Chris Pratt Single And Ready To ... Tap A Keg!

6/8/2018 11:57 AM PDT

Chris Pratt Carries A Keg In Swim Trunks in Hawaii

Chris Pratt just demonstrated how to kill two birds with one keg ... fitting in a quick workout and getting the party started all at once.

Pratt was in Hawaii Friday and used his bulging biceps to lug a keg to the pool bar. He was with some pals, but did the heavy keg lifting solo. It's unclear if Pratt enjoyed any of the keg's goodness -- looks like a protein shake in his cup -- but a good effort nonetheless.

Pratt filmed most of "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" in the Aloha State and the film hits theaters in a couple of weeks, so it's possible he's celebrating early. Can't deny the dude's definitely livin' it up now that he's single ... beer, swim trunks and sun.

Pratt's been serious about squaring up against more MMA fighters in the future, so the extra workouts -- no matter where -- should come in handy.