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Kim Kardashian The Flu Diet Works ... Check Out That Body

4/19/2017 8:56 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian made a joke about the flu helping her drop some poundage ... but these pics prove a little temp can do a body good.

Paps got Kim out and about in L.A. Tuesday night in a bralette, skin-tight pants and a very loose coat that let everything hang out. She looks good ... damn good.

That same night, Kim tweeted that she was 6 pounds down from the flu ... joking it made for an "amazing" diet. She took heat ... and then took the tweet down.

Maybe controversial, but the results are undeniable.

Janet Jackson Eissa My Baby Boy!

4/14/2017 6:37 PM PDT
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Meet Janet Jackson's bundle of joy ... fresh off a nap.

Eissa Al Mana's now 3 months old, and Mom decided to give the world a first look at her baby boy. Janet gave birth on January 3rd ... he's her first.

We now know she and Wissam Al Mana separated shortly after welcoming their son to the world.

Interesting that Janet chose to reveal him less than a week after news broke of the split, but no debating ... super cute kid.

Mom and Dad are breaking up, but at least they did good work beforehand.

Charlie Murphy Thanks for the Laughs

4/12/2017 10:49 AM PDT

Charlie Murphy's legacy of being a seriously funny guy is being remembered in all sorts of ways by his friends including Chris Rock, Gabrielle Union, MC Hammer and many more ...

WWE Stars Dean Ambrose And Renee Young WE'RE MARRIED!

4/12/2017 8:18 AM PDT
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IT'S TRUE ... apparently! 

WWE superstars Dean Ambrose and Renee Young tied the knot in real life ... so says Renee! 

Rumors had been swirling ever since fans noticed the wrestlers were each sporting rings on their wedding fingers ... even though they never referenced the jewelry on TV. 

But Wednesday morning, Young seemingly put the whole thing to bed saying, "Marriage is nice. Thanks for all the love."

The two have been dating in real life for roughly 3 years. 

So ... MAZEL!! 

Martha Stewart Jinxes Yankees No-Hitter

4/10/2017 12:01 PM PDT
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NY Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda was on the verge of throwing a no-hitter Monday ... until Martha Stewart ruined it.

Pineda was perfect through 6 innings against the Tampa Bay Rays -- and at the top of the 7th inning, Stewart decided to tweet about. 

"It's top of the seventh here at yankee stadium and the Yankees are pitching a perfect game versus the Tampa rays."


Two batters later, Evan Longoria got a hit and broke up the no-no.

Martha. Martha. Martha.

Emmitt Smith Congrats, Sergio Garcia Fought Through 'A Varsity'

4/10/2017 8:10 AM PDT
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Emmitt Smith wanted to congratulate Sergio Garcia for winning The Masters this weekend -- so he tweeted at the golfer, "Way to persevere through a varsity."

For real.

Don't worry, Smith realized his mistake 15 hours later and followed up with a correction. 

"Computer glitch adversity is the word I should've been used."


Emmitt can't catch a break.

Go Gators.

Kim Kardashian Attacked or Not in Bev Hills

4/3/2017 6:42 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian may or may not have been accosted Sunday night ... you be the judge.

Kim was leaving Mr Chow in Bev Hills when a guy in shades and a backpack seemed to make contact with her, and she looked stunned.

The question is ... was he just a passerby who got swallowed up in the paparazzi crush or a goofball who wanted to mess with her?

Kim tweeted, "A random guy walks near me & almost bumped into me but he hit the parking meter. Not attacked me. Hope he's ok!"

A bodyguard apparently felt differently and gave the dude a stern warning.

Justin Trudeau to Matthew Perry How 'Bout a Rematch, Bub?

4/2/2017 6:57 AM PDT

Justin Trudeau wants a rematch with Matthew Perry after getting his ass kicked in grade school and Matt telling the world about it -- FIGHT!!!

The Canadian PM said "I've been giving it some thought, and you know what, who hasn't wanted to punch Chandler? How about a rematch @MatthewPerry?" 

