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Kristi Yamaguchi To Nancy Kerrigan No Bad Blood Over 'Break a Leg' Tweet

3/23/2017 8:33 AM PDT

Kristi Yamaguchi says she was NOT throwing shade at Nancy Kerrigan when she told her to "break a leg" on "Dancing with the Stars" ... explaining it was just an innocent tweet between friends. 

Social media went crazy over the tweet in which she told her fellow ice skater, "So excited for you! Can't wait to see you grace that ballroom floor, break a leg! #DWTS" 

Some people thought Kristi was taking a cheap shot.

But Kristi's rep tells us that couldn't be further from the truth -- they've been friends since they were 15 and she has nothing but love for her.

We also spoke with Nancy's rep who says the two spoke on the phone Wednesday night and laughed about it.

Cat Deeley's Server Mistakes Were Made, But ... She Handled it Like Trump!!

3/21/2017 3:59 PM PDT

The guy who waited on Cat Deeley at Tom George Restaurant on Sunday thinks she totally overreacted by publicly bashing the L.A. eatery ... and leaving him a $0 tip.

Joseph Vasko-Bezenek admits the restaurant flubbed the "So You Think You Can Dance" host's order, but claims he provided great service and the manager went above and beyond to comp her. He particularly takes issue with Cat angrily ranting on Twitter afterward to ruin the restaurant's reputation -- to him ... that's Trump-like.

What's worse -- as any server knows -- Joseph got a big fat zero for a tip ... so he didn't want to let Cat get off scot-free for that.

On the bright side ... he also told us he'd welcome the chance to serve her again. Olive branch?

WWE's Jim Ross Wife Suffers Skull Fractures In Vespa Crash

3/21/2017 6:06 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

8:55 AM PT -- The Norman Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports Ross was driving at 9:33 PM when she was struck from behind by a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis.

Ross was thrown from her Vespa. Both the car and the scooter caught fire. 

The driver of the Mercury was a 17-year-old male. He was not injured in the crash. 

Officials say the crash is under investigation.  WWE legend Jim Ross says his wife was hit while riding her Vespa and suffered multiple skull fractures ... and now he's praying for a miracle.

We spoke with Jim who tells us he's absolutely devastated. He says Jan was riding her Vespa to the gym near their home in Oklahoma when she was struck by another vehicle. 

Jim says Jan was not wearing her helmet and struck her head, causing multiple skull fractures. She was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition where she underwent surgery. 

Jim says the situation is "touch and go" at the moment. Jim says he's "hanging in there. It could be a tough day."

Ross tweeted about the situation, "My wife Jan, my little angel, was hit while riding her Vespa & has multiple skull fractures. She's in surgery now. We need a miracle."

Story developing ... 

Arnold to Trump Your Ratings are in the Toilet

3/21/2017 5:59 AM PDT

Arnold Schwarzenegger just hit Donald Trump where it hurts.

Arnold posted a video in which he calls out the prez for low performance ratings ... in the 30s.

After Arnold gets his licks in, he gives Trump some advice about protecting after-school programs ... even offering a guided tour of a school a few miles from the White House.

If only Nicki Minaj's comeback against Remy Ma was this good.

LeBron James Gives Major Props To Amazing Viral Video Hero

3/21/2017 7:08 AM PDT
Breaking News

LeBron James just gave major props to a viral video HERO ... praising a man who talked two young boys out of a street fight and into a handshake.

The video starts out with a brawl between two teenagers -- but then becomes a teaching session as a man intercedes PEACEFULLY, mentors the kids, and eventually gets them to squash their beef.

It began to make the rounds Monday night, garnering over 3.5 million views, and LeBron took notice, tweeting his appreciation.

"So dope!!! #Salute the homie who stepped in and spoke real to our young generation. We all need a word or 2 to help!"

It wasn't just LeBron either. Other sports stars like NFL player Torrey Smith, and former MLB player Jerry Hairston Jr. tossed love at the video as well.

Gabrielle Union Dwyane Wade Has a 'Stellar' Penis

3/21/2017 7:06 AM PDT
Breaking News

He's rich, famous, talented ... and now, Dwyane Wade apparently has a "stellar" penis to boot. 

Gabrielle Union tweeted about her love for UCLA (she graduated from there) and how impressed she is with Lonzo Ball ... when a troll decided to take a shot. 

"U want his d*ck too?"

Union fired back ... "Ummm... no. My current penis situation is stellar."

Dwyane made sure to point out the comment on his timeline. 

Congrats, D-Wade. You win. 

Facebook & Twitter Pakistan Wants Help Finding Anti-Islamic Pakistanis

3/16/2017 3:29 PM PDT

Facebook and Twitter will start ratting out Pakistani citizens who post anti-Islamic comments if -- and that's a big IF -- Pakistan gets its way.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told AP Thursday a Pakistani official in their Washington, D.C. embassy approached both social media giants about tracking down Pakistanis -- at home or abroad -- who make blasphemous statements online.

