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Floyd Mayweather

Closing the Deal on $4.8 Mil Super Car

6/28/2015 7:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0628-floyd-mayweather-car-Gallery-Launch-TemplateHow do you upgrade from a $3.8 million Ferrari?? Easy ... you get a $4.8 MILLION super car to take its place ... at least, that's what Floyd Mayweather's planning to do ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Sources close to the boxer tell us ... he's thiiiis close to closing the deal on an ultra-rare sports car called a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita ... one of only THREE of its kind in the entire world. 

The car is lightning fast ... 0-60 in 2.9 seconds ... and tops out at 250 miles per hour! 

Our sources tell us Floyd has had his eye on the car for a while -- but now, he's finally pulling the trigger ... and we're told his car guy Obi Okeke at Fusion Luxury Motors has already imported it to his L.A. showroom specifically for Mayweather.

Floyd is currently in L.A. for the BET Awards -- don't be surprised if he's rolling around town in the car by the 4th of July. 

Chris Brown

Jetting to Haiti w/ Andre Berto

... We're Here to Help!

6/26/2015 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0626-andre-berto-chris-brown-instagram-02Chris Brown just jumped on a private jet destined for Haiti ... but it's no vacation -- we're told he's putting on a free concert to help out the locals ... and it's all thanks to boxer Andre Berto

Berto and Brown have been friends for a while and Andre -- a Haitian American -- is passionate about the current crisis between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

FYI -- The D.R. is currently cracking down on Haitian migrant workers living in the Dominican, deporting them by the thousands ... and the Haitian Prime Minister called it a "humanitarian crisis" because many of those people don't know where they're going to live, work, etc. 

So Berto asked Brown if he would fly to Haiti to put on a concert to lift the people's spirits -- and Brown obliged.  

We're told the crew is on the jet right now. 

Stay tuned ... 

Oscar De La Hoya

Comeback Is 'Terrible Mistake'

... Says Bob Arum

6/25/2015 6:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar De La Hoya would be a complete FOOL to come out of retirement and fight again at 42 ... so says legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum who's telling Oscar -- DON'T COME BACK!! 

De La Hoya has been flirting with the idea of getting back in the ring and fighting Gennady Golovkin ... but Arum says it would be a "terrible, terrible mistake."  

"He had a great career ... when it's over, it's over."

Arum says Oscar should learn from guys like Sugar Ray Leonard ... who tried to come back at 40 years old ... and looked like crap. 

"I don't think Oscar is fool enough to do that."

We'll see ...   

Floyd Mayweather

If You Buy My $3.8 Mil Ferrari

... I'll Throw In a Pic!

6/24/2015 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Are you rich? Like REALLY, REALLY rich??? 

Well, good news ... 'cause Floyd Mayweather says if you drop $3.8 MILLION to buy his ultra-rare Ferrari Enzo ... he'll throw in a picture with you FOR FREE!!!

We already told you Floyd's been getting serious interest in the car from legit billionaires -- but they all seem to have special requests to sweeten the deal ... from photo ops, to video shoots ... one guy even wants to spar with Floyd. 

So, when we shot Floyd out in NYC after he finished up some jewelry shopping Wednesday ... we had to ask if he was down for a photo op with whoever buys the car. 


Sylvester Stallone

I Support De La Hoya Comeback

... He's Still Got It

6/24/2015 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rocky Balboa fought until he was 60 ... so, it's probably not a shocker that Sylvester Stallone says he's all about an Oscar De La Hoya comeback fight! 

The 42-year-old fighter has been talking about coming out of retirement lately ... and told us he wants a piece of human wrecking machine Gennady Golovkin (Triple G). 

So, with Stallone being a huge boxing fan ... and a fan of old people making comebacks ...we had to ask Sly how he felt about ODLH.  

Someone get Mason "The Line" Dixon on the phone .... 

Blac Chyna

My Boxer BF Won

... So, Let's Bang (Finally!)

6/22/2015 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He gave up sex with his girlfriend Blac Chyna for WEEKS ... but J'Leon Love's vow of celibacy paid off BIG TIME 'cause he won his fight Sunday ... and now Blac Chyna is ready to rumble at home!  

As we previously reported, Love -- a member of Floyd Mayweather's "The Money Team" -- swore off sex for more than a month so he could focus on fighting Jason Escalera in Vegas. 

Well, he won the fight in the 7th round ... but he wasn't able to collect his real prize right after the fight ... 'cause his GF was out of town (in Pittsburgh) on business.

But sources close to B.C. tell us ... "She plans on seeing him this week, and when she does he is going to be very VERY happy. He will get the big win again." 

Sooo .... congrats!  


Floyd Mayweather

Billionaire Battle Over $3.8 Mil Ferrari

6/22/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0619_floyd_mayweather_ferrari_main_launchThree different BILLIONAIRES have thrown their hats in the ring to buy Floyd Mayweather's $3.8 MILLION Ferrari ... so says Floyd's car guy ... but the buyers have all asked for special favors to "sweeten the deal."

We broke the story ... Floyd put his ultra-rare Ferrari Enzo up for sale last week -- and now, his personal car dealer at Fusion Luxury Motors, Obi Okeke, tells us the response has been INSANE! 

"People have been calling from all over the world ... countries like Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, India, South Africa, Nigeria and the United States."

But the best part of the story ... Okeke says several people have made full-price offers -- but they each come with interesting caveats. 

"I got some crazy request from a 60-year-old man who wants to buy the car -- but only if he can lace up some gloves and spar in the ring with Floyd in his gym."

