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Jason Trawick Officially Britney's New Caretaker

4/25/2012 3:06 PM PDT

Britney Spears
' fiance Jason Trawick is officially the singer's newest conservator -- the judge in her conservatorship case just signed off on giving him legal power to govern Britney's affairs.

TMZ broke the story ... Britney's dad and conservator Jamie Spears filed the petition earlier this month, asking the court to add Jason as a co-conservator. We're told Britney also wanted Jason on board as co-conservator. 

After the hearing, we overhead the lawyers say Jamie is "thrilled."

The move makes total sense ... considering the two are set to be married.

As co-conservator, Jason is now empowered to help decide how Britney will earn and spend her money -- including the $15 million deal she's about to sign with "X Factor."

Jason Trawick I'll Take Care of Britney Spears

4/6/2012 2:39 PM PDT

Britney Spears is about to have a brand new conservator ... her fiance Jason Trawick ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... Brit's conservators will be filing a petition later today to add Jason as a co-conservator ... a move that makes total sense considering the two are all set to be married some time in the near future. 

We're told Brit's dad Jamie Spears -- who is already one of the conservators -- is "thrilled" about the move.

Britney Spears Sells Home For HUGE Price Will Move in with Jason Trawick

3/30/2012 5:30 AM PDT

Britney Spears has sold her Beverly Hills estate ... TMZ has learned, but that's not the big thing. Get this ... it was listed at $2,995,000 and real estate sources tell us it sold for $4,253,000.

We're told Britney's people listed the house at a modest price, expecting multiple bids and possibly even a bidding frenzy. It looks like it worked out for them, because the price they accepted is more than a million over asking.

And it gets better ... because Britney is under a conservatorship in probate court, there will be a hearing on the sale next month, and anyone can come to court and overbid the accepted offer. 

The house is in the Summit, an exclusive gated community -- and it's the house where Brit famously had a meltdown in 2008 ... when she was strapped to a stretcher and taken to a hospital.

As for where Brit will be moving ... real estate sources tell us she and fiance Jason Trawick will be renting a house for the short term, until they find something they want to buy.

Britney Spears Does Size Really Matter?

12/19/2011 3:00 PM PST

Great news guys -- Britney Spears' fiance proved ... once and for all ... size really doesn't matter! Sadly, this only applies to diamond rings.

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Britney Spears' Engagement Ring FEAST YOUR EYES

12/17/2011 6:00 AM PST

Voila -- the first photos of Britney Spears' new engagement ring ... snapped last night as the singer and fiancé Jason Trawick partied the night away in Las Vegas.

3-carat round stone ... diamond-paved band ... not too shabby for the world's favorite 30-year-old pop legend.

TMZ broke the story -- Britney's hosted the intimate engagement celebration at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, before taking the ring public at Jason Trawick's big celebratory dinner at the Chocolate Lounge in the Sugar Factory Resturant.

After the big dinner ... they hit up the Chateau nightclub and danced until the world ends.

Britney Spears My Engagement Ring will Be UNVEILED Tonight!

12/16/2011 1:56 PM PST
Britney Spears will finally show off her engagement ring TONIGHT -- but before it goes public, she's holding a private gathering in Vegas to give her friends and family the first peek ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... the intimate event will take place at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino BEFORE Jason Trawick's big celebratory dinner.

We're told the owner of the PH -- Robert Earl -- will personally attend the event ... and plans to make a toast to the happy couple.

As TMZ first reported, the pair will then move on to a MASSIVE celebratory dinner at the Chocolate Lounge at the Sugar Factory in the Paris Hotel ... followed by a dance party at Chateau nightclub.

Britney Spears I'M ENGAGED!!!

12/16/2011 8:18 AM PST

Jason Trawick
jumped the engagement gun ... 'cause Britney Spears just posted a message hinting that he ALREADY popped the question ... and TMZ has learned she said yes!

