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'DWTS' Star Chris Soules


4/12/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Bachelor" star Chris Soules is definitely no 40-year-old virgin ... but he did a damn good impression by getting his chest hair torn out for his next performance on "Dancing With the Stars."

We're told Chris will be channeling Hercules in the dance number, and his partner Witney Carson suggested he clean up that Soules Patch ... of course, she volunteered to wax on, wax off.

We're told he'll wear a skirt to show off his man-gams, and nothing above to showcase his new, smooth chest. We doubt fiancee Whitney Bischoff will complain.

It's painful to watch but it's funny.

'Bachelorette' Alum Josh Murray

Chill out BachNation ...

Ashley I. Is Still a Virgin!

4/10/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0409-ashley-josh-instagramOne photo had 'Bachelor' fans losing it ... thinking Josh Murray was rebounding from Andi Dorfman by banging famed virgin Ashley Iaconetti -- but we've learned her chastity is fully intact.

Quick backstory ... Josh was engaged to ex 'Bachelorette' Andi, but they split up in January. Ashley was a cast-off from the most recent 'Bachelor' -- best known for flaunting her virginity.

Fast-forward to Monday night ... Josh meets Ashley at a NYC sports bar -- along with a bevy of hot chicks -- then posts an Instagram with her cozying up to him. He was instantly flooded by fans sounding off -- some happy about the hook-up, but others taking it as a diss to Andi.  

Ashley tells TMZ everyone can chill because they're not dating. She says ... yes, Josh reached out to her ... and yes, she thought he was cool, but she viewed it as a group date (she brought 2 GFs for backup). So, hardly romantic and definitely bang-free. 

Andi can take a little solace, since our sources say she thought the pic was a "low blow" from Josh.

As for whether Josh and Ashley have a 2nd date? Based on the proximity of her boobs to his back ... we'd guess there's a good chance.


David Charvet

Legal War Over with 'Bachelor' Creator

But Dogs Still an Issue

3/6/2015 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


David Charvet's feud with his neighbor, the creator of "The Bachelor," has just made its way through the court, and the neighbor scored a victory ... but we found out the real culprits may be canines. 

TMZ broke the story ... David called the cops last fall on his neighbor Mike Fleiss after Fleiss planted a speaker on his property and directed it at David and wife Brooke Burke's house, blaring sounds of nonstop barking dogs. Fleiss was charged with disturbing the peace.

A little digging on our part has revealed that David and Brooke's two German Shepherds -- Velvet and Thunder -- have had a history of running loose in Malibu's exclusive Serra Retreat.

Last July a neighbor reported to Animal Control that the two dogs were running loose and charged a home owner. Last February, Animal Control received yet another complaint that the dogs were off leash and aggressive toward another neighbor.

One neighbor wrote an email to Animal Control saying, "This SOB Charvet's dogs are a threat to my children." And we're told multiple neighbors have complained the dogs barked incessantly. 

As for Charvet's feud with Fleiss, on Thursday a judge dismissed Charvet's request for a restraining order. Also on Thursday, a judge heard Fleiss' disturbing the peace case and agreed to dismiss it outright in May, provided he stays clear of Charvet until then.

Charvet had no comment ... but sources tell us his restraining order request was dismissed because the D.A. advised him to drop it. We contacted the D.A., who says he never spoke with Charvet about the restraining order. Charvet also claims all of the complaints to animal control came from Fleiss.

'Bachelor' Host


... To Be Next 'Bachelor'

2/18/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021715_chris_harrison_launch"The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison tells TMZ Sports he has a job for Dez Bryant next year if the Cowboys don't pay up ... handing out roses to thirsty co-eds as the next "Bachelor"!!

Harrison was freezing his butt off in NYC (we love you, L.A.) when our camera guy asked if there was an ideal pro athlete who could take over the lead role for next season. 

It's not a crazy question ... considering the show has featured several athletes in prior seasons including football player Jesse Palmer, soccer stud Juan Pablo Galavis, and baseball pro Josh Murray. 

Check out the clip -- Chris has a fresh, new and slightly more chocolate idea for the show ... saying that Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant -- and his killer abs -- would be perfect for the next installment.

Jerry, dig deep into your wallet ... 'cause this isn't a half bad idea.


