Mariah Carey Child, Please ... Monroe Sings at the Bowl!


Mariah Carey is passing her microphone, and tiara, down to her daughter, Monroe ... who made her singing debut at the legendary Hollywood Bowl.

Monroe took center stage at the venue Monday night during Mom and Lionel Richie's concert. When Mariah launched into "Always Be My Baby" ... the diva-in-training got on the mic. Sorta.

It took some encouragement from Mariah, but she busted out a few notes. Monroe's twin bro, Moroccan, was there too, but he's saving his pipes for a solo performance. They grow up so fast.

And just so you can feel old too -- the song is 22 freakin' years old!

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Blac Chyna Digs Lap Dance During AOD Strip Club Gig!!!


Blac Chyna's back to familiar surroundings ... with money flying all over the place and asses all up in her grill.

BC hit up Ace of Diamonds in WeHo Monday night for her hosting gig ... y'know, the one she lobbied for in the aftermath of her social media war with baby daddy Rob Kardashian.

Blac Chyna scored $10k for the job and wasn't stingy with it. She spread some of the cash -- looks like Washingtons, not Benjamins -- while taking in a few lap dances. Mally Mall was also there admiring the views.

Outside the club ... it was total chaos when Chyna arrived, and cops even had to help with crowd control. We captured the scene in 360. Enjoy!

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Abby Lee Miller Best Part About Going to Prison ...

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Abby Lee Miller's putting a good spin on going to prison ... free rent!!!

The former "Dance Moms" star was yukking it up with the paps Monday night leaving Craig's ... and we gotta say, she looked pretty damn chill for someone who is 1 day away from reporting to prison for a year.

You'll recall she pled guilty to multiple fraud counts in connection with trying to hide $755,000 in earnings from the government. No word on what Abby's final meal was, but she's a fan of the bargain brands.

Also ... Abby has no plans to bust an El Chapo.

Nate Diaz Don't Count On Conor-Diaz Rematch ... After Floyd Fight

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Nate Diaz says he's not waiting around to fight Conor McGregor for a 3rd time -- but he's not exactly closing the door on it either.

With McGregor tied up with Floyd for the next two months, many are wondering if the Irish superstar will ever return to MMA ... and who he'll fight if he gets back in the Octagon.

So, when we saw Nate out in L.A. Wednesday night, we had to ask if he's down to complete their trilogy.

"We'll see," Diaz told us ... "I've got a lot of stuff going on."

Obviously, a McGregor vs. Diaz rematch would be huge -- the first two fights were epic. Plus, Nate would undoubtedly get a massive paycheck.

Dana White has said he's reached out to both Nate and his brother Nick to book fights -- and neither guy will sign a contract. White says he's not sure either guy will ever fight in the UFC again.

But if the price is right ....

MAY 2017

Ron Howard Trump's Aim is Way Off for Mars

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President Trump was shooting for the moon when he demanded NASA put a man on Mars in the next 3 years, according to Ron Howard ... Hollywood's unofficial Mars expert.

The legendary producer and director was at LAX -- and since he made the Nat Geo series "Mars" ... we asked him about Trump's mission statement. He's all about getting to the red planet, and believes humans will be there.

In fact, he has a target date in mind ... it's just way different from Trump's.

Ron's done plenty of Mars research for his work, so he knows what he's talking about. The prez, on the other hand, currently has bigger worries than space travel.

Mariah Carey My $200k Bday Gift No Big Deal

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Mariah Carey got a Maybach for her birthday and, well, it didn't exactly float her boat.

Mimi was celebrating her belated bday Thursday night at Tao in Hollywood. She turned 47 back in March. The ride was a belated gift from her manager, Stella Bulochnikov.

Most people would've freaked out over a whip with a starting price of $200k. Mariah barely flinched.

Seems she was eyeing the $100k Mercedes G-Wagon with a bow on it, but we're told that was for Stella's daughter.

Amber Rose Hot Pink Body Good Luck Guarding It

Amber Rose's bodyguard sure has a lot of body to guard ... especially when her curves are on full display like this.

Here's Amber leaving Warwick Wednesday night in a pink mini, with a bodyguard, Big B, attached. They apparently hold hands sometimes. No biggie, she's a friendly gal.

