'Tiger King' Star Jeff Lowe Hot Nanny Says She's Real Deal ... But Part-Time Only


Jeff Lowe -- Joe Exotic's ex-business partner and mentor -- raised eyebrows on 'Tiger King' over his search for a nanny and has folks speculating it's all a stunt ... but the nanny in question tells TMZ -- she's legit, just not full-time.

Masha Diduk is the hot nanny Jeff and his pregnant wife, Lauren, wanted to hire on the Netflix docuseries, and Masha tells us ... she was indeed hired by the couple in September to care for their daughter.

She says she actually met Jeff and Lauren 4 years ago in Las Vegas -- where she lives and works as a model -- back when they drove to Sin City with a few tiger cubs ... as those who have seen 'Tiger King' recall.

We're told Masha's agreement was to work part-time as their baby girl's caretaker during business hours at Jeff's Oklahoma zoo -- mostly on weekends -- which she's been doing recently.

The nanny recently appeared with Jeff, Lauren and the baby on "Lights Out with David Spade," and rumors began swirling she was paid by Jeff to be there simply for the TV interview ... but she says that's not true.

Masha tells us her Vegas work has dried up because of the pandemic -- and Jeff's been busy moving the zoo to a new location -- so she really has been with the family taking care of baby Sarah.

Granted, the timing with the release and popularity of 'Tiger King' is suspicious at best.

As for 'Tiger King' ... Masha says it's entertaining, but she feels the producers twisted some things about Jeff. She says it made it seem like Jeff mistreated animals the way Joe Exotic did, but that's wrong ... and she wouldn't work for him if he did.

April Shower Babes Wash You Were Here!

Bring on the April showers ... but only if it includes these famous faces who are delivering good, clean, fun and help us ring in the new month with their wet hotshots.

With everyone talking about washing their hands for twenty seconds ... feel free to soak in these ladies that are bringing a whole new meaning to spring-cleaning for as long as you want!

Scrub away the bad energy with these hot shots of babes like Alessandra Ambrosio, Gigi Hadid, Natalie Nunn, Sofia Richie and many more in the shower for a cleansing Sunday funday but consider yourself warned ... you may need a cold shower afterward.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Our country -- really our world -- has been turned upside down with the coronavirus. So we gotta ask ...

Who Do You Believe Now?

Gov Of GA Saying Didn't Know Asymptomatic Folks Can Spread Virus ...

I'm Going Stir Crazy ...

I Like Staying At Home

We'll Come Out Of This

Better Leader ...

To Pass The Time, I'm Watching ...

Self-Isolation Will Last

Coronavirus Social Distancing L.A. Beachgoers Hit the Sand, Trails ... Despite Beach Closures

For some crazy reason, way too many Los Angelenos are hell-bent on violating the mandatory closures in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and in some ways, as the news gets worse, the problems with social distancing increase.

The number of folks on the sand has increased all week in the L.A. area, partly because the weather is good and partly because people want out of their apartments and houses.


Check out the beach in Marina del Rey ... an increasing number of landlubbers are hitting the sand despite mandatory beach closures in L.A. County.

People are using the beach to sun, exercise, surf, paddleboard and walk their dogs -- all of which is now illegal.  Problem is ... there have been no cops patrolling many of the areas and it seems people are not being shooed off the beach or given a ticket. Just a mile south, we've heard cops are out in force ticketing anyone who dares to hit the sand in Hermosa Beach ... but only in sections, it would seem. There too ... social distancing is often being poo-pooed.

The photos in the gallery (above) of a trail bordering Hermosa Beach -- which appears to be out of view from the main roads and general public -- show it's FLOODED with dog walkers and hikers, who aren't even close to being six feet apart.

There have been lots of problems in the L.A. area. Just a few days ago, folks jammed into the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

And, as TMZ first reported, Katherine Schwarzenegger got in touch with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti this week to shut down the Brentwood Farmers Market, which was jam-packed just a week ago.

American Airlines Passenger Boards Flight w/ One Other ... Empty Cabins New Normal


Just about every industry in America is being hit hard by the coronavirus -- but when you have the whole plane pretty much to yourself ... you know airlines are especially screwed.

Meet Dan Nolan, who took an American Airlines flight Saturday from Newburgh, NY to Philly, and would later connect to an L.A. flight. Along the way, he walked into an empty cabin -- save for one other passenger traveling with him -- and it truly made for a surreal scene.

Rows and rows of empty seats, except for Dan and other fella. Yeah, he had some fun with it ... but this reality is becoming more and more common. And, frankly, it's concerning on a number of fronts.

For one, it's a testament to how doused the air travel industry is with coronavirus woes right now. Very few are flying at the moment, and airlines have cut back their flight schedules significantly. Meanwhile, the government hasn't shut 'em down yet -- as they're deemed essential. The more and more of this we see, though, might change that.

Frankly, it's probably more expensive to operate these planes and flights -- even just the domestic ones -- than the money they're seeing coming in from anyone booking tickets. At the end of the day, airlines might have to seriously self-regulate to avoid going under.

The new stimulus package that just passed will certainly help in avoiding that, but still ... the longer this goes on, the more dire it becomes. Not just that, but some flight attendants have also expressed concerns about having to continue working, worrying about getting sick.

