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Sarah Palin Even Men Are Pissed at Sacha's Pranks ... It's Like #MeToo!!!

7/13/2018 7:01 AM PDT

Sarah Palin says politicians falling victim to Sacha Baron Cohen's pranks is kinda like the new #MeToo. Seriously. 

Palin's still railing at Sacha for duping her -- pretending to be a disabled veteran to interview her -- and says she's justified in her anger, because "all these men coming out now saying, 'Oh, yeah, me too.'" 

Unfortunate turn of phrase?

Anyway, she told 'GMA' she walked out on Cohen's prank because he's humiliating middle-class Americans, and blamed a speaker's organization for not vetting the comedian.

As for the fact she's, even if inadvertently, promoting the hell outta Sacha's show -- Sarah dropped a "pimp" line. Seriously.

Nick Diaz Blasts 'Dick Chest' Brock Lesnar ... You're a Cheater!

7/13/2018 5:42 AM PDT
Breaking News

Nick Diaz just went scorched Earth on the UFC and some its biggest stars -- including Brock Lesnar who Nick rips as a cheater with a "dick chest" tattoo.

Diaz began his rant in the middle of the night -- going off on people crowning Daniel Cormier as the "baddest man on the planet."

"I’ll fight for any title at Any weight," Nick said on an angry IG post ... "UFC wants to make bs wwf fights with guys that fight like sh*t and put on an act."

He then ripped Cormier's upcoming fight with Lesnar -- saying, "[Dana White] should give me this fight instead of dick chest Brock Lesnars cheating ass #dontbescaredhomie."

"Nothing personal I love Dc but I don’t like what he does-constantly embarrassed for him and the sport."

"I started doing MMA because it’s not WWF and I’ve never put on A bs act in my life I’m sure fans would like to see a real fight."

Georgia Cops Suspended Arrest or No Arrest ... Let's Flip a Coin!!!

7/13/2018 7:32 AM PDT

Pretty shocking video here of 2 Georgia cops giggling while using a coin flip app to determine if they should arrest a speeding motorist -- and the recorded incident got both officers suspended.

Roswell PD pulled over Sarah Webb back in April for driving 80 MPH in a 45 MPH zone on a rainy day. Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson were trying to decide whether to simply give Webb a ticket for reckless driving or arrest her ... and opted for a coin flip.

On the video -- recorded by the officers' own body cams, btw -- you can hear Officer Wilson say, "A (arrest) head, R (release) tail." Brown says "Okay" and laughs. Despite the fact it came up tails ... the cops opted to arrest Webb.

Webb had no idea about the coin flip until Atlanta's WXIA uncovered the video. As a result, the cops are on administrative leave during an internal affairs investigation -- and Webb's charges were dropped.

YG Arrested for Robbery ... In Vegas Casino

7/13/2018 12:50 AM PDT

YG's facing a felony robbery charge for allegedly yanking a dude's chain off his neck and taking off with the diamond-laced pendant ... and we're told there's video evidence too.

The rapper was in a Vegas court Thursday after a warrant was issued for his arrest and he turned himself in. YG was hit with felony robbery and he was released after posting $20k bail. 

Vegas police tell us ... the incident went down in late May at the Cosmopolitan around 4 AM, after a man approached YG and asked for a pic but was turned away by his crew. We're told the guy told YG he's not a real celeb ... and casino's surveillance footage shows YG retaliating by yanking a chain off his neck.

We're told the chain fell to the ground, and YG is then seen on video picking up the necklace pendant -- valued somewhere between $3,000 and $9,000 -- before taking off.

We broke the story ... the alleged victim is also suing YG, claiming he had his goons beat him up before he snatched his jewelry. The guy wants at least $250k.

Danielle Bregoli Bodyguard Hurls Stage Crasher ... Then Takes Dive Himself

7/13/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Danielle Bregoli's bodyguard sprung into action like a caped crusader, flying over the crowd after someone tried to crash the stage during her show in Amsterdam.

Danielle, aka Bhad Bhabie, was in the middle of her XXXTentacion tribute Thursday night when a fan rushed the stage and then, seconds later, dove off in one of the more graceful leaps on record.

Enter Frank, Danielle's bodyguard, who was on the stage crasher's tail. Frank took his own leap ... more of a cannonball -- he took out a whole section of the crowd.

We’re told Danielle wasn't really startled because her security is trained to kick off stage crashers ... exactly what Frank did.

Drake & Jay-Z's New Song 'Talk Up' is Sandi Graham's Doing ... Thanks, Drake's Mom!

7/13/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Drake linked up with Jay-Z on his new album for a fire anthem, and the collab probably happened because of Drizzy's mom ... so says the guy who made the music. 

We got Memphis-bred DJ Paul -- who produced "Talk Up" on "Scorpion" -- at LAX, and asked if his highly praised song with Drake and Jay has helped out his bottom line. Sounds like he was already making money moves, but DJP says the 6 God definitely solidified his clout.

As for how he even came to work on this project in the first place, Paul drops a bombshell ... Drake's mother, Sandi Graham, got in her boy's ear about him! Apparently, Sandi and Paul are neighbors ... how 'bout that??

Dude doesn't seem to know the woman by her name though, but it's all love. Here's to "Drake's mom" ... cheers!

