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Iggy Azalea & Kesha Ridin' Hard For Each Other

4/7/2016 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

040716-iggy-azalea-kesha-twitterIggy Azalea's got a new riding partner who's also trying to buck a slew of personal drama -- Kesha's now saddling up with the rapper.

Kesha turned up in the corral next to Iggy ... trying her hand at some equestrian therapy. 

The duo look like they're trying to present a united front in the pic, which Iggy posted. More proof these chicks ain't playing -- their horses are named Biz and Defender. 

50 Cent Ripped by Judge For Funny Money in Court

4/7/2016 9:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0407-50-cent-instagram-0150 Cent's smartphone just got banned from bankruptcy court ... because the judge thinks he's using it to make a mockery of the case.

The judge banned all electronic devices from the courtroom and conference rooms in response to Fiddy's last court appearance. You'll recall he posted a shot of himself last month with a wad of possibly fake cash in his waistband ... while a hearing was STILL IN PROGRESS.

The judge said she's all for free speech, but implored 50 to quit with the antics and take the case seriously.

The only good news -- the judge gave Fif props for moving in a good direction, financially. 

The Kardashians Radio Silent On Rob's Engagement

4/5/2016 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0405-blac-chyna-rob-kardashian-jenner-kardashian-family-TMZ-01The Kardashians live and breathe on social media ... but in the 12 hours plus since Rob and Blac Chyna's engagement not a single tweet, Instagram post or Facebook update about the news.


Snapchat? Nada.

They've all been on social media posting but have made no mention of the engagement

For a family that thrives on the millions of followers, they've not congratulated the family's only son and brother. 

This is silence that speaks volumes. 

Nick Young Calls BS On Arenas You're Not Invited To My Bachelor Party

4/4/2016 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

040416-nick-young-gilbert-arenas-tmz-03Nick Young just relocated his ex-teammate to front street ... firing a shot at Gilbert Arenas for telling the world he was going to Nick's bachelor party ... when Swaggy says ... HE AIN'T.

This started when we asked Gilbert if he thought Nick & Iggy would get over the whole D'Angelo Russell video thing. Gilbert told our guy yes ... and said he was all in for the bachelor party when it went down.

Young apparently didn't like the addition to his guest list ... BLASTING Gilbert in a since deleted tweet saying he's NOT invited and telling him to mind his own business.

040416-nick-young-tweetsWe talked to sources close to Young who tell us Nick's miffed at Arenas because he feels Gilbert played both sides in the video ... and wasn't loyal enough to his bud.

As for Gilbert he's not taking the whole thing lying down ... clapping back on his Instagram account telling Nick to "Die and come back to life" like Lamar Odom if he wants Iggy back.


Blake Shelton Hard Boozing Tweets May Be Used Against You

3/29/2016 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

032916-blake-shelton-tmz-02Blake Shelton could be hoisted by his own liquor-drenched petard -- the magazine he's suing says Blake talks himself up as a heavy drinker, so he's got no place to bitch about its stories. 

As we've reported, Blake is suing the publisher of  In Touch for its cover story claiming he was rehab bound after hitting "Rock Bottom." Blake's filed docs denying most of the report, but in new legal docs ... In Touch says Blake must have forgotten the image he himself promoted.

The mag says Blake is famous for his "signature drunk tweets" such as, "Woah!! Almost 11:00 ... Can't believe I'm up so early ... This calls for a drink." In Touch says his tweets and comments cultivate his image as a "hard drinking country boy."

One part of the In Touch story says he partied hard last year in a Mexico hotel. Blake has denied staying at that hotel, but in the new docs ... In Touch says it has photo evidence.

Sources connected to Blake tell us the photo in question -- which was posted on Instagram -- shows him obliging a fan with a pic as he walked by the hotel. 


Chris Paul Death Threat On Twitter ... Cops Investigating

3/28/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0325-chris-paul-tmz-02The LAPD is on the hunt for the social media scumbag who threatened to kill Chris Paul's wife, Jada, on Twitter ... TMZ Sports has learned.  

It's all over a tweet sent to Paul on March 14th which read: "@CP3 if I knew where you lived I'd probably kill your wife and frame you for it. I watch dateline I get away with it."  

Clippers security saw the tweet and notified the LAPD which launched an investigation to track down the person behind the threat ... but so far, no arrests have been made. 

It's just the latest online issue for Paul -- who had already contacted cops about an Instagram troll who's been harassing him and his wife for more than a year.  

According to official docs, Paul claims the troll never threatened physical harm -- but was on a campaign of cyber-humiliation by posting "annoying comments" on family pics. 

Paul points out one example from Oct. '14 when the troll referred to Jada as "Jay Leno chin."

Cops are also on the hunt for that troll -- no arrests have been made in that case either. 

We reached out to the Clippers and Paul's camp for comment -- so far, no word back. 


Dominic Monaghan Obsessed Fan Threatens To Kill Him ... John Lennon Style

3/27/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0325-dominic-monaghan-TMZ-01Dominic Monaghan is scared for his life after an accused stalker threatened to assassinate him just like the famous Beatle.