The Bachelor's Hometown

We're Spitting Mad

This Ain't Podunk Jct.

2/17/2015 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Bachelor Hometown "The Bachelor" star Chris Soules welcomed his girlfriends into his Iowa hometown, and they crapped all over it -- while producers made it seem deserted ... and now Chris' old neighbors are pissed.

If you missed the last 2 episodes ... 4 of the 5 final girls showed up unannounced in Arlington, Iowa for a tour that would lead you to believe everyone's fleeing the one-horse town. Stores were closed, Main Street was dead, and one of the locals slammed Arlington for being boring.

City Clerk Mary Jo Brown tells TMZ it was a totally unfair depiction. She says the town has a ton going for it -- parks, a community center, and plenty of job options.

Brown shared her laundry list of complaints about the production:

-- the use of ghost town music to hype the episode

-- one of the shops shown was only closed the day they taped, but business is doing well

-- producers didn't shoot on a weekday when main street is way busier

'Bachelor' producers had no comment.

Brown says she'd welcome Chris and the girls back to town -- and insists there's plenty to see and do in Arlington.

Now, if Chris would just give her a rose.  

NY Giants' Prince Amukamara

I'm Obsessed with 'The Bachelor'

... I Filled Out a Bracket

1/14/2015 6:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
011315_prince_amukamara_launch Oregon shmoregon ... That's how NY Giants star Prince Amukamara felt about Monday Night's big game telling TMZ Sports the only competition he cared about was from the thirsty chicks on ABC's "The Bachelor." 

Prince was out in NYC Monday night -- not watching the big game -- when we asked who he thought might take it between the Bucks and Ducks.

Here's the thing ... Prince didn't care!! He was more into "The Bachelor" ... and the BRACKET he filled out for the show. 

Yes, a "Bachelor Bracket" is a thing ... just like the Final Four where you pick the names of the women who you think will get a rose from Chris Soules and advance every week. 

Hopefully, Prince didn't have Alissa, Jordan, Kimberly, Tandra or Tara going the distance. 

Not that we would know or anything ...

Booted 'Bachelor' Contestant

They Knew My Weakness

But Still Handed Me Drinks

1/13/2015 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Freshly booted "Bachelor" contestant Jordan Branch -- who got bombed on Monday's episode -- is claiming she told producers she was worried about boozing on the show, but they did nothing to address it.

Branch tells us ... it was hard to watch last night because she blacked-out the night of that taping. She claims her cringe-worthy behavior was fueled by non-stop drinks provided by producers.

Branch says during the casting process ... she raised concerns about the amount of alcohol in the "Bachelor" house. Once taping began ... she believes producers manipulated contestants by constantly refreshing their glasses.

But sources close to the show tell us … while they do provide booze, plenty of past and present cast members have done the show without touching a single drop. We're also told all contestants are free to make their own decisions about drinking, and sometimes those decisions are "not good ones." 

Fact is, anyone who watches the show knows most women don't get black-out drunk.

Branch thinks the show should have a booze babysitter for future contestants ... to cut off buzzed women, much like a bartender would. For the record ... she admits overindulging frequently, but insists she's not an alcoholic.  

Fun Fact: She offered "Bachelor" Chris Soules shots when they first met.


Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray

'Bachelorette' Couple Dunzo

1/8/2015 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
"Bachelorette" stars Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray have called off their engagement ... their rep tells TMZ.

It's pretty weird and pretty sudden. Three days ago they were on the red carpet for the Season 19 premiere of "The Bachelor." Chris Harrison asked them, "So when's the wedding?" He said there were no immediate plans as Andi rubbed his back.

The former couple got engaged after appearing on the show last year.

Andi and Josh, through the rep, tell TMZ, "After several months of being engaged and working on our relationship, we have decided that it's best for both of us to go our separate ways. We are very sad that it has come to this point, but this is what's best for both of us individually."


Bachelor Contestant Clare Crawley

Boozy Premiere

Ends In 911 Scare

1/6/2015 12:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
The goal of "The Bachelor's" 3-hour Season 19 premiere was to end up with a rose ... not an IV bag.

