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Chyna's Death Wrestling Superstars React

4/21/2016 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Joe Rogan No Way Conor McGregor Retires Unless ...

4/19/2016 3:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Joe Rogan ain't buyin' Conor McGregor's retirement tweet ... saying there's no way McGregor will hang 'em up "unless he got f*cking head kicked today and knocked into oblivion."

Rogan -- who's been the color commentator for the UFC for nearly 20 years -- was on his "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast Tuesday when the news broke about Conor's tweet and Joe's reaction was about as honest as it gets. 

Rogan made a couple of interesting points ... noting McGregor was ringside at an MMA fight in Dublin earlier this month, in which a fighter was beaten so badly, he died from his injuries ... and Conor may have been affected by what he saw. 

He also noted McGregor came thiiiiis close to retiring from MMA right before he got his first deal with the UFC -- because some of his close friends were having health issues. 

But all that aside, Rogan says he just doesn't believe the announcement is legit -- saying, "There's no way, he'd do it like this."

We'll see ... 

Conor McGregor 'I Have Decided to Retire Young' ... Internet Loses Mind

4/19/2016 12:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0419-conor-mcgregor-tmz-01Conor McGregor is either messing with his fans ... or just made one of the most shocking announcements of all time ... implying he's RETIRING. 

McGregor went to Twitter and wrote, "I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch ya's later."

We've reached out to Conor's camp -- so far, it's radio silence. 

We've also spoken with a handful of plugged in UFC people -- and so far, no one seems to know if it's a joke or if Conor is seriously hanging it up. 

Meantime, Conor is scheduled to fight Nate Diaz at UFC 200 on July 9th. 

We're working on it -- stay tuned. 

Iggy Azalea Even Though I Blab About Nick I Want My Privacy!!!

4/19/2016 6:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0419-iggy-azalea-tmz-01Iggy Azalea is telling all of us we should be ashamed we dare to talk about her and Nick Young, because she's entitled to her privacy ... even though she's talked ad nauseam about her relationship.

Iggy tweeted on Monday, "We are together and i would love to be given a little (a lot) of privacy on the matter."

She's incredulous the media -- including us -- have showcased her bare ring finger ... a finger that had reliably sported her engagement ring until the cheating allegations surfaced.

It's especially interesting ... She went on "Ellen" and a bunch of radio shows talking endlessly about the scandal, threatening to cut Nick's penis off, showing off her ring, and on and on.

But now she can't believe everyone bit the bait. Just amazing. 


NBA's Lou Williams 'God Bless LeSean McCoy' ... After Twitter Beef

4/15/2016 6:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know when people in the South say, "Bless her heart" ... but they really mean it in a condescending, insulting way???

Yeah, that's kinda how Lakers player Lou Williams sounded when we asked him about his Twitter beef with LeSean McCoy

FYI, the beef started after Kobe's finale ... when the NFL running back referred to Williams as "Soft ass Lou."

Lou replied by essentially telling LeSean, "Say it to my face." McCoy responded by accusing him of beating up women. 

So, when we saw Williams at LAX -- we had to ask him about the issue. 

"We don't do beef," Williams said ... adding, "God bless that young man."

Yeah, somehow that didn't feel genuine ... 


Smush Parker I Didn't Diss Kobe On Twitter ... That Account Is Fake!!!

4/13/2016 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


Kobe Bryant IS NOT under attack from Smush Parker ... it's an IMPOSTOR posing as the former Laker who's VERBALLY DESTROYING Mamba on Twitter ... Smush tells TMZ Sports.

Social media went crazy after @SmushParker -- an account thought to be SP's --  attacked KB hours before his final game ... saying, among other things, "F*** OUTTA HERE KOBE"

0413_smush_parker_tweetFYI -- Bryant and Parker have beefed for years ... with Kobe famously saying, "Smush Parker was the worst. He shouldn't have been in the NBA." 

In other words, people weren't shocked -- just really entertained -- when Parker dissed Kobe.

Here's the twist ... we reached out to Smush, and he's adamant the account is NOT his ... telling us, "Its definitely not mines. I would love to have that account deactivated.”

So, all's peachy with Kobe? Eh, maybe not ... we asked Smush to reflect on the Mamba's career.

His answer, no comment.

Jon Jones Cop Pulled Me Over 'Cause I'm Black

4/11/2016 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News


Jon Jones says he was the victim of RACIAL PROFILING -- claiming the cop who pulled him over for drag racing in New Mexico only targeted him because he's black. 

Jones posted part of a local news report to Instagram which claims Officer Brown of the Albuquerque PD has had several complaints filed against him for racial profiling in the past ... and one person even sued him over it. 

For the record, the APD has claimed Brown has no pattern of racial profiling. 

But Jones says he's convinced the March 24th incident -- in which he was cited for 5 violations including drag racing -- was purely motivated by race. 

