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'Bachelor' Star Amanda Stanton Pleads Not Guilty In Las Vegas Domestic Abuse Case

10/10/2018 1:34 PM PDT

Former 'Bachelor' contestant Amanda Stanton is now officially charged in her Las Vegas domestic violence case, and she's pled not guilty ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda's attorney entered her plea Wednesday in the Clark County courthouse after she was charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic battery. We broke the story when she got busted last month following an argument with her BF, Bobby Jacobs. We're told Amanda allegedly shoved him in front of a security guard at their hotel and the push was harsh enough, the guard called cops. 

According to the police report, the altercation was way more severe. Bobby claimed Amanda started to hit him while he was in bed, they argued for hours before she eventually took the room's phone and swung it at him. He also told cops she'd kicked, scratched and pinched him because she was pissed he wasn't answering her calls earlier in the night. 

Amanda's rep told us the whole thing was a misunderstanding, calling her shove "playful."

'Bachelor' Contestant Cristy Caserta Dead at 38 ... After Apparent Seizure

10/5/2018 10:08 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

"The Bachelor" contestant Cristy Caserta -- who was only 38 -- died unexpectedly Thursday after suffering an apparent seizure ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Caserta was attending a class at a school in Sunrise, FL when she suddenly fell forward at the desk where she was sitting. Her alarmed classmates immediately called 911.

We're told Cristy went into cardiac arrest as emergency responders arrived and administered CPR. She was transported to nearby Westside Regional Medical Center where they continued efforts to save her, but she was pronounced dead.

Cops say they do not suspect foul play and no drugs were found on Caserta -- it appears she died as a result of the sudden seizure. An autopsy will be performed Friday to determine the official cause of death.

Cristy appeared on Season 15 of "The Bachelor" ... the one fans know as Brad Womack's second shot at finding love. She was sent home the first week. 


Amanda Stanton from 'Bachelor' Hits Beach with BF After Dom. Violence Arrest

9/17/2018 9:16 AM PDT

Amanda Stanton and her boyfriend put on a united front during a beach outing ... not long after she was arrested for getting into a fight with him.

The 'Bachelor' and "Bachelor in Paradise" fan favorite hit up Laguna Beach Sunday with BF, Bobby Jacobs ... showing plenty of PDA. It's the first time we've seen them out together since Amanda's arrest last week in Vegas after a drunken post-bachelorette party incident with Bobby.

As we first reported ... security at the Encore was responding to a noise complaint when an apparently boozed-up Amanda tried to intervene, shoving Bobby in the process. We're told that was enough for security to call cops, who arrested Amanda for misdemeanor domestic battery.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Bobby also claims Amanda started to hit him while he was in bed, argued for hours and at one point took the room's phone and swung it at him. Bobby also says Amanda tried kicking him and he tried pinning her down but he says she kept scratching and pinching his arms and body. Amanda had apparently been upset with Bobby 'cause he wasn't answering her calls.

A rep for Amanda told us it was all a misunderstanding ... calling the shove "playful."

No word if Amanda shoved Bobby into the Pacific but they definitely looked playful ... and unconcerned about her arrest.

'The Proposal' 1st Couple to Get Engaged ... Are Dunzo!!!

9/16/2018 4:38 PM PDT

The first couple who got engaged on ABC's 'Bachelor'-spinoff, "The Proposal," have called it quits just a few months after the show premiered this summer.

Amputee police officer Mike Crowe tells TMZ that his new fiancee, Monica Villalobos, broke things off with him while they were recently on a trip to Costa Rica. The split happened just last week in the middle of their vacation -- Mike says Monica told him she didn't have feelings for him anymore.

Mike's clearly still hurting from the fresh break-up. He says not only did he put himself out there in trying to meet that special someone on TV, but notes that a ton of people have gotten emotionally invested in their journey. Plus, he says the Costa Rica trip was supposed to be in celebration of his 30th birthday ... so this doubly sucks for him.

As to whether he feels like he was set up for failure by the premise of the show -- propose to someone you've never met within an hour-long program -- Mike says no. He tells us he didn't have any expectations and didn't feel any outside pressure on the relationship. It's unclear if Monica felt the same, but he implies she might've not loved the scrutiny.

There's a potential silver lining here though. We ask if he'd be open to being cast in "The Bachelorette" if producers come calling. Let's put it this way ... he ain't saying no!

