Noah Schnapp 'Stranger Things' Star Comes Out as Gay

"Stranger Things" star Noah Schnapp has come out as gay.

The 18-year-old made the announcement Thursday on TikTok with a video of himself and text that reads, "When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years and all they said was 'we know.'"

Tik Tok / @noahschnapp

Interestingly enough, he also included the caption, "I guess I'm more similar to will than I thought."

Schnapp plays Will Byers on "Stranger Things" and fan speculation over the years has been that the character is gay, as it's clear he has a thing for Mike Wheeler on the show ... so it seems Schnapp is also confirming the fan theory.

Schnapp and his "Stranger Things" costar Millie Bobby Brown are super close -- the two hang out all the time and have appeared on late-night talk shows together over the years.


As we reported, Schnapp recently started his freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania  -- where he's made quite the splash -- we even got vid of him jumping into a pool at a party earlier this year.


The infamous Creel House from "Stranger Things" is changing hands ... TMZ has learned the owners of the home already have a buyer.

Our real estate sources tell us the homeowners accepted an offer Wednesday -- the last day for bids to be submitted for the Georgia estate -- and the home is under contract. The place went on the market with a $1.5 million asking price just over a month ago. The agents are being tight-lipped on the buyer's identity.

The Victorian-style "haunted house" is featured in "Stranger Things" season 4 as the Creel family home and Vecna's lair in the Upside Down ... and it was originally built way back in 1882, but it's undergone extensive renovations.

The main house has 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms ... and there's a separate guest house in the backyard of the one-acre lot.

Lucie Content / Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc

The property is in Rome, GA and it was once a very successful bed and breakfast before its Netflix fame.

Producers for "Stranger Things" used exterior shots of the home, plus some of the interior ... and the house was also recreated on a sound stage near Atlanta.

Jeb Arp, Katie Gettis Edwards and Mimi Richards of Toles, Temple & Wright Inc. hold the listing.

'Stranger Things' Creel House For Sale!!! Just Like the Show

"Stranger Things" fans can now live out their worst nightmares -- the infamous Creel House in the hit series has hit the market.

The iconic haunted house, which is home to the Creel family and Vecna's lair in the Upside Down in Season 4, is now up for grabs in Rome, GA ... and it's listed for $1.5 million.

The home was purchased in 2019 for a mere $350k, but it's been restored to its original form and it has quite the history ... from the show and in real life.

The main house is 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and was originally built in 1882 ... that alone makes it a landmark. The estate was once a very successful bed and breakfast. There's a separate guest house in the backyard of the one-acre lot.

We're told producers of the show were looking for a Victorian-style "haunted house," and reached out to the owner in July 2019 to seal the deal for filming there.

They used exterior shots of the home and some of the interior ... but the house was also recreated on a sound stage near Atlanta.

We are told the owners of the home love it, but wanted to test the market for interest, considering all of the "Stranger Things" hype.

Jeb Arp, Katie Gettis Edwards and Mimi Richards of Toles, Temple & Wright Inc. hold the listing.

'Stranger Things' H'ween Display Goin' Back Up After Brief Shutdown ... Neighbor Can't Keep Max Down!!!

The "Stranger Things" themed Halloween display taking the Internet by storm ... is also drawing too much attention for one neighbor -- that got it all shut down, but now the homeowners are striking back to turn it on again.

Aubrey Appel tells TMZ ... she and her husband, Dave, turned the lights off on their display Sunday, and took down the levitating Max figure after a neighbor called the police. However, no official complaint was filed.

For those unaware, the insane display in Plainfield, Illinois is highlighted by Max Mayfield from the Netflix series seemingly floating in midair ... a reference to the latest season of the show.

Their setup's gone viral during this Halloween season, apparently too viral for some! Aubrey says the neighbor in question called cops after someone pulled into their driveway and walked on their lawn to check out the Appels' home.

Aubrey and Dave tell us they had reached out to all their neighbors before putting up the 'ST' homage and had the neighborhoods' full support. After the one neighbor's complaint, they were planning on taking everything down this week -- but had a change of heart due to the overwhelming amount of support they were getting.

Dave met with City Manager James Capparelli Wednesday and was told they were doing nothing wrong and had nothing but support for their home haunt.

Moving forward, they'll only be in full operation on weekend nights ... people can still take a look during the day if they want, but the lights will be off. Max will be "levitating" as long as winds are below 10 MPH, otherwise she'll be at her stepbrother Billy's gravesite.

So, 'Stranger' fans can officially go runnin' up that hill again to check it out -- just stay off the neighbors' lawns!

