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Lil Wayne & Andre Berto Spreadin' Holiday Cheer In Haiti

12/21/2015 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1219-lil-wayne-berto-gallery-launch-01Lil Wayne and Andre Berto brought some good holiday vibes to a school in Haiti ... giving out tons of toys and Trukfit gear.

Berto, a Haitian-American boxing superstar dropped his gloves for a Santa suit and toys for the kids. That's not all, Wayne chipped in a bunch of clothing from his Trukfit line ... enough shirts, shorts and hats for 500 students in need.

Scholastic Corporation stepped up too ... donating 500 books to the kids, the whole thing was brought together by Karen Civil whose parents grew up in the country.

Just call him Weezy-Claus.

Triple G I Can't Wait to Fight Canelo

12/14/2015 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1214-canelo-ggg-getty-tmzBoxing superstar Gennady Golovkin says he's FIRED UP to fight Canelo Alvarez next year -- now that they've agreed to get in the ring -- but we're told fans are gonna have to stay patient. 

With news that reps for both fighters have finally struck a deal to fight for the WBC Middleweight title -- GGG tells TMZ Sports, "I'm looking forward to the super fight with Canelo for the fans next year to show who is the best."

We spoke with GGG's rep who tells us, "The fight will most likely take place 2nd half of 2016."

"Both will have fights in early 2016, and then fight each other in the second half of the year."

As for where the fight will take place -- there's been speculation it could go down at a HUGE venue like AT&T Stadium in Dallas or Madison Square Garden in NYC. 

GGG's rep says the two sides are still trying to work that part out -- "Going into 2016, this will be the biggest boxing event. It could be any of the biggest arenas in the country."

Stay tuned ... 

Floyd Mayweather BUYS MILLION DOLLAR WATCH On Dubai Shopping Spree

12/14/2015 10:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Floyd Mayweather has done it again ... buying ANOTHER million dollar watch -- and TMZ Sports has the pics. 

The boxer has been on a CRAZY spending spree the past few weeks -- but went especially crazy during a trip to Dubai ... picking up one of the most expensive timepieces on the planet. 


A rep for Mayweather tells us, "The watch is roughly $1.1 million. This is just one of his big purchases.”

We're told the watch is a Hublot -- covered in expensive diamonds. 

We're told Floyd has dropped more than $1.5 million during his 2-day spree at the Dubai Mall -- and, shocker, everyone in the mall LOVES HIM!

By the way, it's the SECOND time Floyd's dropped 7 figures on a watch -- he bought a million dollar diamond covered piece in NY back in 2014.  


Boxer Sammy Vasquez Proud To Be Iraq Veteran Military Made Me Better Fighter

12/10/2015 7:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's one of the fastest rising stars in boxing -- and undefeated welterweight Sammy Vasquez says he gives a lot of credit to his military background ... telling us it helps him "tremendously" in the ring. 

Vasquez -- who served 2 tours in Iraq with the National Guard -- is 20-0 as a pro fighter and has a HUGE fight coming up in January against Aron Martinez

The 29-year-old military vet says he's dedicating the fight to all of the soldiers who were injured while serving their country -- and vows to make them proud. 

"God let me do what I can do, pursue a dream," Vasquez says ... "There's a lot of guys who can't do anything anymore because they got their legs blown off and things like that. So, those are the guys that I fight for."

Canelo Alvarez Battling $9 Million Lawsuit ... Over Mexican Street Fight

12/9/2015 10:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1209_canelo-alvarez_gettyBoxing superstar Canelo Alvarez is in the middle of a nasty lawsuit filed by another famous boxer -- who's suing Canelo for $9 MILLION over a street fight in Mexico back in 2011 ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

The man behind the lawsuit is Ulises Solis -- a former IBF light flyweight champ -- who claims Alvarez beat him up during an altercation in Guadalajara. 

According to the suit, Alvarez punched Solis in the face so hard -- he knocked out a tooth and fractured Solis' jaw. 

