Paris Jackson Family Dinner with Little Bro Blanket

Paris Jackson took matters into her own hands ... breaking bread with little bro Blanket as grandma Katherine remains MIA.

TMZ broke the story, Paris has been upset that Blanket is without his grandmother, and she doesn't think this is Katherine's doing. The 86-year-old matriarch has not spoken to Paris, Blanket or Prince since January, when she left for London. Since returning, she has been absent from the family house in Calabasas and has been staying with her daughter, Rebbie.

Paris and Blanket were joined by TJ Jackson, who's been staying with 15-year-old Blanket at the house. TJ, a co-guardian with Katherine, also hasn't heard from her since January.

Janet Jackson Separation Seems Tied to Katherine Jackson Visit

Janet Jackson's separation from Wissam Al Mana dovetailed almost perfectly with Katherine Jackson's extended trip to London ... and it looks a lot less like she went because she was afraid of her nephew.

Janet's baby was born January 3, and Katherine left L.A. 3 weeks later for London. Based on what we're told she got on a plane on the heels of Janet's separation.

Our sources say Janet put Katherine up in a London hotel and footed the bill. Katherine stayed in London for 2 months, returning to L.A. March 30 under the watchful eye of daughter Rebbie, who was also in London with her for a time during Katherine's visit.

Sources connected with some of Katherine's children claim Katherine went to London because she feared her nephew, Trent, who's now in the middle of a nasty legal/family fight in which there are allegations he stole from Katherine and abused her ... something he strongly denies.

Sources connected with Trent believe Katherine wasn't even aware allegations were being made against Trent, and she was distracted by the baby and Janet's separation. They say the only reason she returned was because the handwriting was on the wall and the judge was about to throw out the case against Trent unless she returned. The sources say Jermaine and others realized she needed to come back.

Katherine has not returned to her Calabasas home ... she's been staying with Rebbie. As far as we know, Katherine has not seen Michael Jackson's kids since returning, despite being their legal guardian. Sources on Trent's side believe certain family members don't want the grandkids to get in Katherine's ear.


Paris Jackson Finally Living Teenage Dream For Her 19th Birthday

Paris Jackson's birthday looked like a typical teen's Monday -- eating Mickey D's, smoking cigs, hanging with friends -- which is a full 180 from when she was a kid.

She celebrated 19 by chillin' outside a friend's apartment ... possibly the most casual party ever for Hollywood royalty.

Can't blame Paris though for toning things down. Her childhood was nothing short of a media circus ... hidden behind veils, paparazzi and bodyguards at every turn.

She's earned some normalcy. Happy 19th, PJ!

Michael Jackson's Kids Come Together for Family Dinner But Where's Grandma?

Michael Jackson's sons, Prince and Blanket, got together with a few cousins for dinner in Bev Hills ... where Grandma Katherine had to be the hot topic.

Tito's son TJ Jackson, who's been legal guardian of MJ's kid, was at Honor Bar Saturday evening with the group -- and we know he's smack in the middle of Katherine's battle with Trent Jackson.

TMZ broke the story ... Trent's lawyers want TJ to sit down with Katherine and mediate her elder abuse claims against Trent. That could be difficult for TJ right now, because Katherine's been kept in hiding -- away from Michael's kids -- since she flew back to L.A. last week.

Paris was not at the Saturday dinner because she attended the GLAAD Awards, but this was our first glimpse at Prince's awesome MJ tattoo in public.


Paris Jackson I'm with Caitlyn

Paris Jackson spent some time with Caitlyn Jenner on the heels of starting a friendship with one of Caitlyn's daughters.

Paris attended the GLAAD Media Awards Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton, and ran into Caitlyn. Just last week, Paris was spotted shopping in L.A. with Kendall -- which makes sense since PJ is breaking into the modeling biz. Little professional advice.

Think Cait and Paris talked fashion?

Katherine Jackson Kept Under Wraps ... Away from Grandkids

Katherine Jackson has been stashed away from her grandchildren since returning to Los Angeles ... out of fear they'll reprogram grandma and derail her legal battle with Trent Jackson.

Sources connected to the family tell us Michael's children -- Paris, Prince and Blanket -- didn't even know Katherine was coming back and as of Friday, had not seen her. Remember, she flew back from London Wednesday night, and her daughter Rebbie desperately tried to block our camera at LAX.


Other family sources say rather than taking the matriarch to her own home, she was secretly taken to one of her children's homes -- and it has everything to do with the elder abuse lawsuit.

Remember, the main reason Katherine even came back is to testify against her nephew, Trent. He's made it clear he believes Rebbie and Jermaine Jackson are masterminding the whole case in an effort to gain control of Katherine's money.

