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Sean Gunn 'Guardians' Letter Speaks for Itself Won't Speculate on a Rehire

7/31/2018 12:50 AM PDT

James Gunn's future in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise is now in the hands of Disney -- a future his own brother won't try to predict after the cast's public cry of support.

We got Sean Gunn at LAX Monday just hours after he and the rest of the 'Guardians' actors penned an open letter going to bat for their fired director after he was canned over a week ago for old tweets that made light of rape and pedophilia.  

The actor doesn't have much more to add beyond what the letter says clear as day -- that the 'Guardians' "fully support" James -- but he does elaborate on what he thinks is happening to his big bro ... a full-on character assassination that he chalks up to mere lies.

He says he wants to know what fans think for themselves ... and hopes people will listen more now before they attack. As to whether Disney might reverse course ... Sean stays tight-lipped.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Cast Backs James Gunn ... He's the Victim of 'Mob Mentality'

7/30/2018 10:20 AM PDT
Breaking News

'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn was done dirty by America's politically charged court of public opinion ... according to Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana and the rest of the 'GotG' stars.

The cast posted an open letter in support of Gunn, who Disney fired from the franchise in response to old tweets where he made several highly inappropriate jokes. In the letter they vouch for his character, accept his apology and hint Disney only canned him because it feared public backlash.

They wrote, "There is little due process in the court of public opinion. Given the growing political divide in this country, it's safe to say instances like this will continue." They went on to urge Americans to "ease up on the character assassinations and stop weaponizing mob mentality." 

In the letter -- also signed by Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista and Michael Rooker -- they don't exactly demand Disney rehire Gunn ... but on social media, Pratt said he'd "love to see him reinstated as director of Volume 3." The cast insists Gunn's not done in Hollywood, and they look forward to working with "our friend James again in the future."

'Bachelorette' Becca Kufrin Hair-Raising Fun at Disneyland ... No Dudes Required

7/19/2018 1:31 PM PDT

'Bachelorette' star Becca Kufrin went from a great hair day to a bad one after a few rides at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Becca and a gal pal got the royal treatment at Disneyland Wednesday cruising around with a park guide, which means they likely didn't have to wait in line. Plus, she's on ABC which is owned by Disney ... so, yeah ... instant FastPass.

Becca showed up with a perfectly blown-out coif, but it was no match for the Radiator Springs Racers and Incredicoaster.

She ousted virgin Colton Underwood on Monday night's episode where she visited the final four contestant's hometowns. Now, only three guys remain ... Garrett, Blake and Jason.

Ron Howard 'Solo' Made Disney Halt Spin-offs? ... Don't Believe Everything You Read

6/27/2018 6:59 AM PDT

Ron Howard is taking issue with reports Disney is putting future 'Star Wars' spin-offs on ice after his flick fell short, money-wise.

We got the director of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" Tuesday in Bev Hills just days after it was reported Disney was suspending all pre-planned 'Star Wars' story movies because 'Solo' failed to deliver the studio's desired box office numbers. That includes the Obi-Wan movie. Ron seems to say there are inaccuracies in the reporting, but he's not specific.

You'd think Ron would take the news to heart, considering his flick is being blamed for the rumored decision, but that ain't the case. As far as he knows, 'Solo' got good reviews and a generally decent turnout in ticket sales. Maybe not what Disney wanted ... but he's satisfied.

When you've got a track record like RH ... you can afford to hit a double now and then.

Natalie Portman My Disneyland Muscle's Outta This World

6/25/2018 10:38 AM PDT

Natalie Portman knows how to make an entrance at Disneyland -- Cute kiddo in tow? Check. Stormtrooper as your muscle? No doubt!

Natalie and her family hit up The Happiest Place on Earth on Sunday where they got the royal treatment. The entire family was there ... hubby Benjamin Millepied, 1-year-old Amalia and 7-year-old son, Aleph.  

They hit up It's a Small World and Big Thunder Mountain, but with Queen Amidala in town, it was a no-brainer that she also sit in for a 'Star Wars' show. Some of the kids, including Aleph, took the stage for a lightsaber show against Amidala's grandson, Kylo Ren.

But no doubt stealing the scene was baby girl Amalia ... who couldn't look any cuter avoiding the sun with her pink floppy hat. Adorbs!

Heidi Klum Doing Disneyland ... And This Guy!!!

6/17/2018 9:23 AM PDT

Heidi Klum, her kids and her guy all hit Disneyland, and it's a toss up as to who had more fun -- although we're giving bf Tom Kaulitz the early lead.

The German super couple -- Tom's the guitarist for Tokio Hotel -- was all over each other Saturday in Anaheim. She even got Tom to slip on a pair of polka-dotted Minnie Mouse ears while they strolled around. The things we do for love, right?

Heidi's kids already look totally comfortable with Mom's new dude -- they were all smiling with him on Splash Mountain and several other rides. One small crisis, though ...

Looks like Heidi got a little something on her lips at one point. Luckily, Tommy-on-the-spot was there to handle the situation.

Whew!! Crisis averted.

Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson We're Going to Disneyland!!! To Celebrate Engagement

6/12/2018 7:14 AM PDT

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson upped the happiness factor even more after their speedy engagement by heading to the Happiest Place on Earth ... Disneyland!!

The singer and 'SNL' cast member caught everyone by surprise Monday with the news they are getting hitched, especially since they've only been dating for a little over a month. Both were still linked to their previous significant others as recently as last month.

