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Mark Cuban

I REJECT Your 'Hoverboard'

And What's My Player Doing There?

8/30/2015 7:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0830-w-caption-mark-cuban-iohawk-TWITTER-01Mark Cuban isn't messing around ... he's on the warpath against anyone who dares sell a "hoverboard," and it could be one of his basketball players is about to learn a hard lesson on the subject of crossing his boss.

John Soibatian, Prez of IO Hawk, made the offer Saturday, to give Mark one of his very own.  The subtext is great ... Mark just partnered with the guy who owns the patent to the device and has said he's planning on suing everyone who markets a knockoff.

Soibatian apparently thought he could win Mark over by posing with JaVale McGee ... who just signed as center for the Dallas Mavericks -- THE TEAM MARK OWNS!

Mark's response makes it clear ... judgment day is coming.  And BTW, what's JaVale thinking?




Elle Fanning

Banking On Oscar

For New Movie Payday

8/30/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0828_elle_fanning_oscar_cash_compositeElle Fanning's not exactly hauling in Jennifer Lawrence money yet -- she's only 17 -- but she's got a shot at earning that kinda scratch from her next job ... IF she turns in an award winning performance.

Luckily for Dakota Fanning's kid sis there's already some Oscar buzz for "About Ray" -- a movie she's only getting $65,000 to make -- base salary, anyway. That's the bad news. 

The good news is Elle's playing a teenage girl transitioning to a boy. In other words, it's exactly the kinda flick Oscar voters tend to eat up ... and that will put a ton of bonus money in her bank account.

According to her contract, Elle gets $100k if she's nominated for and wins a Golden Globe -- and another $167k for an Oscar nod and win!

There's also a $250k bonus if 'Ray' earns $45 million worldwide at the box office -- which would be really impressive for a small budget film. 

For your consideration ... a teenager looking to make a buck.  



'Game of Thrones' Michiel Huisman

I Got Shorted!!!

8/30/2015 7:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michiel Huisman from "Game of Thrones" left little to the imagination as he left a pool party in New Orleans.

Michiel, who plays Daario Naharis, reinforced that there's more to the show than blazing hot chicks.


Courtney Stodden

Happy 21st Birthday ...

Drunk Girl!!!

8/30/2015 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It seems Courtney Stodden's been around long enough that she'd be on the backside of 20 by now, but she actually just turned 21, and she clearly liquored it up Saturday during a big celebration.

Courtney was out with hubby Doug Hutchinson at Tortilla Republic in WeHo, and the scene was crazy and loud.   

An Uber was the source of friction and joy.


I Got Your Bulge Right Here

8/30/2015 7:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0830-batman-bulge-joker-car-PCN-01Batman's packin'. 

This pic was snapped during the final scenes for the "Suicide Squad" which is being shot in Toronto. The scene ... Batman breaks through the roof of the Joker's car.  

It's not Ben Affleck and Jared Leto ... both are stunt doubles.

The Joker is trying not to look, but we know he wants to. 

Young Dro

Stripper Says Rapper Stole My Car ...

And Got Me Busted

8/30/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0828-young-dro-TWITTER-01Young Dro has not only royally pissed off a stripper, she says he set her up and got her arrested for weed and an illegal gun.

According to a police report, Dro was in a city near Atlanta in February when he went to a stripper friend and asked to borrow her Cadillac. She agreed, with one condition ... that he pick her up after her shift at the Pink Pony.

Dro stood the stripper up, so she used her OnStar to track down the Caddy, which she found in a parking lot. Turns out cops were interested in the car as well, because they had just seen 2 men wildly driving it. So the stripper and cops showed up at the same time.

PROBLEM: Cops saw a big bag of weed in plain view in the backseat. That triggered a search, which produced a gun that turned out to be stolen.

To the stripper's shock, cops arrested her for the ganja and the gun.  

When the stripper got sprung, she filed a grand theft auto report against Dro, and cops arrested him.

