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Atlanta, Georgia
1067 days ago
About Me
Cazzy is an alien guitarist... one of two surviving aliens from the now infamous UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. After having been a DJ for almost 15 years, Cazzy started singing. He went on to sing in two different rock bandz, "Noyz-R-Us" a Jimi Hendrix cover band, and then "Messiah" and alternative Rock band. Cazzy then moved onto playing guitar. Cazzy toured playing guitar with the late deaf drummer, Shawn Dale Barnett, who played and lived briefly with Alice in Chains' lead singer, Layne Staley. Cazzy haz gone through many things trying to pursue his muzic and love for muzic.Trying to perform as "The Alien" he has been jumped after a gig, he's been put on the roster absolutely last when everyone had left, he had a can a beer thrown at his head, (Which after it stopped fizzing, he drank). He also had his guitar chord cut one time five minutes before a show. Thankfully, he was lent another guitar chord by one of the members of the Rock Group, "Sea Monster" of New York. Cazzy also had the dubious honor of being a "wheel man", bodyguard, and close friend of the REAL Sonny from the movie "A Bronx Tale". He used to keep quiet about that...but being that Sonny has since passed away...he doesn't care anymore who knows. Although he loved the many talented musicians he met in Orlando,Florida, one day he actually came home to find his girlfriend of 10 years dead on the toilet bowl from a heroin overdose...her eyes still wide open.(She started with pain pills...she was in much pain) The reason why Cazzy calls his guitar..."The Haunted Alien Bluez Axe"??..."because my ex-girlfriend painted the alien murals on it with nail polish...a week before I found her dead"... (Hence, the reason why some people say Cazzy is insane.) He is not insane. Just wary of some humans now. Some people have emailed Cazzy asking whether or not that is his late girlfriends' voice one hears on the track, "Zoomin' with a Dead Girl"...the answer is yes. Now when Cazzy first wrote the song, "Go Away", he played it for his late girlfriend on acoustic, since he had written it for her...these were the words she would tell him everyday...she was in constant pain. (She was run over by a guy in a pick-up truck as she was crossing the street going to a Christmas Play). Upon hearing the song on acoustic guitar, she broke down in tears. She never lived to hear the finished studio version. Lately, Cazzy haz been playing guitar with DJ'z doing EDM.
Guitar, Martial artz, Poetry, Nature, World Peace

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