"Officer Brown all over the news in Albuquerque after reporters dig up how many times he has been in trouble for racial profiling in the past. Being a father of biracial children, I'm definitely not one to pull the race card. At the same time, I'm not necessarily surprised about this discovery after the run in I had with him."  

"Having him stand there, look me in the eyes and start accusing me of several things him and I both know I didn't do made me feel let down by the community, made me feel powerless, he made me feel like what was actually true had no power over him."

Jones wasn't exactly a perfect angel during the stop -- calling the officer a pig and a "f**king liar."

Jon says he was emotional and explained, "It's easier for me to understand why so many people hold resentment towards law enforcement. Officer brown almost single-handedly ruined my trust in law-enforcement."

"The sad thing about it is, I actually went to school for criminal justice, I wanted to be an officer myself. Fortunately I know better than to let one person ruin my views of a whole group. Just glad people are finally bringing light to who I was dealing with that night."

We reached out to the APD for comment -- so far, no word back. 

Cody Simpson If You Tweet It ... They Will Come

4/11/2016 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Cody Simpson tweets, his army of fans heed the call ... 'cause just hours after tweeting to his nearly 8 million fans, hundreds of them met him on a famous beach for an acoustic jam.

The Australian pop star performed Saturday well into the evening, giving his fans an intimate concert with the stunning backdrop of Rio's Copacabana Beach.

Simpson is on an Olympic promo tour with Coca-Cola -- and if the idea is to make us desperate to be on a beach in Brazil ... mission accomplished.

Jon Jones Ripped By Verne Troyer How Dare You Use the M-Word

4/8/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mini-Me is pissed ... with Verne Troyer blasting UFC star Jon Jones for using the M-word to attack Daniel Cormier ... a word that's clearly offensive to little people. 

Jones hurled the insult at Cormier during their Twitter war this week -- calling him a "mental m**get" 

Troyer says the word is extremely hurtful -- adding that people who use that word are "just naive and I would say stupid."

Troyer says he doesn't necessarily want an apology -- he just wants Jones to stop using the word. 

Oh, and now he's also rooting for OSP at UFC 197. 

Iggy Azalea & Kesha Ridin' Hard For Each Other

4/7/2016 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

040716-iggy-azalea-kesha-twitterIggy Azalea's got a new riding partner who's also trying to buck a slew of personal drama -- Kesha's now saddling up with the rapper.

Kesha turned up in the corral next to Iggy ... trying her hand at some equestrian therapy. 

The duo look like they're trying to present a united front in the pic, which Iggy posted. More proof these chicks ain't playing -- their horses are named Biz and Defender. 

50 Cent Ripped by Judge For Funny Money in Court

4/7/2016 9:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0407-50-cent-instagram-0150 Cent's smartphone just got banned from bankruptcy court ... because the judge thinks he's using it to make a mockery of the case.

The judge banned all electronic devices from the courtroom and conference rooms in response to Fiddy's last court appearance. You'll recall he posted a shot of himself last month with a wad of possibly fake cash in his waistband ... while a hearing was STILL IN PROGRESS.

The judge said she's all for free speech, but implored 50 to quit with the antics and take the case seriously.

The only good news -- the judge gave Fif props for moving in a good direction, financially. 

The Kardashians Radio Silent On Rob's Engagement

4/5/2016 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0405-blac-chyna-rob-kardashian-jenner-kardashian-family-TMZ-01The Kardashians live and breathe on social media ... but in the 12 hours plus since Rob and Blac Chyna's engagement not a single tweet, Instagram post or Facebook update about the news.


Snapchat? Nada.

They've all been on social media posting but have made no mention of the engagement

For a family that thrives on the millions of followers, they've not congratulated the family's only son and brother. 

This is silence that speaks volumes. 

Nick Young Calls BS On Arenas You're Not Invited To My Bachelor Party

4/4/2016 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

040416-nick-young-gilbert-arenas-tmz-03Nick Young just relocated his ex-teammate to front street ... firing a shot at Gilbert Arenas for telling the world he was going to Nick's bachelor party ... when Swaggy says ... HE AIN'T.

This started when we asked Gilbert if he thought Nick & Iggy would get over the whole D'Angelo Russell video thing. Gilbert told our guy yes ... and said he was all in for the bachelor party when it went down.

Young apparently didn't like the addition to his guest list ... BLASTING Gilbert in a since deleted tweet saying he's NOT invited and telling him to mind his own business.

040416-nick-young-tweetsWe talked to sources close to Young who tell us Nick's miffed at Arenas because he feels Gilbert played both sides in the video ... and wasn't loyal enough to his bud.

As for Gilbert he's not taking the whole thing lying down ... clapping back on his Instagram account telling Nick to "Die and come back to life" like Lamar Odom if he wants Iggy back.


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