An Uber would have been so much easier.

Celebrity Scramble


8/30/2015 7:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_scramble_launchPlease don't try to adjust your computer screens ... this is NOT a blurry picture of Sheldon from "Big Bang Theory"  -- However, there is a big time star being masked by this mysterious mix up ... Can you guess who it is?!


Joe Jonas

I Can Eat Turtle Pizza and DJ

At the Same Time!!!

8/30/2015 7:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jonas got some nourishment as he DJ'd up a storm at 1Oak Saturday night, courtesy of some Ninja Turtles.

The turtles carted in some pizza pies for the VMA event.  Donatello was chatty after making the delivery. He was mum on the tip.


Akon Sued

Mansion Floors Don't Come Cheap

... Pay Up, Man!

8/30/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827-akon-tmz-01Akon's Georgia mansion continues to be a thorn in his side ... as yet another contractor is claiming he didn't get paid for working on the superstar producer and singer's floors.   

A company called Capital Floors has filed a $15,000 lien against the troublesome home -- small potatoes compared to the $36,765 filed by a different company back in January. 

This contractor claims they did get paid a little along the way and the $15k represents the unpaid balance -- but says a lawsuit for another $50k in damages could be in the offing. 

Akon's reps haven't gotten back to us. 

In other news...

Kim's SCARY Medical News

Find out what terrifying news her doctor revealed.





8/30/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0828_shania_twain_good_genes_launchShania Twain's good looks aren't retiring! 

Here's a 38-year-old version of the "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" singer performing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville back in 2003 (left) and 12 years later ... the now 50-year-old country staple -- who announced earlier this summer that she is retiring from touring -- performing onstage in New York last month (right).

"That Don't Impress Me Much."

The question is...

In other news...

New Deets On Jennifer's Wedding Look

Find out where Jen went for her nuptial look and a whole lot more!


American Pharoah

Down Goes The Champ ...

Loses After Crazy Finish

8/29/2015 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Pharoah -- the god of all horses just lost his first race in 9 tries after a shocking finish in New York. 

The Triple Crown winner was racing in the Travers Stakes in Saratoga and you can see, Pharoah had the lead for most of the race. However, Keen Ice had other plans -- coming out of nowhere in the last second to take the W. 

We're guessing Floyd Mayweather Jr will sleep easy tonight ... there's only one undisputed champ now. 

In other news...

Tyga's Latest Legal Trouble

Someone’s got Tyga by the tail---and it’s not Kylie Jenner.


Kevin Gates

Kicks Fan In Chest

Don't Touch My Shorts!!

8/29/2015 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kevin Gates doesn't like to be touched when he's on stage and one female fan learned that quickly ... with a boot to the chest.

Gates was performing at a club in Lakeland, FL Friday night -- you can see a woman in the front row reach out and touch Gates' shorts ... that's when he loses it. 

It's unclear what happened to the woman after the kick but she seems to stick around. 

We've reached out to Gates for comment -- so far, no word back. 

Hulk Hogan

I Still Love WWE

... And I Wanna Be Trump's Running Mate

8/29/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two interesting comments from Hulk Hogan -- he's NOT mad with the WWE for cutting ties with him over the N-word ... and says he wants to make America great again, by running with Donald Trump!!!!

First, the WWE thing ... it's been more than a month since Vince McMahon wiped all traces of Hogan from the website after reports surfaced that he used the N-word in a racial rant years ago. 

Even after several black wrestlers and celebs vouched for Hulk -- saying he's not a racist at heart -- Vince has refused to bring him back into the WWE universe. 

So, how does Hogan feel about being blackballed? Check out the clip ... he views the situation more as a temporary "family" conflict and joked that the only "hard feelings" he's going to have is "when I get [Vince McMahon] in the ring again." 

As for the Trump comments ... Hulk says he thinks the country is finally ready for Vice President Hogan, brother. 

Are you? 

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