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Trump on Gov. Shutdown Give me the Wall, You Get DACA Relief ... D.O.A. with Dems

1/19/2019 5:42 PM PST
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5:40 PM PT -- Nancy Pelosi seems to have changed her a tune a tad in light of the President's announcement, saying Dems will vote next week to "add additional border security funding for ports of entry, advanced technology for scanning vehicles for drugs & immigration judges." 

That doesn't sound like she's budging on the issue of the "wall." Time will tell, though.

President Trump wants to strike a new deal with Democrats to reopen the government -- but his plan is already being shot down by the party's leaders.

DT made his pitch Saturday in a nationally televised address from the White House, where he basically offered limited protections for current DACA recipients and immigrants with temporary protected status in exchange for the border security funding he's demanded.

Trump said he'd give 700,000 people eligible for DACA three years of legislative relief and extend TPS for 300,000 immigrant beneficiaries if Congress would give him his big ask of $5.7 billion for a border structure (which he says will only consist of about 230 miles of steel barriers rather than a 2,000-mile-plus concrete wall). 

He's also asking for $805 mil to implement new drug smuggling technology, another $800 mil for humanitarian assistance at the southern border, about 2,750 border agents to be hired on, 75 new immigration judges as part of his package.

Unfortunately for the Prez, word about what he'd be proposing leaked early ... and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement which in effect turned him down before he could even get a word out. She says his new proposal is one that's been discussed in the past and is literally a "non-starter."

Either way, Trump says Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is going to introduce these new proposals in a bill on the Senate floor this week. Unclear if it'll pass in the House though.

In other words ... we're still in shutdown mode, for now.

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Larry Fitzgerald Sinks Hole-In-One ... In Round With Obama!!!

1/18/2019 2:39 PM PST
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What's better than a hole-in-one in a round of golf??


Larry Fitzgerald knows that first hand ...'cause the Cardinals superstar aced the par-3 13th hole at Seminole Golf Club in Florida on Friday in front of the former President.

Golf Channel's Tim Rosaforte reports Fitz and Obama played a foursome at the prestigious course with club prez Jimmy Dunne and Obama Foundation board member Glenn Hutchins.

The story goes like this ... Obama hit his tee shot first -- striking the green about 20 feet from the hole.

Larry hit his tee shot next ... and with an 8-iron from 162 yards out -- HE JARRED IT!!!

Per Rosaforte ... Larry was JACKED, screaming, "I’m playing with the President of the United States and I just made a hole in one! This is unbelievable!”

Larry is no stranger to success on the links ... dude's a reported 10 handicap and has hit the course with guys like Tiger Woods in the past.

But ... bad news for Larry -- the ace means drinks are on him!!!

Something tells us that's a bill he won't mind footing, though.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez If Mitch Won't End Shutdown ... Cardi B and I Will!!!

1/17/2019 3:35 PM PST

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still desperately seeking the one man who can end the government shutdown today ... and says Cardi B's verbal smackdown of President Trump is on point.

We got the freshman congresswoman Thursday on the Hill, and she continued calling out Sen. Mitch McConnell. She says he's nowhere to be found, and places blame on him -- more than Trump -- for the fact government employees still aren't getting paid ... 27 days into the shutdown.

AOC's first speech from the House floor on Wednesday topped 1 million views -- a record for C-Span's Twitter feed -- so, it's clear people are paying attention when she speaks. Still, she admits she can't smoke out McConnell.

She also weighed in on her fellow New Yorker's rant about the gov't shutdown.

If ya missed it, Cardi B blasted Trump, saying "our country is in a hellhole right now, all for a f***ing wall."

Not shockingly, Cortez gives Cardi her stamp of approval, and says they might have to do what Sen. McConnell won't do.

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence I Loved Trump's Fast Food ... Can't Wait to Come Back!

1/15/2019 6:36 AM PST

Donald Trump's fast food plan worked ... because Clemson's star QB Trevor Lawrence tells TMZ Sports he LOVED the President's McDonald's spread at the White House and can't wait to do it again!