Here's a list of some of the other requests coming from people who made a full-price offer:

-- Buyer wants a 1-on-1 dinner with Floyd
-- Buyer wants a video shoot with Floyd and the car
-- Buyer wants Floyd to make himself available to take a picture with buyer's entire family  

Okeke says 3 of the potential buyers are people who have made Forbes' Billionaires List ... though he says he's going to keep the names private for now. 

We're told Floyd has scheduled a meeting with Okeke to decide how he wants to proceed with the sale ... stay tuned. 

Lamar Odom

Smiling & Friendly

... At Vegas Boxing Event

6/19/2015 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0619-lamar-odom-big-INSTAGRAM-01Lamar Odom is turning to some famous boxers for support in the wake of the death of his close friend Jamie Sangouthai ... hanging with Adrian Broner and Zab Judah at an event in Vegas. 

Odom had briefly returned to L.A. after he learned Jamie died -- and as we reported, he was taking the death very hard and friends were concerned that he would relapse. 

But Odom is now back in Vegas ... and today, he was supporting Broner as the boxer weighed in for his big fight against Shawn Porter tomorrow night. 

We're told Lamar has been friends with Zab for years (they're both from NY) and made plans to hang out this week while supporting Broner. 

Odom appeared to be in a good mood at the event, smiling and talking to people. 

Vegas seems like a tough place to stay on the straight and narrow ... but we're told his friends are doing their best to look out for him. 

Andre Berto

If Mayweather Wants to Fight

... Let's Fight!

6/19/2015 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0619-andre-berto-mayweather-tmz-02Boxing stud Andre Berto tells TMZ Sports ... he was HONORED that Floyd Mayweather would name him as a possible opponent for an upcoming fight -- and says he's ready to KNOCK FLOYD OUT!!! 

Earlier this week, Mayweather said he "needs" a guy like Berto for his next fight in September -- though so far, nothing is set in stone.  

We spoke with Berto who tells us being named is a "blessing" -- and says, "We were supposed to fight a few years back. This may be the time. I am older. I am wiser. I am focused."

Berto -- a 2-time welterweight champ -- adds, "If the fight happens, you know it’ll be more exciting than the Pacquiao fight!" 

In fact, Andre says if the two sides are able to work out a deal ... he's doesn't just want to win, he wants to OBLITERATE Floyd.  

"After getting that knock out in my last fight, that taste of blood is something I missed. I want it and I need it again."

Floyd Mayweather

I'd Kick Triple G's ASS

... He's Delusional

6/18/2015 10:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather is talkin' A LOT of smack about a guy he thinks isn't worthy of a fight -- spitting even more venom at Gennady Golovkin ... after Triple G said he'd beat Money's ass in the ring. 

GGG fired the first shots earlier this week ... coming on "TMZ Hollywood Sports" and telling the crew he's 100% sure he'd KNOCK FLOYD OUT if the two pugilists ever shared the squared circle.

Now, Floyd is personally responding to the smack talk ... telling that Gennady is OUT OF HIS MIND if he thinks he can hang with the champ. 

Floyd acknowledges that GGG has knocked out his last 20 opponents ... but says all of those guys were NOBODIES ... and claims he's still wayyyyy out of Mayweather's league. 

One way to settle it fellas.

Oscar De La Hoya

I'm Never Coming Back ...

Not Even For Mayweather

6/18/2015 6:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Oscar De La Hoya has made up his mind ... the 42-year-old boxer says he's NOT going to unretire and get back in the ring ... even if Floyd Mayweather wants to fight. 

As we previously reported, Oscar has been saying he thinks about making a comeback EVERY DAY of his life ... and told TMZ Sports he has his eyes set on human wrecking machine Gennady Golovkin.

But Wednesday night, seems common sense finally set in ... and De La Hoya said he's 100% DONE -- even if Mayweather offers big money for an extra-belated rematch from their 2007 fight.  

By the way, Mayweather "retired" from boxing after that fight ... but ended up coming back. 

Just sayin ... 

'Orange is the New Black'

Ruby Rose In Real

Girl-On-Girl Beatdown

6/18/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before "Orange Is The New Black" star Ruby Rose was everyone's girl crush ... she was crushing heads ... and TMZ Sports has video of her busting faces in an amateur boxing match back in Australia. 

Ruby -- a huge VJ down under before becoming America's Netflix obsession -- stepped into the squared circle in October 2012 and swapped lady leather with a woman named Yi Sia. 

Rose DOMINATED the fight from start to finish ... beating Sia so badly, that she turned her back to Ruby during one particularly brutal combination ... just so she could avoid further punishment. 

Makes sense ... since Rose claims to have been boxing FULL TIME at one point in her life, and happens to be the the god-daughter of former WBA World Bantamweight Champion Lionel Rose.

No wonder the chicks at Litchfield Penitentiary don't want any beef ... 


Floyd Mayweather

Rips Triple G

'You're a Nobody'

6/16/2015 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Floyd Mayweather is already trading shots with Gennady Golovkin ... telling TMZ Sports the guy's just running his mouth for a payday -- and he's way out of his league. 

Golovkin -- who's knocked out his last 20 opponents -- told us Mayweather would be his "dream fight" and is 100% certain he'd win if they ever got in the ring together. 

Now, Mayweather's camp is issuing a response ... saying, "Everyone in boxing wants to fight Floyd. It's the biggest payday they could possibly have."

"[Golovkin] has never fought a top opponent in his whole career ... we're surprised you guys would even have him on your show to be honest."

Sounds like fightin' words. 

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