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2110 days ago



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    Britney Wants Daddy to Lay Off

    Let her crash and burn-Sick of ungrateful people COMPLAINING,COMPLAINING,COMPLAINING....Maybe thats…
    L  2159 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Linda Bollea -- Fast and Loose

    U got that wrong- FAT and loose-What an old hen-I am a few yrs younger and never pretend to be in…
    L  2211 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Linda Hogan Supported By Jock

    Birds of a feather flock together.What an F'd Up family let alone each one on an individual…
    L  2261 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Pale Comparison

    I m just sayin- Why R the 1st 3 pics normal and the 3rd orange? Since when is skin orange.I thought…
    L  2264 days ago
  • No Avatar

    The Wild Boys Are Calling

    Ughhh! Just lost my lunch!Love Sardinia but going in the water there will never be the same.Say it…
    L  2264 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Blonsky's Dad -- Stuck in Paradise

    The Blonskys-LET EM GO-Bianca was looking for a smackdown at some point.Ya caint talk trash and be…
    L  2267 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Brit May Club for a Living

    You must be joking-From a broken down last 2 years mental/postpartum//bipolar whatever problem you…
    L  2378 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Fantasia: The Apple of Our Eye

    Ugh-Enuf already-What an ugly talentless thang-Fantasia wowed enough people to get where she is but…
    L  2378 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Conservators Have Broad Powers

    Yeah-Bout time-One less blood sucking leech wannabe out of a loons life.Poor thing-When Britishney…
    L  2456 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Britney's Back at Home!

    What an F'n Loon.Doesnt' anyone have anything better to do than watch a woman crash and burn?Last…
    L  2474 days ago

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