As a result, Solis claims he was stripped of his IBF championship belt because he couldn't defend his title with a broken jaw. 

Solis claims he was simply outsized in the fight -- with Canelo coming in a 5'9", 160 lbs and Solis at 5'3", 108 lbs. 

In his suit, Solis claims he suffered more than $4 million in damages -- plus he wants another $5 mil in punitives. 

We've learned trial proceedings have begun -- jury selection started on Monday -- and the trial could wrap by the end of the month. 

We reached out to Canelo's camp for comment -- so far, no word back. 

Adrien Broner Brace Yourself Normies ... My Bracelet Cost $750k

12/6/2015 7:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

File this one under: Is it too late to become a boxer?

Adrien Broner doesn't have to ask that question ... 'cause the WBA lightweight champion is showing us all the upside of getting socked in the face for a living ... you can afford $750k jewelry for your trouble.

We spoke to Joe Avianne from Avianne & Co. jewelers in NYC and he told us Broner came to him wanting a 1-of-1 for his wrist ... basically something no one will ever have again.

Joe went to work for AB ... dreaming up a yellow stoned blinged out monstrosity with over 100 karats worth of diamonds in the bracelet that ended up setting the champ back 3 quarters of a mil.

Keeping winning, AB ... no seriously, keep winning or you won't be able to buy more bracelets.

Floyd Mayweather Rips De La Hoya The Drugs Messed With His Brain

12/3/2015 6:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather says DRUGS are to blame for Oscar De La Hoya's recent attack on the boxer -- claiming Oscar must be screwed up in the head for picking such a public fight. 

Mayweather appeared on DJ Whoo Kid's "The Whoolywood Shuffle" show and addressed De La Hoya's scathing letter to Floyd ... in which Oscar called him boring and said boxing is better off without him.

"I’m just saying the reason why he’s probably going after me it could be because of the drugs ... because of the jealously."

De La Hoya famously completed a stint in rehab in 2013 for drug and alcohol abuse -- and has admitted a problem with cocaine in the past

But Mayweather clearly feels the drugs took a toll on Oscar -- insinuating that it messed with his brain so much, he clearly doesn't realize what he's doing.

For the record, De La Hoya has spoken publicly about his substance abuse and says he's all cleaned up. 

Oscar De La Hoya I Would Fight Mayweather ... If I Was 5 Years Younger

11/18/2015 2:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar De La Hoya says his strongly worded attack on Floyd Mayweather is NOT a publicity stunt to get Floyd in the ring ... saying he's NOT planning on a rematch because he's too old. 

De La Hoya appeared on "TMZ Sports" on FS1 on Tuesday -- and we asked if he's afraid of meeting Floyd in the streets after blasting the guy as boring and saying boxing is better off without him. 

The Golden Boy says he WOULD be down to scrap with Floyd ... if there was a way to turn back the clock -- but says for all intents and purposes, his fighting days are over. 

We also asked Oscar about his $100,000 bet with Jay Z over the Canelo Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto fight this weekend ... and De La Hoya made it clear, he wants Hova's money bad ... for a really good cause. 

Check out the "TMZ Sports" TV show on FS1 ... weekdays at 9 PM PT and Wednesdays at 9:30. 

Oscar De La Hoya Jay Z Is Great For Boxing Better Than Mayweather

11/13/2015 10:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, he wants to take him for $100,000 ... but Oscar De La Hoya says Jay Z is GREAT for the sport of boxing ... unlike Floyd Mayweather

The Golden Boy just ripped Floyd in a "farewell letter" in Playboy ... claiming the sport will be BETTER without him in it. 

But when we saw Oscar at LAX moments ago, he had a completely different opinion about Jay Z -- who's been loading up his Roc Nation Sports roster with big name boxers. 

"He's great," Oscar said of Jay Z ... "He's a breath of fresh air."

Oscar and Jay also have a $100k bet (for charity) on the Canelo Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto fight -- since Oscar reps Canelo and Jay reps Cotto. 