As TMZ reported, Meredith McLarty's been harassing the actor since 2014 ... but things got real scary when cops say she tweeted, "Three words ...Mark David Chapman..." She went on, "Save #domswildthings." 

Chapman's the guy who killed John Lennon in 1980 and @domswildthings is Monaghan's Twitter handle ... so it's pretty clear McLarty threatened to murder the actor.

The woman tweeted the threat in March, 2015, but the info just became public in legal docs. 

Monaghan got a restraining order last year but McLarty was undeterred and got arrested for violating it by continuing to tweet and email him.

As of now, she's on the run. There's currently a warrant out for her arrest.

Viral 'Poop Story Girl' Lots of Guys Think I'm the S***!!!

3/26/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0325_makela_steamy_launchThe hot chick who clogged a toilet with poop during a date and put it in her purse has attracted suitors like flies on s***.

Makela from Canada went massively viral this week after tweeting about her disastrous date ... she was at his house, went to the bathroom but his toilet wouldn't flush, so she scooped the toilet and deposited her handiwork in her clutch.

The date is now history, but turns out it's a thing for lots of guys. She tells us she's being hit up by admirers who apparently want an encore performance.

Can you imagine the chaos she'd create on a Carnival cruise?


Ex-WWE Star Vader My Penis Pic Was Hacked ... Sorry!

3/25/2016 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0325-big-van-vader-WWE-01So, Vader's naked penis was unleashed on the world Friday via Twitter ... but the ex-WWE superstar says it was a MISTAKE -- and he's pointing the finger at a vengeful ex-girlfriend. 

The pic of Vader's junk was quickly removed from his Twitter page shortly after it went public -- and the 60-year-old was quick to explain how it happened. 

"I want to apologize to everyone. My ExGirlfriend hacked my account and sent out an inappropriate picture. Please except my apology."

He later added, "I have changed passwords and my ExGirlfriend no longer has access to my account. Please accept my apologies."

LeBron James Unfollowing Cavs Is 'Disrespectful' ... Says Kenny Smith

3/24/2016 11:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James will take his talents out of Cleveland -- and play for another team -- before his career is over ... so says NBA legend Kenny Smith

The "Inside the NBA" star was out in L.A. -- when we asked about all the King James drama that's been going on this past week ... including the infamous Cavs unfollow on Twitter. 

"That's disrespectful," Smith said ... "That's like unfollowing your kids."

Ya gotta watch the clip ... Smith is pretty strong about why he thinks Bron will leave The Land. 

Question is ... where does he go next? 

#Lakers #Please #WeNeedHim

Kim Kardashian RIP My Mini-Me

3/21/2016 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

032116-kim-kardashian-kim-trippKim Kardashian said her goodbye to Kim Tripp, the pint-sized woman who played her to a tee at Beacher's Madhouse.

Kim K. sent her thoughts and prayers to Tripp's friends and family, writing, "Rest in peace beautiful soul."

Tripp was found dead at her Las Vegas home Sunday by her boyfriend, who plays mini-Kanye West at the Vegas revue. We're told it looks like her death was health-related.

Tripp had become a centerpiece of the show. She was only 32.


Westboro Baptist Church Boycotting Gay Player In NCAA Tourney

3/16/2016 6:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316-derrick-gordon-twitter-02Fear not, raging homophobes ... when the first openly gay man to play in the NCAA tournament takes the court in Denver Thursday, the a-holes from the Westboro Baptist Church have vowed to be there to picket. 

Seton Hall's Derrick Gordon went public about his sexual orientation roughly 2 years ago ... but this is the first year he'll be playing in the biggest tournament in college basketball as an openly gay man.  

Most people are hailing it as a triumph ... but the Westboro Baptist Church says it's an abomination. 

"Satan-inspired media loves to stoke his rebellion, but we'll protest @marchmadness for Derrick Gordon," the church tweeted. 

So far, Gordon hasn't responded -- seems he's too busy focused on the actual game. 

Kanye West 1 Step Closer to Making Over Clippers Mascot

3/14/2016 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

031416-kanye-steve-ballmer-tmzRest easy, Clippers Nation ... Kanye West is one step closer to redesigning your HORRENDOUS mascot after lining up a sit down with Clips owner Steve Ballmer.

The Clippers introduced Chuck the Condor last month, and almost everyone loathed the thing -- including Kanye -- who begged Ballmer over the weekend to let him redesign it.

Well, Steve was paying attention and tweeted back he's open to discussing it. Now 'Ye just responded ... "%1000 Steve Ballmer. Let's meet this week if you have time. I was hanging with Chris Paul last night." Nice name drop, btw.

For the sake of sports fans and lovers of all things not horrible ... PLEASE let this happen. 

By the way, we got DeAndre Jordan last night and asked how he felt about a possible Kanye collaboration ... he definitely seems entertained by the idea. 

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