Kanye West Congrats Kamala!!! ... But I'm Gonna Beat You in November

Kanye West gave a belated shout-out to Kamala Harris, but he's not gonna vote for her.

Ye just tweeted, "I know my mom and Kamala Harris would have been friends ... congratulations on being the democratic Vice President nominee ... all love and respect from the future president.  It's an honor to run against you."

So much to say. First, it's cool that Kanye gave the Senator some props. Second, it's also cool he thought about how Donda, his late mom, would have been proud of Joe Biden's pick.

All that said ... Kanye has made it clear -- he's in it to win it, and as we've been reporting, he's trying to get on the November ballot in certain states.

The ongoing intrigue ... what's Kanye's connection to Trump? He's supported him in the past, and Rudy Giuliani told us last weekend he believes Kanye secretly still loves Trump. And then, there's Jared Kushner, who secretly met with Kanye and speaks to him on the phone. Kushner denies they talk politics -- just policy, but it's hard/impossible to believe that.

It seems Trump's people believe Kanye could be a spoiler and hurt Biden by siphoning off black votes from the Democrats.

Confusing AND intriguing.

TikTok's Bryce Hall Hosts Sway House Rager in L.A. ... Packed, Viral Stars Galore


TikTok might be on the verge of shutting down in the U.S., but its American stars are far from winding down -- in fact, they're doing the opposite ... dangerously turning up.

Check out these videos that were captured Friday night from a massive house party out in the Hollywood Hills, celebrating the 21st birthday of TikToker and YouTube personality Bryce Hall. It's ridiculously packed, and of course ... no one is wearing a mask or distanced at all.

Just looking at the raucous scene -- which was full of dancing, drinking and eventually stripping too -- it's clear this isn't safe, but it doesn't look like Bryce and the rest of the (new) Sway House inhabitants really give a damn, and neither do their guests.

It's crazy ... because you literally see a lot of famous faces here -- tons of other TikTok stars and viral personalities and even some reality TV stars too, like Harry Jowsey from 'Too Hot to Handle.' Looks like it was a who's who of Gen Z fame, really. And, yes ... things got wild.

At one point, some male strippers dressed as cops come in and dance on Bryce -- and then later, the female strippers are brought in and do more of the same. Finally, real cops showed.

Word is the shindig got shut down around 4 AM or so, when LAPD rolled through and kicked everyone out. You see this and wonder ... maybe a TikTok ban ain't that bad of an idea.

Just sayin' ... πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Kamala Harris is getting great reviews ... though certainly not from Donald Trump, and the divide over coronavirus is getting wider. So we gotta ask ...

Better Veep ...

Trump's Claim Of Mail-In Ballot Fraud ...

Trump's Trying To Rig Election ...

Kanye's Presidential Campaign ...

More Important ...

We'll Be Back To Normal ...

Racism In 2020 ...

What I Miss The Most ...

Who Excites You More?

COVID Fever Lady Ambushes Tiny Beach Wedding ... Going a Little Too Far???

A woman in Hawaii broke up a small beach wedding because of COVID-19 -- shaming the group for gathering and chasing them off, which begs the question ... too much, or right on?

Check out this video. The woman -- who appears to be a resident near Waimanalo Beach in O'ahu -- catches wind of a secret wedding ceremony going down nearby and busts in lock, stock and barrel ... shamelessly interrupting the proceedings.

She comes upon a group of maybe 7 people -- some of whom are young children -- who are bearing witness to an intimate ceremony between a couple ... with what looks to be a minister and a photog on hand as well. They're not even on or around the main area of the beach -- everyone is tucked back behind some shrubbery, sorta hidden from view.

That itself appears to be crossing the line for the woman, who reminds them the beaches in town are closed ... and what they're doing is illegal. But, it sure looks like they're on private property, and if not just inches beyond.

The woman goes so far as threatening to call cops as everyone makes their way back to the rental home.

There are 2 issues ... if the group is on private property, the lady is clearly in the wrong. If, on the other hand, they are on the public beach, well they shouldn't be ... but they're so close to private property waging war seems like an overreaction.

What's unclear ... did they ever tie the knot?

Cardi B AOC For President!!! ... When She's Old Enough to Run

Forget we're in the middle of a make-or-break election ... Cardi B is already setting her sights on 2024, because she's got her eye on AOC.

Cardi just tweeted that she wants Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to throw her name in the ring for President when she turns 35 ... the required age under the Constitution.

