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Britney Spears' Ex Gutsy Move

1/20/2014 3:15 PM PST
Freedom isn't the only thing Jason Trawick gained after breaking up with Britney Spears -- and he's not tripping one bit ... proudly showing off his new gut during a weekend pizza run in Hollywood.

Oh yeah, he got Popeye's too.

Spears and Trawick -- her former agent -- famously started dating in 2010 and were engaged the following year. Barely a year after that, they were single again.

What a waist.

As for the pizza ... our own Gary says, "All fat guys know ... you never eat the pizza out of the box right outside the store. C'mon man."

4:28 PM PT -- Jason just responded on Twitter with a big belly photo, writing, "Thanks @tmz I needed this. Started my diet/workout program today. C u in a month!"

You're welcome ... but a month's pretty ambitious.

Britney Spears' Ex I Need Hotter Hair To Bang Chicks

4/24/2013 12:30 AM PDT
Britney Spears' newly-single ex-fiance Jason Trawick is on a mission to get laid ... but he couldn't perform without a buzz.

Trawick's stylist Nik Rae Falco at TRIM in Venice tells TMZ ... Jason's been bummed ever since his engagement with Britney fell apart in January ... so last week, she offered to give him a fresh new haircut to "sex him up a bit."

Nik says Jason replied enthusiastically, telling her he wanted to look good in order to meet girls -- so he gave her free reign.

Jason showed up Friday to get his new 'do ... and Nik gave him the "forget the girl" special -- shaved sides, longer on the top. Kinda David Beckham-y.

Not bad, but we still gotta ask ...

Jason Trawick Moving On From Britney

4/20/2013 5:00 AM PDT
Britney Spears isn't the only one back in the dating pool -- former fiancé Jason Trawick was spotted out yesterday with a slick new 'do and a tatted up new woman ... who looks like she could be Rachel Uchitel's rebellious younger sister.

As the old saying goes: The best way to get over one woman ... is with another one.

Britney Spears Reps Duck and Cover Over Mystery VDay Date

2/18/2013 4:00 AM PST
It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma -- who did Britney Spears go out to dinner with on Valentine's Day? The even bigger mystery ... why are Britney's reps so secretive about it?

The photos of Britney and John Doe #1 surfaced late last week and TMZ reached out to Britney's reps multiple times over the course of 3 days -- asking a simple question ... who's the dude?

Each time, we were told they were trying to figure it out and would get back to us.

After 8 calls ... we're starting to think they don't want to tell us ... so we're turning to you. If you have any information as to the true identity of Doe #1, please contact TMZ immediately.

There's no reward ... ok, if you're the first to ID him, maybe we'll send you a TMZ t-shirt. Maybe.

Britney Spears My Finger is $90,000 Lighter

1/21/2013 8:00 AM PST
Conservatorship wonder Britney Spears is finally free ... of her $90K engagement bling.

For the first time since breaking it off with her ex-fiance Jason Trawick, the newly single pop diva was spotted in L.A. this weekend minus the huge Neil Lane 3.5 carat rock.

As TMZ previously reported, Jason didn't have to ask for the pricey bauble back as Britney returned it all on her own.

With her lucrative Vegas deal in the works, she can buy a new rock whenever she wants.

Britney Spears & Jason Trawick His Lips Are Sealed ... LEGALLY

1/13/2013 12:50 PM PST
Oh, the stories Jason Trawick could tell, but never will ... because TMZ has learned he signed a confidentiality agreement with Britney Spears, preventing him from ever blabbing about their relationship.

According to our sources, Trawick was approached by Britney's team when Jason signed on to be a co-conservator, which came five months after they were engaged. We're told Trawick willingly signed the confidentiality agreement, which prevents him from talking to the press about his relationship with Britney.

However, a source close to the couple tells TMZ the two are still very close and he respects her too much to ever talk publicly about their time together ... confidentiality agreement or not.

As TMZ first reported, one of the major reasons behind the split was that Britney wanted more kids and Jason did not.

Britney and Jason They Broke Up Over Kids

1/12/2013 10:30 AM PST

Britney Spears
and Jason Trawick broke up primarily because she wanted to have more kids and he didn't ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected to the couple tell us ... Britney, who is 31, loves her boys and desperately wants more kids.  Jason, who is 41, is "in another place" and does not want to start a family -- although he loves Sean Preston and Jayden James.  We're told the former couple argued frequently about family and this ultimately proved their undoing.