'Stranger Things' Original Byers Home for Sale ... Low-Priced GA 'Fixer-Upper'

Fans of "Stranger Things" could soon own an iconic piece of the show's history ... and it won't cost you a trip to the upside down to afford it, either.

The 1,846 square foot property, hitting the market with a $300K price tag, rests on 6 acres of land and was built way back in 1900.

The pad was listed on Monday and can be found in Fayetteville, GA -- nowhere near the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana.

The seller acknowledges it's a "fixer-upper" ... which probably explains why the price tag is so low for a property tied to such a hit show. The listing describes it as "a PERFECT Airbnb, short-term rental or personal residence for someone willing to take it on."

'ST' fans will remember the house from the first few seasons of the series, where Joyce Byers lived with her sons Will and Jonathan.

Joyce even used Christmas lights in her home to search for Will, who was stuck in the upside down -- arguably one of the most memorable scenes in the show's history.

The 7 siblings who own the home in a trust were approached by the Duffer brothers to film there in 2015. They now want to sell the property to someone with the means to restore it.

Michael Smith of EXP Realty in Georgia holds the listing. Demogorgons not included.

'Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp Making a Splash in College ... Jumps into Pool at Party


Noah Schnapp is making a real splash at his ivy league school ... the "Stranger Things" star took a leap into a swimming pool as his fellow-classmates went nuts.

If you haven't heard, 17-year-old Noah is currently enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania and recently moved into one of the dorms on campus to begin his freshman year. He's reportedly a business major.

Anyway, last Saturday, Noah went to a nearby frat party at the Bamboo Bar, a small saloon with a pool filled with discarded cigarette butts and beer cans. The bar is also a restaurant, so there was likely no age requirement to enter. At night, you have to be 18+ to enter, and at least 21 to drink.

We're told the pool has been a fixture at the bar for years, but the staff doesn't like it when customers dive into the dirty water, so they escort out anyone who does.

That didn't seem to phase Noah, check the video, obtained by TMZ, showing him do a 3-count before jumping off the edge of the bridge as mostly everyone claps and shouts his name.

From our vantage point, you can't actually see Noah hit the water below, but, we're told, that's exactly where he ended up. Unclear if the staff let him stick around after that.


But, one thing's for sure, Noah's having a blast at college.

Kate Bush's 'Wuthering Heights' Fans Gather En Masse to Dance ... All These People in Red!!!

Kate Bush is having a moment in 2022, which couldn't be more clear than what's happening this weekend -- namely, thousands of people coming together to dance to one of her songs.

It's the singer's 64th birthday Saturday, which also happens to coincide with 'Wuthering Heights Day' ... an annual event where her legions of fans come flocking to different sites around the world to collectively boogie to her signature track of the same name.

Of course, they're all dressed in red ... a direct homage to KB's iconic music video -- in which she also puts on some killer hippy-dippy moves in a field, surrounded by woods.

Supposedly, this has been a thing for a while -- dating back to 2013, it seems -- but the yearly get-together was paused during COVID, and hasn't fired back up until now. Since then, Kate has seen a resurgence in pop culture ... thanks to "Stranger Things" using her song "Running Up That Hill."

Soooo, thanks to that renewed popularity ... this year's Wuthering Heights Day is insane, with pop-ups in Sydney, different parts of the U.K. and beyond -- the turnout might be higher than ever before, frankly.

Looks like Kate Bush's relevancy in society is stronger than it might've been in her heyday. When you got a 'Midsommar'-esque shindig like this -- it's hard to deny, she's still a thing.


'Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp I Told Doja Cat I'm Sorry for DM Leak 'Everything is all good'

"Stranger Things" star Noah Schnapp came under a lot of fire for leaking DMs between himself and Doja Cat -- but says he's already apologized and things are all good between the two.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

17-year-old Schnapp took to TikTok Wednesday night to give an update on the situation between him and DC ... saying, "Guys everything is all good I apologized and I still follow her and love her music no hard feelings ❤️❤️". Doja's song "Kiss Me More" plays in the background of the video.

If you weren't following along, Schnapp had recently posted a private exchange between him and Doja where she was asking about his "Stranger Things" costar, Joseph Quinn, seemingly wanting to go on a date or get set up through Noah.


Doja didn't appreciate Noah's posting, saying it was some "weasel s***" ... but she did acknowledge Noah was young, and said everyone makes and learns from mistakes.

So, if you take Noah at his word, they're cool ... but who knows, maybe their DMs tell a different story.

Metallica 'Master of Puppets' All the Rage ... Post-'Stranger Things'

"Stranger Things" has a way with music -- and this season was no different, especially for Metallica ... whose tunes are in high demand, particularly among guitar hero wannabes.

