined us on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and heaped tons of praise on Joe Biden's running mate, telling us what separated Kamala from the pack.

Andrew says he first met Kamala early on in the Democratic primaries and they forged an instant bond on a number of non-political issues they have in common.

He added ... there was something else about the VP candidate that really impressed him. Andrew says Kamala was always warm and friendly, which stood out to him because no one knew who the hell he was early in the Democratic primary races.

Andrew says that taught him a lot about his then-opponent's character, which is why he thinks Kamala makes a great veep.

Andrew's ready to go to bat for Biden and Harris at next week's Democratic National Convention, and broke some news about the event.

On Tuesday, he tweeted his disappointment about not getting an invitation to speak -- but he told us he WILL have a role at the DNC, and took some parting shots at President Trump.

Kanye West Leaves Ranch with Damon Dash ... Just for a Walmart Run

Kanye West has a steady stream of close friends showing up in Wyoming -- the latest being Damon Dash, who he took for an essential items shopping trip.

It appears Dame arrived at Ranch West sometime Wednesday, and the duo hit up the Walmart in nearby Cody ... wearing face masks to enter, as required.

The hip-hop superstars weren't exactly trying to stay incognito -- once outside they removed their masks and sat on a bench for a bit talking.

Of course, these 2 go way back to their Roc-A-Fella Records days, and it seems Dame flew in to check on Ye ... on the heels of his Monday and Tuesday night Twitter attacks against his wife and mother-in-law.

Dash posted a pic of Kanye, himself and a few others touring the ranch grounds with the caption, "We good."

Remember, on Tuesday morning it was Dave Chappelle who dropped in at the ranch and certainly seemed to lift Yeezy's spirits ... at least for a while.


Kanye is reportedly working on new music while he's in Wyoming, so it's possible Dame came by for that too -- but we know family and friends have been concerned about his mental health since the Sunday rally in South Carolina.

Kim Kardashian's made it clear her husband is in the grips of a bipolar episode and adds, "Those who are close with Kanye know his heart and understand his words some times do not align with his intentions."

With Dave, and now Dame, jetting into Wyoming ... Kanye's friends are doing their best to rally around him.

Vanessa Bryant Emotional Bday Note To Pau Gasol ... Kobe Would've Said 'Love You!!!'

Vanessa Bryant wished the happiest of birthdays to Pau Gasol on Monday ... penning an emotional note to Kobe's ex-teammate and good friend that'll bring a tear to your eye.

Vanessa shared adorable pics of the 7-foot NBA legend with her daughters ... writing, "Happy 40th birthday uncle Pau! We ❤️you. Love, The Bryant Girls."

The photos of Gasol with the Bryant sisters were heartwarming ... they showed off Pau sweetly hanging with Kobe's family.

Vanessa added in her birthday message to the former Lakers center, "I know Kobe would say, 'Happy 40th birthday Pablo! Love you, Hermano'. ❤️"

Of course, Kobe and Pau built a hell of a relationship after they joined forces in L.A. back in the 2007-08 season ... they won 2 championships together and became lifelong friends.

In fact, since Kobe and his daughter, Gigi, tragically passed away in a helicopter crash in January ... Pau's often been involved with Kobe's family in some way.

Pau sent Vanessa a "Gigi" cake on what would have been her 14th birthday back in May, and has dedicated several social media posts to the Mamba and the Mambacita.

In one of the messages, just hours after learning of Kobe's death ... Pau wrote, "I will be heartbroken for a long time, but I will forever be thankful for having had shared so much together."

"You inspired me and pushed me to be a better version of myself everyday."

UFC's Gilbert Burns Calls Out Friend Kamaru Usman ... I Deserve Title Shot!!!



That's how UFC star Gilbert Burns feels about his teammate Kamaru Usman -- telling TMZ Sports he wants to fight his pal for the title, ASAP.

Of course, 33-year-old Burns just defeated former champ Tyron Woodley on Saturday -- and he's now the #1 ranked welterweight contender.

And, since Usman is the reigning champ -- seems that fight is bound to happen.

The only issue ... Burns and Usman share a manager (Ali Abdelaziz) and train together. They're friends.

So, would you be willing to fight your buddy for a shot at the belt?

Burns says for him ... it's a no-brainer.

"I know his family. I know the guy a lot," Burns says ... "but I want to be the champion too."

"We're professionals. It's not going to be drama, I'm not gonna talk sh*t to the guy ... I just want to be the best and that's it."

Burns is currently on a 5-fight win streak -- with victories over stars like Woodley, Damien Maia and Gunnar Nelson.

Usman hasn't lost since 2013 -- most recently beating up Colby Covington at UFC 245 back in December.

Burns says money's no object -- he's reasonable -- and he's calling on Dana White to put it together.

"I'm available, I'm hungry. And I want to fight for the title next."

Stay tuned ...

Serena Williams Shuts Down Megxit Question ... 'Good Try'

Australian Open TV

Pro tip for all future Serena Williams interviewers ... whatever you do, do NOT ask about her friend Meghan Markle ... 'cause you WILL get shut down.

The tennis superstar faced the media after her Australian Open match on Monday ... and the first question wasn't about her win over Anastasia Potapova, it was about Megxit.

“Your good friend, Meghan Markle, who attended your last 2 slams, and Harry, have taken a move, a stance that many people think is extraordinary and historic," the reporter said.