Our sources say ... there's something else -- dealing with the Britney empire wore at Jason and "took away his individuality."  Jason wanted to maintain his identity and one of the ways was to expand his business by taking on more clients (he's an agent) and making more money -- this didn't sit well with Britney.

As for settling up -- we're told it's simple.  There are no outstanding financial issues.  Sources say the house Britney just bought -- $8.5 mil in Thousand Oaks, CA -- was purchased solely with her money and Jason has no claim to it.

Short story -- it's a clean break.

Britney Spears Here's Your Ring Back

1/12/2013 9:00 AM PST

The newly-unencumbered Jason Trawick is once again the proud owner of a $90,000 engagement ring ... because we've learned Britney Spears has already given it back.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Jason did not ask Brit to return the 3.5-carat, Neil Lane ring ... she returned it on her own.

By the way ... there are reports that Britney bought the ring herself. Not true.

FUN FACT:  In California, the ring -- which in legalese is a "gift in contemplation of marriage" -- must be returned if the wedding is cancelled, UNLESS the dude is the one who called the whole thing off.  If it's a mutual break-up, or if the woman is the one who pulls the plug, the ring goes back to the guy.

The question -- If Jason gets engaged again, is it bad luck to give that ring to his fiancée?

Britney Spears You Be the Judge

1/12/2013 6:00 AM PST
Britney Spears has had a big week. We broke the stories that she's split with fiancé Jason Trawick and is negotiating a huge deal to move to Vegas, where she would regularly perform. So we gotta ask ...


Britney Spears & Jason Trawick SPLITSVILLE

1/11/2013 6:35 PM PST

4:17PM PST: 
Jason Trawick has just been removed as Britney's co-conservator ... TMZ has learned.  Jamie Spears is once again her sole conservator.

Britney Spears
and Jason Trawick have broken up ... TMZ has learned.

The couple got engaged back in 2011. Trawick started out as Britney's agent, the duo started dating and he eventually became her co-conservator along with her dad, Jamie Spears.

Multiple sources connected to the couple tell TMZ ... Jason didn't want to make the announcement until he was taken off the conservatorship.  Interestingly, lawyers for the conservatorship are in court right now, along with Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, so it's possible Jason will be removed today.

Sources say it was a "friendly breakup" and Britney and Jason will remain friends.  As for why they split, we're told they just "grew apart."

The timing's pretty interesting considering Brit recently changed agencies, heading to CAA ... an indication Trawick was no longer involved in managing her career.

Britney told ...  "Jason and I have decided to call off our engagement. I'll always adore him and we will remain great friends."

Trawick also issued a statement saying, "As this chapter ends for us a new one begins. I love and cherish her and her boys and we will be close forever."

Britney Spears Buys $8.5 MILLION Mansion with Jason Trawick

10/18/2012 6:58 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Britney Spears has left Calabasas ... and moved into a brand new $8.5 MILLION mansion even further away from all of the Hollywood madness.

The 8,456 square foot home is located inside a swanky private community in Thousand Oaks, CA -- about 16 miles from Brit's old mansion in Calabasas.

Here are the stats -- 5 bedrooms, 7 baths, wine cellar, home theater and massive infinity pool.

We're told Britney made the move because she's starting a new life with fiance Jason Trawick ... and wants to be in a new home in a secure location.

The move puts Britney even further away from the hub of Hollywood -- but we've learned Brit will stay in a super-fancy L.A. hotel when "X Factor" comes to Los Angeles in a few weeks.

Britney Spears How Cool is a Lifetime Conservatorship?

8/24/2012 12:30 PM PDT

Our photog had a chance to fire off one question to Britney Spears as she strolled through The Grove Friday -- so of course we wanted to know if she was "cool" with having a conservator for the rest of her life.

Britney and her fiance-conservator Jason Trawick were leaving Planet Dailies restaurant at the time and Brit's reaction is priceless ... as is the way our photog tried to butter her up before asking the question.

TMZ broke the story Thursday ... the reason the conservatorship has lasted 4 1/2 years -- with no end in sight -- is because she has a medical condition that affects her decision-making process.

Britney Spears The Shockingly Normal Beach Day

6/25/2012 12:05 PM PDT
Despite being one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Britney Spears still managed to enjoy a simple family day at the beach with her boys and her conservator/fiance Jason Trawick this weekend.

With no "X Factor" contestants to judge, Brit played in the sand and took pics of her adorable sons Sean Preston and Jayden James in Malibu on Saturday.

Believe it or not, even Britney can be normal.
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