We're told Trent's camp thinks Katherine's kids are worried Paris and Prince will encourage grandma to drop the lawsuit. You'll recall ... Paris went off on Jermaine and other siblings in 2012 when Katherine was taken to Arizona for nearly 2 weeks. She equated it to a kidnapping.

Our sources point out the fact Katherine still hasn't seen her beloved grandchildren -- after being gone for 2 months -- is a strong sign someone doesn't want a repeat of 2012.

Katherine Jackson Back in L.A. Under Heavy Biological Guard

[[omnivirt:video id="8128"]]

Katherine Jackson is back in Los Angeles, and one of the kids Trent believes is masterminding the court case against him almost gymnastically shielded her from questions about the family war.

TMZ broke the story ... Katherine headed back to L.A. from London after a judge essentially ruled her case against Trent couldn't go forward without her present in court.

Katherine's daughter, Rebbie, blocked our photog who was asking about Katherine's allegations that Trent stole from her and abused her ... something he denies.

Trent believes Rebbie and Jermaine Jackson are manipulating Katherine into going against Trent, although the endgame isn't clear.

We're told Trent is willing to walk away from the whole thing, so it's unclear why the case is pressing forward.

Our sources say the 86-year-old will be seeing doctors ... and it's certainly possible her lawyer could ask the judge at the next hearing to keep her off the stand because of her age and health.

Katherine Jackson Flies Back to U.S. for Courtroom Showdown with Nephew

Katherine Jackson hopped a flight from London to L.A. to make sure she's in court for her elder abuse case against Trent Jackson ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the Jacksons tell us Katherine jetted back because the judge has said her lawsuit against Trent -- her nephew and longtime caretaker -- would be thrown out of court if she wasn't present to testify. A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

We're told Trent believes Katherine jetted back, ending her nearly 2 month stay with Janet Jackson, because Jermaine Jackson and other siblings are in her ear ... pumping her up to go full bore against Trent in court.

However, sources connected to Trent tell us he's ready and willing to walk away, literally, if that's what Katherine wants -- even though he's done nothing but care for her for years. That's the odd twist.

If he's prepared to wave the white flag, why go to war in court? We're told Trent thinks some of Katherine's children are pushing her to go forward because they believe it will help them gain control of the estate.

Doesn't really make sense, but something's clearly up for Katherine to rush back to L.A. for court.

Katherine Jackson Tells Judge, Trent's So Bad I'm Hiding Out in London

Katherine Jackson -- or someone claiming to be Katherine Jackson -- has doubled down in the family war, claiming again Michael's cousin, Trent, has been stealing from and bullying the matriarch.

Katherine has been MIA for months after allegedly leveling claims Trent has pilfered $40k out of her bank account and manipulated her into buying him a Cadillac. She's also claimed elder abuse.

Trent has said it's all BS ... that Katherine isn't really driving this, but rather it's Jermaine and some of her other kids in order to get control of MJ's Estate.

In the new declaration -- obtained by TMZ -- Katherine says she's in London because she's scared to come home for fear Trent will now seek revenge on her. She says she's now filled with stress and anxiety, and she's now taking new meds to cope.

Katherine also says she's had meeting with social workers from Adult Protective Services and they will vouch for the authenticity of her claims.

The judge in the case is deciding whether he'll require Katherine's presence in court for the case against Trent to go forward.

Katherine Jackson Proposal For Grandson To Settle Family War

Katherine Jackson's fate and fortune may lie in the hands of one of her grandsons ... TMZ has learned.

Trent Jackson, Michael's cousin, and his attorney Ron Rale want TJ Jackson, Michael's nephew, to sit down with Katherine alone and decide who's the victim and who's the villain in what has become a family war.

TMZ broke the story ... Katherine has filed a legal doc claiming Trent has committed elder abuse against her and fleeced her to boot. But, we've now learned Trent and his lawyer have a plan to put the dispute to bed and, at the same time, cast suspicion on the motive of other Jackson relatives.

Rale's proposing that TJ -- the one person whose family loyalty has never been challenged -- sit down with Katherine to discuss the situation at hand. If at the end of the sit-down TJ believes Trent has done harm to Michael's mom, he'll leave for good and if Katherine wants him to stay, he will.

Trent, we're told, believes TJ's one-on-one with Katherine will not only absolve him of any wrongdoing, in the process he will cast doubt on the motives of other family members ... family members he believes are trying to get him out of the way so they have a clear path to the matriarch's bank account.

