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Donald Trump It's Curtains for Hillary Clinton!!!

1/24/2017 12:50 AM PST

0123-president-drapes-curtains-photos-launchDonald Trump thinks Hillary Clinton was a disaster on foreign policy and health care, but he clearly thinks she knows her drapes.

One of the first orders of business for the Trump Administration was to take down the fiery red drapes that flanked President Obama in the Oval Office. The replacement ... the very same drapes Hillary Clinton chose for her husband back in 1993.

The gold fabric endured throughout the Clinton presidency, but went into storage when George W. chose a deeper color, more in the brown than gold family. President Obama went code red.

When Hillary chose the drapes, she said she picked the color because she wanted the Oval Office to be "more dynamic, to show more energy."

Trump's taste is non-partisan ... he's also re-installed Reagan's sunbeam rug and W's gold brocade sofas.

As for Trump's penchant for gold ... well, check out his NYC pad.


Ellen DeGeneres Oops, No ID ... Still Wriggles into White House for Medal

11/22/2016 11:16 AM PST

1122-Ellen-DeGeneres-twitterEllen DeGeneres' face was apparently ID enough to get her past White House security with a bunch of other celebs getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Ellen says she forgot her ID and couldn't get inside for the ceremony, yet there she was next to Robert De Niro, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jordan, Diana Ross, Tom Hanks and many more.

We're guessing someone recognized her. Once inside they all did the obligatory Mannequin Challenge. Yeah, it's getting old hat, but this one's got the Boss ... so, pretty cool.


Obama Jams Out to 'Hotline Bling' What Happened to Kendrick?!!

10/23/2016 7:34 AM PDT

Prez Obama SAYS Kendrick Lamar would kick Drake's ass in a rap battle, but our leader showed some serious Canadian love Saturday night at The White House.

Obama co-hosted "Love & Happiness:  A Musical Experience"  with BET.

A paparazzo was in place at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to record the whole thing ... Usher.

Who knew being President could be so much fun.

President Obama Impersonates Peyton Manning ... 'Omaha! Omaha!'

6/6/2016 2:01 PM PDT
Breaking News

The Denver Broncos hit up the White House moments ago ... and President Obama wasted no time doing his best Peyton Manning -- dropping a few "Omahas" for the squad. 

The clip's pretty funny ... Obama roasts everyone from Von Miller to kicker Brandon McManus ... and jokes that he might be able to play WR for the Broncos. 

Of course, there were a few players from the Super Bowl championship team who were noticeably absent -- including Brock Osweiler (who's with his new team) and Aqib Talib (who's nursing a gunshot wound). 

Hillary Clinton on SNL I Do a Mean, Mean Trump Impression

10/4/2015 6:37 AM PDT

Hillary Clinton did what all modern-day presidential candidates do to stand out ... appear on "Saturday Night Live" ... but we gotta say, this one really is a stand out.

Hillary was playing a bartender named Val, who serves up booze to Kate McKinnon, who's playing Hillary.

It's hilarious ... Hillary nailed it.


Big Sean Going Where No Rapper Has Gone Before ....

4/22/2014 6:53 AM PDT

Jay Z? Kanye West? Lil Wayne? Nope, not one of those prolific rappers has ever performed at the White House, but after yesterday's performance ... Big Sean can say he has.

Alongside pop pixie Ariana Grande, Big Sean took the stage at The 2014 Easter Egg Roll on Monday. Our photog in D.C. caught the pair on their way into the event, where he was understandably excited for the show.

While Common performed poetry at the White House back in 2011, no rapper has ever performed a White House event ... until now.

Lindsay Lohan Hey Tom Brokaw ... Why Ya Gotta Be So Mean?

4/27/2013 3:10 PM PDT
0427_lindsay_tom_getty_article1Tom Brokaw is a bully ... so says Lindsay Lohan ... who's telling friends the legendary journalist's harsh comments about her ruining last year's  White House Correspondent's dinner were totally uncalled for.

Brokaw refused to attend the gala this week, claiming LiLo ruined it for him simply by showing up last year.

According to our LiLo sources, LL isn't particularly bothered by negative comments -- BUT does feel the newsman is publicly picking on her for no good reason ... and that's just plain mean.

We're told if invited again, LiLo would be happy to go. She had a great time last year as Greta Van Susteren's guest and everyone was super nice to her, including Rick Santorum who took a photo.

So here's a song Tom can listen to, while NOT attending the event ...

LeBron & Dwyane Bill Clinton Is An Honorary Brother

1/28/2013 12:00 PM PST
LeBron James
and Dwyane Wade were at the White House today ... where they stood in the presence (of the portrait) of the first black president ... William Jefferson Clinton.

The Miami Heat superstars also got a congratulatory handshake from a living, breathing Barack Obama for winning the NBA Championship ... which also must have been exciting ... right?


Beyonce & Jay-Z Rock the White House

3/5/2010 1:00 PM PST
Jay-Z and Beyonce visited their good friend President Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday ... and from the looks of it, Hova felt right at home underneath the presidential seal.

Beyonce and Jay-Z
While they didn't announce their candidacy, Bey & Jay -- along with Tina Knowles, Trey Songz and the rest of their entourage -- did snap a couple of pics inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Jigga is in a head of state of mind.

Clooney For President?

5/2/2006 6:16 PM PDT

'EXTRA's' AJ Calloway spoke to George Clooney at this weekend's White House Correspondents Dinner.

The Oscar-winner, who was in Washington for a rally against the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan, laughed off speculation of a future in politics.

Check local listings for when 'EXTRA' airs.

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