Dr. Jenn Mann Virgin 'Bachelor' No Biggie ... He's Used to Hotties Lining Up

9/14/2018 2:25 PM PDT

Colton Underwood putting his virginity up for grabs on "The Bachelor" will be just another day at the office for him ... according to Dr. Jenn Mann.

We got the "Couples Therapy" doc Thursday night at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, and she compared Colton's situation to throwing meat at a hungry wolf -- after all, he's a 26-year-old virgin who will have dozens of women fighting for him. 

But, Jenn says it's nothing new for him. Remember, Colton's a former NFL player who's had plenty of hot chicks around him. She also addressed whether it's a smart move for him to punch his V-card on a reality show.

One more thing ... we already knew Jenn is smart as hell, but watch this clip. When she said, "the men that go on ['The Bachelor'] are not exactly mieskeits" -- it was time for a serious Google search.

Rough translation: Colton's not fugly. 

'Bachelor' Bob Guiney to Colton Don't Bang Before Fantasy Suites ... Fans Will Turn on You!!!

9/14/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Colton Underwood would be wise to keep it in his pants until he's down to 3 women on his season of "The Bachelor" ... so says one of the most promiscuous bachelors ever.

We talked to Season 4's 'Bachelor' Bob Guiney -- who slept with "five and a half women," according to an EP on the show -- and he says Colton should probably stay the virgin course until the fantasy suites, unless he's ready to have 'Bachelor' nation turn on him quick.

Bob's got a point -- it probably wouldn't play well with audiences if Colton started hooking up with ladies left and right after touting his virginity in such a public manner. If he stays true until the penultimate episode, Bob's sure ratings will skyrocket.

As for who should get cast to contend for Colton's heart, Bob thinks it wouldn't be a bad idea to have some late bloomers on there -- even though those folks won't have an automatic advantage.

He also suggests the pendulum could swing the other way with people like ... well, you gotta hear who his surprise guest of the year would be for yourself.

Colton Underwood I'm Down for Losin' My V-Card ... On 'The Bachelor'

9/13/2018 12:45 AM PDT

Virgin Colton Underwood's down to get down in the fantasy suite with all 3 finalists on "The Bachelor" ... should he reach that tipping point.

Sources close to Colton tell TMZ ... the possibility of him losing his virginity on the show is very likely, and he'll be willing to pull the trigger if he feels one of the finalists is THE ONE. Thing is ... Colton will have a shot at banging as many as 3 finalists ... if they accept his invitation to the fantasy suite and consent.

As you know ... Colton -- a former tight end who spent time on practice squads with the Chargers, Raiders, and Eagles -- became famous after dropping the virgin bombshell on Becca Kufrin's season. He's previously said he was too busy with football to do the deed. It's not a religious or waiting-for-marriage type of deal either, we're told. 

And, get this ... Colton's not expecting the one to be a virgin (not that there's anything wrong with that). He'll be an equal opportunity doer ... but if past seasons are any indication, producers could cast a virgin.

Remember Rachel Lindsay, the first African American 'Bachelorette?' -- of her 31 suitors, 11 were black and nearly half were non-white. What are the odds Colton's mix includes virgin? Likely, it seems.

Whoever wins, to the victor goes the spoils.

Amanda Stanton from 'Bachelor' Arrested for Domestic Violence

9/11/2018 2:51 PM PDT

9/13 -- A rep for Amanda tells TMZ that the whole event was a misunderstanding. Amanda had a few drinks and gave Bobby what she thought was a playful shove in front of hotel security, who then called police.

The rep says "Amanda is embarrassed and ashamed this happened and sincerely apologizes to hotel security and the Las Vegas Police Department," and no hard feelings for everyone doing their jobs.

'Bachelor' and "Bachelor in Paradise" fan favorite Amanda Stanton has been arrested for domestic battery after a drunken post-bachelorette party incident with her boyfriend ... TMZ has learned.  

Sources familiar with what went down tell us Stanton was partying with friends at The Encore for a co-ed bachelorette event. We're told Stanton's bf, Bobby Jacobs, was there too ... and everyone was celebrating in a room at the hotel.

Law enforcement tells us security came to the room for a noise complaint, and Bobby was talking to the guard. We're told that's when an apparently boozed up Amanda tried to intervene, and shoved Bobby in the process. 

We're told the shove was hard enough for security to call cops, who arrested Amanda for misdemeanor domestic violence. She was released Monday.

Sources close to Amanda tell us she and Bobby are still together, and they both think someone slipped something -- a drug, presumably -- into her drink.