"What are your feelings about that? Have you spoken to her?”

Kelly Rowland I've Got Beyonce's Back ... And Front ... and Feet!!!

Kelly Rowland's going full Beyonce ... with her new wardrobe.

The Destiny's Child singer showed some serious love to her BFF Thursday by going out in Brentwood covered head to toe in Bey's new Adidas x Ivy Park activewear collection.

You gotta imagine Bey hooked KR up with the collection for free ... she's been delivering HUGE care packages all week to all her celeb friends -- like Missy Elliott, Reese Witherspoon, Cardi B, Zendaya, Ellen DeGeneres, Janelle Monáe, Hailey Bieber and others -- filled to the brim with pants, socks, shoes, hoodies, jackets and workout gear.

It's practically an entire walk-in closet worth of stuff!

Browns' Jarvis Landry Calls BS On Odell Wanting Out of CLE ... 'Not Trying to Leave'

Cleveland Browns

Jarvis Landry says his best friend Odell Beckham is NOT trying to bolt from the Browns, despite reports to the contrary ... telling reporters, "He's not trying to leave."

There are multiple reports claiming Odell told opposing players and coaches to "come get me" out of Cleveland ... essentially letting people know he's unhappy with the Browns and wants to get out.

Of course, Beckham didn't choose to play for Cleveland in the first place -- he was traded there by the Giants earlier this year.

Additionally, Beckham expressed frustrations with the Browns training staff -- suggesting they did not properly handle the sports hernia injury he suffered in training camp.

But, Landy -- who's been super tight with Beckham since high school -- came out strong to reporters today, saying the superstar WR is not trying to jump ship.

"He doesn't want to leave and he's not trying to leave," Landry said moments ago.

"It's not even about trying to go somewhere else," Landry added ... noting that Beckham's been a solid teammate and consummate pro during his run in Cleveland.

For his part, Odell has tweeted about the reports saying, "I NEVER said I was not happy in Cleveland, just like everyone else I’m hopeful for better results. Period. Next story plzz."

So ... still think Odell suits up in a Browns uni next season?

LeBron James Love For Kyler At Lakers Game ... Nothing For Bellinger?!?


Here's LeBron James going out of his way to show love to NFL star Kyler Murray at the Lakers game on Tuesday ... it's a cool moment.

But, there's another issue with this clip ... did LeBron ignore L.A. Dodgers star Cody Bellinger, who was sitting right next to the QB?!


Here's the deal ... King James went over to the expensive seats at Talking Stick Resort Arena with about 25 seconds left in the 4th quarter to dap up Murray, the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

FYI, Murray and LeBron have been friends for a while -- in fact, Kyler has a deal with Bron's Uninterrupted media company ... and rocked the logo inside of his suit jacket on Draft night.

But, during the broadcast, we DIDN'T see LeBron show love to Cody ... who was sitting right next to Kyler!!!

Look, doesn't mean Bron didn't chop it up with Cody before or after the game (or maybe LBJ just didn't recognize Cody in a backward hat).

Bron definitely SHOULD know Bellinger ... he shouted out the MLB star for wearing his Lakers jersey for a Taco Tuesday-themed Halloween costume this year!

But hey, at least Cody's killin' it off the diamond ... he and his smokin' GF, Sabrina, seem to be happily in love.

Congrats on that!!

Donald Trump Jr. Colby Covington Is a Real Friend I'd Walk Him Out For Fight!!


Colby Covington's support for President Trump has turned into an all-out bromance with POTUS' son ... 'cause Donald Trump Jr. says he considers the UFC star a good friend!!

Of course, the Trump family has been frequenting UFC events lately -- Trump Jr. and Eric were Covington's personal guests to his fight against Robbie Lawler in Aug. ... and they both attended UFC 244 last weekend with #45 himself.

As for Colby, he's been invited to 1600 Penn ... and even snapped a pic with Trump in the Oval Office.

So, when we saw DTJ out in NYC on Tuesday, we had to ask about the UFC megafight -- and if he'd ever consider walking a fighter out to the Octagon.

"I'd go out with Colby," Trump Jr. told us ... "He's become a good friend. There's a lot of great fighters out there but Colby's become a friend."

He might get his wish soon ... Colby is set to fight Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight championship at UFC 245 on Dec. 14 at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas.

In fact, Colby put Don Jr.'s new book "Triggered" front and center at the official UFC 245 press conference last week to announce the fight. He also rocked his signature red MAGA hat.

Felicity Huffman Hanging With The Inmates ... Making Friends In Prison?!?

Felicity Huffman isn't above making new friends in prison ... she's yukking it up with her fellow inmates in the yard!!!

The "Desperate Housewives" star was spotted Wednesday at FCI Dublin in Northern California, where's she's currently serving her nearly 2-week sentence, and it's pretty interesting to see Felicity fraternizing with another convict.

As you can see, Felicity's strolling the prison yard with another inmate, chatting as they walk around in dark green jumpsuits and jackets. She's definitely not walling herself off from the rest of the prison population, even though she's rich and famous, and there for only a matter of days.

Ya gotta wonder if they're just talking TV, movies or those pesky SAT tests. Oh, to be a fly on the prison wall.

As we first told you ... husband William H. Macy and daughter Sophia paid Felicty a visit over the weekend ... but now it looks like she's got some friends on the inside.

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