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Nicki Minaj I'm Gonna Sue Jesse Palmer ... I Never Supported My Rapist Brother

12/12/2018 12:41 PM PST

Nicki Minaj is threatening to sic her lawyers on Jesse Palmer for falsely claiming she supported her brother, who was found guilty of raping an 11-year-old. 

The rapper went off on the "Daily Mail TV" host Tuesday for a segment that aired on the show. In talking about Minaj's new relationship with boyfriend Kenneth Petty -- a sex offender-- Palmer said Nicki's fans "are also worried because this isn't the first time Nicki Minaj has defended a sex offender."

Palmer then claimed Nicki has supported her brother, Jelani Maraj, who was found guilty of raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter. Here's the thing -- Nicki never had her brother's back ... she was only making a trip to visit him in jail to help support her mother.

Nicki went off on Palmer in a scathing Instagram post ... saying, "You just lied on me on nat'l TV & now you're being sued. You better be able to back up what you just said about me with FACTS."

Maraj has still not been sentenced for the rape. 

As we first reported ... Nicki's talking love and babies with her new bae, Kenneth Petty, a convicted sex offender. Nicki's adamant Kenneth is not the same person he was when he was convicted as a 16-year-old and believes he's changed for the better.

Jennifer Lopez Mom Clocked By Unruly Fans ... As J Lo Signs Autographs

12/12/2018 11:21 AM PST

Jennifer Lopez's mother is one tough cookie, because she kept on truckin' after taking an elbow to the side of her head while her daughter was getting mobbed by fans. 

It was a wild scene Wednesday outside Sirius Radio in New York, where J Lo and her mom were swarmed by fans upon arrival.

The video is crazy ... you see Jennifer trying to navigate her way through the crowd with her mother in tow, when someone reaches in and clocks Guadalupe Rodriguez with a nasty elbow to the dome.

J Lo looks super pissed and concerned as Guadalupe tries to shake it off, holding her right hand up to her head as they try like hell to escape the mob. 

We're told Jennifer won't be hitting the streets again when they leave Sirius ... and we can't blame her. 

'The 100' Star Marie Avgeropoulos Domestic Violence Case Dismissed ... It Was All Just a Mix-Up

12/12/2018 11:12 AM PST

The woman who plays a post-apocalyptic juvenile on the CW series "The 100" will NOT be prosecuted for domestic violence ... because prosecutors realized there was no domestic violence.

Marie Avgeropoulos' lawyer, Shawn Holley, appeared in an L.A. courtroom Tuesday, along with the prosecutor, for the formality of dismissing the case. Bottom line ... the case was dismissed because there was never any intent on Marie's part to flip out and attack her BF. She had an adverse reaction to medication that triggered the outburst and there wasn't an intentional act of violence.

TMZ broke the story ... Marie -- who stars as Octavia Blake on the CW sci-fi show -- was arrested back in August after her BF called cops from inside a car claiming she struck him during a verbal argument. The BF called police hoping they'd just defuse the sitch but instead ended up arresting Marie.

All water under the bridge now.

Kathie Lee Gifford My Replacement's All Up to Hoda ...

12/12/2018 10:01 AM PST

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb can't seem to decide who has more word in choosing a replacement for KLG on the "Today" show ... but it's definitely one of them.

We got the NBC morning show anchors Wednesday in NYC, the day after Kathie announced she's leaving "Today" at the end of her 11th year. Our photog asked who's in line to fill Kathie's shoes, and she enthusiastically says, "Whoever Hoda wants, Hoda gets." 

For her part, Hoda played it coy, saying ... "This is all about KLG." Kathie immediately refutes that, though, but Hoda insists it is. It's like an Abbot and Costello bit here, really. 

Our camera guy throws out Jenna Bush Hager as a possibility -- who's said to be in the running -- but Hoda and Kathie are definitely playing this close to the vest. 

Birdman Ca$h Money Mansion For Sale ... At a Reduced Pri¢e

12/12/2018 10:29 AM PST

Birdman's putting his palace of a home up for sale again after more than a year without a successful bite -- which means one thing ... BIG discount! Relatively speaking, anyway.

The Cash Money honcho is listing his Miami beachfront mansion -- which is located on the secluded Palm Island -- for $15.5 million. Sounds like a ton of cash -- 'cause it is -- but hey, it was going for $20 mil last year. The place has been on and off the market since then.

If you're a picky multi-millionaire, the price might just be right this time around.

At almost 20,000 square feet, the house features 10 bedrooms, guest suites, a private beach volleyball court, 2 wine cellars, a movie theater and a chef's kitchen with a pizza oven. Basically, it's the definition of living large and lavish. 

Realtors Jeff Miller of Brown Harris Stevens Miami and Darren Weiner of Celebrity Advisors LLC have the listing. 

Michael Cohen Trump's Ex-Lawyer Gets 3 Yrs in Prison

12/12/2018 9:14 AM PST
Breaking News

President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen just got sentenced to 3 years in prison after pleading guilty to a number of crimes related to his work for the Prez. 