Lawrence and the rest of the Clemson Tigers arrived to 1600 Penn to celebrate their National Championship victory over Alabama ... where President Trump personally selected the food menu. 

"I think we're going to serve McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King with some pizza," Trump said to the media earlier that day ... explaining, "I would think that's their favorite food."

When the team arrived, the fast food -- Big Macs, Filet-O-Fish sandwiches and more -- was waiting for them on silver platters on a table decorated with gold candelabras ... real fancy stuff. 

"It was awesome," Lawrence told us while taking pics with Clemson fans ... "We had McDonalds and everything. It was good!" 

Another fan asked Lawrence how many times he plans on returning to the White House -- to which he replied, "Hopefully, a few more!" 

Trump also enjoyed the dinner with the champs -- tweeting out, "Because of the Shutdown I served them massive amounts of fast food (I paid), over 1000 hamberders etc."

Hey, it's hard to spell correctly when your body is sluggish with berder meat. 

Go Tigers! 

Clemson Tigers Celebrate Title W/ Fast Food Buffet ... at White House

1/14/2019 3:16 PM PST
Breaking News

Dabo Swinney and the Clemson gang hit up 1600 Penn to commemorate their win over Alabama in the national championship ... and celebrated by scarfin' down hundreds of burgers!!

It's the Tigers' second trip to the White House in 3 years ... but this time around, they were served with the finest (and quickest) cuisine around!!

Donald Trump said earlier Monday he was preppin' a smorgasbord of fast food for the champs ... saying "I think we're going to serve McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King with some pizza."

BTW -- the buffet actually turned out pretty well ... and they even included some healthy salad options for the world-class athletes!

Trump explained the move ... saying he got "everything that I like, that you like ... and I know no matter what we did, there's nothing you could have that's better than that."

Sarah Sanders explained the move for fast food, saying, “much of the residence staff at the White House is furloughed, so the President is personally paying for the event to be catered with some of everyone’s favorite fast foods."

Trump gushed over Trevor Lawrence's incredible performance as a freshman ... and even said he wanted to be the kid's agent!!

Trump to Jeff Bezos Sorry to Hear Bozo's Divorcing Great Work, Nat'l Enquirer!

1/13/2019 6:07 PM PST

President Trump had time to reflect on Jeff Bezos' divorce drama -- and he let it rip on Sunday by trashing the Amazon honcho ... while praising the National Enquirer. 

Trump just tweeted, "So sorry to hear the news about Jeff Bozo being taken down by a competitor whose reporting, I understand, is far more accurate than the reporting in his lobbyist newspaper, the Amazon Washington Post."

DT continued ... "Hopefully the paper will soon be placed in better & more responsible hands!"

Bezos owns WaPo -- and, of course, Trump doesn't like the way they cover him ... much like the "Failing New York Times." Regarding the Nat'l Enquirer, the tabloid published alleged text messages between Bezos and GF Lauren Sanchez after he announced he and MacKenzie Bezos were getting a divorce.

Trump seems to be implying that the paper forced Jeff's hand.

We broke the story ... Jeff and MacKenzie don't have a prenup, and his $137 billion fortune could be on the line as the divorce proceeds. 

It's interesting that Trump's weighing in on the Bezos situation at more length now than he did on Thursday ... when he wished Jeff luck and said the divorce would be a "beauty."

Slow Sunday, huh?

Pablo Escobar's Brother We Raised $10M to Impeach Trump ... Before GoFundMe Axed Us!!!

1/10/2019 2:54 PM PST

Just the possibility of President Trump's impeachment was enough for the Escobar family to collect millions upon millions of bucks ... according to Pablo's bro, who's pissed GoFundMe censored his cause.

Sources connected to Pablo Escobar's brother, Roberto, tell TMZ ... his ByeByeTrump GoFundMe campaign had raised upwards of $10 mil while the page was still live ... for just 10 hours.

