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DeMario Jackson's Ex Puts a Bow On Her Assets!!!

7/9/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Lexi Thexton's message to DeMario Jackson for ditching her to go on "The Bachelorette?" -- the pose says it all ... ya assed out on getting this!!!

Lexi showed off her buns in a pink bikini in Santa Monica ... and she's as hot as the sand.

You'll recall Rachel Lindsay infamously booted DeMario when Lexi made a surprise 'Bachelorette' appearance to confront him for going on the show even though, according to her, they were still an item.

Lexi's single now ... but with those buns, probably not for long.

Kendall Jenner & Bella Hadid We Take Great Pride In Our Cowboy Hats

7/8/2017 11:26 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid held hands and joined up with more than 25,000 people at the Pride Parade in London ... in matching rainbow cowboy hats.

The colorful gals took part in the annual march through central London -- now in its 45th year -- Saturday to celebrate the LGBTQ community. They also showed off their abs ... as a bonus.

London's mayor said the event was their biggest ever and is the "best antidote" to recent tragedies and terrorist attacks in England.

LeBron vs. D-Wade Battle of The Short Shorts!

7/7/2017 10:19 AM PDT
Breaking News

Who wears short shorts?? NBA superstars wear short shorts!! ... 'cause LeBron James is joining Dwyane Wade's summertime fashion campaign and puttin' his legs on display!!

The King showed off his beach bod while vacationing in Mexico ... and while LBJ has been enjoying some off-season R&R, he's staying competitive by showin' off a similar version of Wade's model-esque post from his time in Italy.

These guys are best friends and have vacationed together in the past (banana boat, anyone??) ... but now that they're havin' their own fun in the sun, we gotta ask ...

Kim Kardashian It's a Miracle My Sports Bra Stayed On!!!

7/7/2017 10:15 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian's sports bra was hanging on for dear life as she trudged up an L.A. canyon.

Kim and the girls went for a walk Thursday in Fryman Canyon near her Bel Air home. Her pal, Carla DiBello, and her personal trainer, Don-A-Matrix, were by her side, and their focus was broken just once ... to greet some adorable pooches.

As we reported, Kim and Kanye have made a deal with a surrogate for baby #3.

The training looks tough, but it's paying off ... Kim's body looks amazing. 

Chelsea Soccer Star Rebounds with Hot Bikini Chick ... After Baby Mama Breakup

7/6/2017 10:03 AM PDT

Out with the old, in with the new ... butt. 

Here's Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois on a yacht with a smokin' hot lady friend -- just months after breaking things off with his baby mama, Marta Dominguez

The backstory ... in April, Courtois announced he and Dominguez decided to call off their relationship, despite the fact she was pregnant with their 2nd child at the time. 

25-year-old Courtois says the two are on good terms -- and now he's hanging out with new attractive women ... like the one in the tiny bikini off the coast of Spain. 

Jen Selter From Cheek to Shining Cheek ... Happy 4th!!!

7/4/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Jen Selter is a true patriot when it comes to 4th of July -- just check out her red, white and blue thong and bikini ... and don't forget her ass.

The famous fitness model hit the beach for the holiday weekend, and even under gloomy skies ... she still sizzled next to the ol' American flag. A banging bod will do that sometimes.

Looks like Jen even brought her pup along for some of the beach fun. But who are we kidding ... you probably didn't even notice it was there.

Christie Brinkley Serena's Naked Photo Shoot Is Fire 'I'd Be Honored to Work with Her'

6/30/2017 6:33 AM PDT

Legend respects legend.

Christie Brinkley just dropped some SERIOUS praise on Serena Williams -- saying her nude, pregnant Vanity Fair cover is bomb as hell ... and it would be an "honor" to work with her! 

The modeling icon turned business mogul couldn't stop gushing over the photo -- saying on a scale of 1 to 10, Serena's pic was an 11, "Off the scale! She's over-the-top amazing!" 