As you've heard, the band's '80s hit, "Master of Puppets," is featured in a pivotal scene toward the end of the 4th season of the Netflix hit (RIP Eddie Munson) -- and like other songs heavily featured in this year's installment ... Metallica's earworm is surging in real life.

Just like Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" got mad love among new listeners, 'MoP' experienced the same -- with a reported 400% boost in streaming among various platforms.

What's different now ... it seems this renewed interest is seeping into the world of musical instruction, specifically through a company called Yousician -- which teaches noobs the basics of how to play certain instruments, including guitar.

Per Billboard, the online school's site reports a massive spike in a certain online lesson they offer -- upwards of 100%, apparently. You see, they actually teamed up with the real Metallica for a virtual master class for their paying customers ... and learning how to play "Master of Puppets" is indeed one of the songs available in their "Metallica x Yousician' course.

Yousician is also said to be adding the song to another internal tool on their site -- a guitar tuning and songwriting one -- as 'MoP' doesn't currently exist there, but will soon.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

BTW, Metallica itself has been all about this nostalgic walk down memory lane. Their current bassist's son reportedly provided chords for the actual scene itself. Meanwhile, the band at large has been leaning in online ... particularly on TikTok, where they "dueted" with Eddie.

Doja Cat Calls Out Noah Schnapp for Posting DM Convo ... That's Weasel S***!!!

Doja Cat's quiet efforts to hook up with Joseph Quinn are now out there for the world to see -- and she's pissed at his co-star Noah Schnapp for blowing her cover by posting their DMs.

Doja went live on TikTok Thursday night to address what went down, and you can tell she was trying like to hell to keep cool about it -- she realizes the 17-year-old actor might not have known better, but she thinks that excuse can only go so far.


To be clear, Doja was only chatting with the kid because she wanted him to hit up Joseph, who plays fan-favorite Eddie Munson in the latest season of the Netflix series.

Noah posted a now-deleted TikTok Wednesday that showed his brief chat with Doja ... where she asks about hitting up Quinn.

She checked herself pretty quick in the convo, though -- after asking Noah to set it up, she says no, asking "Does he have a GF?"

As for Noah's loose social media lips -- she says it's "borderline snake s***," but she hopes that's not who Noah really is and it was just a one-time slipup.

Unclear if she ended up sliding in Joseph's DMs, but odds are the actor won't be posting that convo online.

'Stranger Things' Star Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant ... Wears #8 In Show

Kobe Bryant received a touching tribute in the newest season of "Stranger Things" ... with one of the show's stars, Caleb McLaughlin, paying homage by wearing the NBA legend's iconic #8 during the show.

Netflix says 20-year-old Caleb -- who is a massive Kobe fan -- came up with the idea for his on-screen character, Lucas Sinclair, to wear the Mamba's digit on his basketball jersey in the huge show.

Despite the number being factually incorrect (H.S. hoopers could only wear numbers that ended in 0-5 in the 1980s), the show's producers loved the plan to honor Mamba and let him don it for filming.

Of course, 'ST's newest installment is Netflix's biggest debut since "Squid Game" took over the world in 2021.

In fact, season 4 has resulted in 286.79 million hours viewed globally ... making it the biggest premiere weekend for an English language TV show on the streaming platform, according to reports.

In addition to the success here, it also reached #1 on the charts in 83 countries.

It's become common to see entertainers or athletes showing love for the life and legacy of Kobe since his tragic death -- The Game got a tattoo of a sideways 8 and KB's signature about his eyebrow.

Lakers superstar Lebron James got a snake tattoo ... with his numbers and the message "Mamba 4 Life" underneath it.

One of Kobe's favorite young players, Jayson Tatum, is always outspoken about what his relationship with Kobe means to him ... even wearing a purple armband with Kobe's #24 on it during a must-win Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday.

JT also revealed that he texted Kobe's number a message right before the game, saying, "I got you today" ... and he delivered on his promise, scoring 26 huge points for the Celtics in a 100-96 win.


Lily Allen & David Harbour Vegas Wedding ... Laughs, Elvis & Burgers!!!

Lily Allen and David Harbour did indeed get hitched in Las Vegas this weekend, and they did it right ... with an Elvis impersonator officiant and everything.

The couple tied the knot on Labor Day, according to their marriage certificate, and the singer-songwriter and the "Stranger Things" star shared a few pics of their ceremony from the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Classic!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The lovebirds look totally smitten and full of joy inside the chapel -- with Elvis singing away -- and outside on a Vegas street as Lily showed off her vintage white wedding dress and veil.

