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Selena Weber & Lauren Ashley Models Get More Cheeky in Miami

2/7/2017 3:11 PM PST

0207-Selena-Weber-Lauren-Ashley-bikini-photos-launch-Selena Weber and Lauren Ashley brought several swimsuit options for their Miami trip ... and they keep revealing more about themselves with every outfit change.

The models have been hitting the beach for a few days now, and they hit everyone with a double shot of their backsides Tuesday ... especially Selena.

Keep up the good behavior, girls.

'Orange Is The New Black' Star Flaca To the Beach

2/6/2017 12:07 PM PST

0206-jackie-cruz-bikini-photos-launch"Orange Is the New Black" star Jackie Cruz ain't spending her time off from the show locked up inside somewhere.

Jackie, who plays Flaca, hit Miami Beach Sunday in a drastically different uniform than the prison onesie people are used to seeing her wear on 'OITNB.'

Wardrobe department might wanna take note for next season.

J Lo Best. Ad. Ever.

2/3/2017 12:38 PM PST

0203-jennifer-lopez-underboob-INSTAGRAM-01Jennifer Lopez just guaranteed you're going to Las Vegas to see her show -- or at least you definitely want to go. 

J Lo revealed as much as Instagram will allow as a reminder she's about to start up her Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood again.

See ya in Vegas on February 8.


Mark Schlereth's Hot Daughter Yeah, Travis Kelce Dissed Me ... But He's Still Hotter Than Gronk

2/2/2017 2:32 PM PST

The smokin' hot daughter of 3-time NFL champ Mark Schlereth ain't a hater ... 'cause she says Travis Kelce -- who didn't pick her on his reality show -- is still a hotter piece of tight end than Rob Gronkowski.

We got Avery Schlereth out in Houston ... and asked her if there were any hard feelings between her and Kelce, being that she competed on his reality dating show, "Catching Kelce" ... and lost. 

Not only is she not mad ... she's still a fan ... telling our guy in a head-to-head choice between Gronk & Kelce, she'd take Kelce both on the field ... and after the game.

BTW ... Avery is ridiculously hot, so much so that we're wondering if the Chiefs should have Kelce's eyes checked. Peep the gallery below, you'll agree.


Scott Disick Changing Hot Chicks in Miami Like You Change Underwear

1/31/2017 2:55 PM PST

0131-scott-disick-new-blonde-tmz-01Scott Disick has a revolving door policy when it comes to models hanging poolside ... but one thing they're all down to do is show off their asses.

Scott cozied up to a blonde Tuesday at the Setai Hotel, the day after he was chilling in exact same spot with a different woman. 

We broke the story ... Scott's fling with model J Lynne was temporary -- as in 24 hours. With his one-and-done policy in place ... expect to see a new face butt next to him tomorrow.


Scott Disick Bienvenido a Miami with Hot Chick! Flees Kardashian Vacay

1/31/2017 9:30 AM PST

0131-scott-disick-florida-launch-2Scott Disick got a better vacay offer than hanging with Kourtney and the rest of the Kardashians -- and we got some awesome shots of said better offer.

Scott popped up in Miami on Monday with a very young looking hot chick ... on the beach and in the pool at the Setai Hotel. She's cheeky, for sure.

Just a couple days ago, Scott was chilling in Costa Rica with Kourtney and their kids. He even proudly posted a pic.

0131-kourtney-kardashain-scott-disick-costa-rica-instagram-02But obviously, there's only so long Disick can hang in that situation -- before returning to his natural habitat.

The Lord is back ... on the prowl.

Tom Brady's Stupidly Handsome Face Like a Fine Wine ...

1/30/2017 12:35 AM PST

0123-tom-brady-through-the-years-launch-2The NFL has been very good to Tom Brady's face ... so has Father Time ... 'cause the guy seems to get better looking with age. 

Here's Tom though the years ... starting as a fresh-faced college QB back in the late '90s and going right up to 2017 ... when he's still a fresh-faced 39-year-old insanely good-looking football God. 

Quarterback don't crack.

Anthony Kiedis You've Changed

1/29/2017 7:48 AM PST

0129-anthony-kiedis-surfing-PCN-01Anthony Kiedis isn't the same guy after a round of surfing ... he literally changes right in front of you.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer hit up Malibu Saturday to catch some waves, and then stripped down to his birthday suit for a discreet wardrobe change in the open. 

Chalk it up to sunshine and Californication. 


1/28/2017 12:40 AM PST

Super Bowl week isn't just big for the NFL, it's HUGE for strippers -- with the top dancers in the world flying to Houston for 6 FIGURE PAYOUTS ... so says one of the greatest ever, Maliah Michel

Michel is one of the ELITE -- a top tier dancer who also famously dated Drake (he even name dropped her in a song!).

She says the money during big events like the Super Bowl is real -- she made $120k during NBA All-Star weekend in Houston in 2013 and says this week WILL be just as big.

And who's throwing the biggest stacks? It ain't rappers or NBA players.

Maliah says the biggest ballers are the athletes from a particular sport who may have something to prove.

Can't afford Houston this week? Check out the Maliah gallery below ... you can see why she's worth the money.


Lily Collins Abs-olutely Ripped

1/27/2017 2:26 PM PST

0127-lily-collins-gym-FFN-01Lily Collins will take a Friday 6-pack to go from the gym -- but we all get to enjoy.

Phil's daughter left the gym in Bev Hills and looked like she got in a major workout.

We should all do ab day Lily's way.

Joe Jonas Move Over, Nick ... I'm in the Shred Zone Too

1/27/2017 10:46 AM PST

0127-joe-jonas-boxing-nick-jonas-ffn-INSTAGRAM-01Joe Jonas is flaunting his body of work ... 16 weeks of intense work to be exact.

The DNCE frontman bulked up and then shredded by weight training and boxing at Unbreakable Gym in West Hollywood. The gym's co-founder (and 'NFL On FOX' star) Jay Glazer says Joe committed to a pro-athlete training regimen that included specific caloric intake and two-a-day workouts.

Can't argue with Joe's results, but here's the thing -- his little bro, Nick, pumps up at the same gym, and recently showed off a bulkier physique.

So, we gotta ask ...

Nina Agdal Busts Out of Bikini In SI Swimsuit Return

1/25/2017 8:41 AM PST

0125-nina-agdal-sports-illustrated-01Good Lord. 

Here's supermodel Nina Agdal showing off her insane physique for the upcoming 2017 SI Swimsuit edition .... proving once again it's good to be Leonardo DiCaprio.  

No more words. Just watch. Good times.


Anastasia Ashley A Perfect Hang 10 At Miami Beach

1/24/2017 2:43 PM PST

0124-anastasia-ashley-bikini-thong-booty-butt-photos-launchPro surfer Anastasia Ashley left her surfboard behind, but still got in the water at a beach in Miami and made some waves of her own ... in a teeny tiny purple bikini.

Check out the pics and ask yourself ... what's more courageous -- riding a huge wave, or taking your phone with you into the ocean?

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