Stanton was a fave on Ben Higgins' season of "The Bachelor" ... finishing 4th. She went on to appear on season 3 of "Bachelor in Paradise" and got engaged to Josh Murray, but things went south quickly.

We reached out to Bobby and Amanda ... so far, no word back.

Colton Underwood Coming In Hot as the Next 'Bachelor'

9/4/2018 6:47 AM PDT
Breaking News

Colton Underwood's in pure bliss, even though he's a virgin, because he's America's next 'Bachelor.'

The big reveal came Tuesday morning on 'GMA' as Colton -- famous for choosing football over sex -- gives love a third try. Remember, he was on Becca Kufrin's season last year and stunned her with the virgin bombshell. He still made it to the coveted hometown dates but was eliminated shortly thereafter.

Colton --  a former tight end who spent some time on practice squads with the Chargers, Raiders and Eagles -- later appeared on "Bachelor in Paradise" before breaking things off with Tia Booth. The 26-year-old says despite the taunts from fellow contestants after revealing he's never gone the distance, Colton says he'll remain true to himself as he tries to woo the one.

Fun fact: Colton was born on Super Bowl Sunday and was named after the Indianapolis Colts. Yeah, the team. Giddy up!!!

Colton Underwood Blake's 'Bachelor' Material!! Buuuuut, So is ...

8/7/2018 4:46 PM PDT

Colton Underwood thinks Becca Kufrin's 'Bachelorette' runner-up has what it takes to slip into "The Bachelor" tux next -- but he also thinks he ain't that special.

We got the ex-NFL stud, and famed virgin, Tuesday in Venice and he said Blake has a really good shot, especially after the emotional breakup scene ... which he considers authentic, raw emotion.

Not sure if Colton's vote of confidence carries much weight though, because he says all the other fan faves from this season -- and even an Arie-like old-timer -- are right there in the mix too. Fact is, Colton's playing coy for his top pick -- even when it comes to himself. 

BTW, if you were wondering if Colton's still a virgin after shooting the upcoming "Bachelor in Paradise" season ... we got your answer.

'Bachelor' Star Corinne Olympios Will You Accept This Rose-Butt?

8/5/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Corinne Olympios is giving all her haters a quick reminder about why Nick Viall handed her so many roses during "The Bachelor."

The self-described villain of Nick's season was recently doing her best baddie impression on the hot sand of Venice Beach, CA. Corinne effectively showed off several sides of her America did NOT get to see during her most recent TV appearance -- y'know when Sacha Baron Cohen kinda humiliated her.

The ole cream on the boobs trick wasn't enough to convince Nick, but these pics might help her get plenty of other suitors.


'Bachelorette' Contestant Denies Sexual Harassment Claims

8/3/2018 4:59 PM PDT

'Bachelorette' contestant Leandro Dottavio says former 'Bachelor' contestant Bekah Martinez should have done some research before publicly accusing him of sexually harassing women more than a decade ago ... when he was in college.

We got Leandro out in Encino Friday, and asked him about Bekah posting a bunch of screenshots alleging he behaved inappropriately with several women. The claims are numerous and pretty sordid -- Leandro ran through them with TooFab

As for the allegation he sent unsolicited d**k pics -- Leandro says it's a flat-out lie, and he has a theory on Bekah's motives.

Leandro was eliminated from Becca Kufrin's season, but the other Bekah's clearly cut him even deeper. 

'Bachelorette' Star Jean Blanc Yes, Colton Owes Me an Apology ... After Pussy 'Tell All' Remark

7/31/2018 2:39 PM PDT

The guy who said Colton Underwood was "acting like a pussy" despite never being in one on 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All' says an apology is warranted ... FROM Colton!

We spoke to Jean Blanc -- one of Becca Kufrin's suitors this season -- a day after his fiery exchange with Colton aired, and he burned Colton over being a virgin. It WAS a harsh zinger, but it also stole the show.

Jean Blanc, who released his own fragrance Toujours Rose, tells us that's not exactly what happened in the studio, and thinks he's the victim of editing. He claims Colton fired the first shot, calling HIM the p-word, but producers cut that out. So, the final edit made it look like Jean Blanc took a cheap shot.

Even though much of Bach nation thinks JB went too far -- especially after Colton cried about bullying -- he insists Colton needs to say sorry.

As for the buzz about the next 'Bachelor' -- Jean Blanc says Colton proved he can't handle the pressure. And yeah, you can guess who he wants to get the gig.

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