Hours later, after the engagement news broke, they were cruising on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland. They were having a blast and holding tight onto each other's hands, and Ariana posted several videos of Davidson screaming his head off on the ride.

No denying the two are super happy. Mazel.

Serena Williams Not Too Injured for Disneyland!

6/7/2018 8:10 AM PDT
Breaking News

Serena Williams doesn't seem too bummed about pulling out of the French Open this week -- in fact, she's nursing her injury at Disneyland!!!

The tennis superstar rounded up her family -- Mom, hubby Alexis Ohanian and daughter Alexis Olympia -- and went to Disneyland Paris on Thursday ... home of rides like Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril, Les Tapis Volants and Le Carrousel de Lancelot! 

The family seemed to be having a blast despite the fact baby Alexis is only 9 months old ... and most people in our office agree it sucks to take a 9-month-old to Disneyland since they can't really do anything or appreciate anything and most likely won't even remember the trip.

Whatever ... HAVE FUN! 

Orlando Brown Arrested Again ... New Raven-Symone Tat on Display

6/5/2018 11:46 AM PDT

Orlando Brown's been busted again -- this time for narcotics possession -- and has provided another epic mug shot ... featuring some interesting new ink.

The former "That's So Raven" star was arrested Monday afternoon in Las Vegas after cops witnessed him go in and out of a motel in a high drug and prostitution area ... according to law enforcement sources.

We're told cops pulled over the cab Brown got in after he quickly left the motel, and he initially refused to cooperate with cops during the stop ... so he was cuffed.

Our sources say cops found a bag of drugs on Brown -- later determined to be meth -- and a pipe ... and also discovered a warrant out for his arrest for an unrelated domestic violence case.

Brown was booked on felony narcotics possession, and misdemeanor charges of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest. We're told he's currently still in lockup.

On the plus side ... the giant neck and chest tattoo Brown got of his former costar, Raven-Symone -- which he was flaunting on social media last week -- is getting more pub, albeit probably not the way he hoped.

As we've covered ... Brown's had a plethora of legal problems the past year, including getting arrested by bounty hunters in his underwear. He told us he plans to sue the men over the incident.

But like we said ... he makes the most of his mug shots.

Disney, ABC Sued Kids' Show Creators Claim Hypocrisy In Wake of 'Roseanne' Axing

6/1/2018 11:13 AM PDT

If Disney is so high and mighty, as they showed by canceling "Roseanne," then why are they screwing over a couple family-run businesses that delivered them a hit kids show? ... is the question posed in a new suit.

Production companies Milk Barn and Microseries claim they spent 2 years creating "Goldie & Bear" ... only to get kicked to the curb by Disney once the company realized it had a hit on their hands.

According to the docs ... Disney secretly lined up a rival production company to replace the family businesses for Season 2, and made it "virtually impossible for these companies to ever be in the children's television or feature business again."

To make it worse, the production companies claim they got stiffed $250k for 18 months of executive producer work ... and Disney crushed their plans to produce other animated children's programming.

The companies are suing for $20 mil, and claim that the president of ABC's comments about canceling "Roseanne" came down to "doing what's right and upholding our values of inclusion, tolerance and civility" are complete BS.

Michael Jackson Estate Disney has Unmitigated Gall Airing 'Last Days' TV Special

5/23/2018 2:35 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

The folks managing Michael Jackson's estate are outraged that ABC would dare do a documentary called "The Last Days of Michael Jackson" and trash the singer and exploit his legacy.

A rep for the estate tells TMZ ... it's especially galling that Disney -- which owns ABC, and sometimes viciously protects its image -- would sully the image of Michael. The rep called Disney's conduct "disgraceful."

The rep went on to say this -- "What if we did a documentary on the relationship between Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and some of the rumors they were drug abusers? How would Disney like that?"

We're told Disney has not paid a cent for photos or music for the upcoming TV special, and the MJ estate will be watching like a hawk to see if any of those assets appear in the show.  But, our sources say, the Estate's issue is not money ... it's that they think the show is irresponsible and dishonors Michael. 

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Yeah, Disneyland Really is for Kids The Things We Do For Love

5/23/2018 7:50 AM PDT

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian took their kids to Disneyland this week for the umpteenth time -- as you can tell in their faces -- but stuck it out for the sake of their little ones.

The two Kardashian sisters and all 5 of their kids -- sans baby Chicago -- hit up the Happiest Place on Earth Tuesday and, based on the adults' reactions to some of these rides ... it would appear the magic has worn off on 'em. The same can't be said for North and co., though.

While the Kardashian kiddos look pretty ecstatic on each and every attraction, Kim and Kourtney seem to be broadcasting one consistent thought for the most part ... meh. 

Can't blame 'em, considering Kourtney was just there for her 39th birthday and Kim swung by with Kanye just last May

Disney ... it takes its toll after a while.

Kim Kardashian Takes Her Tykes to Disneyland ... And You Can't Miss Her

5/22/2018 4:59 PM PDT

Kim Kardashian took her oldest 2 kids to the Happiest Place on Earth ... and made no effort to keep it on the DL.

Kim was spotted at Disneyland Tuesday holding her son, Saint, while rocking a bright neon yellow jacket that could light up the inside of Space Mountain. We're told North was also with Mom, and Kourtney and her kids enjoyed the excursion as well ... which included a family ride on It's a Small World.

The Kardashian crew hits up Disneyland a lot for special occasions -- like Kourtney's birthday last month or Kim's bday in October -- but it seems like this time was just for some random fun.

No word yet if Kim's jacket's been added as a new park attraction.

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