Britney just went to her Facebook page and wrote, "OMG. Last night Jason surprised me with the one gift I've been waiting for. Can't wait to show you! SO SO SO excited!!!! Xxo."

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... Jason proposed last night ... and to celebrate, he organized a giant party in Vegas.

TMZ broke the story ... Britney knew Trawick was going to pop the question ... but it was SUPPOSED to happen tonight. Seems he just couldn't wait!

Sources close to the couple tell us ... the MASSIVE celebratory dinner will go down tonight at the Chocolate Lounge at the Sugar Factory in the Paris Hotel ... because Brit Brit LOVES chocolate.

We're told there will be a chocolate fondue fountain and all the men will get chocolate truffle cigars.

After dinner ... the gang is set to go to Chateau nightclub and party the night away.

We're told everyone involved in the fiesta has received specific marching orders -- anything Britney wants, Britney gets.

Britney Spears She's Gettin' Engaged Tonight!

12/16/2011 5:30 AM PST

Britney Spears
is getting engaged to boyfriend Jason Trawick, TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources who are definitely in the know say Jason plans to pop the question tonight ... in Las Vegas.

We're told Britney knows they're getting engaged, so it's not going to be a big surprise.

Sources say Britney's conservators have given their stamp of approval. The matter will go before the judge in the conservatorship case but it's virtually certain Brit will get the judge's sign off.

And we're told ... Jason did it the old fashioned way ... by asking Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, for permission to marry his daughter.

And they're also doing it the new-fashioned way ... we've learned there WILL be a prenup.

Trawick popped the question early -- Britney's engaged!!!

Britney Spears -- Ring Pics Spark Engagement Rumors

6/4/2011 6:35 AM PDT
Britney Spears was spotted out this week wearing what looks to be an engagement ring -- sending the Internet into a tizzy -- but it turns out she's been sporting the rock for some time ... and it doesn't look like an engagement ring to us.

Brit Brit was seen with the ring poking out of her sleeve (see above) when she left a spa in the Valley on Wednesday. The rumor was ... she and Jason Trawick were set to get hitched and she was going to announce it on Twitter yesterday. Instead, she just announced a tour giveaway.  

As you can see from the pics above, Brit has been wearing the ring for the past six weeks, and it looks more like a flower of some kind than a giant diamond. 

Doesn't seem like she's ready to walk down the aisle ... yet.

Jason Trawick Sayonara, Britney ...

5/21/2011 6:00 AM PDT
Jason Trawick has cut ties with Britney Spears ... but only professionally, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... they are still doing great together, but Jason has decided to step aside as her agent. 

Trawick has left William Morris Endeavor to create an arts and entertainment division for a company called Famos LLC, whose partners include musicians Dave Stewart and Mick Jagger. The company will specialize in promoting artists who have a digital reach.

Please Jason … don't sign Rebecca Black.

Britney Spears -- Mama's Watching!

3/20/2011 9:48 AM PDT
Britney Spears, boyfriend Jason Trawick, and young son Jayden James all ventured out to the field yesterday to watch Brit's oldest, Sean Preston, play baseball.

Too cute.

Britney Spears -- Three's Company

3/13/2011 5:23 PM PDT
Britney Spears, her current BF Jason Trawick, and her ex-husband Kevin Federline all came face-to-awkward-face today at Sean Preston's Little League game.

This is believed to be the first time Brit and K-Fed have been photographed together since they split back in 2006.

Britney Spears -- Christmas Time at Walmart

12/8/2010 9:30 AM PST
Britney Spears is rollin' back the prices on her holiday shopping -- with a low budget excursion to a Los Angeles area Walmart yesterday ... yes, they have Walmarts in L.A.

Store employees tell us Brit Brit usually comes by every year around the holidays to buy Xmas toys and other seasonal goodies -- no word on what she bought this time.

Britney's BF Jason Trawick was MIA for the shopping spree -- but Brit did have a bodyguard watching her back as she cruised through the aisles.

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