AOC is clearly a Cardi fan ... check out her moves dancing to "Bodak Yellow." But, she's also become a big star in the Democratic party -- or at least the progressive wing of the party -- she'll give a speech next week at the Dem's convention to put Bernie Sander's name in the mix. It's a formality since Joe Biden will become the party's nominee, but AOC will have primetime exposure.

So, here's the deal. AOC is 30 ... she'll turn 31 in October. So, if she were to run in 2024, she'd be 34 -- one year shy of the minimum requirement, but WAIT. We checked the Constitution, and it says anyone can run when they're under 35 as long as they hit that age before being sworn in. Since the swearing-in would be January 20, 2025 ... she'd qualify.

As for Cardi ... well, she too has a Bernie connection. She was a big fan, and there's clearly a connection between her and AOC.

Kanye West Resurrects Feud with Taylor Swift and Possibly Kim ... Says Christians Don't Use Snake Images

Kanye West just tweeted something that seemed to cast shade in Taylor Swift's direction, but it also seems it might be directed at Kim.

Kanye, who's ensconced at his Wyoming ranch, tweeted a pic of a rattlesnake with the caption, "Not gonna use a snake emoji cause you know why ... I'm not sure if Christians are allowed to use snake emojis."

You probably recall Ye's war with Taylor Swift back in 2016, when Kanye said he gave Taylor a heads up before releasing his song, "Famous," which included the lyric, "I made that bitch famous."  Taylor begged to differ and the war was on.

Kim jumped to Kanye's defense, using snake emojis to call Taylor a "snake" after Swift said she was blindsided by the lyric.

Taylor then used a giant, robotic snake during her "Reputation" tour.

So, Ye saying it's not the Christian thing to do sure seems like shade. It's unclear what got Kanye heated since the feud is 4 years old. That said, it's interesting the only person who used snake emojis was Kim, not Taylor.

BTW ... Kim and Kanye were on a trip to try and save their marriage, but they are now a thousand miles apart. He's in Wyoming and she's in L.A.

Police MIsconduct Tennessee Trooper Fired ... After Ripping Mask Off Man Videotaping Traffic Stop

The Tennessee cop who threatened a man who was shooting video of a police stop and then ripped the guy's face mask off has been fired.


Trooper Harvey Briggs got his walking papers Friday ... terminated for unprofessional conduct. He had been placed on leave 2 days earlier, after video surfaced of the confrontation.

Briggs, a 22-year veteran of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, went on a power trip, threatening Andrew Golden, approaching him and then ripping his mask off in a fit of anger, before walking off. Briggs seemed to be triggered after Golden used a swear word ... and that's not a reason to threaten to arrest someone or rip their mask off.

Golden was shooting the stop from a distance from a public sidewalk before Briggs went on a tear against him. Briggs filed a complaint and action was clearly and swiftly taken.

Chrissy Teigen I Was Pregnant During Breast Reduction Surgery ... Despite Negative Pregnancy Test

Chrissy Teigen revealed something really scary ... unbeknownst to her, she was pregnant when she had her breast reduction surgery.

Chrissy was interacting with her fans on Twitter Friday when she explained before she had the surgery, they administered a pregnancy test ... which came back negative.

Here's what she said after the surgery ... "A few weeks after surgery, I took a test. And for many years now, I've taken pregnancy tests almost every month, praying to see a positive one day. Just wishful thinking. I never had a positive before."

She says the test she took on the day John Legend's album came out was when she got a positive test result, adding, "I was scared s**tless. Was pretty positive you shouldn't get your boobs out while pregnant? Pretty sure."

She explains how scary it was ... "So we prayed to the boob surgery gods that everything would be okay. Went to every appointment terrified. Even without the surgery, I didn't think I could get pregnant naturally anyway. So the odds just felt ... bad."

Chrissy broke the news she was pregnant with their third child in John's music video, "Wild."

They have 2 kids ... 4-year-old Luna and 2-year-old Miles.

Glad things are good now.

Postmaster General Massive Protest at D.C. Home ... Over Mail-in Ballots

A giant protest went down in D.C. Saturday morning at the home of the Postmaster General, over highly suspicious claims that millions of mail-in ballots might not be counted.

The crowd formed at the home of Louis DeJoy, who had absolutely no involvement or experience in the U.S. Postal Service until Trump appointed him. DeJoy is a Trump loyalist who has contributed money to his Presidential campaign.

DeJoy warned an untold number of ballots in 46 states might not be counted ... this as Trump has said he won't adequately fund the effort to properly count ballots. He as much as said he's against it because mail-in voting helps Democratic candidates. Overtime has already been cut and mailboxes have been removed from streets.