The crowdfunding site yanked the page to investigate where the money was going. A screenshot of the page prior to it getting shut down shows a balance of $10,786,980. 

We broke the story ... Roberto and the rest of Escobar Inc. started the campaign in an effort to impeach the U.S. Prez. They were gunning for $50 million to finance "intelligence research, lobby firms and lawyers" they said would help get Trump impeached in the States.

In response, GoFundMe pulled the page pending more clarification on the funds' use and purpose. Our sources say the Escobars responded to GoFundMe with the info they wanted ... but the page was still down as of Thursday.

We've reached out to GoFundMe to confirm that $10 mil total ... but so far, no word back.

A rep for Escobar Inc. -- the holding company dedicated to the late Colombian drug kingpin -- tells us that it plans on taking its impeachment efforts to another site, where they'll be accepting cryptocurrency donations instead of government regulated funds.

We're told the Escobars believe the U.S. government (and Trump himself) got involved in derailing their efforts ... but insist they won't be deterred.  

Buena suerte, y'all.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib No Regrets for Calling Prez Trump an MF'er ... Women Can Be Passionate Too!!!

1/9/2019 12:50 AM PST

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has no misgivings about referring to President Trump as a "motherf***er," and says her statement sends a message -- not only to Trump, but to women.

We got Michigan's freshman Rep. in D.C. and asked about the controversial remark she made on her first day in the House -- "We're going to go in and impeach the motherf****er."

Tlaib caught of ton of flak, especially from the right, for her spicy language -- but she told us she simply got caught up in the moment. She doesn't apologize, though, and strongly insinuates there's a double standard when it comes to women expressing anger in the workplace.

Still, she doesn't want her colorful language to become the focus. Rep. Tlaib told us there are more important things going on right now in D.C.

To that, we say, f**k yeah!

Sen. Joe Manchin Sorry, Ellen ... Trump Gets TV Priority Tonight

1/8/2019 9:49 AM PST

Sen. Joe Manchin thinks folks should really tune in to President Trump's televised address to the nation on the border "crisis" ... even if that means screwing over Ellen DeGeneres.

We got the West Virginia Senator Tuesday in D.C., where our photog asked how Trump's border address later in the evening would measure up to Ellen's 'Game of Games' ... and which one should take precedent for the American people.

Translation: which broadcast will be sillier and have more entertainment value -- Trump or Ellen? Perhaps unsurprisingly, Manchin says DT's the one to watch tonight.

Trump and the Dems can't come to a resolution to fund the border wall, which is why the federal government is in day 18 of a partial shutdown. So, Manchin's right ... there's a lot riding on Trump's speech tonight.

The Prez tweeted he'd be addressing the nation about the "Humanitarian and National Security crisis" at the border. 

Trump's address starts at 9 PM ET, so on the east coast it'll creep into hour 2 of Ellen's NBC broadcast, and your fave programs on other networks -- looking at you, "Black-ish."

But, Manchin says tough luck. 

Pablo Escobar Older Bro Wants to Impeach Trump ... But Needs $50 Mil!!!

1/8/2019 12:20 AM PST

10:05 AM PT -- The page has been temporarily pulled -- we're told GoFundMe has asked the fundraising page creators for additional information -- including how exactly the money raised will be used. Once more questions are answered, we're told the page will be put back up. Pablo Escobar's family needs your help to make another person disappear -- this time, it's President Trump they want out ... but, apparently, it'll be no cheap feat.

The brother of the deceased Colombian drug kingpin, Roberto (aka El Osito), has started a GoFundMe campaign seeking at least $50 million in donations to bolster his company's efforts to impeach the U.S. Prez. Sounds totally legit ... we're listening. 

Roberto and his associates at Escobar Inc. are soliciting anyone and everyone to kick in cash toward their crowdfunding page to finance "intelligence research, lobby firms and lawyers" that could ultimately lead to Trump's downfall in Congress. Hmmmmm ... yes, go on. 