Trent and Rale are suspicious of other family members ... especially after a 2012 incident in which Trent and Michael's kids reported Katherine missing, only to learn some of her kids had taken her to Arizona. They essentially called it a kidnapping, saying some family members were trying to brainwash her into challenging Michael's Estate in a money grab.

Michael cut his siblings and his dad out of his will. The Estate pays Katherine a monthly stipend and when she dies the balance of Michael's fortune is divided between his 3 kids and various charities.

Jermaine Jackson I'm Here for My Mother ... Not for MJ's Money


Katherine Jackson is in the middle of a brewing family war, but Jermaine Jackson says he's only getting involved out of concern for his mother's health.

We got Jermaine leaving a hearing in L.A. Wednesday for Katherine's elderly abuse case. As we reported, the Jackson matriarch is accusing her nephew, Trent Lamar Jackson, of being an "abusive con-man."

Jermaine told us he's siding with Mom over his cousin, but not for any financial windfall ... as Trent has claimed.

Katherine wasn't in court, and ultimately the hearing was postponed because of that. Trent's attorney says he's served a notice have Katherine deposed on March 15, but her attorney says she won't show for that either.

When and if this gets to court ... sounds like Jermaine will be ready and willing to testify on Katherine's behalf.

Katherine Jackson My Nephew Is Abusing Me

Katherine Jackson is the victim of elder abuse at the hands of her nephew ... according to legal docs she just filed in Los Angeles.

Katherine just obtained a restraining order against Trent Lamar Jackson. In her papers she claims he is an "abusive con-man" who manipulated Mrs. Jackson for years so he could take control of her finances, stay rent-free in her guest house and estrange her from her kids.

She believes Trent was taking money from her accounts and says she has to hide in her closet so she can speak freely to her kids. Katherine says Rebbie and some of her other children are willing to testify against Trent.

Katherine also fears physical harm, saying, "Now that he knows his conduct will be revealed, she fears what he may do to her upon her return." She's currently in London visiting Janet.

The 86-year-old says she tried to fire Trent from his job as her nearly 6-figure driver on February 3, with the Sheriff present, but Trent took off just as deputies and her lawyer arrived.

The judge's order requires Trent to stay 100 yards clear of her, move out of her guest house and return all his keys.

Paris Jackson I Wanna Make My Dad Proud!!!


Paris Jackson is a grown woman, and pretty damn impressive!

We got Michael Jackson's daughter leaving LAX Monday, where she obliquely talked about her move to conquer modeling and Hollywood.

It's pretty remarkable for someone who was once shrouded in masks, hats and anything else that could hide her from public view.

As for whether Michael would be proud ... she's banking on it.

Paris Jackson Making 2017 Her Bitch!!!

Paris Jackson is making her move ... to conquer Hollywood -- with a little help from Lee Daniels.

We've learned Daniels met with Paris and discussed a possible role in his new Fox show, "Star," and she's seriously considering it.

That's just the beginning. We're told she's already booked 3 covers of major high-fashion mags, the first of which hits the stands this month.

And, we're told, the 18-year-old has been approached by multiple modeling agencies which think she's as marketable as any high-end model.

Paris has also been approached by several major brands that want her face on their products.

It's an amazing transformation for someone who was once shielded from public view and covered with masks and bundles of clothing when she ventured out.

Paris had some major issues as a teen, for which she received help, and as a result she wants to use her platform to be an advocate for people dealing with addiction and recovery.

God knows she understands tragedy and family drama. But she's coming out on the other end more than ok.

Paris Jackson BF Gets Early Gift ... Bikini Make-out Sesh in Hawaii

Paris Jackson is reminding her boyfriend why this is the most wonderful time of the year -- and it's got NOTHING to do with Santa, and everything to do with her bikini.

Paris and Michael Snoddy were making out and rolling around in the sand Wednesday on Maui. Michael's 18-year-old daughter and her peek-a-boo swimwear are making the most of the holiday break with her dude.

Who needs mistletoe?

Prince Jackson Stands Up for Grandma in Court


12:53 PM PT -- The judge just ruled Katherine knew exactly what she was doing when she replaced her previous attorney with Joy Bass ... saying there is no question in his mind.

Prince Jackson looked like man on a mission ... all in the name of his grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

Michael's son appeared in a Santa Monica court Monday for a hearing regarding Katherine getting a new attorney. The new lawyer is Joy Bass, and she says she's now representing Katherine in all matters related to Michael's estate.

This, apparently, was news to the Katherine's current attorney ... and sources close to the family tell TMZ Prince is in court now to tell the judge they're disputing the new attorney's claim she's now speaking for Katherine.

We got Prince and TJ Jackson (Tito's son) on the way into court and they were tight-lipped.

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