Circling back to Dan, he says there was just one flight attendant on-board, and she did the whole safety spiel. No cart service, but more upsetting -- no upgrade from coach ... seriously.

Donald Trump Calls New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Ungracious


Forget politics for a minute ... Donald Trump is demanding, of all things, gratitude from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, despite the fact New York's health care system is about to break without these phantom tests, ventilators and PPE's the President constantly claims are rolling out.

Trump was true to form as he MC'd his daily coronavirus briefing, boasting about the federal response ... something in sharp, sharp contrast to the thousands of doctors and nurses who are now drafting their wills because there's nothing to adequately protect them from the disease.

Trump went in on Cuomo, saying he's given him everything imaginable ... maybe he didn't hear about the broken ventilators, the ridiculous competitive bidding among states for lifesaving equipment, the lack of masks, the lack of tests, and on and on.

Trump said Cuomo should be more like CA Gov Gavin Newsom. Here's the thing ... Newsom's a smart guy, and he, like every other leader at this point, knows Trump's enormous ego needs heavy stroking ... or else. Remember, he told Pence not to even call the governors of Washington State and Michigan because they supposedly lacked gratitude.

Here's what clearly escapes Trump. We want leaders who speak up, leaders who raise their voices when the doctors and nurses in their states are getting infected and dying. We need leaders who will stand up to a federal government that STILL will not recommend that EVERY state impose a stay-at-home order ... which is the most absurd thing in this whole messed up situation.

Trump likes polls, so check ours out today. People think Cuomo is a better leader than Trump by a margin that exceeds 2 to 1.

'Tiger King' New Episode Coming!!! Jeff Tells Dodgers Star


Leave it to Jeff Lowe to let the cats out of the bag -- there's a bonus episode of 'Tiger King' coming to Netflix.

Joe Exotic's ex-business partner spilled the tea -- yet again -- during a cameo video message for Dodgers star Justin Turner. Jeff and his wife, Lauren, say they heard Justin was a big fan of the docuseries. They gave him a good ribbing about that, and then dropped the bombshell.

Jeff says Netflix producers will be shooting at his home on Sunday, and the footage will be used for a new episode dropping next week.

Makes sense Netflix would strike while the iron's piping hot. The series is Netflix's #1 show right now, and there are endless loose ends to address.

For instance, Jeff was raided by the feds last year ... something mentioned at the end of 'Tiger King,' but with no further detail. Only makes sense, the guy who snitched on Joe Exotic had to be the one to blab about the new episode.

BTW, if you're interested a personalized vid from Jeff is going for $150 on cameo.

Astros' Justin Verlander Donating His Weekly MLB Checks To Coronavirus Charities

Breaking News

Astros ace Justin Verlander is about to be donating a boatload of money for the next couple months to coronavirus charities -- and a lot of people have radically differing thoughts on it.

The pitcher and his wife, Kate Upton, took to IG Saturday to announce ... in light of the MLB continuing to pay its players for at least the next couple months -- per Justin himself -- he says he and Kate have decided to donate those funds toward COVID-19 relief efforts.

They say they'll choose different charities each week for each check, and announce them on their pages. There are tons to choose from these days, so no shortage of good orgs.

Now, time for some math ... 'cause Justin's donations are going to be staggering based on the numbers of his most recent contract with the 'Stros. He got signed to a 2-year, $66 million extension recently (good through the '20 and '21 seasons) and if you break that down -- it's about $634k a week. If he donates for two months ... $5 mil, more or less.

Probably more.

As for how folks received this very gesture ... a truly mixed bag, with lots of people responding drastically different depending on whose feed you check. If you hop on over to Justin's IG page, it seems to be nothing but love in his comments. Not so on Twitter ...

Bleacher Report reposted his video on its Twitter page, and the comments are brutal ... with most everyone blasting him for the Astros cheating scandal. Yeah, they still mad 😬

Floyd Mayweather Daughter Arrested ... For Allegedly Stabbing NBA Youngboy's Baby Mama


Floyd Mayweather's daughter, Iyanna, has been arrested for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, TMZ has learned, and it appears to have been a confrontation over NBA Youngboy.

Iyanna Mayweather is currently in Houston's Harris County jail after getting arrested at 1:30 AM Saturday. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the alleged victim and NBA Youngboy were at his home when Iyanna arrived and told the woman, Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, she was Youngboy's fiancee and Jacobs should leave the house. Jacobs then told Iyanna to leave.

We're told the argument moved into the kitchen, where Iyanna was holding 2 knives. According to our sources, Jacobs stepped toward Iyanna and Iyanna charged at her with one of the knives. Jacobs told cops she didn't feel the first knife wound but then she said Iyanna charged at her with the second knife, stabbing her again.

When EMTs arrived, Jacobs was laying on the floor. She was taken to the hospital. We do not know her condition.

Cautionary Cuffing

Youngboy, who was home at the time, was briefly handcuffed by cops -- presumably as a precautionary measure -- before being released.

Iyanna told cops Jacobs had incited her by initially pulling her hair outside the house and then running into the kitchen, where the confrontation went down.

Iyanna told cops she had never met Jacobs before.

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