Roberto claims he's already got dirt on Trump from previous alleged business dealings between DT and the Escobar company ... among other things. Roberto says his dirty secrets on Trump are something Special Counsel Robert Mueller would wanna hear.

He sounds pretty confident in himself, saying, "I am the brother of a Latino hero, I have eliminated many people from power ... Trump will be impeached." We'll give him this ... the Escobars have definitely (allegedly) gotten rid of some folks in their day.

Maybe it's just us, but it's weird that Roberto and co. are asking for a cool $50 mil to fund this project if they've already got the goods on Trump.

Help them if you're so inclined.

Snoop Dogg on Gov't Shutdown Y'all Some Dumb MF'ers If You Vote for Trump After This

1/6/2019 1:38 PM PST

Snoop Dogg's got thoughts on the government shutdown and a message for furloughed workers who might still be team Trump after this ... Trump doesn't care about ya.

Snoop posted a hilarious video this weekend in which he directly comments on the shutdown that's now in its 16th day with no end in sight. He says everyone who works for the government that aren't being paid right now must reconsider their POTUS pick in 2020.

He goes on to say that any federal worker who still votes Trump in a couple years are some "stupid motherf***ers." He says furloughed employees are being treated unfairly, and the fact that DT can't (or won't) come to a resolution can only mean one thing ... "this punk motherf***er don't care." 

The MC urges potential Trump voters to seriously reconsider and even makes an appeal to blue-collar workers whom he says are still suffering. 

Snoop ends with one last F-U to Trump ... at least he's consistent on that front.

Sen. Chuck Schumer Always Wobbly to Deal with Trump ... Still a 'Chance' to End Shutdown

1/2/2019 10:10 AM PST

Sen. Chuck Schumer says potentially ending the government shutdown is gonna take a firm commitment from President Trump ... and not his usual jiggling on the issues.

We got the Senate Minority Leader Wednesday in D.C. as he was making his way to the White House, where Trump is set to meet with Dems (in the Situation Room, no less) to discuss ending the partial shutdown that's been in effect for 12 days now. 

Schumer says he's gonna try to strike a deal with the Prez -- who wants his southern border wall funded -- but makes note that Trump is like Jell-O on when it comes to sticking to one position.

Coincidentally, shortly after Schumer made that comparison ... Trump was holding a cabinet meeting with his "Game of Thrones"-style poster -- threatening sanctions -- smack in the middle of the table. 

Still, Schumer sounds cautiously optimistic there's a "chance" to end the shutdown.

Good luck, Chuck.

Kanye West New Trump Rant to Ring in 2019

1/1/2019 12:48 PM PST
Breaking News

1:14 PM PT -- If you were planning on attending any future Kanye concerts, be prepared to see that MAGA hat of his ... 'cause Ye says he'll be performing with it from now on. 

Kanye West is making it quite clear to kick off the new year -- he's still on the Trump train heading into 2019. 

Ye went on another Twitter rant Tuesday proclaiming his unwavering devotion to President Trump, saying ... "Trump all day." He continued by saying, "Just so in 2019 you know where I stand." 

The political line of logic continued with Kanye saying, "They will not program me," and adding, "Blacks are 90% Democrats That sounds like control to me." 

He followed up by saying, "Love everyone," and "We will change the world.  God is on my side. I am a Christian. I am a tax payer. I am myself. God is with us." It should be noted ... Kanye is currently retweeting love and support being sent to him at an alarmingly rapid pace.

The new tweets follow his latest attack against Drake for following Kim Kardashian on Instagram last year. It also appears to be the first direct mention of politics ever since Kanye announced he'd be putting a pause on political talk and focusing on being creative. 

Speaking of Drizzy, Kanye addressed his ongoing feud with the guy, saying "I love Drake 2019 we will all heal." 

BTW -- Kanye also seems to be teasing a presidential run for 2024. 

New year ... same Ye. 

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