Cohen spoke in court during his sentencing, and said ... "Today is one of the most meaningful days of my life. The irony is that today I get my freedom back.” He made specific references to Trump, too ... “Blind loyalty to this man led me to choose a path of darkness over light.”

Cohen added, "I take full responsibility for each act that I pleaded guilty to ..." including those implicating the "President of the United States of America.”

In addition to the 3 years ... Cohen has to pay restitution of $1.4 million, and fines of $100,000 for the SDNY and Special Council cases. Additionally, he has to return a $500k home equity loan. 

Cohen was sentenced in NYC. To add insult to injury, Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, spoke outside the courtroom after the sentencing. He declared, "(Cohen) deserves every day of the 36-month sentence that he will serve." He ended his statement with a threat to POTUS -- "Michael Cohen was sentenced today, Donald Trump is next."

As we reported ... Cohen pled guilty to 8 federal charges in August, including 5 counts of tax fraud and 2 campaign finance violations -- the latter of which related to his $130k hush money payment to Stormy Daniels leading up to the 2016 election.

Prosecutors had asked a judge to impose a "substantial term of imprisonment" despite his cooperation.

It's a dramatic end to the Cohen saga. Remember, he was under investigation in New York at the recommendation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which launched a full-blown FBI raid on Cohen's office ... and it was all downhill from there.

Cohen broke away from Trump's inner circle as the feds turned the screws on him. He has reportedly cooperated with investigators extensively. As we reported, he made it clear to Stormy's people his client, Donald Trump, was directing the hush money payment.

Also, an audio recording leaked this year of Cohen and Trump's discussion regarding ex-Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal ... who also reportedly received money for her silence.

Cohen has until March to begin serving his sentence.

Viggo Mortensen Judge Resigns After Telling Lawyer to Suck Viggo's 'D**k'

12/12/2018 8:12 AM PST
Exclusive Details

A New York judge has just announced he's resigning ... this after someone lodged a formal complaint that he told an attorney he should get a hotel room and suck actor Viggo Mortensen's d**k.

Judge John W. Hallett, who serves as a Justice in the LeRay Town Court in Jefferson County, is taking heat for a courthouse conversation he had last January with a lawyer who was promoting a film festival honoring Mortensen.

The judge allegedly responded the festival was "about the gayest thing I have ever heard." The judge allegedly went on to say, "You and Viggo Mortensen should get a hotel room and suck each other's d**ks."

Five months later, the judge was talking to the same lawyer and allegedly made a gesture with his hand to his mouth to connote oral sex, patted the attorney lightly on the cheek and said, "There, there little boy."

The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct opened an investigation and it appears the judge is resigning under pressure, before the hammer comes down.

The judge is resigning New Year's Eve and has agreed to never seek or accept judicial office at any time in the future.

Nicki Minaj Talkin' Wedding Bells & Babies ... With New Boyfriend

12/12/2018 1:00 AM PST

Nicki Minaj's relationship with her new boyfriend is way more serious than we thought -- 'cause we now know she's considering the married and mom life with him.

Sources close to the "Queen" MC tell us Nicki and Kenneth Petty have already had the marriage and baby talk -- this after only a couple months of dating. We're told Nicki is serious about the prospect of marrying Kenneth and having his kids ... because she believes he's that good a man.

As for that whole convicted sex offender thing -- among other crimes -- we're told Nicki couldn't care less.

She certainly isn't shy about showing off her new boo either -- Nicki posted a video of them working out together in the gym. 

As we reported ... Nicki feels Kenneth has changed for the better since he was young -- when he was convicted of first-degree attempted rape as a 16-year-old. He's an old flame from back then, and we're told she's as happy as ever now that they've reconnected all these years later.

Nicki seems to believe Kenneth was falsely convicted ... he was dating the victim at the time and claims the girl's mother had it in for him and made false allegations.

Baker Mayfield & Fiancee Dinner Dates Auctioned Off Raise $96k for Charity!!

12/12/2018 9:16 AM PST
Exclusive Details

How much would you pay to grab dinner with one of the hottest young couples in sports??

For 3 lucky (and rich) Cleveland Browns fans ... we're told the answer is a whoppin' $32,000 each for a night out with Baker Mayfield and Emily Wilkinson ... and it's all for charity!!

The Browns stud and his fiancee were the hot item at the Providence House's Deck the House auction event on Tuesday night ... with their dinner date starting a fierce bidding war.

The original plan was to auction 1 dinner ... but when the price started to skyrocket, Baker agreed to 3 separate evenings out -- ultimately raising $96,000.

FYI -- the Providence House is a crisis nursery that protects at-risk children and families in crisis ... and the couple has been very passionate about the cause ... spending time with the kids at a recent visit a few weeks ago.

We're told Baker was the star of the night ... and even tried his hand at auctioning off some of the items.

On top of the dinner dates ... Baker's game-worn cleats went for another $14k!!

Bake also got in on the action ... bidding $9,250 to win a purple guitar autographed by PRINCE!!

No word on who's gonna pick up the tab at these dinner dates ... but we got a hunch.