Wouldn't be a terrible idea for these two to hang out -- Brinkley used her modeling cash to fund a real estate empire and reportedly built a fortune around $100 MILLION! 


Tara Lipinski Hot Ass Bikini Pics ... On Honeymoon

6/29/2017 8:34 AM PDT
Breaking News

Tara Lipinski got that ass ... and where better to show it off than on your honeymoon?!

The gold medal ice skating legend is putting her killer physique on display in the Maldives -- where she's chillin' with her brand new sports producer husband, Todd Kapostasy.

The couple got married at a fancy ceremony last weekend in South Carolina after dating for 2 years -- then jetted straight for a swanky resort, where their room is literally on the Indian Ocean.

Mazel tov! 

David Guetta Asstonishing Views in Spain Got Him Like ...

6/28/2017 8:04 AM PDT

Smoking hot chicks in bikinis? Check. Vacationing on a baller yacht in Spain? Yup -- and David Guetta's happy ass is enjoying it all.

The EDM superstar DJ grinned ear-to-ear as his drop-dead gorgeous gf, Jessica Ledon, hung all over him during their vacay on the Spanish island of Formentera. Butts weren't the only things popping ... Jessica's sporting some shiny bling on her ring finger.

Unclear if Guetta locked it down, but Jessica looks extremely happy.

Getting filthy in Spain ... it's worked out for David.

China We Got Asses Too!

6/28/2017 7:58 AM PDT

File this under ... in yo' face, Brazil!! But ya gotta say it in Mandarin.

Yes, China -- communist China -- has its own take on butt competitions. Theirs is called the Women's Beautiful Buttocks contest, and it went down recently in a Shenyang mall.

Of course, Brazil is famous for its annual Miss Bumbum competition -- so some might call the Shenyang showdown a Chinese knockoff. If you don't look too closely ... good replica, right?

If size matters though, y'know where to go ...

Serena Williams Nude & Pregnant ... for Vanity Fair

6/27/2017 6:14 AM PDT

Game. Set. Match.

Serena Williams wins again -- in a big way -- stripping down to her pregnant birthday suit for the cover of Vanity Fair ... and she SLAYYYYYYED.

In the issue, the tennis superstar also details how she found out she was pregnant on the set of a lingerie shoot (she took 6 pregnancy tests!) and how she fell in love with her fiance, Alexis Ohanian

Also, Serena revealed she knew she was pregnant when she decided to compete in the Australian Open back in January ... a tournament she dominated and won!

In fact, Serena says she expects to return to pro tennis as soon as January.

Until then ... that cover. Damn.

Nuclear Power Plant Forces Interns to Go 2 Pieces!! (Yes, There's a Backlash)

6/26/2017 2:53 PM PDT

A nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic made its intern search look more like Miss Hawaiian Tropic ... and as you'd probably guess someone's in really hot water. Not radioactive though. We hope.

The Temelin Station posted photos of 10 high school graduates who were vying for a 2 week internship at the plant. The Facebook post said the candidate who got the most likes would be crowned "Miss Energy 2017."

The online reaction was, well ... nuclear.

The plant -- which is the largest in the Czech Republic -- apologized after 2 days of competition and announced all 10 young women would get internships. It insisted the original intent was to "promote technical education."

They must have meant Hooters ed.

Brooke Burke Bend and Stretch In a Bikini, On a Yacht!!

6/26/2017 8:41 AM PDT

Does Brooke Burke's husband, David Charvet, want to be ANYWHERE else in the world right now? "Namaste right here and shoot video of my wife bending over in a bikini."

Brooke and David are cruising the Italian Riviera on a yacht, and y'know how it goes: When you're on a boat and sporting a small bikini, there's always time to get in some yoga stretches.

David played amateur photog while Brooke did her best to stay flexible.

This is a trip we can all get behind ... if Brooke keeps this up.

Saturday Sweat 💦🤸🏼‍♂️💦. Bateau #BikiniBootyBurn🔥 in the Med, Cheerleader squats #NoExcuses 🌊🛥@shape

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