Pakistan has strict blasphemy laws -- violators can be put to death for bashing Islam.

As for whether Facebook and Twitter will play ball -- FB says, "We disclose information about accounts solely in accordance with our terms of service and applicable law. A Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty or other formal request may be required for international requests."

Translation: If it happens, it won't be anytime soon.

Twitter had no comment.

Eddie Murphy 'Coming to America 2' Is Really in the Works!

3/16/2017 1:02 PM PDT

If Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America 2" tweet was the smoke, then here's the fire -- there IS a plan to shoot a sequel!

Sources close to Eddie tell us he's in the early writing stages of the project. No word yet on which original cast members would return because he's still tinkering with the plot. So, it really could happen, but the mystery is how it ended up on Twitter.

The Wednesday night post simply said, "Coming to America sequel?" with a pic of Vanessa Bell Calloway in character. Eddie's camp tells us he doesn't tweet. Our sources say he has a social media team to do that stuff. 

The tweet and Eddie's whole account have since been deleted. That's most likely because we're told there was a plan to post something like this, but it wasn't supposed to happen yet. As we said, Eddie's still writing.

The premature release caught fans and Princess Imani by surprise. Vanessa, who's barely aged in the nearly 30 years since the original film, told us she's ready to go.

So are fans, so someone just yell "Action!" already.

McDonald's Hold the Hate ... Attack On Trump Was Hack Job

3/16/2017 8:09 AM PDT
Breaking News

3:48 PST -- A rep for Mc D's tells us they've determined the hack was from an outside source and not from within the corporation.Donald Trump can safely order Big Macs again -- McDonalds' vicious Twitter attack against him was the work of hackers ... according to the burger giant.

Micky D's verified account tweeted Thursday morning, "You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands."

It was posted for at least 30 minutes before McDonald's deleted it and said Twitter confirmed the company's account was compromised. McDonald's says it's now investigating.

Bottom line: No McDonald's beef with Trump ... although he does enjoy their burgers.

Donald Trump If Snoop Pointed Gun at Obama He'd Be Jailed!

3/15/2017 5:55 AM PDT

Donald Trump just called out Snoop over his music video, saying if the person in clown face was President Obama, Mr. Dogg would be behind bars.

Trump just tweeted, "Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!"

We asked that very question to several rappers and politicians ... Ice-T, for e.g., thought doing the same thing to Obama would be worse. Senator Ted Cruz says whoever the president ... it's the same thing.

Dez Bryant Blasts Troll 'Shut The F**k Up' You Don't Know What I've Been Through

3/8/2017 10:27 AM PST
Breaking News

Dez Bryant unleashed the fury all over a Twitter troll Wednesday -- saying haters "have no clue" what he's been dealing with off the field over the past 2 years and should "shut the f**k up."

It all started when Cowboys reporter Jon Machota posted a list of WRs with the most receiving yards since 2012 which showed Dez ranked 8th ... below Calvin Johnson, T.Y. Hilton and Brandon Marshall.

Dez explained that he's finally getting his first healthy off-season training in 2 years and suggested he'll bounce back strong in 2017.

Not everyone's buying it -- including one guy who tweeted at Dez, "Injury prone. If your not on the field, talent means nothing! If you miss more than 5 games in 17' you'll be cut 2018!UNDERSTAND."

Dez didn't like that and fired back ...

"Bro shut the f**k up.. the game of football is more than training and playing.. you have no clue what I was dealing with these pass 2 years."

We know SOME of what he's dealt with off the field ... he's been sued for allegedly trashing a mansion and blasted by animal groups over a pet monkey  ... but it seems like Dez is hinting at bigger issues. 

Aaron Rodgers Arian Foster Could DEFINITELY Take Wolf

3/8/2017 6:01 AM PST

Aaron Rodgers has taken a side in the whole Arian Foster vs. Wolf debate ... and it's man over beast.

Foster got EVERYONE talking this week when he tweeted out reasons why he truly believes he could take a wild wolf in a 1-on-1 fight.

He even laid out his arguments as to why he thinks he has a legit advantage ... including thumbs and ability to strategize. 

Well, outside Catch in L.A. ... Rodgers told us he sees it Foster's way.

Hillary Clinton Email Stories Don't Bother Me ... If They're Pence's Emails!

3/3/2017 3:24 PM PST
Breaking News

Hillary Clinton must have been laughing her ass off -- on the inside -- when she boarded a flight and opened a newspaper to see it was Mike Pence's emails making headlines now.

The pic shows HRC flying commercial, and reading the USA Today cover story about the VP using his personal email for state biz, and getting hacked, back when he was Governor of Indiana.

Finally, an email story she can read without crying.