You'll recall ... Matt went on Kimmel earlier this month and told the story of how he once beat up a younger Trudeau for "excelling in a sport."

Now, JT tweeted the challenge on April Fool's day, so chances are he's joking. But it would be awesome!

As long as nothing happened to Trudeau's face, that is. 

Walking Dead's Daniel Newman Working with LGBT Kids Triggered Decision to Come Out

3/31/2017 10:55 AM PDT

"The Walking Dead" star Daniel Newman was mentoring an LGBTQ kids group when he made the choice to tell the world what his friends and family already knew.

Daniel came out on Twitter Thursday ... the same day we ran into him outside an L.A. mission for the homeless. He explained why he'd only spoken about his sexuality with his inner circle up to this point.

But more importantly, you gotta see him explain the moment he decided it was important for him to go public. Great message. Great guy.

Uber Bae Revenge Story Gave Me Grief! Lawsuit Threat, Cops Called

3/31/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Uber Bae is dealing with A LOT of collateral damage after her revenge tweet storm went viral -- including a threat of a lawsuit and a visit from cops ... so she says.

UB's real name is Bre -- she won't give up her last name -- and she says her ex-bf's mom is watching her every move ... threatening to sue Bre if she says his name or posts pics of him.

In case you missed the epic tale -- Bre tweeted Monday about her nightmare Uber shift. She picked up a girl at the airport who was heading to a bf's house, and when Bre realized it was actually HER guy's crib ... she busted him for cheating.

Bre eventually left the messy scene, but took the other woman's bags. That bit her in the ass with cops.

She says she's gotten some potentially lucrative offers out of the story -- which no one's been able to confirm, btw -- but more than anything, Uber Bae's learned going viral ain't always a good thing.

Shoulda consulted with Zola before tweeting. 

Chance The Rapper Most Creative Intern Applicant?

3/28/2017 12:46 PM PDT

The hustle is real for Chance the Rapper's open position for an intern, with one applicant going so far as to create a resume that reads like he's going on tour with Chance.

The Chicago MC put a job posting on Twitter saying he needed someone who could help write biz proposals. One applicant named Hospey responded by building a website called, "Hospey Presents: The Cover Letter Tour." Instead of tour dates it lists his work history, including the first time he saw Chance live.

Hospey also wrote an essay about that one time he traveled 15 hours to see Chance, and compared his work experience to his potential boss, saying ... "Similar to the ideologies of Chance the Rapper, my venture has stayed 100% independent."

A little ass kissing can go a long way.

Kristi Yamaguchi To Nancy Kerrigan No Bad Blood Over 'Break a Leg' Tweet

3/23/2017 8:33 AM PDT

Kristi Yamaguchi says she was NOT throwing shade at Nancy Kerrigan when she told her to "break a leg" on "Dancing with the Stars" ... explaining it was just an innocent tweet between friends. 

Social media went crazy over the tweet in which she told her fellow ice skater, "So excited for you! Can't wait to see you grace that ballroom floor, break a leg! #DWTS" 

Some people thought Kristi was taking a cheap shot.

But Kristi's rep tells us that couldn't be further from the truth -- they've been friends since they were 15 and she has nothing but love for her.

We also spoke with Nancy's rep who says the two spoke on the phone Wednesday night and laughed about it.

Cat Deeley's Server Mistakes Were Made, But ... She Handled it Like Trump!!

3/21/2017 3:59 PM PDT

The guy who waited on Cat Deeley at Tom George Restaurant on Sunday thinks she totally overreacted by publicly bashing the L.A. eatery ... and leaving him a $0 tip.

Joseph Vasko-Bezenek admits the restaurant flubbed the "So You Think You Can Dance" host's order, but claims he provided great service and the manager went above and beyond to comp her. He particularly takes issue with Cat angrily ranting on Twitter afterward to ruin the restaurant's reputation -- to him ... that's Trump-like.

What's worse -- as any server knows -- Joseph got a big fat zero for a tip ... so he didn't want to let Cat get off scot-free for that.

On the bright side ... he also told us he'd welcome the chance to serve her again. Olive branch?

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