'Desperate Housewives' Star Josh Henderson Arrested for Burglary ... But Possibly Mistaken ID

12/12/2018 10:15 AM PST

10:15 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us responding officers looked at the surveillance video with the alleged victim. We're told they observed the 3 suspects, and the alleged victim claimed to recognize Josh and one of his friends.

Cops then made the call to arrest Josh.

We're also told the faces of the suspects were, at least partially, concealed by hats and/or hoodies -- and cops could not make their own determination it was Josh in the video.

Former "Desperate Housewives" star Josh Henderson got arrested Tuesday for allegedly burglarizing his neighbors' home, TMZ has learned ... but our Henderson sources say the bust is bogus.

Law enforcement sources tell us Josh's neighbors came home this weekend to find around $7,000 worth of jewelry missing. We're told they called the cops and said they had surveillance footage capturing the crime and claimed it showed Josh and 2 other guys stealing their stuff.

We've learned the surveillance video shows 3 guys in hoodies climbing over a balcony and pulling off the heist.  

Cops went to Josh's L.A.-area home early Tuesday morning where he was arrested, taken to the station and booked for burglary. He bailed out later the same day.

Sources connected to Josh tell us, he had absolutely no involvement in the burglary and cops made the bust simply because one of the neighbors who was hit said he recognized Josh's jaw line.  

One of the sources tells TMZ, "Josh was initially mistakenly identified with a grainy security camera, but he is fully cooperating and evidence is now being presented to the authorities showing he had nothing to do with any of this.  Josh is innocent and we are confident he will be cleared very quickly."

We're told police are reviewing the surveillance video.

Josh starred as Austin McCann on 'Housewives' ... and also had roles in the reboots of "90210" and "Dallas." Most recently, he was in the aptly titled Hallmark made-for-TV movie, "Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas" ... right after they let him out of these handcuffs.

Originally Published 12:50 AM PT

Hillary Clinton Still Getting Down At Billionaire Daughter's Indian Wedding

12/12/2018 8:22 AM PST

Hillary Clinton's one big party animal -- it's just what it takes to hang when you're attending a traditional Indian wedding ... that costs $100 million!

The former Presidential nominee just arrived at a wedding reception Wednesday evening in Mumbai for the ongoing celebration of Isha Ambani's nuptials. The bride's father, Mukesh Ambani, is the richest person in India with a reported net worth of around $42 billion. The Clintons are friends of the Ambani family, but Hillary attended with Huma Abedin ... not Bill.

As we reported ... Beyonce performed at the shindig earlier this week but attendees didn't just get down to Bey. A lot of Bollywood music was blaring, which brought out Hillary's best moves. Former Secretary of State John Kerry (who clearly didn't get the memo on attire) also joined the fun.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were also seen arriving at this reception. Remember, traditional Indian wedding celebrations can last up to a week. Priyanka and Nick survived theirs -- we're guessing the Ambani fam will too.

In other news...

Kate Middleton Surprises Tourists at Palace By Driving Herself Right By Them!

See the extremely rare sight for yourself!


Armie Hammer & Justin Theroux Goin' Gaga Over RBG!!!

12/12/2018 6:35 AM PST

Armie Hammer and Justin Theroux made life imitate art with a trip to D.C. ... for a screening of their new film about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and actually got shoulder to shoulder with the real RBG! 

The actors -- both of whom star in the upcoming flick "On the Basis of Sex" about a young Ginsburg rising to prominence -- crashed the nation's capital Tuesday, where they completely bro'd out by photobombing every touristy spot ... with one final stop at the Notorious RBG's office. Getting a pic with RBG is the Washington equivalent of getting snapped next to Mick Jagger.

Each guy captioned their own shots with the Supreme Court Justice slightly differently. Armie went traditional with, "....and then this happened!" while Justin stirred things up a bit by writing, " couple alert." That's funny, ya know, 'cause of everything. Ha!

As for Justice Ginsburg, she looks like she's doing a lot better since taking a nasty fall and breaking a few ribs about a month ago. She was released from the hospital shortly thereafter.

Later the same day, Justin and Armie attended a D.C. screening of their flick -- where they posed with young Ginsburg, aka Felicity Jones. It hits theaters on Christmas Day.

Chris Pratt & Patrick Schwarzenegger Bro (Soon-To-Be In-Law?) Out ... Courtside at Clippers Game

12/12/2018 6:46 AM PST

Chris Pratt is throwing off signs his relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger is super serious ... so serious, he's already broing down with her brother.

Chris and Patrick Schwarzenegger hit up the Raptors-Clippers game (the Clips got clobbered) Tuesday night at Staples Center.  Katherine was nowhere in sight, which makes the outing even more interesting.

It's not the first sign Chris and Katherine are showing they're in it for the long haul. He and Katherine hang out all the time with his son, Jack. And, Chris has already met papa Schwarzenegger.

Another good sign for Chris and Katherine -- when "Aint' No Mountain High Enough" came on during karaoke time on the jumbotron ... both Chris and Patrick joined in on the fun.

Anyone else hearing wedding bells?  

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