Trump's claims of voter fraud with mail-in ballots are provably false ... there is virtually no fraud with mail-in ballots ... the number is a small, small, small fraction of 1%.

Some of the protesters stuffed fake ballots in DeJoy's mailbox ... although it's unclear if he'll be moved by anyone other than Trump.

As you know, there's a push to expand mail-in voting because it's the safest way by far to vote during a pandemic.

Trump is clearly trying to delegitimize the election ... he's already suggested it be delayed and there are big worries he might not accept the results and try to stay in office even if he loses.

Giant Robot No, He's Not Guarding Royalty


An 8-foot robot is getting a lot of attention online ... for the wrong reasons.

There's video of the contraption -- AKA Titan -- barreling through the International Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi last year.

A number of stories have been surfacing that Titan is the bodyguard for the Emir of Bahrain. Not so ... Titan is just your typical hired muscle ... hired by anyone who wants a cool robot that reportedly delivers some pretty awesome movie quotes.

BTW ... Titan really makes the rounds ... he was at the BETT show in London this year -- back in January, before the world shut down -- where more than 800 tech companies watched it do its thing. We're guessing Titan's been put on ice now that conventions are temporarily a thing of the past. By the time they're back, they'll need some WD40.

Kim & Kanye Family Glamping Photos ... Not Your Average Vacay


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's make-or-break vacay is over, and though it's unclear if it saved their marriage ... one thing we know ... rich-people glamping looks awesome.

Sources familiar with the couple's travel plans tell TMZ ... the family left Colorado's Dunton River Camp earlier this week, wrapping up the second leg of their getaway as Kim and Kanye tried to breathe new life in their marriage ... as his presidential campaign rolled on.

It looks like the glamping retreat at the beautiful, off-the-grid resort deep in the San Juan Mountains was more focused on the kids than their parents, but it certainly looks like a place they could all enjoy themselves.

Kim and Kanye rented out the entire 500-acre former cattle ranch for a whopping $43k PER NIGHT ... meaning the fam had all the campfires, cabins, hot springs, hiking trails and other natural joys along the Delores River to themselves.

As we reported ... the couple set off on their marriage-saving vacation about 2 weeks ago in the Caribbean, where they stayed in a tropical island fortress to keep paparazzi at bay.

The goal of the trip was to work out some major relationship issues -- while avoiding politics -- and it seemed like the fam was having a good time halfway through ... before they departed for Miami en route to Colorado.

Kim and Kanye have now parted ways yet again -- he went back to Wyoming to work on his projects and his political campaign -- and she's back home in L.A. with the kids.

We're told the 2 are continuing to sort things out ... the vacay didn't solve everything.

Trump Supporters vs. BLM Protesters Massive Brawl Erupts


The anger and violence that has gripped America was full throttle Friday, when Trump supporters got into a huge fight with Black Lives Matters protesters.

The massive brawl went down in the San Fernando Valley, where Trump supporters were holding signs that read, "All Lives Matter" as they screamed, "America, America!"

It started out verbal, but quickly turned physical, as various people got pummeled on the ground.

The protest was organized by Latinos for Trump. They say they are supporting churches that were blocked by the government from having indoor services. There were around 60 Trump protesters, but they were clearly outnumbered by the BLM supporters.

The fight went down outside an In-n-Out drive-thru ... 4 people were injured.

There were no arrests. The LAPD called the fight "mutual combat" and no one present wanted to press charges.

Luke from 'Summer House' Failed Engagement Ring Up for Auction ... For a Great Cause!!!


Luke Gulbranson -- who stirred up drama on the Bravo reality series "Summer House" -- is making the most of a his failed engagement, and helping a great cause in the process.

Luke partnered up with the folks over at IDoNowIDont.com -- the name says it all, really -- to sell an engagement ring he bought for an ex-GF before he was on the show. Fans know he brought up that 3-year relationship and the engagement ring frequently ... and it's kinda why things never took off Hannah Berner in the house.

He also talked about wanting to get rid of the ring, and it's finally happening. The Tiffany & Co. round solitaire diamond is just under 1 carat, and set in 18k white and yellow gold. It retails for $11,500 but, get this ... the starting bid at IDoNowIDont starts at $5,000. Potential bargain!!!

We're told Luke and the jewelry site will donate a percentage of the proceeds to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a non-profit that's been dedicated to fighting blood cancer since 1949.

So, why L&LS? Luke's mother is currently battling Leukemia and he wants to share his gratitude to the group and its incredible work around the world.

BTW ... the auction starts August 17 and ends August 23.

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