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Cincinnati, Oh.
2441 days ago
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MOM from Ohio. I Have 2 kids. I do private duty caretaker/caregiver work for the disabled, injured and recovering homebound patients, as well as elderly who cant do for themselves. It's very rewarding work, to help those in need. I Watch TMZ (almost) daily, web show, AND TV show. And (hate to admit it) but I frequent the TMZ pages! I USE to heart Harvey's attitude - NOW I just think he's a sell out. Dont think everyone has forgotten about theKiller Casey Anthony payday TMZ gave - I NEVER will. Forever in our hearts Baby Caylee! (Die in a FIRE Casey, and ANYONE who promotes her!) And I believe Mel Gibson was rail-roaded by the Hollywood bigwigs! Injustice is unexcusable! And I shudder at the thought of being recorded in the heat of the moment, then put on display for the world to mock later! I know i've said some really dumb, BAD things in my days, that also doesn't define me or who I am. It was just angry outbursts, its just words, hateful yet meaningless.. I'd go so far as to bet 95% of the worlds population has done/said something they didnt rly mean! But yet Oksana took THAT moment in time to manipulate and record her victim! Mel Gibson was a "mark" for her. Its a total shame she has brought CHILDREN into her plots to entrap these wealthy actors. Mel Gibson AND Timothy Dalton have been victimized by HER! I anxiously await the day I hear SHE's been DEPORTED! Totally in support of Mr. Gibson, and anyone else being treated as badly as the Main Stream Media has treated him over this hogwash "evidence" that seems to be everywhere! He's just like everyone else, he's human and makes mistakes.. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you brand them with a label!
Nothing too unusual. =o)

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