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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Just Had a Kid?!?! ... Could've Fooled Us

1/10/2018 12:12 PM PST

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looked absolutely incredible during a bikini photo shoot in the Bahamas this week ... this just six months after popping out a baby boy in June.

Goes to show, Jason Statham has a lot to be proud of after Rosie, his longtime girlfriend, gave birth to their first kid last summer ... count her post-birth bod as part of that.

This is the first bikini shoot the former Victoria's Secret Angel has done since giving birth, and it certainly looks like she's been putting in work since then.

The dad bod movement's got a lot of catching up to do. #NewMomBod 

Kim Kardashian Cleans Up Body In Dirty Kitchen

1/10/2018 7:42 AM PST

Kim Kardashian looks like a hot milf chugging milk while promoting meal replacement shakes -- which she is -- but she's getting more attention for the whole barefoot in a dirty kitchen thing.

Kim posted the snapshot of herself in what appears to be a commercial kitchen, and her followers were quick to point out the floors need a good bleaching. The comments ranged from ruthless to trivial -- one person commented commercial kitchens have bigger stoves.

Apparently, it's come to that -- fans are so accustomed to seeing Kim's smoking hot body, they'd rather focus on appliances. Go figure.

Nicole Murphy Holy Crap This is What 50 Can Look Like!!!

1/6/2018 6:49 AM PST

Nicole Murphy is a sight to behold ... a woman whose defiance against looking old is one for the ages.

We got Nicole and her mom in Bev Hills Friday night, celebrating her 50th birthday -- yes, 50 -- at Mastro's Steakhouse.  

Even if you don't have sound, watch the video. She looks incredible.

Of course we asked Eddie Murphy's baby mama about a possible "Coming to America" sequel. Maybe she's just playing her cards close to her vest.

Either way ... who care's, she got to celebrate with Drake. Happy birthday!

Drag Queen Courtney Act Mothertucker!!! Loses Skirt on Live TV

1/5/2018 3:31 PM PST
Breaking News

UK Celebrity Big Brother fans got an eyeful of famed drag queen Courtney Act Friday night on live TV ... as her skirt suddenly tore away during her big entrance.

The show's debut -- always a huge event on English TV -- was airing on BBC when Court strolled down a grand staircase, and then shockingly lost it all. With no underwear for safety, the broadcast cut away to a super-wide overhead camera angle ... while Courtney scrambled for the skirt.

Courtney, whose real name is Shane Jenek, picked up, carried on and entered the BB house ... and is now quarantined.

Awesome ice breaker for the first house meeting!

Kim Kardashian Top O' the Morning!!!

1/5/2018 8:38 AM PST

Kim Kardashian's Friday morning got off to a racy start ... not that we're complaining. 

Kim posted this topless photo with her ass nearly all out in all its glory. She captioned the photo, "Rise & Grind." If you needed a little motivation to kick-start the weekend, here it is. Our guess is it'll wanna keep you tucked in bed.

Not sure what's up with the glow in the pic (ceiling mirror?) or how those sheets stay so crisp so early in the morning ... or why we're still typing for that matter.

Britney Spears So Long, Vegas ... Yellow Hawaii!!!

1/4/2018 8:03 AM PST

Britney Spears is taking a load off in Hawaii after ending her residency in Las Vegas -- and we are so thankful for the break ... and the view.

Brit was spotted rockin' a yellow bikini on a Hawaiian beach Wednesday -- just a few days after she performed her last residency show in Vegas for New Year's Eve. 

She went out with a bang then, and it looks like she's still banging now. Britney's toned figure was on full display ... and, Lordy, does she look good.

Gotta say, we can get used to bikini Britney in a heartbeat. Aloha!

Ciara Half Naked in Bed ... Shot by Russell Wilson!!!

1/3/2018 5:57 PM PST

We think Ciara has a new fave photog to work with -- her husband Russell Wilson, and even if you hate the Seahawks ... ya gotta give him props for this.