You probably didn't notice him back there, though, because of what's going on up front. Can't say Amber doesn't know how to showcase her girls!

'80s movie reboot idea: "Fine As Hell in Pink!"

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Victoria Beckham Smile? On My Birthday? Don't Be Silly!

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Victoria Beckham has never been big on smiling for anything, not even when a pack of strangers sing 'Happy Birthday' for her.

Posh Spice turned 43 on Monday and got a serenade from photogs when she arrived at LAX. It was a sweet gesture, and Vicky seemed like she was gonna be into it. You gotta see her primp for the big moment.

But once the singing started, well ... let's just say she doesn't seem impressed.

We think she'd say her daughter, Harper, did it better.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

James Cameron There's Only One Director at LAX And It Ain't Him!!!

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James Cameron may be the biggest director in the world, but on World Way street at LAX there's an even bigger dog ... the parking enforcement dude.

The video is hilarious. James is about to jump into his waiting SUV when the cop shoos the driver off. Our photog clues the cop in on the famous passenger ... let's just say there's only one sheriff in town.

Cameron's a great sport.

Katherine Jackson Back in L.A. Under Heavy Biological Guard

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Katherine Jackson is back in Los Angeles, and one of the kids Trent believes is masterminding the court case against him almost gymnastically shielded her from questions about the family war.

TMZ broke the story ... Katherine headed back to L.A. from London after a judge essentially ruled her case against Trent couldn't go forward without her present in court.

Katherine's daughter, Rebbie, blocked our photog who was asking about Katherine's allegations that Trent stole from her and abused her ... something he denies.

Trent believes Rebbie and Jermaine Jackson are manipulating Katherine into going against Trent, although the endgame isn't clear.

We're told Trent is willing to walk away from the whole thing, so it's unclear why the case is pressing forward.

Our sources say the 86-year-old will be seeing doctors ... and it's certainly possible her lawyer could ask the judge at the next hearing to keep her off the stand because of her age and health.

Model Hailey Clauson Down with Plus-Size Models But I'll Pass On Bday Cake

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Model Hailey Clauson is all about the plus-size model movement, but only from the sidelines ... based on what she told us about her birthday celebration, anyway.

We got Hailey at LAX -- she turned 22 on Tuesday -- and she made it clear she wouldn't be indulging too much ... due to work. Translation: I don't wanna look fat for a photo shoot!

Still, she's clearly happy hers isn't the only body type killing it in modeling these days.

Bottom line? Hailey's gonna have her cake, and eat it too. Later.

Kim Zolciak 'RHOA' Better Up the Ante for ME! I'm Bigger Than NeNe

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Kim Zolciak has more going on than NeNe Leakes ... so if 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' producers want her back, they're gonna have to drop serious coin -- that's according to Kim, of course.

We got KZ rushing to catch a flight out of LAX, but she took the time to make it clear she's down for a return to 'RHOA' ... if the price is right.

She and NeNe both make cameos on the season finale of 'RHOA' -- and as we've reported, producers desperately want them for the landmark 10th season. But Kim says it won't be easy, or cheap, to land her.

Possible/likely translation: I'm worth more than NeNe.

Nick Jonas Bowling For Love ... Nothing But Strikes!

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Nick Jonas knows a thing or two about winning a woman's heart ... and, apparently, the bowling date is right up his alley.

We got Nick Tuesday at LAX, and while he was fairly tight-lipped for a lot of questions ... he did open up for some crucial dating advice and insight into his game, love and otherwise.

Sounds like those Jonas boys can't miss.

'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay No Diversity Quota For Me But I Do Want Some Men of Color!

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Rachel Lindsay doesn't care what kind of men step in for her season of "The Bachelorette" -- black, white, it's all good ... but she does want to see a mix.

We got Rachel at Floyd Mayweather's weekend birthday bash inside the J.W. Marriott, and she told us she isn't looking to overcompensate in diversity for her guys just 'cause she's the 1st black 'Bachelorette.'

That's not to say she does want to see a range of color in her contestants, whom she apparently doesn't have all that much of a choice in picking. She did drop a hint though as to what kind of man COULD win her heart.

And definitely check out the scene around Rachel and our photog -- courtesy of our new 360-degree camera!

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