Former "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant Clare Crawley got comfy with paramedics Monday night ... after experiencing hot flashes, severe cramping, and unbearable nausea following a full day of partying leading up to the show's premiere party.

Clare tells TMZ after walking the red carpet she began to feel sick ... so while the rest of the crew partied she went back to her hotel room with former Bachelor contestant Michelle Money.

She was in such bad shape, Money called 911 ... LAFD came to the rescue with anti-nausea meds and tons of fluids ... while Money snapped an Insta-pic to chronicle the illness.

Crawley thinks dehydration and an empty stomach played a big part -- that and the fact she claims she never drinks ... which she did that night.

DATING TIP: Guys like a woman who can handle their liquor.


'Bachelor' Creator

Criminally Charged

With Disturbing 'Baywatch' Star's Peace

11/20/2014 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"The Bachelor" creator Mike Fleiss has been criminally charged for harassing "Baywatch" star David Charvet and his famous wife Brooke Burke ... an arrest warrant was issued, and it has to do with fake barking dogs.

The L.A. County D.A. has charged Fleiss with the crime of disturbing the peace by loud noise. As we previously reported ... Charvet and Burke complained Fleiss initiated a campaign of terror and harassment against them, making physical threats and blaring barking dog sounds at all hours from huge speakers pointing at their property. 

We're told Fleiss -- who also produced "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" -- was uncooperative with police during the investigation.

Charvet and Burke tried unsuccessfully last month to get a restraining order but, presumably, the arrest should do the trick.

We reached out to Mike ... so far no word back.


'Bachelor' Juan Pablo

Diggin' for Digits

In Atlantic City

7/14/2014 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Break Up
Juan Pablo -- the "Bachelor" people love to hate -- apparently has cut ties with Nikki Ferrell ... so claims the woman who says he was all over her this past weekend in Atlantic City.

J.P. was at Pool After Dark in Harrah's for Pauly D's DJ set, celebrating a mutual friend's birthday.  

Ang Cottone -- who you may recognize as MILF Mom who fought with Tan Mom on Howard Stern's show -- was inside the club when we're told Juan P. recognized her, invited her into the DJ booth and got all nuzzly.  Ang told people in the club JP was "incredibly flirtatious" and asked for her number.

Here's the twist.  Juan Pablo -- who did NOT get engaged to Nikki on the show -- is currently filming Season 5 of "Couples Therapy."   

It seems like the whole "couples" thing is a better show than "The Bachelor."


Terrell Owens

I Should Be the First Black Bachelor!

4/7/2014 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Terrell Owens says he's ready to do "bigger and better things with his life" -- and step one is becoming first black "Bachelor" so he can score his "special someone."

Owens was doing a video session on "Hang w/" alongside “Celebrity Apprentice” co-stars Ian Ziering and Lorenzo Lamas ... who both suggested T.O. could be the perfect man for the ABC show. 

"You heard that? From two white guys! I should be 'The Bachelor!' Holla back!" 

Ya gotta watch Terrell sell himself as a the ultimate catch -- "I'm a guy of good taste, quality ... I've had my share of women, so to speak."

One of those women is Rachel Snider -- who's currently in a nasty divorce with T.O. after a Kardashian-esque two week marriage. 

Still, Owens swears he's ready to commit to the right woman ... a woman he hopes to find on a show featuring people that crave attention even more than he does. 

Why not give the man a shot? He can’t do any worse than Juan Pablo.

Juan Pablo

Smashed by Beer Bottle

At First Post 'Bachelor' Gig

3/31/2014 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
No matter what you call him -- Juan Pablo or 'The Bachelor' --  people still hate the guy ... and a woman reminded him of that by firing a beer bottle at him in Atlantic City this weekend.

JP was sitting on a couch during his paid appearance at Harrah's Resort ... when a woman in the crowd hurled one of those aluminum beer bottles at him.

Sources in Harrah's tell us she nailed him in the shoulder ... and Juan, along with his gf Nikki Ferrell, immediately asked to be moved to a VIP cabana so he wouldn't have to dodge anymore flying objects.

As we first told you ... Juan demanded that no one refer to him as the ex 'Bachelor' during the AC gig ... saying he's famous enough on his own.

We're guessing the chick with the spare beer isn't the only one who remembers his d-baggery from the show. 

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