Ciara posted a bunch of scantily clad shots of herself, and proudly announced her hubby was behind the lens. Not sure if Russell has any background in photography, but looks like he could have a future in it.

If you're a 'Hawks fan bummed they didn't make the playoffs ... check out Dangeruss' handiwork.

It should ease the sting.

Cassie Warms Up ... For Diddy's NYE Blowout

1/1/2018 11:54 AM PST

Diddy's girlfriend needed a little sun before a little bubbly for New Year's -- and she definitely got it ... on all sides. 

Paps got Cassie hitting the beach in Miami hours before her guy threw a blowout of a NYE party at their house -- where Diddy ended up helping a drunk woman who'd passed out.

As for Cassie, looks like she was gettin' her sip on before the clock struck 12. She was all smiles too, and why wouldn't she be? It's easy to be happy when you look this good. 

Sean Penn Bring Your Hot Daughter ... To the Beach Day!

12/28/2017 11:51 AM PST

Dylan Penn looked like a chip off the old block in Hawaii ... flaunting her best traits from both mom and dad.

Sean Penn's model daughter was seen taking a stroll along the waves in Oahu -- where her pops is a part-time resident -- and even with earbuds in and shades on ... she was smokin' in the water. 

Sean was nearby, apparently going for more of the beach bum vibe ... chilling out on the sand, and looking deep in thought. We're told he kept his distance as Dylan jammed out, and eventually went back into his house.

No sign of mama bear, Robin Wright, here -- but she and Sean have gotta be proud of their kid for channeling the family's good looks when it counts. 

Mark Wahlberg Beach Bod Alert in Barbados

12/28/2017 10:22 AM PST

Mark Wahlberg's looking absolutely shredded these days ... so there's clearly no reason for him to ever put a shirt back on, right?

The 46-year-old actor was spotted with his model wife Rhea Durham Thursday on a beach in Barbados ... showing off all of his muscles and his washboard abs.

It's funny -- just a day earlier, Wahlberg popped in on one of our TMZ Tour buses and sent the group into a frenzy ... but just imagine the reaction if he was shirtless then too.

Elsa Hosk Best. Kettlebell. Workout. Ever.

12/28/2017 7:15 AM PST

Here's hoping Elsa Hosk starts a new kettlebell trend ... with her workout attire.

The Victoria's Secret Angel suited up in a lace leotard for day 28 of LOVE Magazine's Advent calendar. Her form was on point ... and her kettlebell workout wasn't too shabby either. Elsa strapped and chalked it up for some Russian swings, single-arm rows and goblet squats. It's all fantASStic.

Only 3 days left before LOVE rounds out its 2017 calendar ... and gotta say, it's almost a miracle these posts make any damn sense after Day 1. Hard to concentrate, ya know?

Ryan Phillippe Oh, the Weather Outside is Nippy ... Let It Show, Let It Show, Let It Show!!!

12/27/2017 7:02 AM PST

Ryan Phillippe's freak accident is definitely behind him ... can't say the same about his freak of a bod, thankfully.

Ryan posed for this shirtless pic while on a holiday vacay, where apparently winter attire's optional ... because no one ever said washboard abs are strictly a summer show. That beanie, though ... way to protect the blonde locks.

Great to see Ryan fully back on his feet ... months after a UTV crushed his right leg after trying to steer the thing to safety. 

S.I. Model Chase Carter Abs and Ass ... Beach Fun With Gold Medal BF

12/26/2017 9:11 AM PST

Here are the perfect images for the day after you stuffed your face ... two completely perfect human beings flaunting their ridiculous bodies on the beach.

The specimens are S.I. swimsuit model (and Rookie) Chase Carter and her Olympic Gold Medal BF, Conor Dwyer, who scorched the sand in Miami over the Christmas holidays.

These two have been dating for a while, and definitely aren't shy about letting the world know, sharing some PDA on the beach between playing Frisbee, swimming, and not eating any carbs.

We're not jealous, we're just extremely upset we're not either of them.

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