We asked Oscar how confident he is about taking Jay's money -- you can see Oscar's got real respect for Hova ... unlike Floyd. 

Ex-Boxer Yusaf Mack Throws 'Coming Out' Party ... At Famed L.A. Gay Bar

11/9/2015 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Boxer Yusaf Mack KO'd the closet last night ... celebrating his new status as an openly gay man at one of the most famous night spots in West Hollywood.

Yusaf had a "coming out party" at Rage nightclub in Weho on Sunday night ... a longtime landmark on the L.A. gay scene. It was a helluva leap for Mack, who just revealed his sexual orientation last week.

Days ago he alleged he'd been drugged and forced to participate in a gay porno movie, but a lot has changed. We got Yusaf outside Rage, and we gotta say ... he looks really happy.

Check out the clip.

Ex-Boxer Clifford Etienne Killing Prison Time ... By Painting

11/9/2015 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1105-clifford-etienne-paintings-MAIN-GETTY-01Former heavyweight contender Clifford "The Black Rhino" Etienne has found something new to live for while serving his 105 year prison sentence ... his love of painting.

Etienne made the big time when he fought Mike Tyson back in '03 ... but saw his life spiral downward after that ... and is currently serving time in Louisiana for armed robbery, kidnapping, and attempted murder of a police officer.

We spoke to Lynn O'Shea -- who handles Etienne's business affairs -- and she tells us he began painting while inside ... and that his passion for the craft may have saved his life.

"He's amazing. He took painting serious inside and after he earned trustee status he was actually able to become the warden's artist and sleep in his paint room. That kept him away from all the drama in gen pop."

O'Shea tells us that Clifford's paintings sell "very well" and his work has been displayed at several high profile spots around south Louisiana ... including one of the last places you'd expect.

"The city of New Orleans bought one that hangs in a district police department, if you can believe that."

Unfortunately, Etienne's had a rough go of it as of late ... he was transferred to a new prison after he was nearly killed in an attack in his paint room ... and O'Shea says it's taken a toll on him.

"Things slowed down after the attack. He used to make all his own canvas and stuff to paint on ... but now he's locked down. I'm hoping some friends from his past life as a boxer can help him out."


Jay Z Visits Miguel Cotto Training Camp ... Before Huge Fight

10/29/2015 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1029-jayz-boxing-instagramHere's Jay Z checking on one of his biggest investments -- boxer Miguel Cotto -- making sure he's ready to rumble when he steps into the ring with Canelo Alvarez next month. 

Jay stopped by Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles -- where trainer Freddy Roach also trains Manny Pacquiao -- and watched as the Roc Nation Sports boxer prepped for his Nov. 21 title fight. 

1029-subasset-jayz-boxing-instagramAs our friends at BSO pointed out, it's a huge fight for Jay Z -- who reportedly inked Cotto to a $55 MILLION contract back in March. 

"If Cotto wins, it is on to bigger and better things (more money for Hov)," BSO says ... "If he loses, then back to the drawing board."

FYI -- Alvarez is currently the favorite ... but everyone likes an underdog, right? 

Floyd Mayweather Gives Boxing Gloves to Leah Still ... To Beat Up Cancer!!!

10/29/2015 6:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1029-floyd-boxing-gloves-manofstill-instagramPretty cool moment from Floyd Mayweather ... when he hooked up Leah Still with an autographed pair of boxing gloves to help her KNOCK OUT cancer!!

The backstory is interesting ... Leah's dad Devon Still says he's been advising his daughter to approach the cancer fight like Mayweather approaches his opponents in the ring. 

"When she was diagnosed with cancer I told her she had to win every round (like boxers- mayweather to be exact) of chemo/treatment and she would win the fight against cancer."'

When Mayweather's camp got word -- he wanted to help ... and according to Devon, "He surprised Leah with an autographed glove for winning her fight and he threw in another glove for me to auction off at my first annual Still Strong Foundation Gala!"

Nice work, Floyd 

#BeatUpCancer #LeahStrong #StillStrongFoundation

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