Apparently, a day full of love and marriage in Sin City works up your appetite ... Lily and the fam chowed down on some In-N-Out after the nuptials.

We broke the story ... David and Lily obtained a marriage license Sunday in Vegas, the first indication they were about to seal the deal.

Up until recently, they've been very private about being together -- with Lily revealing their engagement via a selfie back in May -- but they're letting it all out now.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

David even pointed out that wildfires ravaging California and a pandemic affecting the whole world couldn't stop them from becoming husband and wife.


David Harbour & Lily Allen Spark Engagement Rumors ... Is That A Ring?!?

Lily Allen seems like she's officially off the market ... because it looks like she's engaged to David Harbour, and she's got the rock to prove it.

Lily stoked engagement rumors once again Thursday, posting a sultry snap to her social media and bragging about her physique ... but a closer look reveals what appears to be an engagement ring, and yes it's on THAT finger.

One of Lily's 1.2 million eagle-eyed Instagram followers straight-up asked her in the comments if she's indeed wearing an engagement ring, and Lily's answer was telling ... she replied, "First rule of engagement club...."

So, there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth.

The Grammy-nominated singer and "Stranger Things" star are notoriously private about their relationship ... the couple only officially announced they were an item earlier this year after months of dating.

We reached out to reps for both Lily and David to confirm their engagement ... so far, no word back.

But, Lily's picture and comment kinda speak for themselves.

Millie Bobby Brown It's Elementary Now ... Making Millions as Sherlock's Sis!!!

Millie Bobby Brown's bank account is about to get even bigger ... because the 15-year-old actress is raking in more than $6 MILLION for her next big-screen role.

If ya didn't hear, Millie landed the titular role of Enola Holmes in the upcoming movie franchise about Sherlock Holmes' much younger sister -- who becomes a private detective herself.

According to her minor's contract -- obtained by TMZ -- the teenager gets $6.1 mil to star in the film but could fetch up to an $800k bonus if it performs well at the box office.

Oh, she also gets a producer credit, which comes with an additional base pay of $500k -- and her contract allows for her to travel via private jet. A-list move for MBB!!!

It gets better too ... if there's a sequel, Millie will bank another $7.5 million, at the very minimum. Now that's how you take a ten and turn it up to Eleven.

As we've reported ... huge salaries are becoming par for the course for the "Stranger Things" kids, but Brown's taking a huge step ahead of the rest with this fat payday.

"Enola Holmes" is set to release some time in 2020, and will costar Henry Cavill as Sherlock and Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Holmes.

'Stranger Things' Stars Can The Russians Find Us In Italy?!

Forget the Upside Down, real-life "Stranger Things" couple Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are blowing some of that hard-earned Netflix cash on an Italian vacay ... without their kiddie costars.

Just weeks after season 3 dropped, the actors who play Nancy and Jonathan on the show jetted off to the Amalfi Coast to hang at the Giffoni Film Festival.

The two were spotted in a gelato shop ... which is concerning because the MIND FLAYER LIKES IT COLD, OMG!!!!!

Natalia and Charlie went public with their relationship back in 2017 ... and it seems their off-screen relationship is heating up at the same pace as their characters on-screen.

On-screen, they've been through a lot together ... finding Will Byers, battling demodogs and trying to expose a diabolical Russian plot while working for the Hawkins Post.

No word on what's in store for season 4 ... but more episodes means more cash, which means more BALLER-ASS VACATIONS!

'Stranger Things' Starcourt Mall Out of Business IRL ... Stay Away, Fans!!!

The Starcourt Mall from "Stranger Things" is indeed a real place and might look like a fun spot to visit ... but fans who try will be very disappointed.

Yes, the main setting for much of season 3 of the hit Netflix series is Starcourt, which was shot at a real location -- the Gwinnett Place Mall in Duluth, Georgia -- from May to November in 2018.

The fun's all over now, though ... a publicist for the show tells TMZ the Starcourt scenes were all shot within one wing of the mall, and the set is currently being torn down. We're told security is on the scene turning people away if they try to get to the area where 'Stranger' was shot.

The mall was mostly vacant before production started, and the show was able to rent out an entire wing, including the food court, that wasn't being used.

That wing of Gwinnett Place was transformed into a late '80s-looking mall, complete with 40 stores like Sam Goody, Waldenbooks and the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor where Steve works.

Now that production's wrapped, we're told there is no plan to return to the location ... so it's business as usual inside the sleepy mall.

Sorry, die-hard fans ... you can still visit the mall, it just won't have that 'Stranger' feel. Almost as devastating as that season finale, right?

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