Common LeBron, Call Me Let's Work Together (Again)

7/13/2018 12:20 AM PDT

LeBron James hasn't been in L.A. two weeks and the stars are already falling out of the sky to work with him -- this time it's Common, who tells TMZ Sports he's ITCHING to do movie biz with the King.

James has been doing work in Hollywood already -- he and his business partner, Maverick Carter, just sold a new movie to Paramount Players and took a power dinner meeting with Leo DiCaprio and Al Pacino.

We got Common at LAX and asked if he's drooling to be a part of LeBron's Hollywood kingdom, and he said he'd love to run some lines with James ... again.

"LeBron is one of my favorite athletes, I actually just did a movie called 'Smallfoot.' We both did this animated film together."

The flick he's referencing is about a yeti who's convinced humans exist -- and includes voiceover work from stars like Channing Tatum, ZendayaJames Corden, and Danny DeVito

"Of course I'll work with LeBron and Maverick! They're incredible, they do good stuff."

Who's gonna say NO to this guy?

The Cast of 'Friday the 13th' 'Memba Them?!

7/13/2018 12:01 AM PDT

It's Friday the 13th and, to add a little more suspense to the day, we've gone back to Camp Crystal Lake to reminisce the cast of "Friday The 13th." Slash through our gallery of then and now cast photos to check out what Mrs. Voorhees, Jason, Alice, Marcie, Annie, Jack and the rest of the thrilling cast look like now!

TMZ Live Stormy Daniels Targeted By Cops at Strip Club

7/12/2018 10:45 AM PDT

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  • LeBron James: Power Dinner W/ Leonardo DiCaprio
  • George Clooney: Scooter Wreck Injuries
  • Justin Bieber: The Emotional Phone Call

Ex-NBA Star Kevin Garnett Wife Files for Divorce

7/12/2018 5:25 PM PDT
Breaking News

Former NBA star Kevin Garnett is heading for divorce after 14 years of marriage ... TMZ has learned.

According to new legal docs ... Brandi Padilla filed the divorce papers Thursday in L.A. Padilla reportedly lists irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split.

The couple dated for a long time before tying the knot back in July 2004. They have 2 daughters together, ages 10 and 5. Brandi's reportedly asking for physical custody with Kevin getting visitation ... and she's seeking spousal support.

Garnett retired from the NBA in September 2016 after 21 seasons, an MVP Award ... and a championship with the Celtics in 2008.

Logan Paul & Chloe Bennet Ignore the Haters ... 'We're Just Doing Our Thing'

7/12/2018 5:22 PM PDT

Logan Paul and Chloe Bennett just made their big couple debut in public, and their fans -- okay, mostly Logan's -- were all about capturing the moment.

The YouTube star and the "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." star have been rumored to be an item for a while, but confirmed it Thursday when we saw them out together in Beverly Hills ... with a high five.

Check it out -- the 2 were swarmed by fans while our guy asked them questions about their relationship ... like how they're dealing with some fan disapproval, and what Chloe's favorite present from Logan is so far.

Chloe made it clear she was dating Paul Wednesday when she responded to a fan's tweet asking why she'd be with him buy saying ... "He's changed my life for the better and I've done the same for him."

Logan responded by joking he hadn't confirmed anything, but "would be an extremely lucky young man" if he had the chance to date Chloe. Clearly, he had the chance and seized it ... but he tells us he understands why some of her fans would be against dating him.

His fans, however ... they seem to be fully on board with him dating her.

Stormy Daniels Police Chief Says We Screwed Up Questions Officers' Motives

7/12/2018 3:15 PM PDT

Stormy Daniels should never have been arrested at a Columbus strip club and the Chief of Police is launching an investigation to determine if the officers' motives were improper.

Chief Kim Jacobs says she will take the heat for the arrest at Sirens strip club ... where Stormy was busted for touching an undercover vice officer during her performance. As TMZ reported, the arrest was bogus because the law only prohibits touching by dancers who perform regularly at a club, and Stormy was a featured guest for only 2 nights.

Chief Jacobs noted a mistake was made, though she was not specific. She went on to say, "While the presence of Vice officers at this establishment is reasonable, the motivations behind the officers' actions will be reviewed internally ..."

The charges against Stormy have already been dismissed, and she's cancelled her Thursday night performance at Sirens ... due to security concerns

Stormy Daniels Cancels Strip Club Gig ... Security Concerns

7/12/2018 3:25 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

5:00 PM PT -- Stormy won't be skipping out on a strip club appearance tonight after all ... she just said she's taking her talents to Vanity Gentlemen's Club in Columbus. She added that the owners of Sirens were "too fearful" to have her back.Stormy Daniels just bailed from night 2 at the Columbus strip club where she was arrested Wednesday night, and her lawyer says there are various reasons why ... including "security concerns."

Michael Avenatti tells TMZ there were a variety of reasons why his client will not return to Sirens. He would not say if Stormy received death threats, but acknowledged there were safety issues.

Avenatti says Stormy wants to perform tonight and is looking for another venue in Columbus.

As we reported, the Columbus Police Chief has fallen on the sword, saying the arrest was improper ... because Stormy didn't violate the law that got her busted. The Chief also says she's reviewing the "motives" of the vice cops who made the arrest.

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